Costume Update – Two More Tunic Sets from Cosplaysky

Hello everybody, as you can tell from the title I don’t have a saber to showcase today (don’t worry I do have more hilts – I haven’t run out yet!) but I do have a small update to my Jedi costume to bring you. Back on May 4th I revealed my new Jedi costume I put together and I stated that I needed to buy a few more parts and accessories (belt pouches and food capsules). Well I haven’t bought those accessories because I sensed a bit of a shift in what costume parts were available to buy online. It seems that the online cosplay stores are beginning to focus on the newer Star Wars material and shows ,”The Mandalorian” and “The Bad Batch” and producing more costumes such as Mando armour for Boba Fett, Jango Fett and Din Djarin (Mando himself) , Moff Gideon and the clones from The Bad Batch. The stores also seemed to be slow at restocking Jedi tunic sets so I felt I needed to buy another as a spare set before they are phased out completely. Phasing the tunics out probably won’t happen but I didn’t want to risk it, so I actually bought TWO more sets – another white/cream coloured set as seen here:

Then I decided to buy a second set in what was described as the “Brown” tunic set similar to that which Obi-Wan wore in Episode II and III (the mustard brown crepe material version). I did this so I had a contrasting outfit that I could change to when I felt like it. However there was a bit of a quirk with the costume which I’ll explain about after I show you the product images for the Brown Tunic set from .

The costume jacket and sashes do look like a tan/light brown colour but in reality when my purchase arrived it had a bit of a greenish tinge depending on the lighting. I was a bit unsure of the colour at first but later thought this made it rather unique. Anyway I still had my regular white/cream version and I could keep this one as a reserve. The funny thing is this “brown” version has grown on me and I like it a lot more now. But of course you haven’t seen it yet so here are a few rough pictures of me wearing it. I apologise before hand that the pics aren’t magazine photoshoot quality – they were taken by Mrs Tyeth using a camera phone but again I think Mrs T did well considering we don’t have a photo studio! Here’s the pics:

It turns out that this “brown” tunic set works really well with the fabulous robe that I bought from Creativesewandsew and the belt from Leather3dneon on ETSY. I won’t add links to these vendors at this time as Creativesewandsew are on a break to allow them to catch up on processing orders and Eugene at Leather3Dneon doesn’t have the belt on sale at the moment. However if you check out my May 4th post you will find the links are there.

So I am pleased I purchased the extra two sets when I did and it seems my newly acquired knowledge at assembling a costume has proved useful for the members of the lightsaber forum I belong to. I have been able to share advice with them about the tunics I’ve bought and how I made the sizing/fitting alterations. AND….it seems I have become an unofficial “poster Jedi” for the costume…I did a Google search for Jedi robes to see which other online store still have them in stock and guess who showed up in the images that were returned? Have a look at this screenshot and see if you can see any familiar faces….

I spy with my little eye…a Jedi named …..

Yes I seem to have been picked out by Google as a Jedi fashion model 😎😁. And with that I have just about come to the end of this mini update. Regards sabers and designs, I have had some fantastic feedback from the members of where I have posted my recent hilts and some members suggested I attempt to really add some detailed “weathering” and “aging” to my creations so I have been busy researching how to add simulated dirt, grime and scratches to make my sabers look used and/or old. But fear not as next week I should have another Star Trek hilt and after that I have a saber for the first Sith Lord to exist in Star Wars history and lore – and it’s rather ostentatious! I hope you will all return to see those and more in coming weeks, but for now I’d like to thank you for your visit today. Last week I received a message from WordPress that I had been blogging for FIVE years and that is down to the support I get from you all, new or regular visitors so thanks very much. With that….Till next time….

Cosplaysky’s collection of Star Wars inspired costumes can be found here:


