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Pittsburgh Steeler Saber – Tribute to the “Steeler Nation”

Hello Everybody, I hope you all liked Roger Redux’s second contribution to FTSabersite, his Rorschach Lightsaber design. So strikingly simple it made it complex! Thanks again to Roger. Today however I bring you a complex saber of my own, and one in my Sports Themed hilts series. It is slightly overdue as the colour scheme was complex (and at first I wasn’t sure of the look so had to tweak it meaning more work!) but it has finally reached it’s intended home. The saber is a tribute to the team that call their home “Heinz Field”, they play in the AFC North at present and have a following called the “Steeler Nation” Yes this saber is for the Pittsburgh Pirates…sorry Pittsburgh Steelers! They were originally nicknamed the Pirates when they were founded way back in 1933 by Art Rooney. Surprisingly the team is still owned by Art Rooney’s descendants to this day, with his grandson Art Rooney II. Well enough talk Tyeth, it’s time to reveal the saber so here is Pittsburgh Steelers Saber….

I hope this hilt finds approval with the Steeler Nation! To begin there is a Steelers “gold” blade to match the colour found on their uniforms. And that blade projects from an emitter with three spines, representing three rivers, The Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio…but more importantly it represents the Steeler’s old stadium that was named the Three Rivers Stadium. Around the emitter are three bands of Powder coat colour, Steeler Gold, Red and Blue, a nod to the diamond accents on the team logo. The rest of the hilt is a mix of black and gold the primary colours of the uniform.

Now I mentioned I wasn’t sure of the original look I came up with, well to begin I had to make two sets of images as shown above (pics 1 &2) then combine them together so that I had silver parts on a black hilt, these silver parts I could then paint on. But my original saber looked like image three with just the three bands of colour. So I decided to add a Steeler Gold hand grip. However I had to start the Powder Coat paint process all over again!

The process took time but I hope you think it was worth the effort. And speaking of time, it has crept up on me once more and I will have to end shortly. Before I go however I’d like to thank the viewer from Italy who checked out Savannah95’s Berserker and Resonant lightsaber designs, your support is greatly welcomed. And to all my viewers and followers thank you too and please call back for more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field, Three Rivers Stadium and all other names, logos and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team and their respective owners. Pittsburgh Steelers are owned by the Rooney Family.

Dawg Bite Saber – Inspired by the Cleveland Browns NFL Team

Hello Everybody, Today I have a design for the NFL team that has earned the first round pick in this year’s Draft Pick. That team is the Cleveland Browns! The Browns are a team that play in the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. The team adopted the name of their original coach, Paul Brown. The Browns started out in 1946 playing at Cleveland Stadium up until 1995. The team got into difficulties and had to be “re-built” but returned to competition in 1999 in their new stadium. One section of their stadiums inspired the name of this saber, it is called the “Dawg Pound” and so this saber is named after that section, the fan club that occupy it and their mascots Chomps and Swagger…this is Dawg Bite Saber…

This saber is painted in the Cleveland Brown team colours (though the brown itself is missing as it’s not offered as an available powder coat). However the orange, gloss white and black are present. The blade is a blood orange colour to match their helmets which are an oddity in the NFL. The Browns are the only team not to display team logos on the sides of their helmets (Pittsburgh Steelers have a logo on ONE side only). The emitter has a forked design to represent the teeth of the growling fans/Dawgs. The switch section is banded in orange and connects to the body section. Two ribs at either end of the grip are coated orange and look like the end-zones of a Gridiron pitch (the white ribs are your 10yrd markers!). The pommel is black and orange and can either represent the uprights of the goals or the superstructure of the stadium.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip to the “Dawg Pound” and Dawg Bite. I equally hope Cleveland do well in the draft pick in around 10 days time (apparently they have used 26 players in the Quarterback position in 18 seasons, so may be targeting Michael Trubisky from North Carolina – hey I know a bit about football 😀 )

Again time is against me but I want to thank a certain person who suggested I design this saber, I’ll call him D. Kay  to avoid any embarrassment. I also wish to thank you my viewers and followers for your support. I still have more new designs coming up so please call in again to see those. Till next time.

Cleveland Browns Football Team is owned by Jimmy Haslam and Dee Haslam. The name Cleveland Browns, the “Dawg Pound” and all other names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Cleveland Browns Football Team. The NFL, American Football Conference and any other names, terms and related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of The National Football League.

SuperBowl Sabers – Falcons vs Patriots

Hello Everybody, firstly I would like to thank Rebel Chumps (YouTube Link) for contacting me regarding the saber I designed for his anniversary. I think I am safe to say he liked it, so on that positive note I will relax now and get ready for the BIG GAME later today! (I’m posting this at 00:00 GMT Sunday 5th so the game is later today). To do that may I introduce the two teams in the form of two sabers. As this may be a long post I will split the post over two pages. First up alphabetically (to avoid favouritism!) will be the Atlanta Falcons Lightsaber…

This is my design to represent the team from Atlanta, Georgia, and I hope I have done a good job. The hilt has the Falcons’ colours running all the way through it, from the Falcon claws on the emitter right down to the silver pommel cap! And just to prove I know a little bit about the game, I know the Falcons play in the NFC South. The Falcons are currently getting ready to move to a new stadium and if you look straight down the length of the saber you may be able pick out a three pointed star because the sponsors of the new stadium have a similar star as their logo!

