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“TY Silencer Elite” – For Tyeth Strikes Back!

Hello Everybody!!!!! Yes I am back…..for the moment at least. I have managed to rectify my tech issues…it was a burnt out power adaptor in the end but I had a problem ordering a new one as I was sent a charger with the wrong connector plug so I had to order a SECOND adaptor with the right plug! Trying to make purchases using mobile phone internet access is toughđŸ€Ł . Anyhow I succeeded eventually and I am back for now. I had to entertain myself watching DVDs of Dr Who and Star Wars so I kept sane while I was offline but fortunately I had a post readied to publish before the adaptor had it’s meltdown so I am going to get right to business. Here is a re-worked design based on my Mandalorian Quatermaster saber (https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2021/07/24/the-quartermaster-saber-inspired-by-the-mandalorians-the-armourer/) and my Kylo Ren Silencer saber (https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2019/08/24/ty-silencer-tros-saber-for-tyeth-editions/.) …this is TY SILENCER ELITE….

I really wanted to post this saber and was worried I had lost it went my laptop crashed but thank the Force I didn’t. I went to town on this hilt combining the “starfighter” body shape and wing shaped shrouds with the handgrip of the Quartermaster. Then I dressed it up in the classy black and gold colour scheme I used on my Amban Pulse Rifle saber. The Handgrip has proper textured leather graphics and the display plinth is made of the black ash woodgrain effect material I have used a few times (I used to have some flat pack furniture made of the same wood!)

The emitter is the front cockpit window and when the blade is removed you can see a small red light through the windshield (which replicates the targeting scope in Kylo’s starfighter cockpit). Behind the shrouds and emitter are two shine-through windows to let the blade glow out. Next is the activation slide switch in black and gold then the textured leather. The saber has a pommel taken from the original “TY Silencer” hilt but scaled to fit and re-textured. The saber is angular but also sleek at the same time. It has an overall intimidating look I think but it’s time for a few more close up detail pictures….Gallery Two!……

In the final image above you can see the red crystal/targeting scope and there are also two small red glowing “barrels” to represent the laser cannon barrels seen below the cockpit windshield of TIE Fighters.

I hope you like this saber, I was so pleased I was able to share it with you all as I was worried I’d lost it. I also have another version for a Dark Lord of the Sith too – but that will be in a future post. I am going to have to bring this post to an end very shortly as I don’t want to stress my laptop too much after just getting it back operational (it’s getting old like me!).

So I hope you will call back to FTSabersite for more sabers, Star Wars stuff and designs from every corner of the galaxy. Did I mention the collection of Katanas for a colourful bunch of Rangers, or the set of Katanas for the Teenage Ninjas? All that and more is coming soon. But now I need to say thank you for being patient while I had my problems and thanks for calling back. Your support is always greatly appreciated and made me determined to get back posting. So Till Next Time…..

“TY Silencer Elite” is a For Tyeth Editions design. The 3d model and renders were created in Blender 3D by For Tyeth and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022.

Trooper – TFA Saber – First Order Trooper Saber

Hello Everybody, today I park the Starsky and Hutch Saber back in the workshop and have another Stormtrooper inspired hilt to bring you. This time it is designed for the troopers of the First Order and came about after I watched The Force Awakens and saw the “duel” between the trooper called “Nines” and our new Rebel Stormtrooper, Finn. In that fight Nines had a weapon called the Electro Riot Control Baton, an extendable baton similar to the side handled batons used by today’s police forces. The difference being the Electro Baton had an energy blade and so Finn had to use the Graflex lightsaber he was recently given to look after. I thought “If troopers had energy batons, why not the lightsabers that Ralph McQuarrie envisioned from George Lucas’ story?” Well I explained the reason in my original Trooper Saber post but I still wanted to know what a First Order style lightsaber might look like and I set to work…sort of!

I will be honest, these are identical to the original Trooper hilt design as this TFA version is a “repainting” rather than a redesign. However it did teach me a new trick (as I am still trying to learn something new as often as I can). That trick was in regards to applying “layered” textures but more on that later in the post. I didn’t realise but the handgrip which I created with the perforated holes would work perfectly for the Fist Order styled design. I used the perforated grip purely for ergonomics on the original design but upon studying the new costume and helmet for the First Order Stormtroopers (updated by Michael Kaplan) I noticed that the recessed black parts of the helmet had a honeycomb like pattern of dimples moulded into the material. It dawned on me I could apply a black colour to the grip and it would look similar to the parts on the helmet! Anyhoo, I had best display a few more pictures so you can see for yourself…here’s the Glamour Shots….

