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“Power Red Katana” Blender 3D Nex Gen – Inspired by Saban’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Hello Everybody, today I have to return to the world of Power Rangers and my collection of Nex Gen Katana hilts I designed recently. I say this as I saw a video posted on YouTube earlier today and it seemed to suggest there is going to be yet another reboot of the franchise. I have yet to look further into the story but I was already showing off my new designs anyway. And today we look at the Red Ranger, Jason Scott Lee, and his saber. Now the Red Ranger already had a sword in the show but it seemed heavy and cumbersome as seen here…

Red Ranger with original Ranger sword -looks like a wrench!

It also didn’t feature a plasma lightsaber cutting edge. My design is a Nex Gen Katana that is lightweight, sleek, strong and was wrapped by myself! Enough chatter…here is Gallery One of “Power Red Katana”….

This is my base Katana model and I have recoloured the handgrip, Tsuka Ito wraps and blade colours to match the Red Ranger costume. The leather is a nice deep red that suggests status or importance, almost regal. I discovered that I can use the base texture used for the leather and using photo editing software edit the colour to any shade I want. Then I apply the extra layers to add the detail and depth effects. This means I can have normal plain leather in any colour but then I can have a stitched leather base image that I can recolour so I don’t have hundreds of texture files clogging up my hard drive storage. Anyhoo, too much talk, here is another trio of pictures…

You might be able to make out the shipping containers in the background of these gallery pictures and I chose this environment as I recall a lot of the battles the Ranger’s had with Rita Repulsa’s “Putty Men” took place in car parks or dockside locations with shipping containers.

And talking of shipping…my parcel I was waiting for last week has arrived and my Nerf blaster arsenal seems to be getting bigger….a LOT bigger. First the blaster I was waiting for last week was a Nerf Sharpshot which came with Velcro tipped darts so you could play “Dart Tag” games against each other. Well the blaster is very sleek and svelte and with a minor paint job would look wicked as a Sci-Fi/Star Wars-y blaster. And it should be easy to paint. The blaster looks like this…

The yellow plates actually unscrew off the blaster so I should be able to spray paint them separately quite easy – when I can get outdoors to paint! But when I said my collection was growing I meant it…not just my two big tripod mounted Havok Fire blasters, or the X-Shot round ball blasters….No, I bought a few more and now this is just part of the For Tyeth arsenal….

I think I have a new problem!!

There are 8 further blasters marked in the pic above and these are new additions! Some are “Classic Nerf” items I got from Ebay and some are fresh brand new ones! Number 8 is one called a Retaliator that I may paint to look like a Clone Trooper blaster – it already has a Star Wars look/feel to it. Number 1 is a Nerf Strongarm revolver which also has “Clone Vibes” to it.

Oh, just before I go…here is the original Red Ranger hilt I designed back in 2017 with the old software I had!…

Anyhoo, that just about brings this post to an end, I am still expanding my collection, both blasters and sabers, so I hope you will call back to FTSabersite to see future posts on all of that. Next week I should be revealing a new “Master Series” lightsaber to celebrate the finale of the Disney+ series “Obi-Wan-Kenobi” and it may or may not be his saberđŸ€”. In the meantime thank you for visiting my site today and for the support, as always whether you are a new visitor or one of my regulars, please comment, leave a like or two if you want and maybe subscribe if you haven’t. I appreciate all the help and kind words. Till next time….

“Power Red Katana” is For Tyeth Editions design,modelled and rendered in Blender 3D by For Tyeth/FTSabersite. The design, 3D model and images are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. The “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” was created by Saban International, and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark.©Copyright of Saban International.

Power Blue Katana – The Nex-Gen Power Ranger sabers.

Hello Everybody, it’s that time again for another post and a big trip down “memory lane” to some sabers that I covered way back when. To be precise, I’m going back to March of 2017 when Saban Intl released the reboot of their popular “Power Rangers” movie. As I usually do I created some designs inspired by the characters in the film and from my knowledge of the TV show, but I was using the old design software I had access to. The designs were OK and I was pleased with them because I created techniques to use the “Virtual Saber Builder” software in ways it wasn’t meant to be – I found a way to put the parts in unique order so I got combinations other members of the saber community using it couldn’t achieve. The saber I designed for the Blue Power Ranger (aka Billy) looked like this (old pictures coming up!)…..

