BeeGud Lightsaber – E.T.’s Saber

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber design for one of the lesser known characters in the Star Wars Saga….E.T. the Extra Terrestrial! No I haven’t gone mad, E.T. sort of made an appearance in The Phantom Menace. This happened because of a deal made between Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. In the film E.T. the little alien and Elliott went out “Trick or Treating” and in the street was a young girl wearing a Halloween mask of….YODA! E.T. who was slightly confused tried to follow the girl, pointing at her saying “Home!….Home!” There were also other Star Wars toys dotted around the sets to appear in the film. In return for this “un-official” advertising and promotion, George Lucas promised his friend that E.T. (or at least members of his species) would appear in the next Star Wars film, this was The Phantom Menace. So I will show you my design for E.T. and if you are “Goood!” I’ll explain some more about this story later, this is BeeGud Lightsaber…

E.T is an Asogian, from the planet Brodo Asogi. During the last decades of the Galactic Republic, the Asogians were represented at the Galactic Senate (you know that big round room with the floating platforms!) by a delegation of Senator Grebleips and a trio of aides. When the Galactic Republic was turned into the Galactic Empire by Palpatine, the Senator was charged with treason and the planet was absorbed into the new autocratic government structure. This picture shows Senator Grebleips and two of his aides, well I think it is him and two aides but as they don’t wear clothes it’s hard to tell them apart!


Back to the saber, the emitter I used to represent E.T.’s head as it has two large ovals that look like eyes. The switch section represents his chest and abdomen and when a lighted activation switch is installed it would glow orange just like his “GlowHeart”. The blade is also orange to match that GlowHeart and E.T.’s healing finger (“Ouch!”) The couplers which form the grip are meant to look like the wrinkled, folded skin of his stomach and the pommel is used as his paddle shaped feet. I think if you were to attach two arms onto the hilt, it would complete the look!

Well I hope you enjoyed this little design, I have to say E.T. does seem to get around a bit. And it seems I’ve been around a bit, my next post will be my 200th! Can you believe that? I hadn’t realized how quickly time had flown but sadly, once more, time has beaten me and I need to go “Home!” to my workshop to prepare for the next 200 posts! (maybe). So thank you for visiting today and supporting FTSabersite over the past 199 posts, it really is appreciated. Till number 200!

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X-Generations Lightsabers – Two Sabers for Logan

Hello Everybody, I hope you all liked yesterday’s surprise package of EX-23 Lightsaber. It was difficult to actually write the post without giving away too much of the plot surrounding X-23 Laura Kinney. I didn’t want to spoil the upcoming film Logan for anyone planning on going to see it, and I am having the same problems writing this post about her father and the sabers I have designed. However I think I can manage not to reveal too much. I can safely say that James Howlett, born in the late 1880’s, in the town of Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada has had a hard time in life. During his childhood, the groundskeeper of the farm his parents owned, was wrongly accused of rape and thrown off the property. However this man returned and killed James’ father. In a very strange twist of fate, James killed the groundskeeper using Bone Claws which extended from the back of his hands when he was angered. This was the sign of his Mutation. The irony is that the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan was in fact James’ biological father. After this and another tragedy involving his first love, James went into hiding. This is the beginnings of the character we know as Wolverine and I will now present my first design for him…this is  Logan X…

This saber represents Wolverine as we know him in the X-Men. In James Howlett’s storyline he discovered the truth about his father and “adopted” the name Logan. Due to his Mutation, Logan possessed enhanced animal-like strength and reflexes, and the ability to self heal from many types of wound and infection or disease. As a result he lived a long time taking part in both World Wars and later became a Soldier of Fortune. He was also captured and experimented on by a group of scientists who implanted a metallic coating that covered his Bone Claws, making them even more lethal. Eventually he became a member of the X-Men team. This saber hopefully reflects the look of Wolverine as he became known. The emitter has three spines to represent his three claws and also looks like the cowl of his early costumes. Further down the hilt are stripes, again to resemble the costume, while the spines continue down the hilt to look like his famous Sideburn beard! The blade is yellow and the crystal chamber shines blue, true to the colour scheme of his outfit. And finally, the pommel has TWO prongs, hinting at his future legacy….which I will continue to tell you about on page 2 so please click the button below to see the SECOND saber for Old Man Logan.

EX-23 Lightsaber – Kinney’s Claws

Hello Everybody, today I have a bit of a surprise package that I have been keeping under wraps, but recent topics I’ve posted on and conversations I’ve had persuaded me to reveal the next designs. Yesterday I spoke about Rey and her path in The Last Jedi, and where her origins lie. One possible theory I didn’t mention was that Rey may be a Clone of some sort. Well another film due out in a few days time (1st or 2nd March depending on where you live) tells the story of another young clone, and her father. Who is he?… He’s a very famous Mutant….

