Bistan Saber – Always up for a Fight

Hello Everybody (and my friend, DK44 who has been waiting for this post) I am sorry it is a little late, but I have tried to allow the two Green Onion Blog themed hilts get as much coverage as possible (I’m not sure Green Onion’s son, Zyler has seen his new saber yet!) But the world of sabers moves ever forward and so I have to post this design for a slightly overlooked character that appeared in Rogue One. The character is one of the crew of the UT-60D Troop Carriers that attacked Scarif Beach, the door gunner of the ship, Bistan!

Bistan was a corporal in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and fought against the evil forces of the ever growing First Order. He fought to help free his people from the tyranny of the First Order, but really he kinda liked the thrill of battle. At first, after the calls to rise and stand against the First Order were ignored he followed orders and remained on D’Qar. But upon hearing the impassioned speech from Jyn Erso and discovering General Raddus had decided to fight with her, he willingly volunteered to man the guns of a U-Wing Troop Carrier. And having seen him in battle in Rogue One I was inspired to create a hilt that might suit and represent him. So here it is, this is Bistan’s Saber….

I am hoping this saber captures the look of the native of the planet Iakaru. For some reason when I saw the first pictures of him I could envisage the blue coloured blade projecting from the emitter with the spines. I think it may have something to do with the distinctive eyebrows he has! His pressure/survival suit also reminds me of the rings and blocks that are present on the emitter, switch and body sections of this hilt. The body section actually reminds me of the M-60 Machine gun (used by the United States military) too, on which the guns of the UT-60D were based on. The M-60 had a distinctive shoulder stock and fore-grip.

Bistan was originally described as a “Space Monkey” by the filming crew behind the scenes but Bistan was much more than that. He demonstrated great balance and rarely used safety harnesses, using his reflexes to stay firmly positioned at his gunnery station. He had exceptional eyesight and was credited with bringing down an AT-ACT  Walker by aiming the firepower of his weapon onto the knee joints of the Walker causing it to crash. Tragically the U-Wing he was aboard took a hit and crashed on Scarif  Beach killing him. Bistan was just 22 Standard Galactic years old.

Well, thank you for your patience waiting for this hilt, and I hope you liked it. I am still as always busy designing more hilts and trying to spread the word about FTSabersite. So I hope you would help me out and tell your friends  about this site, it would be much appreciated as is your continued support. I hope to have a few more hilts from my Guest Designer friends in future posts and I’m going to be gearing up for The Last Jedi with a few designs based on that new film. So please check in to see these in upcoming posts. Till next time!

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Zyler’s Belated Birthday Saber (Sorry!!)

Hello Everybody, and in particular I would like to say Greetings Padawan Zyler! Zyler is the son of fellow blogger The Green Onion who I introduced to you in my last post. I heard Zyler was a Star Wars fan and does a great job helping his Dad write The Green Onion Blog.  Today I am happy to say I can present a saber to this young man which I designed for his recent birthday…unfortunately at the time this site got very busy and I couldn’t fit this post and design in. A new trailer for The Last Jedi was released and I had to chase down some pesky First Order Spies….Well today I put things right, and this my young friend, is the design I created for you. This saber has a few little features I’ll talk about later but first you’ve waited long enough, here is Zyler’s Birthday Saber…

There you have it my young friend, I hope you like it. Your saber, just like your Father’s before you has a G.O.B. Green blade which comes out from the black and silver ringed emitter, nice and shiny! Next there is the switch part which matches the emitter. The hand grip is the silver section in the middle of the hilt and it is quite clever, it is made from four pieces which screw together. I did this because I wasn’t sure how big a Jedi you were so you can add or take sections out of the handle so it is the right size! Then the bottom of the saber has one of my special saber bits, called the FTE, For Tyeth Emitter Pommel. This is actually an extra section that has another Green crystal in it which lights up and makes your saber stronger and more powerful! (Don’t worry Dad I have set it to low for now!) And on the end of this saber is a cool looking end cap to hold the crystal in place and make it look posh. Now you and your Dad are ready to go camping (on Endor perhaps?) with your new lightsabers!

I think you will agree these two make quite a formidable pair! I really wish I could have them built for you but I’m not very rich! So I would like to finish by saying I hope you enjoyed your birthday Zyler and didn’t mind my design being a bit late. Thank you to you and your Dad for the Green Onion Blog (don’t forget to check it out folks).

