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Mon Calamarian Lightsaber – A Sub-Aquatic Saber

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber I am pleased with, so we will need to check our Jedi Respirators and your SCUBA diving gear as we visit Mon Cala! This saber I designed a long time back but only just rediscovered it and I envisaged that it belonged to Gial Ackbar. Gial Ackbar was born (hatched?) and raised on the aquatic world of Mon Cala where he became the Captain of the Mon Calamari Guard and chief military advisor to the King, Yos Kolina. However this was during the time of the Clone Wars and nothing stayed peaceful for long, even under water. Sadly King Kolina was assassinated by Separatist Riff Tamson, but the credit for the crime was taken by another faction so as to start a civil war on the planet. As a result a new King couldn’t be crowned which Darth Sidious sensed as an opportunity to take advantage. He sent Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) to muddy the waters. This prompted the Republic and the Jedi Council to send Senator Amidala and Anakin Skywalker to assist Mon Cala. Anakin had a saber so I thought Gial Ackbar would benefit from owning one so here is my design for him, this is Mon Calamarian…

I attempted to capture the look of the creature that probably inspired the look and design of Gial Ackbar, the Squid! The emitter has a oceanic cyan coloured blade and is reminiscent of the pointed bulbous head of the squid and Ackbar himself. The switch and body have scale like accents and blocks to represent the coarse skin of the calamari. The pommel is once again one of my FTE Emitter Pommels, and looks perfect as the tentacles that help propel the squid through the water and catches it’s prey.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Admiral Ackbar (Tim Rose) Photo Credit: David James ©Lucasfilm 2015

As you can see from the picture above Gial Ackbar is of course Admiral Ackbar famous for leading the Rebel Alliance against the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, oh and his famous line “IT’S A TRAP!”. With help from Anakin and another Jedi, Kit Fisto, Gial Ackbar was able to win the battle for his home world. A new King was crowned and new allegiances pledged. Ackbar went on to command in the Rebel Alliance and much later was enlisted by General Leia to help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order and Starkiller Base.

So that was Mon Calamarian and we have learned a few facts, firstly, Admiral Gial Ackbar was a formidable military tactician for many years and secondly, Lightsabers can be made to work UNDERWATER! (You can see Anakin’s saber used underwater in the Clone Wars cartoon telling the above story of the battle for Mon Cala, so it is canon!) I hope you liked this offering and will return to see more new designs in upcoming posts. Thank you for looking in today and supporting FTSabersite! Till next time.

Admiral Gial Ackbar, The Clone Wars and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

Plagueis Lightsaber – Weapon of the “Wise”

Hello Everybody, this design is a little later than usual but I decided that the Star Wars 40th Anniversary should be celebrated a bit longer. The anniversary celebrated Star Wars being released in theatres around the galaxy and the story of the Skywalker family. Well another “myth” or story we heard in Revenge of the Sith revolved around a mysterious character some people believed was Supreme Leader Snoke in TFA. Whilst in the theatre on Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine retold a tale about Plagueis the Wise, a Sith Lord who had the power to manipulate the Force and Midichlorians to produce life and as a result cheat death. Palpatine also explained that Plagueis was so powerful the only thing he was afraid of was losing that power. Unfortunately for Plagueis, his apprentice killed him in his sleep (having first been plied heavily with alcohol). The Rule of Two dictated that there could only be one Master and one Apprentice at any given time. Plagueis’ apprentice had found a student of his own to teach and felt he could learn no more from his own master so killed Plagueis. Well that was part of the story, but you have been waiting for a saber design so here is Plagueis Lightsaber…

This is my Plagueis inspired design. As Plagueis is part of the Expanded Universe/Legends stories and was only briefly mentioned by Palpatine, we haven’t seen an official canon image of him or his weapon. However there was a novel written by James Luceno and a range of Collectors Figurines based on him. I based this design on the illustrations taken from graphic novels etc. The saber has a very old look to it (akin to something from the Old Republic Era). The hilt is heavily weathered as if it has been lost a long time. I have to point out this saber DOES  NOT have a dedicated pommel. I used a Coupler with a blade plug inserted into the end to recreate the vented pommel seen in the illustration below.