I have designed sabers for other Superheroes so this is a design for the Clone-Daughter of that famous Mutant…This saber is EX-23…

This saber is for Laura Kinney, a young girl who is the cloned daughter of a Mutant Superhero, who we will meet in tomorrow’s post. The emitter has two prongs, very similar to the metallic claws Laura shares with her father. In the Star Wars universe the colour of a Lightsaber is determined by the builder’s character and their meditation focused on the crystal inside. EX-23’s blade is an amber colour, neither Light nor Dark – Good or Evil, as Laura’s actions are the product of the genetic modification the scientists responsible for her creation inflicted on her. Laura as a result of these modifications had to be a tough survivor and goes through some terrible ordeals and this is reflected in the hilt handle design. It is made from parts picked up here and there and put together to form a no-frills but lethal weapon. Not that Laura really needs any extra weapons as this picture shows:

Look closely and you may just be able to pick out her father in the background!

Another reason I am posting this design today is that the film Logan, is released at the same time as I plan to bring to you that long awaited set of SIX sabers. Yes, the First of the Six will be here on the First of March! I promised they were coming and here is proof they exist coming through the portal…

They Will Be Here March 1st!


Now you didn’t think I would post a picture showing them without disguising them just a little? (You wouldn’t need to come back otherwise 😀 ) So I hope you will return for tomorrow’s design showcasing my sabers for Laura’s father, Logan, and the big set of six on the 1st March! Thank you for visiting today and for your continued support of FTSabersite. Till next time.

X-23 (Laura Kinney) is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics and was created by writer Craig Kyle. Logan, Laura Kinney, X-23 and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Entertainment 2017.

Scavenger EP8 – Which Way for Rey?

Hello Everybody, today I return to what I hope I’m best at, designing and displaying Lightsabers. I will just thank Abby one final time for my accolade from yesterday’s post. But now I have another return to bring to you all, and it concerns our favourite Scavenger Girl, Rey! Recently Disney and Lucasfilm released some promotional images for the upcoming Star Wars – The Last Jedi and it featured some details about Rey’s image and her Lightsaber. I have been teasing you with pictures about this design using the sign for Infinity. I did this to show the continual struggle between the Light and the Dark side of the Force, and possibly highlighting the turmoil and choices Rey may face in the new film. The Infinity symbol also just happens to be a figure 8 laid on it’s side (Episode 8….get it?  😀 ) These next designs were some ideas I had for what Rey might use in the film, so here is Scavenger EP8…

Long time viewers may remember my previous posts Scavenger’s Twins Lightsabers and Scavenger Lightsaber Staff, well this is what I envisaged Rey may build using the parts from that very staff. This staff has the two hilt like sections of her staff conjoined as a more compact double bladed staff saber. It has the traditional blue blades of the Jedi as beginners or Padawans usually began their calling using a blue saber. However what if the events of The Force Awakens affected Rey more than we are led to believe?…what are her real origins?…are they linked to the Dark side and the Sith? So what would her weapon look like then? Maybe it would look a little like this..Darkside Scavenger EP8…

Well another theory has been floating around suggesting Rey may use the two lightsabers belonging to Luke, the Graflex that Finn and Rey used in TFA and combine it with the saber Luke fought Darth Vader with in Return of the Jedi. That may have looked a little like this..skywalker-combo-staff

But Disney/Lucasfilm’s recently released picture shows Rey wielding the Graflex and she has her hair hanging down, more like how a traditional female Padawan learner would wear it. Here is the picture.GrafexRey.png

So I don’t think my designs are going to be adopted, oh well! But I will keep on designing and trying to come up with new sabers. I do have a few in the pipeline so I would be honoured if you would return to see those. For now thanks again for visiting today and for all of your support. Till next time.

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Another Nomination – I’ve been invited to join the Sistahood(?)

Hello Everybody, now you can’t accuse me of not being original, but I think this is a first…even for me! I am a little bit busy at the moment with some real life issues that have sprung up and a few designs I have been commissioned to create. As a result I won’t be posting a design today, but I was Nominated for The Sistahood of the World’s Bloggers by Abby at Brunch with the Dolls the other day and I promised to respond. I didn’t think I qualified but was assured it would be ok to accept, sort of, so here is my acceptance post!

Unfortunately being as busy as I am I can’t fulfil all of the process but at least I have acknowledged, so thank you again Abby for remembering me and my site, here are my answers to your questions:

1) What is your dream job?

Maybe a Lightsaber designer professionally. This has been a fascinating hobby but it is just that a hobby at the moment. Mind you I have met a lot of interesting characters.

2) What are your plans for the future?

Difficult to say, clouded the future is! I’ve always wanted to quote Yoda, now I have. I would like to continue designing (and hopefully get better at it) but I have also taken up an old hobby as a form of relaxation (I will tell you more about that in a later answer).