I am just about out of time and I will have to leave this party now but I’d also like to thank my followers and viewers for your continued support. And to say thanks to my more recent subscribers who have decided to join me on this journey. All your support is much appreciated. I still have many more designs to bring you so please call back for future posts. Till next time.

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Gyuto Saber for The Green Onion Blog

Hello Everybody, thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed DK44 Designs’ gorgeous Korbanth Graflex by DK44 Designs hilt I had the privilege of presenting to you last week. Today we return to two designs I have come up with (yes two!) for another blogger I have started following and his little shallot! Now I will explain that last comment, the blog in question is titled the “The Green Onion Blog” run by the eponymous Green Onion, and his little shallot is his son! (more on him later). Green Onion had a successful career as a Chef so his blog is garnished with many culinary terms, including his weekly round-up the “Mise-En-Place”. Green Onion also has great articles such as “Top Ten List of…” and monthly run downs on interesting dates during the month like the “National Onion Rings Day” and “World Hot-Dog Day”. In a recent article Green Onion said he’d always wanted a Lightsaber (you can read the post HERE). Well what do I do? Yes I have designed a saber for Green Onion (he doesn’t know it yet, until he reads this) and I would like to present it to him now. This is Gyuto Saber…

As you can see I have tried to capture the look of a Chef’s knife with this design, and in particular one knife called a, yep, a Gyuto knife. Gyuto’s are Japanese general purpose knives that can cut, carve and cleave meats and vegetables with ease. I hope this saber is as effective. It has a Green blade (of course, what other colour could it have? 😀 ) and the blade projects from an emitter I chose to look like the steel blade of this saber’s Earthen counterpart. The switch emulates the Bolster part of the blade where the blade is then shaped to form the Tang (or spine) of the knife. The Tang runs through the handle of the knife called the Scales but this saber has a Hygienic Polymer Grip (for health and hygiene) in again G.O.B. Green! The saber is finished off with a pommel which has a sort of oriental look to it to reflect the Japanese origins of the Gyuto.

Now I mentioned earlier about Green Onion’s son. Well I had read that the youngling was having a bit of a hard time and not feeling well recently. I also missed his birthday (I’m soo Sorry!) so I have tried to make up for it by designing a saber for him. if it is ok with his father I will post this saber on Wednesday as a mid-week treat.

I am running out of time on this serving of saber delicacies, but before I do the washing up I’d like to say thank you to Green Onion for his entertaining blog (Oh and I forgot to mention please go have a look at it by clicking HERE ). I also want to thank you, my followers and viewers for your continued support, it means so much to me. Hopefully I will get permission from Green Onion to share my next design for his son, so please join me for that (and don’t worry I have a contingency plan in place just in case!) Till next time!

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Korbanth Graflex 2.0 installed by DK44 Designs

Hello Everybody, today I am very, very excited as I get to share with you a lightsaber that has been assembled by a good friend of this site DK44. And this lightsaber is a Graflex replica hilt! DK44 bought this hilt as a replica kit from a company named Korbanth and assembled and installed the lights, sounds and blade (plus a little extra something I’ll get to later). What is astounding is that this was DK44’s first full saber build project! He did build a Saberforge Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) lightsaber but that was fully modular which screwed together fairly easily, with no need to solder wires or cut and shape parts. This saber was built very much the same way as the original lightsaber was way back in 1976 by the special effects artists John Stears, John Mollo and Roger Dunlop . This particular hilt is made to look like the one seen used by Finn and now Rey in The Force Awakens. Here is DK44’s Graflex Lightsaber…

As you can see this is BEAUTIFUL! Sorry to raise my voice but I love this hilt. The saber is a work of art (although DK44 says he wishes he could have done better!) and has everything that you associate with the Graflex saber. The emitter with the slanted opening and metal collar that extends through the tube to form two tabs, which are affectionately called “Bunny Ears” by fans. The collar and tabs are actually the mechanism that held the flash bulb in place when the handle was used as a photographic flashgun. Just behind these Bunny Ears is the red topped activation button and below that there is the “Glass Eye”. The activation box is really the clamp that attached the flashgun to the side of the camera. But if you slot a carefully shaped piece of circuit board between the two jaws of the clamp it looks like a switch! Next down the hilt is the famous T-Track grips, the black ridged parts that form the distinctive handgrip. And to finish the hilt off there is the Graflex pommel with the D-Ring to hang the saber off your utility belt! Though I doubt this saber will be hanging on a belt it has a very nice custom stand (built by a mutual friend of DK44 and mine called Kouri, who is a whizz with 3D printing and prop making.) But you will have noticed I haven’t mentioned the blade…well I have a SECOND gallery with this beauty activated and in all it’s glory with a very special REVEAL surprise….

