Black Friday Bonus! Aren’t I kind!

Hello Everyone, as many bounty….sorry bargain hunters out there know it is BLACK FRIDAY when lots of stores have sales with amazing discounts! They describe their sales as the best in the galaxy, you would have to travel to the ends of the universe to find better prices! Sadly I won’t be getting any bargains myself as the only things in my money pouch are Gaffi Moths! So I thought the best thing I could do was have a laugh about it instead, so here are a few Memes I have made to hopefully cheer you all up if you missed out too…Anyone play Galaxy of Heroes online, some characters may be missing from the line-up…


Even the Empire and First Order want bargains!…


Chewie is having trouble buying his friend’s Christmas presents!….


Luckily I have one already, it seems I am quite collectible!…


Just to set the record straight the For Tyeth figure IS NOT AVAILABLE TO BUY IN SHOPS! I just made that up but you never know one day I may be famous enough to make a figure out of!

Though there is that look-a-like with Qui-gon Jinn everyone mentions…


So they may make me into a figure soon!

Thanks for “spending” some time with me, I will have my regular post later today where I have the next couple of Younglings Sabers, so please join me then! Till next time.

Memes were created by me from images off the Internet , all Trademark/©Copyright belong to their respective owners.

6 thoughts on “Black Friday Bonus! Aren’t I kind!”

    1. Hi Sean, yeah sorry I need a new joke book this Christmas (or birthday 😀 ). I just need to grow my beard in a bit more I think, I have a good Irish Jedi accent already! Thanks for your comments.

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