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Cancer Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, today I have the pleasure of bringing to you my good friend Borommakot’s next saber in his Zodiac Series. Today we have reached the sign of Cancer – The Crab and this design has a purposeful look inspired by the crustacean! I have again had to recreate the saber in the builder as Boro’ only sent me one image when he created the design (nearly a year ago now, can you believe that?). So I won’t babble on here is Borommakot’s Cancer Lightsaber…

This design I feel straddles the look of the star sign creature and the look of a weapon the Sith would use. The blade is a Sith red colour, that also signifies danger or anger, which is apt as Sith and Crabs can both be a bit aggressive (enter a crab’s rock pool at your own peril!). The emitter has an asymmetrical shaped shroud which gives the impression of the Crab’s claw and from certain points of view looks like the main shell that covers the animal’s body. The switch makes me think of the segmented arm that the claw attaches to. The remainder of the saber is more in line with a normal functional saber with a nice red leather clad handgrip and a pommel with a D-Ring to hang the weapon from your belt.

It must have been difficult for Borommakot to come up with designs for all 12 signs but I reckon he did a fantastic job. Sadly I think we only have one more Star sign  left to show you. But fear not I have been given permission by Boro’ to display his other designs and I have more new hilts to show (even if one has been rejected and is  now a Saber In Storage!). So I would like to once more thank Borommakot for allowing his work to be displayed here and please take a minute or two to check out his daftPirate YouTube Channel which can be found by clicking HERE , I am sure you’ll like it!

Thank you to you, my viewers and followers (including those from Venezuela and Israel! I saw you!) Your support is greatly appreciated. Please call back to see the new stuff in upcoming posts and spread the word about FTSabersite. Till next time.

Borommakot’s “Cancer Lightsaber” is a Guest Design and is ©Copyright of Borommakot. It is displayed here with Permission. FTSabersite and it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Taurus LWB Lightsaber – A twist on Borommakot’s design

Hello Everybody, today I have a little extra design that came about from Borommakot’s great Taurus design I posted yesterday. I have mentioned before that the graphics used for the preview pictures on the Saberforge builder can be a bit too dark to see details clearly. Because of this I decided to switch the finish used on Taurus from Weathered to Silver and as soon as I did that I heard an old song from a musical in my head. The song inspired my choice for this design’s name, Taurus LWB…

Did any of you guess the name? The logo in the title header image above might have helped…it was “The Little White Bull” sung by the great entertainer Tommy Steele! The song came from a musical entitled “Tommy the Toreador”. It is about a man who gets drawn into the world of bull fighting through mistaken identity. The song tells of a Little Whit Bull that was picked on and had low confidence but overcame all of the troubles he had to be a great bull. A bit like “The Little Engine That Could”.

Some older viewers may also remember Tommy as the person who sang “Flash Bang Wallop (What a picture!)” from the musical “Half a Sixpence”.  I remember him as he shared his birthday with me! No I don’t mean I was born in 1936, just the same day and month 😀 !

Now back to sabers, I mentioned above about the quality of the pictures from the Saberforge Builder. Well they make editing them a bit difficult and time consuming. Because of this I am working on a little article to give you a look at how I create these designs and paint schemes.

As always I am drawing near the end of this post but I ‘d like to thank Borommakot for his design and hope he doesn’t mind my little tweaking. I hopefully should have a very special guest visit the site as a design tomorrow so I’d like to invite you to call back and see who it is. Thank you for today’s visit. Till next time.

“Tommy the Toreador” and the song “The Little White Bull” are Trademark/©Copyright of Fanfare Productions, distributed by Warner-Pathé. “The Little White Bull” was released on Decca Records.

Taurus Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, while I am finishing off some new saber designs, I will present to you the next in my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac series. This saber is based on the sign of Taurus, which is about to start soon. Now I hear you ask “What happened to Aires, Tyeth?” A little mistake on my part, I got excited when I started this site and posted Aires about 7 months ago, before I had decided to post them in sync with the celestial calander…Ooops! I will leave a link below to Aires and Borommakot’s YouTube channel, but first let me show you his design, TAURUS….

This I feel is still a really strong design (it was created about a year ago) and would compare with any of the models being created by other fans using the ASP system. The main blade is flanked by two large wing-shaped metallic blades, these represent the intimidating horns of the titular Bull. Large and powerful. The switch, body and pommel are all large stocky, rugged parts that just drive the image of Taurus home. The weathered finish reminds me of a Bull covered in dust after a Rutting event (the fights between males for supremacy of the herd for breeding).Taurus 1

This is Borommakot’s original image he posted and you can see that the graphics look different, as Saberforge who provide the online builder updated the textures. However whilst creating the gallery of pictures I tinkered with the design when an old song sprang into my head. I will show you that design tomorrow. Now I promised some links so if you would like to see Boro’s Aires design then click> Aires Lightsaber. Borommakot also produces a YouTube channel under the name of daftPirate and has videos on computer gaming and his growing collection of Lightsabers. To visit his channel you can click here >daftPirate’s YouTube Channel.