“Chang Saber” – A Weapon for a Klingon General

Hello Everybody and welcome to another new design. This time I go back to the Star Trek franchise and the film “The Undiscovered Country” and after a comment made by my friend Resa. Resa commented on my last Star Trek hilt the “Horey’ So ‘Eth – Honour Blade” design and mentioned the fantastic actor Christopher Plummer who appears in “Undiscovered” as a Klingon general. This general is at the center of a conspiracy to frame the United Federation of Planets and scupper peace talks between the Klingons and everyone else. This event was known as the Khitomer Conspiracy and it involved Plummer’s character, General Chang using a special Bird of Prey ship with a cloaking device that allowed weapons to be fired whilst activated (which was not normally possible) and attack the Klingon Chancellor’s ship the Kronos One. The only other visible ship in the area was the Enterprise which was escorting Kronos One so it appeared as if Enterprise opened fire. When Kirk and McCoy transported aboard the Kronos, Chang arrests them for murdering Chancellor Gorkon. All very bad news as Kirk and McCoy are then put on trial and Chang “proves” his case against them. Anyhoo it’s a very sinister and clever plot that shows how cunning Chang is so I thought he would have a saber too, especially if the lower rank and file Klingons might have one. So here is the saber I designed, this is “Chang”….

This saber is in slightly better condition than the “Honour Blade” and has a fairly intact coat of paint, in a nice matte black. It also features a shorter leather wrapped handgrip that is separated from the emitter module by a thinner section wrapped in a cross-stitched material to mimic Chang’s battle armour. Oh I forgot I haven’t inserted a picture of General Chang so here he is….

As you can tell by the look in his eye, he is cunning and wily. He also looks slightly more human than Klingon, this is due to his family being infected by a virus that altered their genes and affected his appearance. His eye was lost during a blood duel against the usurper Kalnor who attempted to gain control of the Klingon Empire. You can see Chang’s padded armour clearly and I think the wrap I added looks similar. His outfit also has a bit of military “bling” so I added some gold decoration to this hilt in the shape of the Klingon Empire logo (aka the Kahless Blades symbol) and a gold skull crusher style pommel. But there are a few more details so here is Gallery Two…

Yes, I couldn’t help myself and added a logo on the pommel end cap too and it looks just right to finish the hilt off. The activation switch is borrowed from the Honour Blade design and is again meant to represent the Klingon cranial ridges. Now as Chang is a proud military man, he would probably have a nice display stand to cradle his hilt when not in use so I designed a stand as well. It is in a black woodgrain effect with gold Empire logos on each cradle upright and on the base. The base has an orange/brown section with a triangular grid like pattern which I used to represent the scanner screens on many Klingon ships (you know the radar that shows how far a Federation ship is in Kellicams). I think Chang would approve of this hilt.

That just about wraps this week’s offering up. I apologise there aren’t as many renders this time around but I have been getting carried away with that Lego Digital Design software I showed in a previous post. So far I have built my Interceptor, a new flagship Star Destroyer, a Mandolorian Infiltrator ship and I’ve built part of the city of Theed – complete with B-1 (Roger, Roger) Battle Droids and tanks! Those will all feature in upcoming posts along with a VERY special crossguard saber based on a special Star Trek ship I have already mentioned today! I hope you will all call back to see that. In the meantime I need to say thank you for checking Chang’s saber today and supporting FTSabersite. Your visits have kept me motivated to carry on designing for FIVE years on WordPress as I just passed my Blogaversary so thanks big time! Till next time….

“Chang Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the character General Chang from the film “Star Trek – The Undiscovered Country” The design, model and renders where created by For Tyeth in Blender 3D and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. Star Trek and all names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/ ©Copyright of Paramount Pictures.

“Frontier Saber” for the wilds of the Outer Rim

Howdy Everybody! Today we travel to the far reaches of the Star Wars galaxy where there are no rules….the lawless lands…..The Outer Rim (not unlike where I used to live actually but I’ve moved to a nicer region of the UK) And this post was inspired by my good friend Neil of ( who commented a few posts back about a “lightsaber that shoots laser bullets too” well….I have now come up with a design that can do just that. I’ll admit that a lightsaber gun does already exist in Star Wars canon – the Jedi Librarian that told Obi-Wan “If something isn’t in the Jedi Archives then it doesn’t exist I’m afraid!” actually used a “Lightsaber Rifle” in one of the recent Marvel Comics. However that Lightsaber Rifle weapon had to have a regular saber inserted into it for it to operate and using it fried your lightsaber – not good! But my design is intended to serve as both a saber and ballistic launcher. Here is the saber pistol I call Frontier….