This design was loosely based on a Katana with the elongated handgrips and silver switch, mid-hilt decorative band and the ornate pommel. The pommel is the section that I tweaked so that there was a silver insert in the pommel opening. This object is actually a blade plug part usually fitted into the emitter of a saber when not in use and the software normally wouldn’t allow it to be placed in the pommel but I found a way.

You can see further images of the original here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2017/03/14/ranger-blue-lightsaber-billys-new-gadget/

So I was pleased with my design but you know me, I always felt I could do better I just didn’t have a 3D design software to do it, FAST FORWARD to 2022 and I have finally gotten around to re-forging my designs after I created my first proper Katana a few weeks back. So without further wait I present “Power Blue Katana” the Blender 3D version!…

I took the “Snake Eyes” themed hilt with the lengthened handgrip and gave it a Power Ranger Blue colour scheme and blade. The texturing again is quite detailed when zoomed in and you can see the grain in the leather. The Tsuka Ito wrapping imitates the Power Ranger costumes nicely with the diamond patterning. This range of Katanas also has a bespoke Power Rangers lightning bolt logo on the pommel (instead of a blade plug!).

I really had fun revisiting this old theme and I even had a ” happy accident” that resulted in a kinda unique view of this hilt…whilst positioning the virtual camera in Blender, I accidently set it’s co-ordinates so the camera was INSIDE the body of the hilt looking down through it – it created a sort of “time tunnel” or wormhole effect….

The spiral effect is created by the Tsuka Ito grip wrapping showing through the inner cylinder of the handgrip. I just thought it looked a bit arty so I created the final image by duplicating the model of the hilt and arranging them to show off their lines.

I hope you enjoyed this revisit to an old theme…and hopefully I did justice to the Blue Ranger with the new custom Katana. I do have hilts for the other members of the Ranger quintet which I’ll post in upcoming instalments I also still have another G.I. Joe themed saber and a range of hilts for some teen Ninjas….and if that wasn’t enough I have a nother Starfighter saber….and more blasters and gifts to talk about!

Thanks so much for your visit and support, it does mean a lot to me and keeps me designing and posting. Please be sure to call back to see all the upcoming stuff, and don’t be afraid to comment or leave a like or two. But for now I have to bring this post to an end so Till next time…..

“Power Blue Katana” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by Saban’s “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” franchise. The 3D models and renders were created by For Tyeth/FTSabersite and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. MMPR and all associated content (names, movies, shows etc) are Trademarked and ©Copyright of Saban International and Lionsgate Studios.

Ranger Repulse Lightsaber – Rita Repulsa’s new Staff

Hello Everybody, today I continue the Green theme and bring to you a Saberstaff for an Intergalactic Witch! This Witch hails from the galaxy M-51 and had an army of minions made of Putty! Around 10,000 Earth years ago, she tried to overthrow this planet but was defeated and imprisoned in a Dumpster (?) and sent hurtling through space. The orbit of the dumpster however caused it to return to present day Earth and she has escaped and is trying to once more dominate the Earth. This person is of course Rita Repulsa (FINALLY, YOU TOLD THEM WHO I AM!! NOW GET ON WITH IT TYETH! .Rita) the arch enemy of the Power Rangers, and this is my design for her new magic staff, this is Ranger Repulse…

I am really pleased with this design, I think it looks suitably evil in the Lime Green powder coat. Again it would have been lacking had I not been able to colourise it. The clawed emitter projects a blade of evil magic, easily a match for the Ranger’s weapons I designed I fear. The hilt handle is unforgiving and aggressive looking (a bit like Rita’s early costumes). But the goodies don’t stop at the pommel, this saber has a staff extension to match. I imagined Rita using this staff version with the FTE pommel to increase it’s power to cast her spells, usually to make her minions into giants! (I LIKE THIS IDEA!…ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE NOT EVIL TYETH? .Rita)

No, I’m not evil just a fan of Green..especially green lightsabers! Carrying on, as you can see from the pictures above Rita has had a bit of an image change since she emerged from the Dumpster way back in 1993! Rita was originally portrayed by Machiko Soga (and dubbed by Barbara Goodson) in the first TV series and was replaced by Carla Perez in later versions of the show. Machiko did return later however. In the new film due out next weekend, Elizabeth Banks takes on the role of Rita and has a definite Green thing going on!