So, by altering the balance between the black and white parts of the saber, I was able to make a more modern looking version of the Trooper hilt. Just like Michael Kaplan did to John Mollo and Ralph McQuarrie’s original Stormtrooper costume. The pommel has more accents as does the emitter with black panels and rings added. The handgrip has the new black contrast and is more obvious now the white hilt body shines through the perforations. The saber does have one new feature and that is a First Order logo activation switch! And some of you may have noticed the hilt pictures with the “bloodstains” on the emitter? Well those are the FN-2187 version of the hilt that belongs to Finn. The bloodstains are to represent the handprint smeared onto his helmet when his comrade died during the attack on the village on Jakku at the beginning of The Force Awakens.

These bloodstains are also the new “layered” textures I mentioned. In Blender there is a function to create graphics to look like materials such as glossy, matt or Aluminium textures to apply to your models, but it also has a feature to allow the user to apply layers of semi transparent images as well. This is similar to adding decals onto scale model kits but it is a little tricky to position the graphic accurately. The two images above show the original scratches in black and white and the second image I coloured red and made transparent – this image I applied onto the model. Using this technique I will be able to add all sorts of insignia and logos onto future models!

Well I think that just about wraps up this week’s offering, I hope you liked the new updated Trooper. I have two more versions for another post and one of these is based on an as yet unseen Stormtrooper who may be in the new Episode 9 Star Wars film. So I hope you will return to see those as well as my new Exo-Suit inspired hilts for a couple of Marvel heroes…and my new REBUILT Thor crossguard and shoto hilts! But for now I have to say a big thank you as always for your visit today and the continued support I have received, whether a new visitor or a regular viewer/follower you are much appreciated. Till next time….

“Trooper TFA Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “The Force Awakens”, “FN-2187/Finn” and all othe names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney Studios/LucasFilm.

Dameron Saber – Blender Version 1

Hello Everybody, hopefully you all got some bargains in the Black Friday Sales (but didn’t spend all your money 😀 ) I didn’t buy anything as I’m saving for a new computer but I do know most new items come with a lot of packaging. This packaging needs recycling to save the Galaxy, so I wondered what I could recycle to do my part. I recycled part of a droid for my SCOMP Saber but felt I could do more when all of a sudden I saw something in the Empire Strikes Back film that inspired me. I saw something I could recycle into a hilt! That something was a part from an X-Wing Fighter and I know just who to give it to…The Best Pilot in the Resistance! This is Dameron Saber….


This hilt looks quite normal but it is a recycled part…and it has a nice little special feature! That feature is a Crystal Chamber! As you can see from the final two images above there is a crystal chamber mechanism (highlighted in orange) and the real neat thing is that the part I chose to base this hilt on has a window that allowed me to include the crystal. The hilt went through a few modelling versions as I added the various parts and here are a few more pictures, and as you take a look see if you can guess which part of the X-Wing I have recycled!…


As you can see the hilt is painted in a black and orange/yellow scheme in tribute to Poe Dameron and his famous X-Wing from The Force Awakens. There is also an activation switch modelled on the Rebel/Resistance logo. Any guesses which X-Wing part this is? No? Well to be fair you would need to be very observant as this is actually a part of the X-Wing Cockpit control panel! I saw it when Luke Skywalker crash landed on Dagobah. As he climbed out of his ship Artoo Detoo falls into the swamp. And if you look closely into the cockpit you will see a cylindrical object like a telescope mounted on the dashboard! Here is a picture from behind the scenes…xcockpit

Look in the upper right hand area of the picture and you will see a black tube…familiar? Yep, that’s the component I based this hilt on. I thought it was perfect as a hilt and it had a window just right to add a crystal chamber in! So how about a few Glamour shots, OK here they are…


There you are Dameron Saber, a tribute to the famous X-Wing Fighter and a tribute to Poe Dameron, one of it’s most famous pilots (Luke already had two lightsabers 😀 ). I hope you enjoyed this hilt and my attempts at recycling. In future posts I have some new designs based on a Star Wars themed PC game, along with a hilt for some 1970’s detectives and a Bio-Technology Corporation! So please call back and check those out. In the meantime thank you for your visit and support today. I appreciate you all, whether this is your first visit or if you’re a regular caller. Till next time….

