Golden Warrior Lightsaber (for MommyHoldMe)

Wow! I have reached 50 posts. Well to mark reaching a half century I will post a saber design I made for a friend of mine from the forums who always had nice things to say about my designs and gave me encouragement when my designing spark dimmed occasionally. That friend is MommyHoldMe and during our chats I learned he was a big fan of a certain NBA team and the idea of a saber to reflect his allegiance to his team formed. This team was on a blazing hot streak and nearly went unbeaten for a whole regular season. Their star player was Steph Curry who was so unbelievable it was almost unfair to play him. You may have guessed the team are the Golden State Warriors, and this is Golden Warrior..

As I mention in the gallery captions, I used local landmarks of the Golden State as inspiration for certain parts. The Golden Gate Bridge’s towers reminded me of the ridges on the switch section. The pommel was inspired by the openings at the top of Coit Tower and the shape of the peak of the structure. The emitter windows represent all the lighthouses in the area, including the one on “The Rock”,  Alcatraz. The blade is the beam of light from those lighthouses. The colours are also obviously the Warriors’ franchise blue and yellow as seen in the logo.

Oh and one final detail, the object of basketball is of course to score as many baskets/points as possible, well this saber scores points in having four “basket hoops” around the top of the emitter, surely a slam dunk!

I hope you liked this design as much as MommyHoldMe did, I think it is possibly the most detailed one I have done so far. There are more sports team inspired hilts in my display cabinet and I will show you more of them in upcoming posts.

Thank you for looking in on my site I appreciate the support. Till next time.

Golden State Warriors and their logo are Trademarks/©Copyright of the NBA. The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower and GSW logo images were obtained from Wikimedia.

Staff of Disintegration – Eddlyss64

Hello Everyone,

Here is the next design in Eddlyss64’s collection of Bionicle inspired Lightsaber Staffs. This time he has created the weapon for Gurahk. Having researched who Gurahk is I discovered how well Master Eddlyss did portraying this LEGO character. Not only do the colours match the figurine but even if this was just a standalone design the choice of weathered metal and the Cobalt Blue for the grips look awesome together! I will let you decide and now present the Staff of Disintegration…

I think you’ll agree Master Eddlyss did a fine job with this effort. I certainly applaud him. There are three more Staffs in this collection and they will appear in future showcases. In my next offering I will be having a sporting theme and a saber I created for a big fan of a certain basketball team. I hope you will return for that design and in the meantime thank you for visiting and please spread the word if you like what you have seen here. Till next time.

Gurahk, The Staff of Disintegration, Bionicle and Lego are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO Corporation.

The image of Gurahk was obtained from the Bionicle Wikia page.

“Excellence” Lightsaber (A design for Bret “The Hitman” Hart)

Hello Everybody,

Ok I have one more purple bladed saber design. This time I am returning to the world of Sports Entertainment, also known as Professional Wrestling. Now the wrestler I designed this for had the catchphrase “The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be!” He had the nickname “The Excellence of Execution” due to his vast skill and technique. He is of course Bret “The Hitman” Hart. (I will point out Bret was famous for wearing pink and black, not purple but the purple shows up better in the pics ok!) So Ladies and Gentlemen, Jedi and Sith, it’s time for the next bout. May I present in the blue corner “Excellence”…

The bladed emitter I used reminded me of Bret Hart’s “winged Hart” logo and the black, silver and purple/pink match his famous ring attire. This saber even has a black leather grip as his jacket. However his trademark sunglasses are missing from the hilt as I think you would need to be wearing them to look at this weapon when it is lit up in all it’s glory!

I think I have mentioned before I have great respect for these talented, athletic performers and as such I have a lot more wrestling themed hilts to bring to you in future postings. I have in the past few days come up with two completely new designs as well. I hope you will return to see these new additions and the rest of my collection. Next time I will be adding another Eddlyss64 creation so be sure to check that one out! Till next time thank you.

Bret “The Hitman” Hart, “The Excellence of Execution” and any related material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWe Entertainment and Titan Sports.

