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Dantoresu Lightsaber – Inspired by Dauntless 7

Hello Everybody, here is my first post for today and it is to display the hilt I designed having been inspired by the gorgeous modifications my friend has made to her hilt I will be displaying in post number two! This hilt is a 3 part katana but I used traditional flat sided katana parts whereas my friend’s hilt is based on a Saberforge Ronin which is cylindrical. This design is the Darkside version of my recent Dragon Katana with a few little tweaks, here is Dantoresu…

This hilt has a Sith red blade projecting from an ebony black emitter which is adorned by a Japanese Dragon emblem. Again as with the Lightside Dragon Katana I posted recently this hilt has the body parts rotated 90 degrees from standard which provides the flat faces for the etching of the dragon. It also makes the grip more comfortable as the rounded sections now rest against the palm of your hand and the inside curl of your fingers, leaving your thumb to rest on the dragon etch. The switch is wasp-waisted to allow it to work as a choke point. The lower body section also has the flat face orientated upwards but this time instead of my name in Aurabesh symbols, the etching you can see is the Japanese word Dantoresu or Dauntless in English. The name is a nod to my friend whose saber inspired this design and her forum name is Dauntless 7! The pommel caps the hilt off nicely and has matching red accents to tie in with the colour scheme.

This post is coming to a close but before I finish…wait, I forgot I still have a second post coming up today! That post is dedicated to the fabulous hilt my friend Dauntless 7 has modified that inspired this design, and which I have teased was coming these last few weeks.  So please don’t go anywhere as this hilt is about to be overshadowed by a real piece of Saber Art! See you in post two.

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Dauntless 7’s Agony Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, It’s finally here!…No not The Last Jedi, that was in my last little post! I am talking about a beautiful piece of saber art that a friend of mine has created that inspired my recent Lightside Dragon Katana. My friend is called Dauntless 7 on the lightsaber forums and she recently purchased a saber called the Saberforge Ronin, but decided it was a little plain and so modified it. This was no easy task, as the hilt was covered in a knurled texture, so how could somebody decorate that? The answer, D7 used a Dremel rotary tool and a lot of patience and bravery! The process of trying to engrave a textured surface led to D7 calling this hilt Agony, and it is my absolute privilege to present it to you here….

To say this hilt is beautiful is to sell it short. This saber is amazing, it has Star Wars Aurabesh writing etched into it, Japanese text symbols and fire dragon emblems! It was the fire dragon which caused the hold up in posting this gallery. D7 engraved the hilt and thought she had completed the designs but just as I was preparing to show you it, D7 felt the tail of the dragon needed a little attention. To her it wasn’t quite right and set about fixing it. And I have to say the little tweak to make the tail broader really set the emblem off nicely. On the section near the emitter are some symbols of Aurabesh which spell the word Agony, while the Japanese characters spell Fire Dragon. Below that is a symbol representing Energy. Everywhere you look on this saber there is some detail to see but yet it still retains a traditional look. I love it so much it inspired me to create a design based on this hilt, a darkside version of Lightside Dragon which you can see in the first of today’s posts. That hilt is called Dantoresu!

I have to say a massive thank you to Dauntless 7 for allowing me to display her outstanding work here. I am placing this hilt in the Saber Smith’s section of the site because, although D7 didn’t design the base hilt her modifications lifted it so far above it’s original appearance that I feel any Saber Smith out there would be proud to have created this beauty!

I am going to have to bring this post to a close soon but before I go I need to say thank you to you, my viewers and followers for your continued support, I appreciate it very much. I do have more hilts to display (including a SECOND hilt from Dauntless 7) so I hope you will return to check those out! Till next time.

“Agony” Katana Lightsaber is a Guest Design of Dauntless 7 and all modifications including the etching designs are © Copyright of Dauntless 7 and displayed here with permission.

FT’s Lightside Dragon Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, I have had to change my plans slightly for today’s offering but I have just about finished preparing for it. I recently paid a visit to a charity fund-raising shop (aka a thrift store in the US) and managed to pick up some cheap DVD and Blu-Rays. One of the discs was a movie called “Hirokin”, the cover of which features a warrior wielding a Japanese style Katana sword. As it happens a friend of mine has recently purchased a lightsaber from one of the big companies, that looks like a Katana and she has modified it. All of this Katana influence prompted me to create a design inspired by my friend’s work of art, so I returned to my 3 Part Katana series (which you can visit by clicking HERE) and came up with this new version. I call this FT Lightside Dragon…

I have shown both the 2 part and extended 3 part versions here and as you will see if compared to my earlier designs there are some subtle changes! The first is that I have rotated the body/handgrip sections through 90 degrees. This should help grip the weapon better as the rounded segments are now on the sides where your fingers would naturally curl and the flattened faces are now top and bottom. This new positioning also allowed for my next, maybe not so subtle change, the inclusion of an image of a dragon and some symbols. The image of the dragon and symbols could be either painted onto the surface or etched (using electrically charged salt water to “burn” the image into the metal) or engraved and filled with a paint to give the etch or engraving colour. Oh, and the symbols are just my name in the Star Wars language Aurabesh!