“Dameron Saber – Blender Veersion1” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-18. “Poe Dameron”, “X-Wing” and “The Force Awakens” are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

R2-KT Lightsaber – Inspired by Katie’s Droid

Hello Everybody, my best laid plans have been put on hold due to the fact  my friend with the hilt I hoped to showcase is having technical issues sending me the pictures. However while working those problems out I had the chance to browse WordPress and I came across an interesting post topic shared across two blogs. The two blogs are authored by two young ladies called Mei-Mei and the second is called Kiri. The topic they shared was a Star Wars Mandala Challenge, where both ladies colour in the same picture from a book of SW themed mandala pictures then compare them. Well both decided to colour in the picture of an Astromech droid and both chose to colour it as R2-D2. I commented that they had missed an opportunity and could have filled the pictures in to look like another less known droid with a beautiful and moving tale behind it called R2-KT. R2-KT is a droid that was built by the R2 Builders’ Club who heard that the daughter of the founder of the 501st Legion cosplay group was terminally ill with brain cancer. The young girl was called Katie Johnson and as her condition deteriorated and forced her to be bed bound she wished she had a droid to look over her while she slept…just like Padme Amidala had with Artoo. The R2 Builders’ Club raised funds and collected parts and made that wish come true in the shape of R2-KT a pink and white droid with a “heart of gold”.  R2-KT accompanied Katie through her final days and this design is my tribute to the brave girl and to the talented, kind hearted people who built R2-KT…

Of course this saber is a repaint of SensorScope Lightsaber – Inspired by R2-D2 but I still think the colour scheme fits the hilt well. The design represents the sensor array the pops up from the famous silver dome of an Astromech. The story of R2-KT doesn’t end here however, as word of Katie’s story reached George Lucas who filmed her a special message and after Katie eventually passed on to the Living Force, the droid travelled the world visiting children’s hospitals and raising funds for charity. The toy company Mattel made an R2-KT Hot Wheels car, and Dave Filoni went even further and made the droid part of official Canon by having the Astromech appear in “The Force Awakens” and the animated “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” series. The appearances in TFA were brief but did happen and here’s proof…R2-KT at_the_Resistance_Base

Yep that’s R2-KT looking after Poe Dameron’s X-Wing fighter at the Resistance Base! You can read more at the Star Wars Databank and on Wookiepedia-The Star Wars Wiki.

Now back to the posts that prompted me to rework this design. The two blogs are as follows:

Jedi By Knight (A Nerdy Girl’s Blog) is written by Mei-Mei, and her mandala can be seen by clicking HERE .

Star Wars Anonymous  is written by Kiri, and her mandala can be seen by clicking HERE .

And I guess it’s only fair that I share my attempt at colouring in some pictures, here are R2-KT and my Jedi Interceptor..

I hope you liked this post and my feeble colouring in efforts (I don’t do a lot of art!). Next week I may be talking about some film that’s being released on the 14th Dec (have you heard about it?  😀 ). I’m hoping my birthday present is a ticket to see The Last Jedi. And my friend’s fantastic saber will appear very soon so please call back to see these posts, but for now thanks again for your support it means a lot. Till next time.

R2-KT was built by The R2 Builder’s Club and appears in “The Force Awakens” and “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” which are Trademark/© Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm Ltd. “R2-KT Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Wookie Warrior Lightsaber – A Saber for Chewbacca

Hello Everybody, today I have a design for a BFF, or Big Furry Friend! And as you can see it is for the heroic Wookie, Chewbacca. Chewie was born 200 years before the Battle of Yavin, which he took part in, but that wasn’t his first encounter with the war or the Empire and Republic. During the Clone Wars he served in the Wookie military and fought in the battle on his homeworld of Kashyyyk where he met and served under Master Yoda. Chewie favoured his beloved Bowcaster laser rifle but got to see Yoda wield a lightsaber occaisionally. So I wondered what a hilt for a Wookie would look like, and again I came up with a design for Chewie. Here is Wookie Warrior Lightsaber….

