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Cat’s Claw Lightsaber – A Saber for Selina Kyle

Hello Everybody, today I have a design that is inspired by a famous female comic book villain, who later became an anti-heroine. The character was created way back in 1940 (blimey, that’s older than me!) by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. She was the on-off romantic interest for the saviour and Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman. I am talking about Selina Kyle or her alter ego…Catwoman!

Catwoman has been a favourite since 1940 (though the character had a rough time during the 50’s due to issues concerning the “Comic Code” rules) and has not only been in comics but appeared on TV and in movies. Famous actresses such as the legends, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar portrayed her in the classic 60’s Batman series with Burt Ward and the late great Adam West. On the big screen Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and most recently Anne Hathaway have taken the role of the feline femme fatale. So enough of my rambling, may I present to you the Cat’s Claw…

This design I feel has the slinky, sultry, feline look associated with our favourite Cat Criminal. The blade is a nice shade of cat’s eye green and projects from an emitter which has it’s own set of whiskers! The switch section reminds me of Catwoman’s waist and gives the saber an hour glass figure look. The body is wrapped in Catwoman’s signature black leather and represents the famous one piece catsuit and mask. To further reinforce that look the hilt is in a gloss black finish. Now I have described nearly all of the saber and I haven’t mentioned the claws yet, well the pommel is the part I chose to recreate those. The pommel is in plain metallic and kind of looks like the sharp metallic nails on the fingers of Catwoman’s gauntlets. I imagine they could do quite a bit of damage. Some of you may be thinking “Hey For, Catwoman uses a Bullwhip, not a saber!” and you would be correct but lightsabers come in different versions and one particular version is a Lightwhip. The Sith lady Lumiya from the now non-canon books and comics used one!

Catwoman 1
Catwoman Herself (DC Comics/Warner Bros.)

I am nearly out of time for this post and will soon have to bring it to an end. But never fear I still have time to thank all my regular viewers and followers for your support. It is much appreciated. My planned post for today had to change due to a situation outside my control, but hopefully no-one noticed and I will continue as normal with more new stuff in upcoming offerings. Oh yes, I also have Borommakot’s new Zodiac Series hilt up next so please join me for that. Till next time.

Catwoman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in DC Comics Batman #1. Catwoman, Selina Kyle, Batman and Gotham City and all other names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Catwoman (2004) Produced by Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, DiNovi Pictures, Frantic Films, Maple Shade Films, Catwoman Films. Distributed by Warner Bros.

Seabright Saber – Lighthouse inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, while I put finishing touches to my new Comic Con inspired hilts (and a new secret project!) I thought you might like to see a holiday photo from when I took a break last October (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging here for 10 months according to my stats page). It technically isn’t a “holiday snap” as you would have at home but a saber design inspired by an object I saw while on holiday. Now I had a break in a mobile home (I believe Americans call them RV’s) and took a trip along the coast of the Outer Rim of the UK. Dotted along this coastline were structures which looked like the pinnacles of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (made me a bit homesick) but these tall structures were lit to signal passing boats of danger! They were of course Lighthouses, and I thought I could replicate one in saber form so here is Seabright…

As you can see I tried to recreate a lighthouse and I think I’m pretty close to it. I am fortunate that lighthouses and lightsabers are tubes with lights installed (albeit on different scales!  😀 ) Starting at the bottom for a change, the pommel replicates the foundations for such a tower to stand on, whilst the switch section rests on a coupler to form the outhouse or accommodation for the lighthouse keeper (though many are now automated). I returned to an old trick I used on the saber Barkeeper Lightsaber (a concept saber for Maz Kanata) of using coupler sections to build the body so I could recreate the banded look of the main tower. The emitter is obviously meant to represent the Lantern Room where the powerful searchlight beam mechanism is located. I imagine lighthouse designers such as John Smeaton and Robert Stephenson would face similar problems as a lightsaber designer would face to make sure they get the lighting just right!