From these images (and I’ll add an extra , funny comment later about the pictures) you can see that it sort of resembles a revolver style cowboy pistol with a straight handgrip and red trigger. The hilt does have a revolving cylinder that holds four “shots” or crystal shards. These shards are energised and fired out of the weapon by the emitter instead of a regular blade. The energy builds up in the crystal to a certain point then it is ejected at great speed. When you have fired the four crystals you can refill the cylinder. It took me a while to model this segment of the saber as I had to ensure that each crystal would align with the “barrel/emitter” as the cylinder rotated and I don’t have an engineering background. However the parts do line up so I think we should have a few close up peeks, here is Gallery Two…

Hopefully you can see that I managed to get everything lined up and looking down the barrel you can see the first crystal ready to be charged and fired. I modelled this cylinder drum using the Boolean functions which allow me to make cuts into an object using another object as the “cutter” so I started with a cylinder then had to work out and position where the crystal bullets would sit within it then using another cylinder I cut into the drum to make the recesses – allowing the crystals to be exposed once I inserted them. Fortunately there is a function called the Array Modifier that allow me to duplicate an object then position them in a circular pattern which I could then use as the cutting object to cut all four recesses in one go. The drum also has an inset and recessed front face to make it appear less flat and boring. I then had to model the Swing Arm which is the strut that holds the cylinder drum in place and hinges outward to allow reloading. You see gunslingers click the cylinder out, put bullets in then flick their wrist so the drum pivots back into the pistol’s frame ready to fire – the Swing Arm facilitates this action. So I had to connect the drum to the swing arm and then to the saber handgrip whilst maintaining the barrel, chamber and emitter alignment. And the reason they needed to align is that when you run out of crystal bullets you can use this as a regular saber! Ignite the blade here are two final pics….

Of course you can always load three spare crystals into the open breeches so you can switch between saber and pistol functions – as long as one breech is open you can activate the blade…pretty neat! The handgrip I finished off with a wooden texture that I discovered recently and mentioned in a previous post (the advanced textures with the bumps I used on the Quartermaster hilt). The texture doesn’t have the crinkled effect because I wanted a polished wood to represent the handgrip cheek plates of an antique pistol.

Now the funny thing about this design…well I was going to add a few more details and maybe an etched pattern on top but I got sidetracked, as I often do, when I had the idea for my Klingon “Horey ‘So Eth” designs.( And silly me never got round to making the improvements and I forgot something else….to create any extra renders! I made two, just to test then was distracted….I then mentioned to Neil the other day that I had a saber that might cheer him up. THEN when I went to type this post up this morning (Friday 13th…) I discovered my mistake and realised I had no renders! SOO I have burnt the midnight, midday and back to midnight oil to create the images for today! I am slightly….exhausted but by the Force I managed. So I apologise if they aren’t quite up to my normal standard. But hey that’s Friday the 13th for you!

That just about wraps this gunslinging session up, I hope you enjoyed this one despite it being a bit rushed. However I hope you’ll call back to FTSabersite to see upcoming designs where I was a bit more focused! There is still lots to see including my new tunics, my action figure purchases and a few more StarTrek inspired hilts…(and to Experience Film, I will get those answers posted that you sent me ok!) Meanwhile I’d like to thank you for checking in today, it means a lot, whether you are a regular or first time viewer you’re all appreciated. Till next time…..

“Frontier Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and the 3D model/renders were created by For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. Star Wars, Jocasta Nu and all other related names, ogos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

For’s New Interceptor – It looked bigger in the Advert!

Hello Everybody and welcome to something completely different! Today I have a new ship to show you, but it isn’t one I can actualy fly unfortunately but I still love it. I already have a Jedi Starfighter (a Delta 7 variant) which some of you may have seen but I have always liked the idea of owning an ETA-2 Actis class Interceptor. Here is the Delta 7 that already own, it is old and battered up like me but still looks ok…

OK, I know it is made of LEGO but I built this before any official model of this was made by Lego using a set I bought from Legoland Windsor when I visited in the early 2000’s. But when I saw the ETA-2 I loved that ship too. If you haven’t seen an ETA-2, it is a twin engine, highly agile fighter with folding wing plates, though you may have seen Obi-Wan and Anakin flying them at the start of “Revenge of the Sith”. The ETA-2 looks like this…

Anakin Skywalker’s ETA-2 Interceptor

Mrs Tyeth regularly visits her mother but recently had to stay over a lot longer than she’d planned leaving me “home alone”. Mrs T felt bad for me and whilst out shopping for her mother noticed a bag of Star Wars Lego in a Salvation Army Charity shop (like a thrift store for US readers). It was labelled “2 Star Wars Starfighters” so Mrs T bought it for me as a treat. Well when I got the bag of bricks it turns out one fighter was actually an off-brand Apache AH-64 helicopter (not bad) but the good news was the rest of the bits were yellow and grey! I went online and downloaded the instructions from for Anakin’s Interceptor and managed to build part of the ship. I wasn’t sure all of it was there as the model is made of a lot of small pieces…but I kept building and got closer to completing it. I was nervous as I thought “You watch, the last half dozen bits will probably be missing!” But it was a complete model…every part was there and it looked like this when finished….