I think this might just suit Chewie nicely. I based the hilt on earthy colours, made it big and imposing and added my FTE Emitter Pommel for increased power. The blade is green to reflect the image of Chewbacca’s home planet Kashyyyk and it’s forests and jungles. The lightsaber blade is augmented by two large axe-like blades either side for cutting through vines and foliage. The grip section uses the same Coupler parts as I used in my Han Solo design to give it good handling characteristics. The switch is positioned at the bottom of the handgrip to accommodate the size of a Wookie paw and to finish the hilt off I included an FTE pommel which I imagined could have a power crystal infused with the spirits of the forest (This is why the crystal and blade are different colours). The saber is painted in a nice shade of Chewbacca Brown (It’s actually called Mocha Metallic by it’s manufacturer but I like Chewbacca Brown better 😀 ) and is accented with black. I hope Chewie likes his new saber…I’d like to keep my arms in their sockets!

Rooawrrawa ru! (I like it For, don’t worry your arms are safe!)

I am approaching the end of this post but as always I’d like to say thank you to all my viewers and followers, I am very close to 5000 views now so thank you once more. I hope you will all return to see more designs in upcoming posts. Till next time.

Chewbacca, Kashyyyk and all other Star Wars related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2017. “Wookie Warrior Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Bloodstripe Lightsaber – Inspired by Han Solo

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber for a very well known hero, who had what you could say was a bit of a reluctance to embrace Lightsabers but has been known to wield one now and again. I am talking about Han Solo, the Corellian Smuggler turned Rebel Fighter, General and Hero. Han had his first close contact with Lightsabers whilst chauffeuring the Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, the young Luke Skywalker and their droids from Tatooine to Alderaan. Han was slightly dismissive of “The Force” and “Lightsabers” preferring to have a good blaster by his side. Han must have learnt something though from Obi-Wan’s attempts to teach Luke, as Han had to use a Lightsaber in the Empire Strikes Back to save his young friend’s life on Hoth’s ice plains. Just for his bravery going into the blizzard to save Luke I felt Han was overdue a saber design as a reward, and so here it is, I call this design Bloodstripe Lightsaber….

The physical design of the saber isn’t fancy, it has an emitter, switch, a body section and a pommel. The blade is coloured Arctic Blue just like the Graflex that Luke inherited from his Father, and was later used by Han on Hoth. The emitter looks a little like the cylindrical sections of Han’s ship the Millenium Falcon, and connects to a standard switch unit. I said the design of this hilt was basic but the hand grip is a bit special as it is made of several Coupler pieces which allowed me to replicate the famous striped pattern found running down the leg of Han’s trousers. You can see what I mean in this picture..han-solo-star-wars-chronicles-promo-stormtrooper-blaster-SMLThe arrow points to the marks in question which are known as “Bloodstripes”. Bloodstripes were an insignia to represent bravery in the Corellian military and to wear them the individual had to earn them. It is rumoured Han won his Bloodstripes whilst on a mission where he freed Chewbacca and saved his friend’s life. There were two tiers of Bloodstripe and Han was one of the few people in the galaxy to have won both (the other insignia consisted of yellow markings). To achieve the look I was able to paint alternate blocks of the handgrip using the blue and red “powdercoats” and hopefully recreated the insignia and look of Han’s trousers.

Han has also been known to have used a saber in the new Star Wars comics launched around the beginning of 2016. In Issue #11 Han accompanies Princess Leia and Chewie on a mission and can be seen using a Green bladed hilt. As this comic was released with Disney/LucasFilm’s permission it is said that Han now can use a Lightsaber and it is considered as Canon. However I’d like to think he may have swapped the Green one for my Bloodstripe design.

I am once more approaching the closing of this post but first I’d like to let you know of the next couple of hilts I have in the works. Having seen the new Trailers for The Last Jedi, I noticed something in them which has led me to redesign a hit I had already begun work on but I should have that one finished soon and I have a hilt for a  BFF, BIG FURRY FRIEND! I hope you will join me for those in upcoming posts and thank you so much to all the visitors (from all corners of the globe) I have received over the past couple of weeks, your support is very much appreciated. Till next time.

“Bloodstripe Lightsaber”  is a For Tyeth Edition saber and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite. Han Solo, Empire Strikes Back, and all other Star Wars related names, images, logos and material are Trademark/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2017.

