Anime Hunter Lightsaber – Inspired by Hunter x Hunter

Hello Everybody, today we venture to the Manga Universe and the world of “Hunters”. I am referring to the Manga/Anime phenomenon known as Hunter X Hunter where a young kid called Gon Freechs aspires to become a Hunter, a specialist member of the population who are expert archaeological treasure hunters and for some….Assassins! To become a Hunter you have to be licensed but there is a snag…the success rate for passing the tests is 1 in every 100,000! This doesn’t deter Gon Freechs however and after discovering that his long lost (and presumed dead) father is a Hunter, he embarks on becoming a Hunter in his father’s footsteps and tries to discover what happened to his dad. Well on a perilous mission such as this he will probably need some protection so here is my solution…Anime Hunter!….

I think this would suit a Hunter and help them in their missions quite nicely. And I think this particular saber matches Gon Freech’s sense of fashion, I managed to match the colours to his outfit! The blade is a nice yellow colour to compliment the green and orange powdercoat. The blade on this hilt is based on a Lightwhip but I imagined this blade was capable of being both a flexible weapon as well as a solid fixed blade (similar to the whip/pole gadget Gon uses in the series)). You will also notice the blade projects from an emitter with three black spines which I thought looked like Gon’s hairstyle. The rest of the hilt is functional but is coated in a green powdercoat with contrasting orange banding to match his outfit.Anime Hunter Thanks For

Hunter x Hunter was created by Yoshihiro Togashi and so far there have been 370 chapters condensed into 35 volume books. There have also been animated television series, movies, ten computer games, a compilation CD of the music from the games and series….they even produced TWO musicals based on the franchise. This makes it one of the biggest selling Manga/Anime franchises in history (in Japan alone up till 2014, there were 66 million copies sold!).

Well I hope you liked this hilt (especially you ArtistByBeauty, I discovered your love of Hunter X Hunter when I watched your 20 questions video. Hopefully viewers, you’ll go and check out Capili Jiron’s blog at: Artist by Beauty) But sadly I am now running out of time and will have to bring this post to an end. I hope you will all return to see future posts, I appreciate all the support you give me. Till next time.

“Anime Hunter Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

“Hunter x Hunter” was created by Yoshihiro Togashi, and the Manga Comics are published by Shueisha and Viz Media. The animated series is produced/distributed by Viz Media and Nippon Animation. All names, logos, images and related material are ©Copyright/Trademark of their respective owners.

FTSabersite receives the Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello Everybody and to ArtsandHobbies2006! Today I have the pleasure of having been nominated for the “Sunshine Blogger” Award once again. ArtsandHobbies2006 nominated me this time and you can check out their blog ArtsandHobbies2006. Here you will find various posts covering art, poetry and even a historical drama, Walking The Oregon Trail. I’m slowly reading through this as I know some people from Oregon!

As I have received two other awards already this year I won’t perform the full ritual for this award but I will answer the questions posed to me. The reason I am doing this is that all the folks I would nominate I already did before, and I know they are busy running their own sites (and in one case my friend runs two at the same time!) So I hope you don’t mind me just doing a Q+A session and leaving a few links to my friends’ blogs that I think you may like!

Here we go with the questions and my answers:

1: If you were an animal, what animal would you want to be?

FT: I think I would like to be a Cheetah. They have a magnificent skeleton and tail that enables it to run and reach incredible speeds. It is also such a beautiful looking animal with it’s “Cheetah’s Tears” markings on the cheeks of their faces.

2: If you could go back in time, when would you go (or what time would you go to)?

FT: Well, I guess I should go now, there’s no time like the present….oh you mean where in time would I go! I think I’d visit the Victorian/Industrial Revolution era to see all those marvellous inventions being created. I might get some ideas for some Steampunk style lightsabers!

3: If you were rich, what would you do with your money?

FT: If I were rich, I would like to set up a small business designing and selling custom designed sabers so more people can enjoy owning their own space warrior laser sword weapon. But there are a lot of companies already out there.

4: If you could live anywhere, which country would you move to?

FT: Ooh I had a question like this before, “What is the best country…?” And I answered that all countries have their own attractions and are all equal so I couldn’t single just one out. I finally asked if I could live in WordPress-landia, where all the great bloggers live.

But for now I live on the Outer Rim of the UK – a small little island place with a nice cave and workshop area!

5: What would you do if you re-lived the same day multiple times?

FT: Get dizzy going round in circles in time! Seriously, I’d attempt to find the cause of the disturbance but obviously I wouldn’t discover it. Seriously, I’d attempt to find the cause of the disturb…..Haha just kidding!

6: If you could live in any kind of house, what would it be?

FT: I like old houses with history and heritage but I also like modern designs too. There are some buildings in the south of England called the Eden Project and are bio-spheres which look like some buildings on the planet Bal’Demnic so maybe a Bio-Sphere type house. (eco friendly etc)

7: What is the most valuable lesson you learned?