So with that I wish Dan Quinn, the two Matts, Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub, the rest of the team and last but not least Freddie Falcon, the very best in the upcoming game!

Atlanta Falcons, Freddie Falcon and all names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Atlanta Falcons Football Team and the National Football League (NFL).

I struggled not to call Atlanta the “Millennium Falcons” all the way through this post but now may I direct you to Page 2 of this post and the New England Patriots Lightsaber!

Denver Broncos Lightsaber (For Tyeth Sport Series)

Hello Everybody, to mix things up I am returning to my sports series and another NFL team saber. This time we visit the rarefied air up at a Mile High. You may have guessed who the team is but if not their mascots are called Thunder and Miles. Yes I am referring to the AFC West Denver Broncos! This team has a legendary Quarterback as their General Manager, John Elway. This man is one of only two players ever to score running TD’s in four separate Superbowls, and he is the only Quarterback to do so! He played all of his career at Denver and the famous Mile High Stadium (now known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High). A rich history indeed, but I now have to present my design to you, so here is Denver Broncos Lightsaber…

I think this is a thoroughbred stallion of a saber! I chose parts that were muscular in appearance and that shared the teams colours. The blade is the crowning glory, matching the mane of the team’s logo. The body is the same blue as the uniforms. The emitter is a nod to the style of play of the Broncos back when Elway was playing. The emitter has three claws and this represents the types of play, Throwing Plays, Running Plays and a third type of play…Scrambling (though not technically seen as one!) Mr Elway was quite famous for being a mobile player, getting valuable yardage when other options were closed off.


As always time has beaten me and I need to bring an end to this post, one day I might have to think about introducing an Extra Time Period! But for today I’d like to thank you for looking in on this design. I hope you will return, as you may have seen the advert above for the BIG GAME sabers I have designed which are “coming soon” and I also have the remaining Blade Runner inspired hilts to come! Till next time.

“Denver Broncos”, “Thunder and Miles”, “Mile High Stadium” and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Denver Broncos Football Team. “AFC”, “Superbowl” and “NFL” are Trademarks/©Copyright of the National Football League.


Cincinnati Bengals Lightaber (For Tyeth’s Sports Series)

Hello Everybody, I bring you another more conventional Earth bound sporting design today and if you are a fan of  Who Dey, you may be in for a treat! Yes this saber has been designed to represent the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team. Again I admit I don’t know a great deal about the team from Ohio but I do know they play at Paul Brown Stadium and that their QB was just named in the AFC Pro Bowl roster (that’s Andy Dalton the Quarterback, see I’m learning  😀 ). So this design hopefully represents the team, I’ll let you decide as I present Bengals Lightsaber…

The saber shares the same colour scheme as the Bengals team and I think there are a few Tiger-like details. The blade is Bengal orange (the colour is actually called Blood Orange in the virtual builder) and highlights the forked emitter. The emitter reminds me of both the claws and maybe more importantly the canine teeth of a Bengal Tiger. I can imagine a Running Back with the ball tucked away under one arm and this saber in his other hand cutting through the opponent’s “D” fence. Then Andy Dalton throwing a laser guided ball into the end zone for the TD. Ok back to the saber, I would have included a few striped elements but felt that may have been a bit overkill, so I settled with the configuration I finished with, a saber with lines that look like a leaping tiger.


Once more we have come to the end of the fourth quarter and the end of this post! Before I go I want to thank you all for your support and visits, the site has broken the 2400 views mark, so thank you so much! I would be honoured if you would return for my upcoming posts as my designs based on an upcoming sci-fi sequel (as another hint the film is due out in Oct 2017) are just being polished ready for show! Till next time.

“Cincinnati Bengals”, “Who Dey”, the “Paul Brown Stadium” and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Cincinnati Bengals Football Team. The “AFC”, “Pro Bowl” and “NFL” are Trademark/©Copyright of The National Football League.

Carolina Panthers Lightsaber (For Tyeth sport series)

Hello Everybody, today I bring you another of my sporting themed sabers I promised a post or two back. Some may recall that I posted two sabers for the teams I support (Mancunian RED Lightsaber and my Cowboys Lightsaber) but it is only fair that I produce a couple of designs for other teams too. A very good friend of mine lives in the Carolina area so to begin here is a saber for the Panthers…

I attempted to recreate the Panthers’ uniform colour scheme with the black, silver-grey and blue. Panthers have claws so the emitter also shares that detail. The body of the saber represents the grey leggings. The blade is the closest to the colour seen on the Panthers’ kit. To be honest I don’t know how well the Panthers have performed this season or know much about the team as getting decent coverage of the NFL on my cable package is difficult (Coruscant Cable Co. aren’t very good, they like to cover Zero-Gravity Dodgeball games instead  😀 ).


I hope you enjoy these sporting designs as I have a few other designs for some of the remaining NFL teams coming soon. Oh, I just realised my friend I mentioned above is a fan of Golf, hmm maybe a new avenue of designs? Maybe.

I would like to thank you for checking out this saber for the Carolina Top-Cats (aren’t they the Cheerleaders?) and hope you will return for more designs in upcoming posts. If you like what you see here then please spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends. Till next time.

Carolina Panthers, the Panther Logo, Top-Cats and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of the Carolina Panthers Football Team. The “NFL” Trademark/ ©Copyright are owned by the National Football League.