Korbanth Graflex 2.0 installed by DK44 Designs

Hello Everybody, today I am very, very excited as I get to share with you a lightsaber that has been assembled by a good friend of this site DK44. And this lightsaber is a Graflex replica hilt! DK44 bought this hilt as a replica kit from a company named Korbanth and assembled and installed the lights, sounds and blade (plus a little extra something I’ll get to later). What is astounding is that this was DK44’s first full saber build project! He did build a Saberforge Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) lightsaber but that was fully modular which screwed together fairly easily, with no need to solder wires or cut and shape parts. This saber was built very much the same way as the original lightsaber was way back in 1976 by the special effects artists John Stears, John Mollo and Roger Dunlop . This particular hilt is made to look like the one seen used by Finn and now Rey in The Force Awakens. Here is DK44’s Graflex Lightsaber…

As you can see this is BEAUTIFUL! Sorry to raise my voice but I love this hilt. The saber is a work of art (although DK44 says he wishes he could have done better!) and has everything that you associate with the Graflex saber. The emitter with the slanted opening and metal collar that extends through the tube to form two tabs, which are affectionately called “Bunny Ears” by fans. The collar and tabs are actually the mechanism that held the flash bulb in place when the handle was used as a photographic flashgun. Just behind these Bunny Ears is the red topped activation button and below that there is the “Glass Eye”. The activation box is really the clamp that attached the flashgun to the side of the camera. But if you slot a carefully shaped piece of circuit board between the two jaws of the clamp it looks like a switch! Next down the hilt is the famous T-Track grips, the black ridged parts that form the distinctive handgrip. And to finish the hilt off there is the Graflex pommel with the D-Ring to hang the saber off your utility belt! Though I doubt this saber will be hanging on a belt it has a very nice custom stand (built by a mutual friend of DK44 and mine called Kouri, who is a whizz with 3D printing and prop making.) But you will have noticed I haven’t mentioned the blade…well I have a SECOND gallery with this beauty activated and in all it’s glory with a very special REVEAL surprise….

Yes this saber has what is called a Crystal Chamber Reveal, which shows that this saber has a “heart of Kyber”. The electronics allow the crystal to light up and actually pulses and flashes along with the blade. This feature is usually found on expensive higher end replicas but DK44 decided he wanted one in his (and with help from another friend called Vechaljian he was able accomplish the feat). The colour matches the effects seen in the film perfectly thanks to an LED that can mix two colours to make the blue light and has a white bulb that flashes when the saber hits something! I think you’ll agree this is impressive.

I’d like to thank DK44 for sharing this fantastic saber with us on this site, he was gracious enough to provide me with great photos and a full description to help me write this post (did you notice he lined up his photos like the images for my designs? Thanks man!) This shows what is achievable with determination, patience and Talent!

I am now once more approaching the end of ths special post so thanks DK44 and also to you my viewers and followers. Your support is much appreciated and I hope you will return to see future posts featuring more designs from myself and my friends…and who knows there may be more “real life replica hilts” to come! Till next time.

DK44 Designs is © Copyright of DK44 and is used here with permission. Graflex is a Trademark of Folmer Graflex Photographic Co. of New York. All Star Wars/The Force Awakens names, logos, images and other related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Finalizer Lightsaber – Inspired by kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer

Hello Everybody, as you can see after my post yesterday not only are my sabers popular but it seems that Kylo and The First Order want some. So much so that they have sent one of the most impressive Star Destroyers ever built after me…Oh wait a minute…sorry it’s just my new saber design inspired by that spaceship, The Finalizer. This ship is twice the length of an Imperial-era destroyer and has much better weaponry utilising Kyber Crystals. This means that the turbolasers are more powerful and are quicker to recharge. Not only that but this ship packs two full combat wings of Tie-Fighters, assault craft and can carry 8000 Stormtroopers! My design is going to have to be just as impressive, I hope it is but as always you can decide, Here is my Finalizer…

I used the clawed emitter to represent the “bow” of the Finalizer inspired by it’s silhouette as it flies past the planet. Emitting from the bow is a powerful Kyber Crystal powered blade, which is of course red due to Disney’s new Canon explanation of blade colours! The switch section has two cutaways (the L-shaped parts) which remind me of the hangar bays to house the Tie-Fighters. The ribs and grooves of the hilt’s body section form the numerous weapon bays and hatches where those pesky turbolasers and ventral cannons are positioned. Finally for the Finalizer saber is an FTE pommel to create the illusion that it has an Ion engine, which is why I left off the end cap plug this time!