FT: I have lived a long time and learned a lot of lessons…hmm, I think be your own person, believe in yourself and always do your best!

8: What kind of music/which singer is your favourite?

FT: When I was younger I used to be a stage entertainer and I play piano and keyboards. So one of my biggest inspirations was Freddie Mercury and the rock band Queen. I spent the best part of 20 years learning how to play Bohemian Rhapsody correctly as it was so technical and guess what? I still haven’t nailed it!

9: Imagine you were in a deserted island. What would be the first thing you would do?

FT: I would make sure there weren’t any Gundarks or Nexu creatures around then I’d make sure I had some shelter built. It is important to protect yourself from the elements, then you can search for food and water. (A bit like Han Solo did when rescuing Luke in the Empire Strikes Back)

But I suspect you are really looking for me to give you some survival tips for when you’re playing Minecraft!

10: If you could do whatever you wanted, what would you do?

FT: I’d like to start building my own sabers one day as I mentioned already but one day I want to publish my fan-fiction story of my life! The For Tyeth Story…..ok I need a better title!

11: Which superhero would you want to be (you could make one up)?

FT: Can I be me? Some of the kind comments and deeds (like nominating me for awards like this) people bestow on me make me feel like a sort of superhero and it is much appreciated. Knowing that what I create entertains other people is a great gift to me and is what keeps me designing!

I will now highlight a few blogs from my friends that I think other people will find interesting, fun and informative. To view the blogs just click the highlighted names/link.

First in no particular order is Graphic Novelty2 where Kathleen and Nancy give well thought out reviews of graphic novels and literature for kids and big kids. Both Kathleen and Nancy are librarians and run various reading clubs….oh and Nancy has a “Wowsie” of a woolly sweater!

Next up is, here you will find the blog of a young woman who is a big movie fan. Annlyel produces thoughtful posts analysing the big Marvel, Disney/LucasFilm, DC Comics and a lot of other studios’ films. Annlyel also has various “Top Ten Lists” and articles on books, fashion and make-up to name a few.

The Vintage Toy and Wooof the cat, have a blog which focuses on classic advertising material and catalogues. There are some gems of old magazine ads and toy catalogue images which bring back nostalgic memories of the toys and products of the past. TVTA also showcases some marvellous items called Chirashi which are promotional booklets that fold out into posters for various films…and some are real works of art!

Christiana of The Boho Girl, is a young lady who has a real talent for photography and to highlight this skill Christiana holds photo-shoots with some very unique models. Christiana’s models are her collection of AG dolls! Christiana is a fan of American Girl/Guy dolls and poses them for some very clever pictures. She also posts fantastic images of her local area and some from her travels.

Here I have two recommendations, Kiri at starwarsanon and Mei-Mei of Jedi by Knight. Now I have grouped these two ladies together as both are huge Star Wars fans and at the moment they have an on-going collaboration where they each colour in the same picture from a Star Wars themed Mandala book and compare their results. They even inspired me to try my hand at a bit of art!

Kiri has great in-depth analysis of the SW Saga and it’s characters and has also guest written on other people’s blogs.

Mei-Mei has a nice feature where she takes up a photography challenge each week. The challenge is to produce a photo based on a set topic or theme. Some of her images from Skellig Michael – the island from The Last Jedi movie – have been gorgeous, so much so I want to visit there myself!

And my last recommendation goes out to one of my site’s longest supporters, the Button-Eyed Reader! Now when I “met” Button-Eyed Reader she was known as the Princess of Paperback. She may have had a change of identity but Button-Eyed Reader is still the great book reviewer I remember from her Princess days. Button-Eyed Reader has reviewed a whole range of books and regularly features on other BIG book review sites and is well respected. It would be well worth checking her site out.

And that I fear concludes this post, I am afraid time is running out and I have a few saber designs to finish, including a new Anime themed hilt for one of my more recent followers! However I must thank ArtsandHobbies2006 once again for nominating me and I hope this post meets approval. Thank you also to each and every one of you, my viewers and followers for your support of me and this site, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have an audience or be nominated! Till next time.

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L3-37 “Elthree” Lightsaber – Inspired by the droid in Solo

Hello Everybody, recently a new extended trailer was released for the new upcoming film Solo and with it were some arty publicity posters. However there was a problem, the main characters each had a poster, Han of course then Chewie, Lando and Q’ira. There was also a bit of a buzz around the Internet about a new droid but this “main” character didn’t have a poster! This droid is of course L3-37 or “Elthree” as she is fondly called. Elthree travels with Lando and is programmed as a female personality, carries out repairs on herself using whatever spare parts are around but they left her out of the line up of posters so I thought she might need cheering up. And how better to do that than to design a saber based on her? Well here is my design L3-37 “Elthree”…

Elthree is made up of many random parts and is “one of a kind” and so too I hope is this design…though I did carefully pick out which parts to use! The first part is the amber blade and LED setup which matched the sepia desert like colours used in the aforementioned posters (giving them a Western Cowboys film style look). The emitter is next up and reminded me of Elthree’s head and neck, including the rectangular block decoration around the edges. Now Elthree has a distinct sensor built into her head that shines out and to recreate that I thought it would be possible to cut a hole into the emitter part to allow some light from the blade to shine through, creating her “eye”. The switch section forms the torso of “L3”. As the film hasn’t been released there doesn’t seem to be many pictures of Elthree’s lower body so I picked parts that looked vaguely robotic. Here is one picture I did find of the new droid.

