Zanna Lightsaber Staff (The First of the Rule of Two)

Hello Everyone, today I am going way back to 980BBY, nearly a thousand years before the events of Star Wars. This is the time of the great Sith War on the planet Rusan, between the warring Sith Tribes and Brotherhoods. The Sith would promote a leader but the remaining members all had aspirations to be the Dark Lord Sith leader and would plot and gang up to overthrow the current head. This lead to a weakening of the Sith Order but one warrior, Darth Bane, saw what was happening and put in place a plan to resolve the problem. The plan was to use a deadly weapon called a “Thought Bomb” which when detonated would wipe out all Force sensitive Sith in the vicinity. As a result he would be the sole Sith left and he would take on an Apprentice. This Apprentice would be a young 10 year old girl called “Rain”. Rain had landed on the planet as her family’s ship was damaged in crossfire and she fell out of the ship as it crashed. The remaining family members thought she had died from the fall but she survived by landing on a soft fluffy creature called a Bouncer. She befriended this creature and recovered from the ordeal, until a Jedi recon squad inadvertently killed her new friend. Enraged, Rain attacked the Jedi. Normally this would be misguided but Rain was unbeknownst to her Force Sensitive and her attacks were fuelled by the Darkside of the force. She killed the Jedi but the disturbance attracted the attention of Darth Bane, who when he found her, took her on as his Apprentice. She reverted to using her birth-name and became known as Darth Zannah! Zannah had to construct a weapon as part of her training and built a double bladed staff, this is my interpretation of that weapon, this is ZANNA…

The staff has emitters that look like Darth Maul’s staff, which is no surprise as it is rumoured Darth Maul based his weapon on Zannah’s original, built around 900 years earlier! The design is functional with a central switch module to control both blades simultaneously. To break up the overall black look I used two dual-toned couplers to add a little decoration. The staff is powered by synthetic crystals, so has “Sith Red” blades but as you may be aware, Disney dismissed the idea of these crystals recently so this design is considered Non-Canon now. The original real world description of the weapon comes from the Bane Trilogy of books by Drew Karpyshyn (a great read btw if you can get copies!) I feel this staff has an important place in the Star Wars history as it was the weapon of the FIRST Apprentice in the famous “Rule of Two” doctrine introduced by her Master, Darth Bane.

Well this concludes my offering today, I had best stop before I go off and start ranting about how Disney should use and integrate the “old” stories! So once more I would like to thank you all for visiting and hope you will return to see more in upcoming posts. And please, if you like what you have seen here then tell your friends! Till next time.

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D.P. Pair Lightsabers (Technology for Dance Music Pioneers)

Hello Everyone, I am turning to my musical roots today for my inspiration. I was brought up on the music of the 80’s and 90’s era, while at the same time teaching myself to play piano and keyboards. I have an ear for music and was able to listen to a track then play it after a few minutes’ practice. This was great as I had a Jukebox like repertoire. In the nineties music started to become Technology driven with Sequencers and Samples being used to create a Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger musical style. You may have guessed by that last passage who inspired me and the design for these next TWO sabers. Yes, I am talking about the Electronic Duo of Daft Punk. I was first made aware of this duo on a Saturday morning music video show, the song was called Da Funk and featured a video with a poor unfortunate Bassett Hound dog with a broken leg. But from this unusual beginning a raft of great music followed and a film score too. So here is my tribute to Daft Punk, this is D.P. Pair Amber…

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And D.P. Pair Cyan…

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The duo are a powerhouse of music, who after starting out playing rooftop parties and dance music competitions went on to perform with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams and Niles Rodgers of Chic. On top of all that they performed a spectacular stage show of totally unheard material with an unbelievable interactive lighting show built on a pyramid! I felt these two designs looked industrial, technological and have the colours of the famous duo. Not only that but they wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from TRON LEGACY, oh yes that was the film score they wrote! I hope Daft Punk would approve of these, knowing their love of tech and helmets!