3) If you could start over with your life (mind your age stays the same, everyone you know is gone, new city, new people, you get what I’m saying) How would you start?

I think my survival training would kick in and I would hunt down all the sources of food and supplies! It’s no use starting a new life on an empty stomach. Hmm donuts!

Ok I had to change the next question a bit but I think you’ll like what I’ve done..

4) Favorite GOTY Girl  Guy of the Year? (American Girl Guy Doll)


Yes Logan Everett and he’s a musician like me. Well I say musician, Logan sings but I play Piano and Keyboards (this is the hobby I have taken up again BTW!)

5) Let’s say we were all in a coffee shop every blogger every follower you know what would be our orders? 

Having communicated with a few of you out there, probably everything sweet and sticky (donuts, cookies, pastries) all washed down with weirdly named coffee drinks with dollops of ice cream and sprinkles on! (Translation: Dollops = scoops of….it’s a term we use here in the Outer Rim of the UK!)

6) Thoughts on our president? (Seriously offend everyone if you like. It’s your opinion)

Ok now we are getting serious, politics! I don’t usually talk about that but I did post a few meme’s I created during the Election Campaign. As I am neutral I will show you one of Mrs Clinton and one of Mr Trump.

Ok I have avoided that question, Phew! Now please click below to go to Page 2 where we will continue….

Jump Lightsaber -Van Halen inspired saber

Hello Everybody, I have a saber today inspired by a Rock song I have recently taken to playing again on my keyboards. The reason is that I heard it performed on my weekend off by The Classic Rock Show (more on this band later) and that song was a big hit in 1983-1984. The song is Van Halen’s Jump! and as it has one of the most iconic synthesizer solos in history, I wanted to play it and I thought I should design a saber as a tribute to the band. So, may I present my next saber, alright  go on you might as well…..Jump!

This saber is close to what I wanted then I realised that I could replace the leather grip with a hard wearing vinyl covering. And because vinyl can have printing on it, you can get it to look like this:

Eddis Van Halen’s FrankenStrat pattern

And when it is wrapped onto a handle of a lightsaber, it looks like this!


I think that finishing touch just seals the deal, there is no mistaking who this saber is designed for! The lime green blade is also a close match to the Day-Glo green that was popular in Van Halen’s fashions. To finish the saber off, the pommel has been made to replicate the diaphragm of an amplifier speaker. As always with my concept designs the pommel isn’t available as I have shown it but with modifications could be possible. The vinyl sheets may be available to buy!


^^ I think my saber looks a bit like his guitar! ^^

I hope both you and the band liked this little design. I am afraid I’m going to have to bring this post to an end as I need to practice that solo some more and I am designing a few sabers for The Classic Rock Show band members. However, I have to work out the best way to contact them before posting those as they’re in the USA at the moment on tour! I would like to invite you all to return and see how I get on with that, but for now thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

Jump Lightsaber is a For Tyeth Editions design and ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This website and it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

The FrankenStrat pattern can be found on Eddie Van Halen’s guitar and is Trademark/©Copyright of Eddie Van Halen.

Dark Orbit – The Spare Hilt v2

Hello Everybody, I have, as the title suggests the second version of my Orbit saber I found at the back of my workshop (it was actually in an un-named folder on my laptop and I forgot it was there!). This saber I thought would benefit from some engraving and then applying an inlay of gold or silver into that engraving. The elongated ovals would also look good highlighted in this way too. But I will let you decide as I present Dark Orbit..

I used a font to create the title image at the top of the page and have just noticed something. The font is based on the style of writing used on the Star Trek posters and titles, then I glanced at my saber and it looked a bit like the engine nacelles of the famous Starship Enterprise! I hadn’t intended that but sometimes little things like this happen by accident. A famous artist once said “We don’t make mistakes here, we just have happy little accidents!” Maybe I could build some sabers for the Trekkies.


I hope you have enjoyed this design and Orbit yesterday, hopefully I will be bringing you a Rock Music themed hilt tomorrow, so I would be honoured if you would return to see that one. Yes, I also have the return of Scavenger and that set of SIX sabers in the pipeline too (Sorry I may have announced those a bit on the early side but I was excited, they are coming soon!). Thank you for your patience and for visiting today, it is appreciated. Till next time.

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Orbit Lightsaber – A spare hilt I had!

Hello Everybody, I have a saber to show you that I had lying around my workshop (actually it is a design I created while tinkering and saved for a later date and forgot about!). I am back tinkering again to come up with new designs as I may have a “commission” for some Father and Son sabers so while I am busy I am digging out more of these lost designs. They may not have backstories or concepts like my previous offerings but they may appeal to you. This particular saber I called Orbit…

This saber I designed after seeing another hilt somebody had modified to look ancient and inscribed. I noticed the body part and emitter I used had nice elongated ovals which I thought would be a good place to personalise the hilt with some etching or engraving. Maybe a Jedi proverb or your name in the Star Wars language of Aurabesh would look good, for example. These ovals provided me with the name for the saber, Orbit. At the time I also swapped the finish to a black version which I will post tomorrow.