I am running out of time on this post and need to finish my next designs and an article giving a little insight into how I create these designs. I’d like to thank you all for visiting today, including those viewers from Norway and Sweden…I noticed you had looked in when checking my site’s control panel! So thanks again…Till next time.

“Taurus Lightsaber” is a Guest Design and is ©Copyright of Borommakot used with permission. Guest Designer’s works and all other content within this site is covered by the ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Pisces Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, before I forget I need to bring you Borommakot’s latest saber in his Zodiac Series. And if you have been following the site (^ or read the title ^) you will know we have reached the sign of Pisces! Borommakot has a clever eye for details and at first I didn’t see some of the things he did in this design. That was partly due to poor graphics in the builder, but it has since been upgraded and when I reloaded Boro’s design the little details stood out more. So here is that saber…Pisces…

This saber is much more watery than I thought when Boro’ first posted it! I realised that the emitter looked like the mouth of a fish as it eats food off the surface of the water (which I should have recognised as I used to go fishing to relax before the troubles in the Galaxy). Further down the hilt we come to the switch section which has details that replicate the dorsal fin and the Operculum. The activation box where the switch holes are form the dorsal fin and the black inlay gives the appearance of the Operculum or gill covers that you see flapping when the fish breathes. The body has a suitably scaly leather grip in Cobalt Blue. The pommel is ornate and symmetrical making it look like the upper and lower fins of the tail. The blade is a nice medium blue and looks like a jet of water spraying from the fish’s mouth…maybe this is an Archer Fish!  😀

Borommakot should know a thing or two about fish, as his alter-ego on YouTube is daftPirate, where he has many videos on computer gaming and his now growing collection of Lightsabers! So please take a few minutes to check his channel out and to make things easy for you here is a link: daftPirate’s YouTube Channel.

Well I am afraid it is time to come back up to the surface for air and to bring an end to this post! Yes it’s that time again, but before I dive back into my workshop I would like to thank you all for your visit today and hope you will return as I have more Power Rangers to introduce. And an Old Friend of mine will make his debut on FTSabersite on St Patrick’s Day! Please join me for that. Till next time.

“Pisces Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer design and is ©Copyright of Borommakot. The design is used here with permission and is covered by this site’s ©Copyright belonging to ForTyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

A Big Thank You to Borommakot!

Hello Everybody, I have today had the honour of being mentioned in a YouTube video by a very good friend of mine, Borommakot! You will no doubt have seen me mention Boro’ on numerous occasions as I have displayed some of his fabulous saber designs here on FTSabersite. I have also mentioned his YouTube Channel and had a link to it in the sidebar since I started this site. Well today Boro’ or daftPirate as he is known on YouTube uploaded a new video about his recent Lightsaber deliveries and gave a bit of news about his plans for the channel. He also gave a shout out to me and this site! It was the most wonderful and weird sensation hearing my name broadcast on the World Wide Web – I am still shaking from nervous energy from the surprise.

Borommakot you are a Pirate and a Gentleman!

Here are the links to his channel and to today’s video, please check them out:

daftPirate’s YouTube Channel

and here is the link to

daftPirate’s Latest Video

I also hope you don’t mind Boro’ but I borrowed your banner to place at the top of this post! For anyone who is new to this site here is a gallery of a few of Borommakot’s designs posted here so far…Enjoy!

This post is coming to an end but I would like to thank Borommakot one final time and thank you my viewers and followers for visiting today. Please come back and check out more new designs from Boro’ and myself, there are still many, many more! Till next time.

Borommakot’s Guest Designs appear here with permission and are ©Copyright of Borommakot This site and it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Capricorn Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, today I make a long awaited return to my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac Series of sabers. As the fans of astrology will know we are in the sign of Capricorn so this design reflects that sign! Now I will say that since Borommakot designed this hilt, Saberforge updated the pieces but I think they still work well. I will again let you decide, so may I present to you, Capricorn Lightsaber…

The forked emitter represents the horned goat’s head while the switch, body and pommel recreate the muscular look of the goat’s body. The pommel does “tail off” or tapers away, a bit like the way the body of Capricorn is crossed with a fish. To reinforce the aquatic nature of the sign, the blade is a vibrant ocean like cyan colour. This saber is one of many Borommakot has designed. If you want to see one he has designed and built for real then you may want to check out his YouTube channel. There he has unboxing videos of his lightsabers and a series on video gaming. You can find his channel by clicking this link: daftPirate’s YouTube Channel. daftPirate is Borommakot’s YouTube name, in case you were wondering!