This brings to an end this offering and I want to thank all of you for looking in, the site even received a visitor from New Zealand so hello to them! I have more designs to bring to you in upcoming posts and I hope you will join me again. I will leave you with a double-double act in the form of two final pictures. Till next time.



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Maui’s Kakau Lightsaber (Present for a Polynesian)

Hello Everyone, in a little change to my scheduled posting I have a BRAND new design I came up with today! One follower of the site may have noticed a few wrestling themed hilts and I think she may be worried I am loosing focus. So I decided to be as up to date and “trending” as possible. I learnt that a new Disney cartoon has been released (23rd Nov) about a young girl who goes on an adventure to lift a curse on her island and help her friends. The film is Moana, and I read about it on A Blog of a Fangirl’s Life, written by my new friend Abby. Moana, the teen heroine of the film is the heir to the throne but prefers sailing. The island has some bad luck as a curse kills the crops…actually Abby describes the film better than me so check out her blog for more on the movie. One character in the film however is called Maui and attempts to imprison Moana when she tries to return a talisman to her island, lift the curse etc. This BIG Polynesian looking man has a large tribal looking fish hook which is nearly destroyed by a Lava God. What would have happened if it had been smashed? He’d need a proper weapon, he’d need a saber of course! Good job I have designed one for him, here is Maui’s Kakau…

This saber looks the part, imposing, powerful and pink…er yes, a pink blade to represent the state colour of the island of Maui (they make the famous Lei garlands from pink flowers!). The emitter looks like the top of a flaming torch found in tropical caves and movies. The two tone colour of the entire hilt hopefully resembles the tattoos (or Kakau) on this big guy. The switch is positioned out of the way near the pommel which also has a pink glow to it. Capping the pommel off is a plug that resembles an open flower, which the tropical islands are famous for. I hope the big guy approves of his new updated arsenal, it would stand out at tribal meetings!

So there you have it the latest design from…(what I’ve made a mistake?…How?…AWW! C’mon Man you have got to be joking!) I’m sorry I’ve just been informed I may have a little problem. You know this character is called Maui, well unfortunately he is voiced by this guy on the left…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Maui on the right!

NOOOooo! That’s impossible! The one character I choose to make a saber for and he is voiced by a THIRD generation WWE wrestling superstar! I’m sorry Abby I tried to change the subject. Don’t worry I will have another design tomorrow and it will have nothing to do with wrestling so I hope you will all call back and check it out. Thanks to everyone for looking in on this site and for all the comments you leave, I do read, react and appreciate them! Till next time.

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Machine Lightsaber (For Kane WWE)

Hello Everyone, hopefully you will all be recovered from your shopping frenzies as you are gonna need all your strength as I introduce my next saber. Five days ago I showed you Phenom, the saber inspired by a wrestler, The Undertaker and now I have Machine, the saber for his “in-ring brother”….Kane! If you are not fans of wrestling you may have seen Kane (real name Glenn Thomas Jacobs) in the horror film See No Evil, and will know Kane is equally as imposing as The Undertaker. His career started off performing as a Christmas Tree (true!) and an evil Santa figure before finding success as Isaac Yankem DDS, demented dentist to the stars! But his star status took off when he donned the red and black mask of Kane. So Kane also needs a saber that can match his stats, this is my attempt to provide one, this is Machine…

This saber has the same type of dimensions as Phenom, meaning BIG! The clawed emitter signifying the evil intent of it’s owner to bring about mayhem and chaos to his opponent. The grip and switch sections have been reversed so the switch is placed near the pommel so it doesn’t de-activate during battle. The colour scheme matches “The Big Red Machine” perfectly and the FTE pommel makes sure this weapon has the power to  match. The last picture shows Kane when he was the Hardcore Champion, where matches had “no-rules” showing how tough Kane is. But this wasn’t his only title, he shared one with his “Brother” and the pair were known as “The Brothers of Destruction”, Tag Team Champions of the World! Here they are in action…


And together Phenom and Machine look like this…


As the final bell rings and Kane is declared the winner, this post draws to a close. I hope this saber pleases it’s new owner as I don’t fancy facing up against Kane any time soon! I hope you too enjoyed this offering and will check back again for more sabers, I still have a few to go. Thank you as always for your support. Till next time.