With a little bit of tweaking it should be possible to use the coupler and blade plug as a pommel but I think it looks quite accurate considering  😀 The second picture above shows what the saber may have looked like when new and cared for. (There are also some people who believe Plagueis used a saber pike like the one supplied with the figurine, just for clarity!)

Well folks, that was some of the story about Plagueis the Wise. I hope you enjoyed it and the design. I need to take this opportunity to let you all know I may be posting less frequently from now on. There are two reasons, firstly I have posted every day for the past 8 months and in most posts I delivered a new design (some were from my valued Guest Designers) but now I need to slow down. Secondly finding a good strong theme to base a hilt on is getting difficult (be it finding a character or ship or Sports team etc). To make these designs stand out I need to do more work on them which takes time. So please bear with me and keep calling into FTSabersite as I continue working on new stuff. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you all once more. Till next time.

Darth Plagueis was created by George Lucas and appeared in the James Luceno novel “Darth Plagueis”. All Trademarks/©Copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Borderline (RED) Lightsaber – The Blurring Line

Hello Everybody, I am slightly excited today as I may have had a visit from one of the highest regarded SaberSmiths in the business. I commented on one of his YouTube videos and this gentleman replied to my comment. I also left my website address in case he was interested to have a look and having checked my Stats page…I think he has been! So thank you to him (I won’t name drop until I have your permission to mention you by name ok!). I also have the second saber of the two hilts I introduced four days ago. That saber was Borderline Lightsaber – On the Brink of Turning where the owner may be on the verge of turning to the Darkside. But I mentioned that the design was flexible enough to still look Sith-like, so I will just leave a gallery here to show you. This is Borderline (RED)….

I think this makes quite a good Sith looking hilt, it is just on that point of being flashy looking and aggressive but with a blue blade can still pass as a Jedi weapon. Conflicted might have been a better name for this saber (I literally just thought of that as I typed 😀  ). This hilt would still be comfortable to use either conventionally, or if you like showing off your skills, it is good for spinning having that great “choke point” . However depending on whereabouts on the spectrum you are of Light and Dark (Red or Blue) you may end up being a mix of both…or a Gray Jedi. As a result your blade may turn Purple!

Just before I have people sending comments asking “Can you buy the Red,White and Blue blade anywhere?” I’m afraid that is just some Photo Editing done by me to demonstrate how thin the line is between Good and Bad/ Light or Dark. You can actually buy replica sabers with purple blades though!

There are a lot of blurred lines and similarities in life around the Galaxy and as this isn’t a full new design I thought I’d make up for it with a little Meme I created based on my recent Dune inspired hilts. Remember I said Star Wars and Dune seemed similar? Take a look at this….I know that guy!

Been Dune Before
Isn’t this Lor San Tekka?

Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini saga series of hilts. It just goes to show how precarious the balance is in life. Thanks to all the visitors who have checked out my site, whether you are a long time follower or if you have just discovered it thanks for calling in. Your support is much appreciated. I hopefully will have a few more new hilts to share and another Roger Redux hilt so please join me again to see those in upcoming posts. Till next time.

“Borderline (RED) Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition. All designs and content of this site is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Dr Manhatten Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, I have a surprise for you all today. From the above title you may have guessed I  am about to introduce another Guest Designer! His name is Roger Redux and is also a member of the same forum as I am. Roger has posted a few designs which caught my attention as you could see the thought that had been put into each. He created this design based on DC Comic’s Watchmen character Dr Jonathon Osterman, the physicist who as a result of a freak accident was physically erased from existence. Dr Jonathon Osterman survived however in a scattered form and over time his body “reformed” causing his colleagues to think the laboratory facility was haunted. Not surprisingly, as Dr Osterman’s first appearance consisted of just his dismembered eyes, brain and nervous system! Further re-appearances occurred as more of Osterman’s body parts reconnected. Eventually a fully formed humanoid Jonathon Osterman emerged but he was bald and his skin glowed a shade of blue. I will continue the story after I present to you Roger Redux’s Dr Manhatten Lightsaber…

Dr Osterman was now an ethereal being with superpowers and as always happens, the US Government discovered him and coerced him to work for them. He was given a new outfit and a new name…Dr Manhatten, after the Nuclear Scientist. Dr Manhatten discarded the helmet he was given and instead branded his forehead with a simplified image of a Hydrogen Atom. These little details are captured in this design. The emitter projects a Manhatten Blue blade just like the unearthly glow of the man himself. The body sections have interlinking ovals which represent the “Theory of Relativity” that his father studied. His father then forced Dr Osterman to study physics which in turn lead to the accident and the change into Dr Manhatten.