Finalizer Silhouette Sml
Oh no! The First Order are after my sabers!

The above picture was the one that inspired me to design this saber. I hope that you liked it. Thankfully the ship isn’t really after me (though I think I could handle it 😀 ) I believe that it will be on it’s way to wherever Supreme Leader Snoke is! I am near the end of this post, but as always I want to thank you all for visiting today and would like to invite you to return to see more new designs in future. If you liked what you have seen on this site then please spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends. Till next time.

Finalizer, Kylo Ren, Snoke and all other related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Guavian Death Lightsaber – A weapon for the underworld gang

Hello Everybody, we venture back into the Star Wars universe and the world of the Underworld Gangs! Thirty years after the fall of the Galactic Empire (30yrs after Battle of Endor) the vacuum of lawlessness was filled by gangs such as the two that boarded Han Solo’s ship the Eravana. Probably the most striking of these were the Guavian Death Gang, and their negotiator Bala-Tik. You will remember the red armoured mercenaries with the faceless helmets and masks. These individuals were deadly soldiers who swore allegiance to the Gang and in return were augmented with black market, high-tech hardware including chemical enhancements. Because of their use of tech I wondered what a For Tyeth Edition lightsaber might look like had they been bought and sold on the black market and used by the Guavians, here is the result…

Guavian Foot Soldier Sml 2
Image from Toyark.com

The Guavian Death Squad enforcers wore high impact red armour and helmets (of which the masks contained communication devices) and so I gave this saber a matching coat of  red and black. The emitter has the look of the helmet with a dark black inlay to represent the faceless feature of the mask. Below the emitter there is another black segment to give the impression of the pauldrons worn on their shoulders. Further reinforcement of the image is the ribbed body section and pommel I chose to replicate the foot soldier’s footwear and shin pads. I think that the Gang would probably want to get their hands on some of these sabers. Fortunately I don’t supply the Underworld, I’m a reputable designer!Guavian Vertical Up Bala-Tik


Sorry I just had to paraphrase the film there! I am going to have to end this post shortly and make my getaway as I have more designs to come up with! Before I make the jump to hyperspace I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you for visiting today. I appreciate your continued support of this site and hope you’ll return to see more of my future posts. Till next time.

Bala-Tik, Guavian Death Squad and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.


Stormforce Lightsaber – A Slight Redesign.

Hello Everybody, today I am delving into my back catalogue of designs! This saber I designed over a year ago but as much as I liked it, it wasn’t quite perfect. I have now set that right. The problem was I intended this saber to be used by the Stormtroopers and all of their equipment is black and white in colour (I know black and white aren’t colours, they are Shades and Tones!). The saber builder only allows the four colour schemes I’ve mentioned before, Standard Dual Tone, all black, all silver or old and weathered. I wanted a white hilt with black accents, now the Stormtroopers can have one, this is that saber….Stormforce…

As I said at the beginning, this saber is old and I posted the original version 1 year and 2 weeks ago on the Saberforgeforum website’s ASP Hilt Design Page (Link no longer works – Saberforgeforum has closed). The members had discussed the fabulous concept art by Ralph McQuarrie and one particular image shows a Stormtrooper with a saber! It was originally intended by George Lucas that the Troopers also had sabers but decided against it, as just having the Jedi Knights and the Sith owning sabers gave them an aura of mystique and exclusivity. It didn’t stop fans from dreaming and designing however and a few bespoke built sabers were made by fans. In this next mini gallery are a few pictures showing the concept art, my original version of this hilt and one of the fan built Trooper sabers.

I’m afraid I can’t remember the name of the fan who built the Stormtrooper styled hilt but will credit them when my memory comes back. As you can see Stormforce lacked something when it was just silver and black, and I was so pleased when I was able to add the white effect to it.

Well that time is fast approaching, and I will have to bring this post to an end. I hope you liked my redesign (though for many of you it will have been the first time you had seen this saber  😀 !) I have a few more hilts I want to revisit and display here so I sincerely hope you too will revisit FTSabersite to see them. Thank you for your company today and your support. Till next time.

“Stormforce Lightsaber”  is a “For Tyeth Editions” design. This website, it’s design and contents including “For Tyeth Designs” are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.