Destro Lightsaber – A GI Joe inspired hilt

Ooops! I got a little carried away celebrating Mr Hamill’s birthday yesterday and forgot to post my second purple saber I promised! Well I will set that right here. Back in the 80’s in the Outer Rim of the UK (where I live!) a comic was launched that pitted brave international military specialists against an evil dictator and his minion army. The good guys were called Action Force and the bad guys were called Cobra. In the US however the comic and the good guys were titled after the nickname for military personnel – GI Joes. Cobra remained Cobra and was headed by Cobra Commander and his right hand man DESTRO! It was this individual that stood out as he wore what appeared to be a chrome full faced mask. It completely encased his head and contrasted with his black outfit. At the time it was startling.

While using the ASP builder I noticed one particular pommel looked to have a pattern that mimicked a face. When I changed this pommel’s colour to silver I immediately saw the potential for a Destro hilt. So here is Destro…

The pommel has a ridge that looks like the bridge of a nose and a few details that look like eyes when held at a certain angle. Combining this with the jet black hilt handle and silver accent lines make this elegant and aggressive at  the same time. To top it off I added a purple(indigo) blade which contrasts with the black and looks intimidating.

Destro never used a sword as far as I recall but he may have chosen something like this had he done so. I do know of two brothers from the GI Joe universe who did use swords to great effect, the brothers Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. They were brothers, they were Ninjas…they were enemies! One fought for the Joes, the other for Cobra. I designed sabers for them also but those weapons are for a future post. (I know I’m a tease!)

I do hope you come back to check out the sabers for Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and all the other designs by me and my friends. Meanwhile I thank you for your company here and hope you enjoyed! Till next time.

GI Joe, Destro, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Cobra Commander are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro toys.

Happy Birthday Mark Hamill!

I’m not Joking, the farmboy hero from Tatooine turns 65 today!

I can’t send him a birthday card or a present as he would be able to “FEEL” them coming, but I can send him my best wishes and thanks.

Who knows he may even see this message as it is out in the galaxy far, far, away also known as the Internet.

However I can post this picture from one of his less known on screen appearances as Bob..


So to Mr Hamill

Many Happy Returns and May The Force Be With You.

Till next time.

Nightfall Lightsaber – Savannah95

In this post we have a bit of a purple theme going as I have seen a video recently debating whether Mace Windu is Supreme Leader Snoke. I am not going to chat about that theory, but I am going to present a fantastic design by my friend Savannah95 which has a purple (indigo) blade. How this young lady manages to come up with these designs with her schedule I don’t know, but I am so glad she does and allows me to bring them to you all. Now onto the pictures, this saber Savannah95 calls Nightfall…

I really love this design, I can picture a Grey Jedi waiting to attack an enemy just as the sun is setting. Then, when the final ray of sunlight falls below the horizon, darkness descends and the Jedi ignites this weapon…truly Nightfall.

The use of the purple with the weathered finish balances beautifully and the shape of the saber also shines with the pommel balancing out the clawed emitter. Add to that a nice black leather grip and the saber is complete. Again you can see the thought put into this design.

In my next post I have a design that was inspired by a graphic novel character from G.I.Joe (aka Action Force in the UK), which also has a purple blade. As a side note after posting Incomming D.E. I had another spark of inspiration and tweaked another saber for Poe Dameron, but I will save that one for a future post!

So I would like to thank Savannah95 once more for her fabulous contribution to my site, and say thank you all for supporting the website (I checked my stats page and discovered I had visitors from Romania, Norway and Ireland so the word is spreading about FTSabersite!). Till next time.

Incomming D.E. – Dameron Edition (X-Wing inspired Lightsaber

My last post showcased the design inspired by the iconic X-Wing fighter from Star Wars and The Force Awakens and this post will show a variation of it. The X-Wings were usually white with coloured stripes, however there is always one that will stand out. That particular one belongs to the best pilot in the Resistance, Poe Dameron. His fighter, as some may know was black with striking orange stripes. The ASP builder I use gives users the option to change the colours of various parts which allowed me to adapt my first version. This is Incomming D.E…

Poe and his X-Wing stand out and I hope I have captured that with this design. I was lucky as the colours in the builder matched really well to the fighter in the film. The design of the X-Wing really helped me with this staff and I enjoyed creating it.