Sorry my pictures are a little blurry but my camera phone has a bad lens I think. BUT you can see that this is indeed the Interceptor I always hoped I’d own one day. This official model set was released in 2014 and has been retired so I didn’t think I’d get one, but somehow Mrs T spotted this and bought it! It didn’t have any minifigs but I had an Artoo and a Rey figure I could put in to “finish” the model.

This is good news and fortunate for me but what does it have to do with designing I hear you ask, well I also hunted down an old piece of software produced by the Lego Company – The Lego Digital Designer!

LEGO’s Digital Designer software

This is a virtual 3D Lego building set in computer form, allowing you to go wild and build many official and non stock models from the bricks/pieces you can see on the left hand side of the image above. So I downloaded and installed it and attempted to follow the instructions and build my ship in 3D! My first attempt was close but I couldn’t find the folding wing plates in the software, so it wasn’t quite the same. It wasn’t bad for my first attempt though, here is a quick look…

My first FT Interceptor build attempt.

As you can see the winglets are too large and have the “Lego Studs” on them but they do hinge properly. Anyway, I had seen pictures of Lego models with the winglets and knew they had to exist and whilst researching I found that some LEGO enthusiasts make these models in the designer and upload the 3D files to a website for others to download and import into LDD (the designer). I downloaded a model built by a person named ADHO15 and it had the parts I was looking for! So here is a comparison and Gallery One!

I think the model looks much better with the proper winglets but unfortunately the cockpit canopy still doesn’t have the printed windows on – however that reveals more of the interior including my updated cockpit controls I added and the handsome Jedi figure piloting this ship (< that’s meant to be me BTW 😁) For being a 3D LEGO model this is really cool and at a glance looks like the real thing. To show how good this ship is here is Gallery Two…

In these pics you can see the new control panels I added along with the recoloured seat pieces that just make the interior more solid and cohesive. The original model is a little bare so in this virtual build I repositioned the clip to hold a lightsaber hilt – you can just see it behind my head atop the headrest. Looking at the undercarriage side of the model you can see the folded wingflaps and laser cannons, plus a small white cylinder…that’s Artoo! You can see his dome in the last picture showing him in his droid socket – ready to battle the destructive Buzz Droids! Finally I have a few arty pictures to show you in Gallery Three…

The first pair of images show how good a job the LEGO designers did with this model kit as I tried to recreate the opening shot of “Revenge of the Sith”. The third and fourth pictures are screenshot renders, pic three from the LEGO software and pic four is an edited one I did in my photo edit software GIMP. And look who’s stood in front of it….ME and my lightsaber!

OK I think that just about wraps up this very different For Tyeth Edition – this one is a For Tyeth LEGO Forge creation! As I mentioned the LEGO software allows users to create any model so I may in future post a few other builds I have done (I am working on a Docking Bay to land in and Hoth’s Echo Base models). Though for now it’s time for me to finish with my thank you messages.

So thanks to Mrs Tyeth for getting me such an awesome present! Thanks too go to the LEGO Company for both the real life bricks and the 3D software to play with. More thanks go to ADHO15 whose model I downloaded to obtain the winglets. However as always my biggest thanks go to you, my readers and viewers for checking this out and your support. Whether this was your first visit to FTSabersite or you are my well known regulars, you’re very much welcomed and appreciated. I hope you will return for future posts as I return to sabers including a “Gunslinger” hilt, more “Armourer” variants and the news regards my new action figure and costume purchases….PHEW! Finished. Till next time….

“For’s Interceptor” is a For Tyeth LEGO MOC (My Own Creation mod) built and rendered in LEGO Digital Designer (owned/Trademarked by LEGO Company). Further photo edits were made by For Tyeth in Blender 3D and GIMP – all rendered images are © Copyright For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. Star Wars and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.