Now the reason I had a change of plan is because I asked my friend if I could feature her beautiful saber along with my tribute version here on FTSabersite. My friend said I could…but asked could I postpone the article for a few days as she was about to apply some “finishing touches” to the saber! So I had to think quick and knock up a version for myself to show you all. However you will get to see the fabulous saber that has inspired me hopefully in my next post…and it is worth checking out.

Very quickly I am running out of time, it’s winter now….did you notice it’s snowing on my site? ^^up there^^  😀 and I will have to finish this post. But first as always I want to thank all of my viewers and followers, new and regulars, for your continued support, it means a lot to me. Please do spread the word about the site and I hope you will return to see my friend’s (real life) lightsaber and her fantastic modifications in an upcoming post. Till next time.

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Obliterator Katana Lightsaber (Destroy the Competition)

Hello Everybody, today I continue the theme of sport with a design for another Katana, but one with a difference. The world of lightsabers has expanded on Earth to include licenced replicas from the movies to custom sabers of original designs. Now many people just want to collect these pieces of art but some collectors want to put their lighted weapons to the test in “Combat”. This has led to the creation of Lightsaber groups where members stage choreographed fights…and then there is the actual competition side to the art of Lightsabers. A group of enthusiasts have formed a “Lightsaber World Championship” and take part in “real” sword fighting tournaments but using Lightsabers. I have heard of the current “Champ” and I have read his plans to improve his chances of defending his title…”I’m gonna do a weight training regime and stretching exercises to strengthen my legs, because being big and strong and having a long reach will help me beat everyone!!” Blah! Blah! Blah! He also used a Lightsaber he designed himself to win (which was much longer than anyone else’s). Long story short, I know of a potential challenger who is probably the Champs’ equal in size, strength and speed, but hasn’t got a specially designed saber to help him…until now! I call this saber Obliterator…

Obliterator is probably of similar specification to the saber that is being promoted for the next tournament but I hope mine has the advantage. It has a traditional katana emitter and hand guard (tsuba) but I decided to use two ribbed sections for the hilt’s body. This allows the user to grip the saber anywhere along it’s length, varying the user’s reach so his/her opponent is always off guard. As a result the opponent cannot gauge the distance between the combatants. The user can also vary the grip to obtain leverage, in physics a smaller effort (or force) can produce the same effect or outcome if the force is channelled properly (known as mechanical advantage). The hilt can also be shortened if the user wants to fight using two sabers.


I will end the technical thesis here, as it could get boring quickly. However I believe that this would be a good saber to use in any upcoming tournament if it were ever built. And the guy who I designed this for? Well I won’t name him but he has designed a few sabers himself so knows a thing or two about them. Who knows he may even comment on this saber if he sees it.

I am afraid I need to bring this post to an end, time is once more upon me . I don’t know if these two individuals would ever meet in a tournament but it would be interesting. I hope you enjoyed this design (if not the science lesson 😀 ) and will return to see more new sabers. Thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

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Akuto One – A Star Wars Story Inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, I have had another flash of inspiration after the comment I made at the end of yesterday’s post. I recalled some of the behind the scenes influences that shaped both the Lightsaber duelling techniques and the costume of Darth Vader. The real life sword fighting technique was Kendo and the Samurai Warrior armour influenced Vader’s outfit. And as a certain Dark Lord of the Sith made a return to the big screen recently in Rogue One (in a very special scene where we see how powerful he was!) I decided to create a Katana that fuses the character of Darth Vader, the film Rogue One and Katana style lightsabers, this is Akuto One…

This katana has the gloss black body that represents Vader’s armour and life support equipment. The blade is red to illustrate the strength and power the Empire and Vader had in the film (plus red is a Sith colour!). Whilst taking the pictures to post in the gallery I noticed that the in-built “camera” of the virtual builder focused in on certain pieces of the saber depending on which piece is highlighted. I also noticed that certain angles showed that the hilt was hollow (the builder only designs the hilt and not the electronic parts inside). This meant you could look inside through the open end of the pommel so I found a way of blocking that hole up with a blade plug. This isn’t the normal configuration and isn’t normally possible with the parts available without modifications being made. Using a blade plug in the pommel does, however, give it a distinct look! The name of the design is Akuto One or when translated, Rogue One!


I hope you enjoyed this design, another little twist on the traditional Katana, and who knows I may even be able to persuade some of the doubters that lightsaber katana swords can be part of the Star Wars Universe with this hilt. I also hope you will return to see more new designs in upcoming posts. Thanks again for visiting it means a lot to me and I have discovered people are now linking to FTSabersite from Social Media so thank you for that! Till next time.