OK, now I think I have finally finished my tribute series for the Power Rangers. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed producing it. I’d like to thank you all for checking these designs out and hope you will call back to see more new ones in future posts. I appreciate all of your support. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
Created by Saban Entertainment. Trademark and ©Copyright of Saban Entertainment.


Ranger Black Lightsaber- A new Saber for Zach

Hello Everybody, yesterday I helped Buffy the Vampire Slayer by updating her arsenal, now I have to update the next Power Ranger. That Ranger is Zachary Taylor – The Black Ranger! Zachary is the ladies man in the group and loves to bust a move (I think that’s the term the younglings use nowadays!) whenever he hears a good tune playing. In fact he is very mobile, enjoying dancing and Martial Arts..so much so that he combined the two and created a new Martial art he called Hip Hop Kido, very similar to Capoeria. This martial art combines dance like movements with fast powerful strikes – imagine something like Darth Maul! So a style of combat like that needs a saber, doesn’t it? Here is my design for Zach….Ranger Black…

Zach’s new saber has the familiar double grip hilt to give him maximum flexibility and power to match his style of combat. The black Reptile leather provides excellent grip whichever way you hold the hilt – I have it on my saber – and helps to contrast the silver accents on the emitter, switch and pommel cap. The look has style but allows Zach to let his actions speak by being versatile. Zach was versatile on the battlefield and was able to assess the situation and come up with solutions many times to save the day.

Zach was originally portrayed by Walter Emanuel Jones in the Power Rangers TV show but Zach disappeared after a peace conference in the episode “Power Transfer” and no-one really knows what became of him! Zach will be played by Ludi Lin in the new film due out on the 24th March. Phew! I have done it, I have reached the end of this series of sabers for the Power Rangers and I’d like to….


Ah yes! I mean  I have nearly finished as I still have a saber(?) for the Ranger’s arch enemy Rita! I’ll post her saber in Saturday’s post. Please call back tomorrow as I celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a NEW Guest Designer! For now thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
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Ranger Blue Lightsaber – Billy’s New Gadget

Hello Everybody, I hope you enjoyed the Wonder Woman hilt I presented yesterday and I am pleased to say I have the next Ranger hilt to show you. In today’s post we will meet William “Billy” Cranston. Billy was the “Brains” of the Rangers and in the beginnings was thought of a s a nerd. This nerd however created the wrist worn communicators the Rangers used, the system for teleporting and found a way to enter the evil Rita Repulsa’s (her again!) Dark Dimension world. As with most academics Billy wasn’t the most gifted physically and wasn’t the most natural martial artist. But through hard work and several tutors, he attained a Red Belt in Karate. Billy possessed the Triceratops Power Coin and Dinozord and was later given the Wolf Power Coin and became the Blue Ninja Ranger. Well, all Ninja Rangers need a weapon, so in recognition for his hard work here is my design for Ranger Blue…

I think Billy would appreciate the “Tech” behind his new saber. From the blue blade and combat ready grips all the way down to the clawed emitter. The saber is nicely balanced and I am sure he would be fascinated by the Plasma emitter and return rings which create the containment field for the blade, all focused through a Kyber Crystal (Ooops sorry got a bit technical myself there!).

Anyway back to Billy himself and the saber. Billy developed over time and grew in confidence to become the second longest serving Ranger. And here’s an interesting bit of trivia…Billy’s surname is Cranston, named after Bryan Cranston the actor who voiced some of the monsters in the early TV series. And Bryan Cranston will play Billy’s boss Zordon in the new reboot! How strange is that. Before I forget Billy will be portrayed by RJ Cyler in the same film.

Ok folks that just about wraps things up. I just have time to thank you all for visiting FTSabersite and supporting me. I would like to invite everyone back to check out more new designs including the final Ranger and a special appearance from one their most famous opponents and her staff! Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
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Ranger Green (+Gold Bits)Lightsaber, Revisited!

Hello Everybody this is going to be a very short post as I am not feeling 100% at the moment, but I promised I would bring to you the re-coloured Ranger Green saber. With my new found skill of editing my gallery pictures to look as if they have Powder Coating I can now present a mini gallery of updated pictures, here is Ranger Green(+Gold Bits  😀 )…

I like to be accurate so I have added a gold coloured switch and pommel to give this saber the necessary highlights. Tommy, the Green Ranger was one of the most successful Rangers in combat so might deserve the Gold treatment! I still don’t know if Tommy will appear in the new film but there are some rumours about an evil Queen’s (called Rita Repulsa I think) staff hiding a Green surprise…hmmm! Maybe I can come up with a staff design for this evil Queen? It would make up for this shorter than normal offering.