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Youngling Lightsabers – (Second Batch)

Hello Everyone, I hope you have all bought your bargains by now or the stores will have sold out of stock of everything! As promised I am about to bring to you my next pair of Youngling sabers, this time based on the hilts of the movies themselves. So for the “Little Luke” and “Kid Kenobi” in the family these might catch their attention! The first design is based on the Lightsaber owned by the first Jedi Knight we saw in the movies, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s saber . This is Youngling Kenobi…

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This saber has a replica of the emitter from Obi-Wan’s Lightsaber with the famous ribbed “Grenade” section grip. In the real prop this ribbed piece was made from an old World War 1 British Rifle Grenade, like this..


Looks familiar doesn’t it? The switch section and pommel on the original props and full size replicas have been criticised for being difficult to hold and awkward to use so for the youngsters I redesigned the lower section. I used a smaller switch but it still has the activation box look and I changed the pommel for smaller coupler pieces. The prop used a tap/faucet knob as it’s pommel and had a large circumference for little hands. This is a picture of a plastic replica (as the original parts are getting rare!)..


I think my slim-line version is still recognisable as Obi-Wan’s but should suit smaller hands. Ok, I think it’s time for the second Youngling Saber and this one is based on Luke Skywalkers’ saber from The Return of the Jedi. I know there are a lot of wannabe Lukes out there so here is Youngling Luke..

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Luke built a new saber in the time between the end of  The Empire Strikes Back and the start of Return of the Jedi. This new saber is the now iconic Green bladed weapon Artoo Detoo fired out of his dome for Luke to catch, on the desert skiffs during their escape from Jabba the Hutt. Luke’s new saber looked a little like Obi-Wan Kenobi’s hilt because the Jedi had a tradition of honouring their Mentors by making similar looking sabers. Luke’s saber has a black and silver ringed section rather than the “Pineapple” ridged part of Kenobi’s, but the blade holder is very similar. Again because of the similarities, Luke’s saber also had a large activation box and pommel arrangement on the original props (as the prop makers had to mirror Obi-Wan’s saber). This makes the saber just as awkward to use and handle, so I modified this Youngling model the same way as the Kenobi version, using smaller but similar parts. As these parts are modular the saber can be upgraded later to make them full sized and have full electronics set up inside.

This concludes today’s double post and I hope I haven’t caused the kids out there to pester their parent’s too much because they want a saber now! I hope you enjoyed these designs and will return to see more in future posts. Don’t forget you can leave comments, likes and register to follow this blog (and get notifications of new posts!) by using the “Follow this blog” tools in the menu and sidebars! Thanks for looking in. Till next time.

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Black Friday Bonus! Aren’t I kind!

Hello Everyone, as many bounty….sorry bargain hunters out there know it is BLACK FRIDAY when lots of stores have sales with amazing discounts! They describe their sales as the best in the galaxy, you would have to travel to the ends of the universe to find better prices! Sadly I won’t be getting any bargains myself as the only things in my money pouch are Gaffi Moths! So I thought the best thing I could do was have a laugh about it instead, so here are a few Memes I have made to hopefully cheer you all up if you missed out too…Anyone play Galaxy of Heroes online, some characters may be missing from the line-up…


Even the Empire and First Order want bargains!…


Chewie is having trouble buying his friend’s Christmas presents!….


Luckily I have one already, it seems I am quite collectible!…


Just to set the record straight the For Tyeth figure IS NOT AVAILABLE TO BUY IN SHOPS! I just made that up but you never know one day I may be famous enough to make a figure out of!