I’d like to thank Borommakot for allowing me to display his designs here, there are more so I hope you will return to see those after visiting his channel. I want to thank you for visiting FTSabersite also and hope you will return, as there will be more of my Rogue One inspired hilts tomorrow with a special DOUBLE FEATURE offering. Till next time.

The Capricorn Lightsaber design is Copyright© 2017 of Borommakot and is used here with permission.

Sagittarius Staff – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everyone, today I would like to get back to a section of the site I have neglected recently (well I got side-tracked actually) and return to the Guest Designers! I am going to bring to you another of the fantastic Zodiac Series of sabers from Borommakot. At this time of year if you are celebrating your birthday (like me shortly) you will have been born under the sign of Sagittarius, the Centaur Archer. I never realised how much I resembled the attributes of the sign. Looking at the details I was a track athlete when I was at school and I was very good at shooting, archery and even darts! But I digress, we are talking about sabers here and so I present to you Borommakot’s Sagittarius Staff…

I really like this design as Borommakot made the staff look a bit like a compound bow. The staff is obviously symmetrical but the little detail of lining the activation boxes on the switch sections just gives the illusion the staff has curves in it. It is subtle but inspired! The green blades are projected from two elegant fluted emitters which in themselves look like turrets of a medieval castle of ye olde times. The central body section has a nice plain brown leather grip with two inlaid bands either end, almost Celtic looking. As with most staffs, this appears as though it would be well balanced and a formidable weapon out in the field!

Regrettably we are near the end of this post but I would like to direct your attention towards Borommakot’s YouTube channel, where he showcases his videos under the name of daftPirate. He has many video gaming videos and some unboxing videos of his sabers he designed and bought for himself, so please take a moment or two and check him out. Here is a link to daftPirate’s YouTube Channel for your convenience. Be sure to call back to FTSabersite however as I have the privilege of welcoming a NEW Guest Designer tomorrow. Thank you for your support once more. Till next time.

Sagittarius Staff – Bormmakot’s Zodiac Series is ©Copyright of Borommakot and used here with permission. FTSabersite , For Tyeth and this website and contents are ©Copyright FTSabersite/For Tyeth 2016.

Aires Lightsaber Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

This is the second of my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac Series, and as the title says this is the sign of Aires the Ram. The saber has a very distinctive emitter part that to me resembles a skull with horns. Not many members have used this piece within SF’s forum so this design stood out. It also looks as if this saber would be a good two-handed saber as the body gives it options for different grips. Here is Borommakot’s Aires..

This was a great effort and there are (if my memory serves me correctly) ten more Zodiac Sabers to reveal, including my sign Sagittarius! I’m looking forward to that one. I’d like to thank Borommakot for allowing me to display his designs and I would like to remind folks of Borommakot’s YouTube channel. He goes by the name of “daftPirate” and has videos on video gaming and Lightsabers including unboxings of sabers he has bought!

You can find a link to it on the sidebar or click “daftPirate YouTube Channel

Thank you all for looking in on this saber, till next time.


The Gemini Twin Lightsabers (Borommakot’s Zodiac)

Today I present to you another offering from a Guest Designer. I promised more designs from this young man and here is TWO for the price of one! Borommakot created a series of sabers based on the signs of the Zodiac and this is the pair of sabers to represent Gemini the Twins. They have a classic look of the great hilts of Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also have a nice subtle difference to tell them apart.

Here are Borommakot’s Gemini Twins,

And the second hilt,

As you can see there was a subtle difference with the ringed grenade section (seen in the emitter shots) and the body parts used. This makes them similar and different at the same time, clever. And you can see the two hilts together in the title picture above.

Thanks again go out to Borommakot for allowing me to display his designs here.May I also remind folks of his “daft Pirate YouTube Channel” where you will see more of his Lightsaber exploits including reviews and unboxings. I will leave a link below or you can use the one in the Blogroll in the sidebar!

daft Pirates’ YouTube Channel


Let me introduce “daft Pirate”

I introduced you all to my friend Borommakot and his Martyr Lightsaber. Well he is a busy lad who also manages his own YouTube Channel under the name of “daft Pirate”!

The channel was originally intended to talk about video games (namely Fallout 4) but has expanded with his wide range of interests. He has posted videos about his Lightsaber and will be posting more in future including reviews and unboxings of his new deliveries! So please go check out his channel and remember to like and subscribe if you like what you see. There is a link in the sidebar or you can click the link below.

daft Pirate YouTube Channel

Thank you all and remember there will be more of Borommakot’s designs here in future!