Over time Dr Manhatten discarded his outfit only wearing it in public situations and to reflect this Roger discarded the silver body sections and replaced them with two leather wrapped parts that have the same shade of blue as Dr Manhatten glows. I liked this as it showed Roger’s thought process behind his design!

I would like to thank Roger Redux for allowing me to share this design with you all and I am pleased to say he has a few more hilts which I will be showcasing in future posts! So Thank You Roger and thank you to my followers and viewers for checking out this talented designers’ saber! I hope you will all return to see more new sabers from my friends and I. Till next time.

“Dr Manhatten Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Dr Manhatten, Dr Osterman and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.


Phantom Tie Lightsaber – Based on the V38 Tie Phantom

Hello Everybody, I hope you have recovered from the dizzying storyline of Clara Oswald and my Impossible Lightsaber design for her. We return to the Star Wars Universe again, or at least the SW Universe of the computer games produced by LucasArts. This saber is based on a striking looking Tie Fighter design called the V38 Prototype or Tie Phantom. I say it was striking to look at but you would be hard pressed to see it as the vessel had a clever trick up it’s sleeve…it had cloaking technology! Very much like the Klingon Bird of Prey, this ship used Stygium Crystals to produce a shield of invisibilty and combined with superior agility and speed was nearly impossible to detect. The ship design and construction was overseen by Grand Admiral Batch and this is my tribute to the V38, I call it Phantom Tie…

This design came about while I was watching Rogue One and saw the new Tie Fighters called the Tie Striker which had two hinged wing sections. It got me thinking as to just how many variants of the Tie Fighter there actually were. (I had to do some real deep digging to get access to all the Imperial classified documents 😀 !) Whilst scrolling through the pictures this trident style fighter loomed out at me and as soon as I saw it knew it looked like one of the clawed emitters! So I built this hilt using that emitter. The blade is green to represent the Tie Fighter’s laser weapons (Phantoms had 5 lasers, two under the cockpit windows and three more in the wingtips!) The windows on the emitter let the green light out and I thought they could be the Stygium Crystals for the cloaking device. As this is a saber I had to add a switch, body and pommel but I think they all TIE-in (sorry!) with the overall look, with the pommel being the engines. Here’s a little known fact, TIE Fighters are named after the engine configuration, so TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine Fighter!

To give you an idea of what the saber looks like minus the handle here is a mini gallery..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have it, a little insight into the shadowy world of Stealth Technology of the Empire. The V38 Tie Phantom  was conceived by Vince Lee for the 1995 LucasArts video game Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire. The fighter was drawn up by Rich Green based on an early sketch of the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle. I hope they liked my homage to their work.

I’m afraid I am going to have to disappear into the shadows as this post draws to an end. I hope you found this look into Stealth Tie Fighters interesting and you will return to see what designs I have coming up next. Your support is very welcome. Till next time.

Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, V38 Tie Phantom and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of LucasArts.

Cutlass Lightsaber – Lightside Ceremonial Saber

Hello Everybody, today I bring to you the Lightside version of the First Order Ceremonial Saber I presented yesterday. I mentioned that the First Order and before that the Galactic Empire forces (or Imperials) were fond of showing their might with large Star Destroyers, hundreds of TIE-Fighters and ever larger “fully operational battle stations”. They also liked to have expensive trinkets such as nice weapons to go with their dress uniforms, for example Emperor Palpatine had two matching sabers made from very exotic rare metals. These ceremonial traits also affected the Republic forces during the golden age of peace when everyone thought the Sith were extinct and no threat, the military got lazy and pomp took over. Well this is a saber that could be worn by a high ranking Republic Naval officer. This design I call, Cutlass…

This is the same saber as First Order Ceremonial, but the colours have been switched to reflect the fact it is owned by a Lightside follower. Just by changing the colour of the blade and hilt finish makes it look more elegant and less aggressive. Such is the power of colour! The FTE pommel again is just intended to be decorative this time as I didn’t envisage this as a battle weapon. However it would be battle ready after a little tweaking from yours truly. But this is really just to hang from the belt of a Republic official, maybe at the launch ceremony of a new Resolute Class Destroyer, or the opening of another Jedi Embassy somewhere in the Galaxy!