Though there is that look-a-like with Qui-gon Jinn everyone mentions…


So they may make me into a figure soon!

Thanks for “spending” some time with me, I will have my regular post later today where I have the next couple of Younglings Sabers, so please join me then! Till next time.

Memes were created by me from images off the Internet , all Trademark/©Copyright belong to their respective owners.

Optimal Staff Lightsaber (A saberstaff for a Leader)

Hello Everyone, today I will take you back to the planet Cybertron and the story of the two warring robot factions of the Transformers comic and cartoon series. We have already seen BumbleBot, the saber I designed for the brave little Autobot Bumblebee and now we get to meet his heroic leader, Optimus Prime. Optimus was the iconic red and blue tractor trailer truck. He was the most powerful Autobot and would lay his mechanical life on the line to protect the human race from the Decepticons and their leader, Megatron. The two leaders were similarly matched so I felt Optimus would benefit from new weapons, new Lightsabers. This is the design I arrived at, this is Optimal…

This weapon has double blades to help him take on Megatron and the Decepticons and has the same colour scheme as the great robot himself. This isn’t coincidence and neither is the fact this staff splits into two separate hilts. If you look closely at the hilt in single form I think they look a bit like the exhaust pipes which are situated on his shoulders. The sabers could be carried there and be ideally camouflaged until needed (the colour scheme helps them blend in and look as though they are part of him). So not only does Optimus transform, so too does his new weaponry!

This was Optimal which I hope will give the Autobot leader the edge in their on-going war. I also have sabers for a transforming police car and fire truck in upcoming posts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for looking in and supporting this site and I hope you will return to see the next batch of Youngling Sabers. Till next time.

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Youngling Lightsabers (For the next generation)

Hello Everyone, as an old Lightsaber designer I have seen many things on my travels, but one thing I really love to see is the handing on of the Lightsaber to the next generation of fans. This usually happens between a father and son, but more often now it is a thing the female demographic are getting involved with. Fathers and their daughters are sharing Star Wars just as fathers and sons do and that’s great. Now I realise that my designs have been focused on us “Older Kids” and on the forums we discussed the possibility of Lightsabers built for the younger fans. We addressed the safety aspects and the idea of foam blades for safety was mentioned and lower specification electronics etc. Because the phenomenon of Star Wars is growing I decided to revisit the idea of sabers for Younglings and have a few “little” designs to show you here, first up is a Youngling Graflex…

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As you can see this is based on Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber from Star Wars (the one Rey eventually returns to him) but has been adapted for smaller hands! As mentioned these designs wouldn’t have the full electronics package and would use soft foam blades. However the beauty of the ASP system is that it is modular and as the child grows (and hopefully develops responsibly) then the saber can be modified and parts replaced to make it more like the full size counterparts we adults enjoy! These designs would still “look like Mommy and Daddy’s” saber but would be smaller, lighter and hopefully safer.

Where there are Lightside Younglings there will inevitably be Darkside Younglings, such is the balance of things so I also have a saber for the “Baddies” out there. Here is my second design, Sith Acolyte Youngling…

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This saber has a Darker look to it for the little “Darths” in the family. In this design the switch section has been omitted and the saber could be activated by a twist function (similar to some flashlight designs). It would also have a foam safety blade (in these pictures the sabers are shown with 26″ long blades instead of the regular 32″ or 36″). Again this saber could be upgraded later when the child’s skill and responsibility develops so that it becomes a full specification and sized hilt.

These designs are more of a concept idea and may need some work to actually accomplish building them but there aren’t too many large obstacles.

So this concludes my Younglings instalment for today, I have a few more of these sabers based on iconic designs from the films, which I’ll bring to you in future posts. Thank you for visiting and checking these two designs out, I appreciate all your time and comments. Till next time.