I shall post a few varied sabers in the next couple of posts and I hope you will join me. Thanks for looking in on my site, I appreciate the support!

Star Wars, The Force Awakens, Poe Dameron and all related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.


Incomming Lightsaber Staff

Hello Everyone,

Sometimes inspiration doesn’t come from a particular character but from a particular object. Such was the case with my next saber. I was watching the new film The Force Awakens, and an old friend appeared on screen in the shape of an X-Wing Fighter (albeit slightly modified). As the battle raged I was attracted to the wings and the turbolasers on the wingtips and thought “blimey, they look like a staff!…Hmmm!” I went to the builder and started off with a clawed emitter and the design grew from there. The X-Wing was built by a company called InCom in the films, so in a play on words I call this saber, Incomming..

The clawed emitter is the business end of this weapon and I had to recreate the barrel from a staff extension. The housing for the mechanics of the weapon is formed by using two body parts and a coupler to produce the capsule shape. Again an FTE pommel gives the impression of a power source in the capsule module.

This is from a standard version of the X-Wing but one special character had a customised X-Wing and that prompted me to tweak this design to reflect his fighter. But that design will be in my next post. For now I hope you enjoyed this design, and please check in again when I will have the best pilot in the Resistance as a virtual guest!

The Force Awakens, X-Wing and InCom are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

IRebel Lightsaber and Baton (inspired by Jyn Erso)

Hello Everyone, I have a double offering here today. I mentioned before I wanted to create a few Rogue One inspired designs. I have created the Empire Droid, Director (for Orson Krennic) and now the new female lead gets some attention.

Disney/Lucasfilm released promotional pictures of Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso wearing a Tie Fighter pilot costume. What was interesting was the backpack she had on, or rather what was attached to that backpack. This is what I am referring to..

Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm. Posted by Jonathan Olley

There is an object which looks like some kind of aviation marshalling wand, for directing aircraft/spaceships, but it could be some kind of baton weapon also. This got me thinking and I went to design something to represent it. I came up with this…

I have shown this with a full blade but I imagined that the emitter and switch sections could have a twist mechanism to adjust the length of the blade, turning the weapon from a marshalling wand into an electro baton or full Lightsaber type weapon.

I had designed a standard Lightsaber weapon for Jyn based on earlier pictures which were released. These pictures weren’t as clear, so I just designed a saber that she may use if she had one. Here is that Lightsaber..

When I created this design there wasn’t much information about Jyn only vague pictures. I went with a saber with a purposeful look by using the emitter with the integrated handguard, reminiscent of a gladiator’s weapon and I added my little trademark, the FTE pommel.

This concludes this double offering, I hope you liked my ideas and as always thank you for checking them out. I will continue to work on new stuff and hope you return to see it.

Rogue One, Jyn Erso and all related names or material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm. (I believe the Jyn Erso pic was posted by Jonathan Olley)

Emergence Lightsaber (An unexpected design)

I am still in the process of contacting the saber enthusiast I mentioned in my last post so in the meantime I will present a new design that came about by accident. Sometimes when using the online builders you start building a design with an idea in mind but then you swap a part and it changes what you have into something completely different. This saber falls into this category. I was working on a Rogue One inspired hilt and then I inserted the body part which gave a long slim saber. I felt this looked like it may be a good duelling saber for one or two hands. I will discuss this further after I show you the pictures, this saber is called Emergence..

Some members of the community have commented that the rails down the length of the body are uncomfortable, others say they’re not a problem. I would hold the hilt up near the switch in the concave curved section of the rails, and use my second hand around the lower hilt with thumb and forefinger around the smooth section and the pommel resting in my palm. I am no master swordsman so I may be wrong but I still like the look. The name just reflects how I came upon this design, it “emerged” from something else!

Regardless of how to grip it or how I named it, I just hope you like the saber! Thank you for looking in and I will work on my communications!

Rogue One is a Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.