Yes this saber has what is called a Crystal Chamber Reveal, which shows that this saber has a “heart of Kyber”. The electronics allow the crystal to light up and actually pulses and flashes along with the blade. This feature is usually found on expensive higher end replicas but DK44 decided he wanted one in his (and with help from another friend called Vechaljian he was able accomplish the feat). The colour matches the effects seen in the film perfectly thanks to an LED that can mix two colours to make the blue light and has a white bulb that flashes when the saber hits something! I think you’ll agree this is impressive.

I’d like to thank DK44 for sharing this fantastic saber with us on this site, he was gracious enough to provide me with great photos and a full description to help me write this post (did you notice he lined up his photos like the images for my designs? Thanks man!) This shows what is achievable with determination, patience and Talent!

I am now once more approaching the end of ths special post so thanks DK44 and also to you my viewers and followers. Your support is much appreciated and I hope you will return to see future posts featuring more designs from myself and my friends…and who knows there may be more “real life replica hilts” to come! Till next time.

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Moondust – A saber for Annlyel

Hello Everybody, what an amazing and exciting few days it has been! We have seen a new poster for The Last Jedi, in all it’s ominous RED glory. Then if that wasn’t enough we were treated to an even bigger visual feast with the film’s new trailer! I am still shivering with anticipation. But today I am going to “hand over” my latest saber design to a young lady who also blogs and is a big Star Wars fan.

Her name is Annlyel James, and her blog, is crammed with great balanced reviews of film, TV shows, books, sport and beauty products. Annlyel has a bubbly, enthusiastic style of writing yet still points out the important aspects of the topic at hand, which makes you want to read more. For having such a giving style, I wanted to design a saber for her and I am proud to present it here. I call this saber MOONDUST….

This saber is, I hope, classic, sophisticated and just suited for a confident, intelligent young lady blogger (and Jedi). The blade is purple just right for a person with such a positive attitude (regular viewers will remember my hilts named Attitude Lightsabers also had purple blades!) The emitter is based on the classic Luke Skywalker ROTJ saber and connects to a very interesting switch section. The reason it is interesting is that if you look closely at the two black rectangular recesses, there is something written in them. That is Aurabesh and spells out Annlyel’s name so this hilt is personalised! It’s the first time I have tried to add inscriptions on my designs. The body section and pommel are designed to be ergonomic. And the inspiration for the name of this hilt? It was in an article about a particular brand of lipstick Annlyel reviewed and the shade was called….MOONDUST! So I hope you like your “new” saber Annlyel and if you ever dream of having a lightsaber duel then you might like to use this one!

I am quickly approaching the end of this post but first I would like to recommend that you check out, it will brighten your day! And as always I will finish with a few thank you’s to you, my viewers and followers. Your support is much appreciated and I hope you will return to see further new designs AND DK44 Designs’ real life Graflex in my next post! Till next time.

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The Last Jedi Trailer – For Tyeth’s Trailer Talk Ep.II

Hello Everybody, WOW! The new trailer looks amazingly dark and sinister in tone (not to mention all the RED bits!) and I am quite excited now to see this film. Before I go any further just in case you haven’t seen the trailer I will insert it here but as always “DON’T WATCH IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!”

I had to wait till 4am this morning to see this and then was too tired to comment (I ran out of Jedi Energy Capsules 😀 ) But now I am awake I can say there are going to be some really serious encounters and twists. I am now going to get my VIP tickets as quick as I can!

I haven’t done a break down of all the bits and pieces in this trailer as you can find other videos on YouTube that will do that I just thought I’d post the video here to for you all. But in all this excitement I’d like to remind you I have a new design for a talented young lady blogger I have “met” recently and a “real” life Graflex Lightsaber to showcase for you all from DK44 Designs! So please join me here for those posts. Thank you for looking in on this video post (it’s only the second video I’ve used!) your support, as always, is much appreciated. Till next time.