Here is Tommy the original  Green Ranger in Green and Gold! (Source rangercentral.com)

I did manage to find a picture for you to compare my saber with, showing Jason David Frank who portrayed Tommy in the original series. I haven’t posted pictures about any possible replacement for him in the rebooted film just in case they turn out to be Spoilers!

I am so sorry but I feel very tired right now and will have to end this post, but as always I will give you a few teasers about my upcoming posts. I have an Amazonian wonder coming to FTSabersite shortly and I’m finally getting back to the Star Wars universe as I have a new casing for a fan favourite droid. I sometimes wish I was a droid, I wouldn’t catch all these Earth bound ailments then….anyway I am going to get a hot beverage and wrap up in a bedding sheet. Hopefully I will feel a bit brighter tomorrow. Please do check in again for my next post, there will be one however ill I am. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
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Ranger Yellow – Trini Kwan’s New Saber

Hello Everybody, today we have a bright post as we return to the world of the Power Rangers. Very bright in fact as I would like to introduce the Yellow Ranger to you and her new saber. Trini Kwan is the Yellow Ranger and was portrayed by the late Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang in the original series. Well versed in Kung-Fu, in particular Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, Trini had lightning fast strikes – especially high kicks! She liked to overcome opponents with the minimum force necessary. Trini was the voice of conscience and translation for the group, usually interpreting all of Billy’s technical talk. (Strange, I always seemed to be able to understand him…Quantum Mechanics, Alternate Realities…wormholes even Flux Capacitors…oops wrong franchise 😀 ) Generally soft-spoken and polite, Trini is a calm and warm person. She is an environmentalist, is prepared to both push herself and put herself in danger for those she loves (sounds very Jedi-like to me) She was given possesion of the Sabre Toothed Tiger Coin and Dinozord by Zordon but today I am about to present her with a new saber…Ranger Yellow…

This is suitably bright and colourful for Trini I feel, but don’t let appearances fool you this is still a formidable weapon in the right hands. During her time as a Power Ranger Thuy Trang injured her knee while performing a stunt and literally had to “sit out” most of the season she was filming. In one episode you can even see her wearing a knee brace as proof. This also hints at the acrobatic, energetic style of combat Trini possessed which this saber should compliment nicely.

Trini Kwan was one of the “Mystery Disappearance Rangers” (the other being Zach Taylor) in the episode “Power Transfer” where Zach and Trini disappear after attending a World Peace Conference. Trini’s powers were transfered to Aisha Campbell by the Sword of Light (Hey! Gimmick Infringement!).

Sadly Thuy Trang died in a motor vehicle accident on 3rd September 2001 in San Francisco, California but Trini Kwan will appear in the new film and will be played by singer Becky G (both pictured above).

Once more time has beaten me and I have to bring this post to an end. A few posts back I promised I would update the Green Ranger’s saber with his trademark Gold and Green, well I will present those pictures in my next post. I hope you will return to see those and you have liked what you have seen today. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
Created by Saban Entertainment. Trademark and ©Copyright of Saban Entertainment.

Ranger Green – Inspired by the new Power Rangers movie

Hello Everybody, I have another Power Ranger to introduce to you but first I have a little housekeeping to do! In my mood of reminiscence in the Ranger Pink post I forgot to say that Kimberly Hart will be played by Naomi Scott, so I apologise Miss Scott. Here is a quick picture of you as our new Pink Ranger..Pink-Ranger-Naomi-Scott

Secondly while reading up to get information for these posts it seems that the release date for the new film has changed, I saw it advertised as 17th March but recent evidence says it will hit cinemas on the 24th. That sort of puts a spanner in my schedule so I have had to create ANOTHER saber to fill the gap. You will get to see that before the film starts but I have Ranger Green to present to you, here it is…

Now this saber I like! Well it’s Green isn’t it  😀  Now I have learnt how to “Powder Coat” my gallery images I will revisit this design and add the missing Gold accents that weren’t originally available. This however isn’t my saber, it belongs to the Green Ranger. Probably the most legendary Ranger of them all was Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger. He had an amazing history, he was a 6th Dan Black Belt in Karate, he was also considered one of the most powerful of the Rangers. Tommy had a relationship with Kimberly that was exploited by Rita Repulsa (remember that other saber I mentioned…shhh Tyeth,  😉 ). Rita used a magical Green Candle to drain Tommy of his powers. Does this mean the Green Ranger won’t be in the new film? I’m not sure, we will have to go and watch it to find out.