Klingon Coming SoonPlate
Yes Grethor should be here in my next post!

This post is nearing it’s end and I’ll have to start the closing ceremonies, but I will just stick with my saber the Bal’Demnian Blade! I will as always thank all of you for visiting today to check this design out. I appreciate the support and hope you will call back to see Grethor, a design inspired by the “Other” Sci-fi franchise, Star Trek! So I will finish here and just add the final touches to the gallery…..Till next time.

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First Order Ceremonial Saber – A Hilt for Hux

Hello Everybody, I have been slightly distracted the past day or so due to a family emergency. Thankfully I have been informed my relative has received great care and treatment in hospital and is now part Bionic! This I feel is cause for celebration and ceremonies always have people dressed up in their best attire and in military circles they have Dress Uniforms. In the Navies of the Galaxy these dress uniforms are usually accompanied by a ceremonial saber, well after hearing General Hux shouting at the firing ceremony of Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens I decided to design a hilt for him (maybe it might pacify him a bit…all that pent up anger etc can’t be good for him 😀 ) So here is my (slightly delayed) design for Hux, this is First Order Ceremonial…

As I mentioned this hilt is slightly delayed, the reason is I posted another design and mentioned I ought to create a saber for Hux in the write up. However I got distracted by some event or new theme and I forgot to post this. Ooops! Ok back to this “new” design, starting at the emitter. The Sith red blade is surrounded by the claws of the emitter as an aggressive look to project the message of power. The rest of the saber is designed to have a pompous, showy look to reflect the beliefs/ego of the First Order. They believe they are the leading power of the Galaxy. The FTE pommel adds extra decadence and is just there as decoration…this saber isn’t meant for combat, just show. The Jedi and other “Good Guy” factions around the Galaxy are just as bad, we like to show off how caring and correct we are, therefore I have a Lightside version also which I will present shortly!

Klingon Coming SoonPlate

Oh no! Now what? It’s ok, I know what’s happening. My security measures detected some chatter on the communications channels from the “Delta Quadrant” and I think FTSabersite may be getting a visit from some designs based on the other Sci-Fi franchise…Star Trek! If you are fluent in Klingon you may be able to translate the image above^^ and have a small idea of what’s coming!

The time is close where I have to end, but I hope you enjoyed this design (sorry it was kind of late). As I have mentioned I have a few special new designs coming soon so I hope you can join me to see those. Thank you so much for visiting today and supporting me and the site. I am off to watch Rogue One now to spark my imagination and hopefully create more new sabers….Till next time.

The First Order, General Hux, The Force Awakens and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

Spiderling Lightsaber – A saber for little web-slingers

Hello Everybody, I have a little addition to my line up of sabers today, in readiness for a BIG new design in a post or two’s time! I’d like to show you what I imagined the “Son of Spidey”  would have as his lightsaber! Regular viewers of the site will remember Arachnid Lightsaber (Spidey’s Saber) and this is the design I have come up with in case Spidey were ever to have any kids (or was cloned…you never know it could happen!). So this is for the little web-slingers , this is Spiderling…

This saber shares the same spider DNA so resembles the Arachnid saber. However this version has been cut down in length slightly by removing one of the body sections and the coupler from the centre of the saber. This makes the hilt more manageable for little hands (even if those hands have spider suction ability). It also has a safety feature, or rather a feature I just added when I realised what I had done. I created this hilt to resemble Spidey’s hilt and included the claws on the emitter, but I thought about it and decided I should inform you that the claws can be removed for safe “play time duelling”. Don’t worry even here on Earth, clubs that offer Lightsaber  classes and tournaments ask that claws are removed!