I also have the return of the Scavenger Lightsaber Staff and Scavenger’s Twins Lightsabers as new images have been released showing the Heroes(?) of the upcoming Episode 8. They seem to have a new look, so I felt my designs needed an overhaul too. Hopefully you will return to see those, and I’d like to say thank you to all the new visitors to this site from as far away as Australia, Japan and France – I check my stats and have seen that you visited! If you like what you have seen here then please tell your friends about FTSabersite, you are all welcome. Till next time.

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Em-Ray Ultra and Junior Lightsabers – A Father and Son pair

Hello Everybody, I have a pair of sabers for you to see today. I have heard of Fathers and Sons passing sabers through the family (and from Father to Daughter to Mother etc!) but I haven’t seen many matching styled hilts designed for a Father and Son etc. I decided to remedy this and I know of a gentleman who is a very big saber enthusiast and has a Son. This individual posted a YouTube video of his then 18 month old son swinging a saber! I thought who better to design a matching pair for? So here are those designs….Em-Ray Ultra…

This is the saber for the Father of this pair and I hope it represents him well. The hilt is imposing, featuring a double Grenade style grip either side of the activation switch. This layout I feel gives the hilt a look of power and is useful in that you have much more scope to vary your grip (much like you can with a Katana hilt grip). The main body is trimmed with two silver couplers to prevent the saber being flat black from top to bottom. The hilt has an FTE pommel to give it that power advantage and boost. The blade and pommel power crystal both share an Indigo colour to give it some attitude (and as I have mentioned before Indigo and Purple work really well with black).

Ok so we have a saber for the Father, now for Em-Ray Junior!….

At first glance this looks the same as Em-Ray Ultra, but the Junior version uses a clever trick using coupler pieces to build the grip section with.(For other examples of this check out my Barkeeper Lightsaber and my Bumblebot Lightsaber). This enables me to make a shorter version that still looks similar, as the couplers have Grenade ridges on them. Even better is, that when Junior grows his saber can be adapted to have full length grips just like his Father’s does! Everything else about the Junior saber is the same as the Ultra version. And here are Father and Son together..


Well I think that just about concludes this offering. I hope to contact the person(s) who I designed these for and they might have a look and comment! Regarding commenting thanks to everybody who leaves messages and likes, they are appreciated and show me that my little posts make a difference to folks, so thank you. Please call by again when I will be getting ready for the build up to the big Blockbuster movie (March 17th release) and my SIX tribute designs for it. Till next time.

“Em-Ray Ultra” and “Em-Ray Junior” are For Tyeth Editions designs and ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This website and it’s content is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


Re-Evolution Lightsaber -The (For)ce of Change

Hello Everybody, I am again running a little behind schedule but there is good reason. Last night I decided to treat myself and had a “night off” from designing and took in some entertainment. I got to see the fantastic band I saw a month ago once more. I had to travel across the whole country to get to and from the venue this time, which is why I am late posting (sorry trains in the Outer Rim are terrible). But the show was outstanding and one song, “The Ace of Spades” reminded me of my next offering…

I have a design for a “Faction” from the world of wrestling. A faction is a group of three or more performers who form a team and compete together. One of the most successful of these had FOUR World Champions in it! The first Champion was the son in law of the WWE’s owner, the second was a SIXTEEN time holder of the belt, the third was called The Viper and the fourth was a star of Guardians of the Galaxy as well as a wrestler! I am talking about EVOLUTION and they need a special saber to reflect their achievements, this is RE-EVOLUTION….

The saber is gloss black to reflect the sharp suits and limousines that Evolution liked to wear and travel in. The yellow grip and blade colour signify the amount of gold that the team won (in terms of championship belts). The pommel also shares that significance and I think of the FTE pommel as a Power Enhancer to make the saber more formidable in combat. Evolution were formidable also and had brains to back up their brawn! And just to add a bit of bling the pommel end cap looks a little like a diamond set cufflink gleaming against the black of the suits! Oh and the wrestlers themselves are included in the design, the coupler between the leather grip and pommel has four silver bands, one for each member.


Hopefully Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and big Dave Batista would approve of my tribute to them. I certainly wouldn’t want to annoy them. We have reached the end of this gallery and the end of the contest with Evolution walking off stage celebrating to the music of Lemmy and Motorhead’s Line in the Sand. See there is a connection between the concert I saw and the saber! I am now about to leave to work on my next post, I hope you will return to see it. Thank you for visiting today. Till next time.

Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton along with Dave Batista and Evolution are Trademarks/©Copyright of WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.