I will just say I have checked IMDB and can’t find any reference or details about the Green Ranger (or any actor’s name linked to it) . With all of this history and having to research it, I’ve run out of time yet again so I hope you enjoyed Ranger Green. Please be sure to return and see more new designs here on FTSabersite, you’ll be most welcome. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
Created by Saban Entertainment. Trademark and ©Copyright of Saban Entertainment.

Ranger Pink – Inspired by the new Power Rangers film.

Hello Everybody, we return to the world of Power Rangers and possibly one of the most popular Rangers, Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger! Kimberly Ann Hart was played by the American/Canadian actress Amy Jo Johnson, who was part of the original cast and appeared in the first three seasons plus the two feature films. Kimberly as a result became the longest serving female Ranger and fourth longest serving overall. She even became the first Pink Ninja Ranger. Well I think it’s time to give this warrior her weapon this is Ranger Pink…

I know there seems to be a lack of Pink in this hilt but I designed this before I learned how to recreate Powder Coat colours, so I may have to return to this hilt and produce a Powder Pink Version! Despite that the saber has a Pink blade and look closely at the switch and you will see a diamond pattern that mirrors the designs on the Pink Ranger suit. I think this hilt would compliment Kimberly’s athletic gymnastic style of combat. This style could work well with the Lightsaber form called Ataru, which Master Yoda demonstrated in his battle against Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones.

kimberly-hart-amy-joKimberly Hart during her missions for the Rangers, experienced body swapping with fellow Rangers, was kidnapped by Lord Zedd to become his next Queen and even had her own Comic Book series such was her popularity. It is no wonder this actress was so much of a fan favourite, so I’ve included a picture for her fans.


Amy Jo Johnson has also experienced a wide range of success after the Rangers, performing in numerous popular shows (such as Flashpoint), movies and becoming a producer. Amy also has three self penned albums as a singer/songwriter.

Well, I am afraid as usual, am running short on time and will have to bring this post to an end. I hope you all enjoyed this homage to the Pink Ranger, and I promise I will rework the design for her to include a bit more colour! I would be so happy if you could come back to see that. For now thank you for visiting and supporting this site. (Don’t forget you can leave comments below and I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as I can). Till next time.

The Power Rangers was created by Saban International. The new film is due out on March 17th. All Trademarks and ©Copyrights belong to Saban International and Lionsgate Entertainment 2017.

Ranger Red – Inspired by the new Power Rangers film.

Hello Everybody, today is the day that the much teased set of SIX sabers breaks cover! I hope the wait is worth it. I am proud to present the first, Ranger Red, and as you have guessed it is based on the new upcoming Saban/Lionsgate Power Rangers film. The Power Rangers have a very long history starting way back as a TV show. The original Red Ranger, Jason Scott Lee (no, not the actor!) was portrayed at first as a stereotypical jock type, mainly interested in sports—particularly martial arts. Beneath the surface, however, he is big-hearted, outgoing, friendly, and always willing to help someone out when needed—one instance of this happened when he took Billy under his wing and teaches him martial arts to boost his confidence and teach him self-defense. We may meet Billy later in this series but for now I had better open up the gallery for Ranger Red…

I tried to create a dynamic design to match with the energetic high power action of the franchise. The saber has a red blade but this time it doesn’t represent evil or bad intentions which makes a change! No, the red signifies the leader of the Rangers. This saber may be a suitable replacement for the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinozord Jason was given to use by Zordon (I think he’s the Rangers’ boss 😀 ). In the TV show, Jason the Red Ranger defeated the most opponents by himself and earned a promotion (but I won’t go into details in case it Spoils the film, I have to be careful talking about these tribute and “inspired by” hilts!) I wonder if Jason really needs a saber?

Jason will be portrayed by Dacre Montgomery in the new film out on the 17th March and in-between now and the release I will showcase the remaining FIVE sabers. I know that my teaser pictures show five hilts but I learnt afterwards that a sixth Ranger may be in the film so I had to add another!

This post is beginning to run low on power, so I will have to end and recharge ready for the next instalment. I’d like to thank you for waiting and checking this design out, please come back again to check out some more colourful sabers! Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
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