I may have to revisit my Arachnid hilt and give both of these a matching Powder Coat, but that will take a little while to put together. I do have a nice new design (of which I am quite pleased with) that has a striking look and was designed in anticipation of a new film due out shortly. The film stars a talking woodland creature, a walking tree, a formidable female fighter with green skin (I kinda like her…..I like green 😀 ) and a human, rocket booted scoundrel! But this new saber is for the BIG GUY I haven’t mentioned…though if you want to know who he is you’ll have to check out my upcoming posts!

For now I’d like to thank you for checking Spiderling Saber out, and for all of your great support. I am close to 3000 views now and this was post number 250! So please call back for number 251. Till next time.

Spider-man, Spidey and any other names, logos or related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Comics/Entertainment. Spider-man was created by the legendary Stan Lee.


The Slayer Lightsaber – Buffy’s 20th Anniversary Gift

“In every generation there is a chosen one… she alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the slayer.”

Hello Everybody, I’d like to take you all back to the 1oth March 1997, to a little town called Sunnydale and meet a young girl called Buffy! Yes, believe it or not it was the 20th Anniversary of the debut of Buffy The Vampire Slayer on March 10th! I can hardly believe it myself. It all started when Buffy Summers arrived in the suburbs of Sunnydale, which just happened to be sat atop the entrance to the Hellmouth. There were a lot of strange disappearances and attacks on the young teens of the area which were carried out by Vampires. One attack led to Buffy meeting the high school librarian, Giles, and he introduced her to the world of Vampires, Watchers and her new life as THE SLAYER…

This saber I attempted to make look old, as if it were some mythical weapon The Slayer may have used through the centuries, but is still advanced. Vampires can be killed by fire, decapitation or a wooden stake through the heart. This saber can be used for two of those techniques, firstly the pommel is actually a blade holder so a wooden stake can be inserted into it and secured. This stake can then be used as in Vampire lore and driven through the heart. However should Buffy not be able to get close enough, say if the Vampire was woken before she could strike then the Lightsaber comes into play. What better way to decapitate a Vampire than with a Lightsaber? I mean Anakin decapitated Count Dooku!

Xander, Giles, Buffy herself, Cordelia and Willow.

In a way if it hadn’t been for Buffy we may not have had the Vampire Diaries and The Originals. So I hope Miss Summers likes her gift I have designed and I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane!

I am nearing the end of this post but I would like to thank you all for visiting and supporting this site. I am always working on new designs so please call back and see what I have in store. Till next time.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, all names, quotes, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Mutant Enemy, Kuzui Enterprises, Sandollar Television. Distributed by 20th Century Fox Television.



Katuso Lightsaber 2- K-2SO now has new colours!

Hello Everybody, today I return to the world of Rogue One, and a style makeover for K-2SO! In my last post for his design (Katuso Lightsaber found here) I felt there was something not quite right. As mentioned before the software I use to build the saber designs only has 4 colour choices, Standard silver and black, all Black, all Silver and Weathered. None of these schemes looked right so I just used naked silver coloured parts. It still looked like a droid but I knew I could do better, and here is that (hopefully) improved version, this is Katuso (V2)…

So this has been K-2SO’s new clothes. I hope they suit him much better than the last outfit he had! I was able to give the saber a much darker (but not plain black) coating which I liked far better. Because of the options Saberforge offer now for different colours and textures I was also able to add some nice little yellow flashes. If you look closely at K-2SO he has yellow bands around his shoulder joints, which are rank insignia. These were impossible to add before. Should you want to make this even more accurate I am sure you could find some vinyl stickers of the First Order/Imperial cogs you can see on his shoulders and stick those on!

I hope you can see the improvements and enjoyed this new redesign. I may have a few more sabers I need to revisit so I would like to invite you back to see those and the new designs from myself and my friends from around the Galaxy. There will be the final couple of Power Ranger hilts, a few more Father and Son double sets and a Celebration of St Patrick’s Day with a brand new Guest Designer!  A lot to look forward to. Thank you for visiting. Till next time.

“K-2SO”, “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story” and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. Katuso Lightsaber is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.