Tyga Lightsaber (Another Thundercats Saber)

Hello Everyone, So far I have posted  new sabers for Cheetara and Panthro, today I am going to bring you a Tiger! Today is the turn of Tygra, the third member of Lion-O’s band of feline warriors to receive his new saber. I understand that Tygra used a modified Bolas whip but please bear with me and I will explain all! But first I will show you the new saber, this is TYGA…

The saber has a very feline look to it starting with the emitter which has pointed ear like spines and the typical stripes of a tiger. The switch section has a weathered finish to make the silver and black stripes of the emitter stand out just like those on the face of the real tiger. The body comprises an orange leather grip onto which is connected a weathered coupler. This coupler helps make the FTE pommel stand out with it’s black and silver stripes. The pommel glows bright orange to reinforce the look of the saber (and to make the saber more powerful!). I think this saber gives the impression of the big cat and should give Tygra an advantage against Mumm-Ra’s mutants!

“But Tygra uses a Bolas Whip!”….Ok, I will explain this saber has a twist in it’s tail! In the Extended Universe of Star Wars (the stories Disney discarded when they bought the franchise) one or two of the more exotic characters used a weapon called a….Lightwhip! This was a specialised lightsaber that had a long flexible blade (or blades). Lightwhips were a rare sight on the battlefield so gave the user an advantage as opponents struggled to defend against it. The most famous user of a lightwhip was Lady/Darth Lumiya who you can see in the picture above. The lightwhip wasn’t perfect and was best used at long range, here Tygra’s new saber has a trick. I imagined that the saber handle could have a twist function to switch between a “solid blade” or the lightwhip “Tygra’s Tail” mode giving Tygra the best of both worlds!

I hope you all like this design and can imagine Tygra using it on Third Earth. Thank you for looking in and please call back again to see more designs including some special ones just for the Younglings out there! Till next time.

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Phenom Lightsaber (Wrestler Inspired Saber)

Hello Everyone, In all the buzz of the news about my nomination I didn’t realise I had reached a milestone. Panthro Pair was my 100th post and the nice folks at WordPress sent a notification to my account. I think 100 posts is a bit of a record for me and speaking of records the person that inspired this next hilt has/had a bit of a record of his own…

The man is Mark William Calaway but most folk will know him by his professional name…The Undertaker! Now the Undertaker began his career in 1984 but when the then WWF (World Wrestling Federation) exported their brand in a worldwide push, the “Deadman” became a household name. Well probably as far as the kids were concerned. The Undertaker was 7 foot 1 inches tall and weighed in at 320lbs but moved like an Olympic gymnast in the ring. His most entertaining move was his “Walking the Ropes” trick. He would twist the arm of his opponent, then climb up the corner post like a ladder and then TIGHTROPE WALK ALONG THE TOP ROPE before jumping down to deliver a blow to the twisted arm of his foe. This guy is 7 foot tall and he balances along the top rope! Anyone who can do that must be special and he needs a special saber, this is PHENOM…

The Undertaker is by any measure an imposing figure and I tried to recreate that with this design. In his early career The Undertaker wore a costume of a black suit and purple boots and gauntlets hence the colour scheme I chose. Even today he makes his entrance in an eerie purple/blue light with smoke and lightning. The saber has a three clawed emitter to represent his unrelenting quest to make his opponents Rest In Peace! To achieve this The Undertaker’s finishing manoeuvre is the “Tombstone Piledriver” where he grips his enemy around their waist and hoists them upside down before dropping down to his knees – driving the head of his victim into the canvas floor. The FTE in this case stands for, Finisher Tombstone Ending!

And The Undertaker’s record? Well he participated in WWe’s flagship Pay Per View called WrestleMania and for 21 straight appearances went unbeaten!. For two decades he ruled as the force of the WWe and in a future post we will meet his “Brother”. I hope you will join me again for that saber. I wonder if I’ll still be here in two decade’s time, we’ll have to see! Till next time.

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