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For Tyeth’s The Last Jedi Trailer Talk

Hello Everybody, I bet you didn’t think you would be seeing me today! Well the reason for this impromptu post is due to the chatter and buzz around the Internet (and the Galaxy) regarding the latest trailer for The Last Jedi. It is going to air at halftime during the NFL Monday Night Football game. There have also been a few bits and pieces of behind-the-scenes footage and clips released to tease us. For once I had a sneaky look and I am glad I did, as I saw something VERY exciting for fans of Lightsabers and Lightsaber duels. What did I see?…It was footage of Daisy Ridley rehearsing a Lightsaber duel (so what Tyeth, we know Rey is training to be Jedi and using a saber!) Well…this clip shows Daisy blocking an attack from, wait for it…..THREE ATTACKERS! Yes three attackers and she is using the Graflex! Who were these attackers? When, why and where does this happen? What does it mean?


Rey Training
image via and is Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm

Sorry folks I shouldn’t shout out like that ^^ but this has me really excited (along with the rest of what’s in store in the film of course!) I am also excited as after watching the new trailer on Monday night you have another impromptu post to look forward to from me coming on Wednesday. I have the pleasure of introducing you to another great Blogger I have “met” recently who writes fabulous reviews on books, films/TV and games…oh and she is a big fan of Star Wars too! And because I have fantastic friends I have the opportunity to showcase a “real” Graflex Lightsaber hilt, assembled by DK44, who regular viewers will remember from DK44 Designs on Saturday in my regular posting schedule!

Last Jedi Trailer Plate
This trailer was epic, just wait for Monday night’s trailer!

I can’t wait for all this! I hope you will join me back here on Wednesday after you watch the trailer and meet my new friend and on Saturday have a look at DK44’s Graflex. Thank you for looking in on this post, your support is always appreciated and remember The Last Jedi will be in cinemas on December 15th!! Till next time.


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Flux Capacitant Saber – Inspired by Back To The Future

Hello Everybody, I am pleased to report that The Silent Ghost Reaper liked the designs I created for him, so much so he was speechless momentarily! Today I am bringing you a design I have needed for a long time. You may have seen that I always run “OUTATIME” while typing my posts out, well my next saber is inspired by a Time Machine and will hopefully help me create hilts and post them before my deadline time arrives much easier. This saber is inspired by the fabulous time travel trilogy, Back To The Future and I call it

Flux Capacitant

This saber hopefully resembles the car used in the films (I’ll talk more about this later) and has the same monochromatic silver and black look to it. The car was built of unpainted stainless steel and had black fibreglass/plastic mouldings, which I tried to capture using the switch and body sections with strakes on. The pommel represents the front radiator grill and headlight assembly. You will have noticed I haven’t mentioned the emitter and that’s because this piece was inspired by an addition to the car seen in the film. To make time travel possible Doc Brown created the “Flux Capacitor” which was positioned between the seats of the car and looked like a three pointed star that lit up when activated. Well I recreated this by using a clawed emitter and painted the claws blue to imitate the illuminations. Saberforge actually make acrylic claws to attach to their sabers but haven’t included them in the ASP builder.Wait a minute For Flux

This hilt is heavily influenced by the vehicle Dr Emmett Brown transformed into his time machine. Most people know that the car was a Delorean DMC-12 model which was a “mixed” classic. The Delorean company was founded by John Delorean, who once worked for GM Motors, but decided he was going to produce cars himself using the engines he had access to. After some business and political wranglings and financial agreements he began building the DMC-12 in Northern Ireland. The car however wasn’t the most well designed vehicle and suffered leaks and rust/corrosion issues. The company had already gone bankrupt before the films were made, but the writers (Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale) recognised the car’s futuristic look realising it would look otherworldy in the film’s 1950’s settings and gave it the part!

Well this post is slightly longer than normal, but this hilt doesn’t really work as a Time Machine…yet! So I will have to end soon but you know I always like to thank all my viewers and followers, new and regular visitors for supporting me and the site. Next week I have a post that is a little bit different as I get to present a fantastic Graflex Lightsaber built by a friend of this site (wait till you see and read about it!). I hope you will join me for that. Till next tiiiiiiime!

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