L3-37 “Elthree” Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2018.

As you can see the legs are missing from the shot so I apologise for the educated guesses I had to make building the lower section of the hilt but I’d like to think I recreated the head quite well! (Oh, and the title image at the top of the page is a little homage to the Solo movie posters!)

I hope you liked this design and when I get the chance to see the film I may return to this hilt and work on improving the “legs”. Unfortunately time is running out again and I will have to bring this post to an end. But before I go as always I want to thank you all for visiting and supporting me and the site. I have recently had a visit from a nice  “artistic person” from Australia (yes I did sense you!) so thanks for calling in wherever you are in the galaxy! Till next time.

“L3-37 Elthree Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. “L3-37”, “Elthree” and all other names, logos and related material of the film Solo are Trademarks/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2018.

Paladin Defender Lightsaber – Inspired by Voltron Legendary Defenders

Hello Everybody, I have had these hilts on hold for a while as life end events here have been hectic (receiving awards, new hilts arriving and a Spam attack to deal with!), but I feel the time has come to reveal them to you. A good friend of mine and supporter of this site, DK44 Designs suggested I create some hilts for the characters from one of his favourite anime cartoon series. That series is Voltron Legendary Defenders which was based on an earlier show called “Beast King GoLion”. In the shows there is a group of five brave teenage(?) individuals who pilot mechanised lion shaped robots which can combine to form a 300ft tall super robot called Voltron. This band of Legendary Defenders helps fight the evil forces of Emperor Zarkon who intends to control the galaxy and if he gains control of the Lions of Voltron (and as a result Voltron itself) he will have ultimate dominion over the universe. I need to call the Lions to action don’t you think? Here is Paladin Defender…

This is the Green Paladin’s weapon (Paladin is the title given to the person who pilots each Lion mecha, and the real name of the Green Paladin is Katie “Pidge” Holt – The Green Paladin, the pilot of the Green Lion and Guardian Spirit of Forest). I have always thought that some emitters look like the mouths of animals (after all, the hole in an emitter is sometimes called a mouth) so I chose this emitter which has a definite “upper and lower jaw” look to it. I also added a decal of an eye on each side to  further strengthen the image. Of course this is to represent the Lion’s head and each Paladin has a saber in their own colour scheme. The rest of the saber’s design is purely functional but still has a mechanical and I feel classic anime like appearance (anime uses simple clean lines to help make animating the shows easier).

As I mentioned there are five individuals that make up the combined force of Voltron, you already know Katie “Pidge” Holt. Other Paladins include:

  • Takashi “Shiro” Shirogane – The Black Paladin, the pilot of the Black Lion and Guardian Spirit of Sky. He is the Leader of the Defenders of the Universe.
  • Keith – The Red Paladin, the pilot of the Red Lion and Guardian Spirit of Fire.
  • Lance – The Blue Paladin, the pilot of the Blue Lion and Guardian Spirit of Water.
  • Hunk – The Yellow Paladin, the pilot of the Yellow Lion and Guardian Spirit of Land.
  • And, Allura – The Pink Paladin.

So these guys and girls need sabers too so here is a second gallery to show each of their hilts…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Phew, That was a lot of sabers! Again, like the similar themed TV show “The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers” there have been numerous members of Voltron through the five seasons it has run. So I hope you and DK44 like these hilts, and thanks DK for the suggesttion.

This has been a long process and post, and I really am running short on time now, so I will have to finish but I have to say thank you for visiting and supporting me and the site. You keep me designing new hilts and believe it or not I have four more “tribute” hilts and a Superhero Vehicle hilt all coming up in future posts, so I hope you will return to see those. Till next time.

“Voltron, Legendary Defenders”, “Paladin”, “Lions of Voltron” and all related material are Trademarks/© Copyright of DreamWorks Studios. “Paladin Defender Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.


A Public Announcement from FTSabersite

Hello Everybody, sadly I have some disappointing news. There has been some nasty suspect activity going on around WordPress based blogs (starting on April 2nd). It involves a “Spamming” attack from a third party server. It involves a person or persons leaving likes on bloggers’ comments but the web address that these supposed likes originate from are linked to websites providing inappropriate “adult”material. They have swarmed WordPress blogs around the net and they have “liked” comments blog authors leave on other member’s blog pages (and usually older comments posted 2-3 weeks past).

WordPress are aware of the situation and are working on a fix to stop the whole thing getting worse. We have also been advised to turn off the option to leave likes on comments made on our sites. It is unfortunate and when the “fix” has been established then maybe likes can be re-instated.

For Tyeth