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Ume No Hana – Plum Blossom Katana Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, apologies for my late posting but I was recalled to my local medical facilities to have some test results  rechecked (the doctors couldn’t believe how powerful I was 😀 ). It does mean I am slightly behind schedule but fear not I have my third Katana design to finish my collection. I may work on a few other variations in future as I have developed an interest in the naming conventions for some of the genuine Japanese Katana hilts and want to study them more in depth. But for now here is the third design, this is Ume No Hana….Plum Blossom…

Here I tried to return to a traditional look (still no Ito wrap, I know, sorry 😦  ). However I think the silver and black provides a nice contrast and sets off the blade. There has been quite a bit of debate on the forum belonging to the company that has just released a “Tournament Ready” Katana style hilt and there was discussion as to whether Katana were really suitable for the Galaxy Far, Far Away but I think they work ok. If you look at Darth Vader’s armour it is reminiscent of traditional Japanese Samurai armour and their flared helmets. The style of sword combat that lightsaber duels were based on for the original trilogy of films was Kendo, so Katana type hilts shouldn’t seem so far fetched.

Anyhow, I am an equal opportunity type designer and I try to appreciate inspirations from all walks of life (and from other planets, races and species!) and will do my best to design a wide range of hilts. At the last count I think I had around 300 so I should still have a few more to display here. I hope you enjoy them and will return to see more in my upcoming posts Thanks for visiting and giving your support. Till next time.

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Sasayaki Shi – Whispered Death Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, Wow I must have the ability to see Force Premonitions! I say this as Saberforge has just announced a set of three Katana style sabers that they hope people will use in tournaments here on Earth. The new sabers were displayed on their site about 36 hrs ago. Well I think I beat them to the punch when I posted my first design Cherry Blossom Katana Lightsaber, though they are different. So, this is my second Katana styled hilt and following on from the theme of DeathTroopers yesterday, this one is similarly deathly! As the title says this is Sasayaki Shi – Whispered Death…

Again this saber design is missing the traditional Ito wrapping on the hilt handles as the builder doesn’t offer that option but I still like how this turned out. The emitter has the Jedi symbol though this weapon may belong to a Force user who flirts between the light and dark. The design has three main parts, one emitter and two hand grips in gloss black. The parts are connected with an aluminium coloured coupler and switch section which give the hilt it’s little bit of contrast. Now this Katana (and my other two designs) can be shortened by removing one of the hand grips. This was part of my original idea for them so they could be concealed or used in confined spaces (useful for an assassin!). The blade has an amber colour signifying the owner is neither Jedi or Sith.

For the more traditional Katana fans you may like to check out my Kubo Inspired Katana Lightsaber “Glowing Edge” which I designed a while back.

I hope you like Sasayaki Shi, and as a surprise I may have a fourth design to add to the Katana stable from a Guest Designer, I just have to get his permission to use it here. That shouldn’t be a problem as he is a friend of mine and FTSabersite. And to you my friends, I am afraid that the time has come where I have to bring proceedings to an end. Thank you for your continued support and taking the time to visit, please call in again for more designs in my upcoming posts. And if you like what you see here remember to tell your friends. Till next time.

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Cherry Blossom Katana Lightsaber

みなさんこんにちは…..(Minasan kon’nichiwa)

Hello Everybody, I hope my little attempt at Japanese worked and I haven’t offended anyone if I got it wrong (I used Google Translate). But this intro is a bit of a hint to the inspiration for my next design. I will say I am slightly worried about this lightsaber as it developed from the Cherrycola22 Lightsaber – For Kiki I posted. In the comments on that post Abby and Kiki were talking about the possibility of having “accidents” with their sabers. Well I hope I managed to instil the importance of responsibility while using these lightsabers as this new design is even more potent.

Yes, this design is based on a Japanese Katana sword and uses the same colour scheme as Kiki’s saber. I don’t make many Katana style designs but I now have three that have sprung to life. This is the first of those three and I call it…桜の花   Sakura no hana…Cherry Blossom…

The katana parts in the virtual builder don’t have the famous woven grips (called Ito wrapping) but are available. I used the emitter part with a hand guard (called a Tsuba) which is decorated with a Jedi symbol. The rest of the saber echoes Kiki’s with two Cherry Red leather wrapped bodies and silver accents on the switch and pommel. The blade this time represents the beautiful shades of pink that Cherry Blossom is famous for.

I am actually quite pleased how this design turned out. And it developed after I had created Kiki’s saber and visited her site (link HERE). Kiki welcomes all her viewers with the  Japanese word Kon’nichiwa, and that coupled with the Cherry theme triggered the idea of a Japanese themed Katana named Cherry Blossom.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone and that you enjoyed this design, I enjoyed creating it as it took me out of my comfort zone, by doing something different. Thank you for visiting and please come back for more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

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