As this is a shorter post I have a bonus picture a friend sent me who warned me I was in danger when I was on my holiday – the Empire get everywhere…nearly!I dont care if hes swimming

That just about wraps things up, as you can tell I escaped from the pesky Imperials and continued my holiday. Sadly the holiday came to an end and so too this post will have to. But before I go I want to say a big thank you again for looking in and supporting the site, it’s greatly appreciated. Please call back and see what new stuff I have coming up (and details of my secret project) in upcoming posts. Till next time.

“Seabright Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition saber and the For Tyeth Meme are copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Ace Assistant Saber – Ace’s new companion

Hello Everybody, here is my new design and as you can see from the title it is for the seventh Doctor’s companion named Dorothy Gale/McShane or simply as Ace. Ace is a teenage human from a suburb of London, who has a love of chemistry but failed the exam in the subject. One day a cosmic and timesplitting incident occured whilst Ace was performing an experiment to separate Nitroglycerin from Gelignite (where on earth did a 16 year old get Gelignite?). This “Time Storm” whisks young  Ace up and transports her to the future and a frozen food retail complex called Iceworld. It is here on the planet Svartos, that she meets the Doctor and his then companion, Mel, who at the end of her adventure decides to part company and so Ace becomes the Doctor’s new Assistant. Ace would turn out to be an Ace Assistant which is apt as that is the name of my saber design for her, here is Ace Assistant…

This saber should be perfect for Ace as I based it on one of her favourite weapons….a Baseball Bat, which she once used to good effect against some Daleks back in 1963! The hilt represents the handgrip of that bat and even has a body section which looks like it is wrapped in non slip sports tape. The grip has a pommel which is called a Rebel pommel by the manufacturer. The colour scheme is black with silver and the white blade stands in for the bat’s shaft but with more of a cutting edge (sorry bad joke!) perfectly matching the bat seen onscreen.


The Doctor helped Ace by letting her learn and work things out for herself rather than just spoon feeding her knowledge. This meant Ace developed over the two earth years in which she appeared in the show and became an independant and confident young woman. Sadly BBC Television decided to end the run of the show at this time.To discover what happened to Ace you will need to read the numerous novels and check out the audio plays that are available.dr who

Ace is portrayed by the wonderful actress Sophie Aldred, who is still instantly recognisable! I am currently on my way to the Comic Convention where Miss Aldred is appearing along with Mr Harris who played Bossk in Empire Strikes Back and I hope to chat with both, and show them their sabers. Hopefully I will get their permission to let you know what they think!

I am shortly about to enter the Comic Con (depending on when you read this of course!) so will have to bring this post to an end. But please call back and see the outcome of my adventure. Whatever happens I’d like to thank Miss Aldred for bringing to life such a feisty and memorable character…always ACE!

Till next time.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. The Cybermen, Dr Who, Ace, the TARDIS and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.

Mondas – Saber for a Cybernaut

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber that I had mislaid but have rediscovered! It started as I looked up details about the Comic Con I am attending on Sunday. I knew about Mr Harris who played Bossk being there, but I have since discovered details of another special guest. This person appeared in Dr Who and had a run in with the characters that inspired this saber. I will tell you more about this special guest later, but now I need to present my saber for the space warriors known as the Cybermen. They come from a planet of ice and my saber shares the name of that planet, this is…MONDAS…

So, this saber is based on the warriors, the Cybermen. The emitter is representing the boots this time and the switch is the legs of the figure. The body has the diamond cut knurling which reminds me of the Cybermen’s suits…but the crowning glory of this design (at least I think so) is the pommel, which at a glance looks like the famous helmet of the Cybermen life support unit.

Hopefully you can see where I got the inspiration, I think it’s a pretty close similarity! There are ridges on the side which look like the tubes either side of the Cyberman’s head. Plus as I type this, I have just noticed that there is an oblong slot in the pommel that matches the one on the forehead of the helmet!

The Cybermen, The Doctor and Ace (source BBC TV)

As you can see from the picture the Doctor and his companion posed for publicity shots, and hopefully I will get the chance to meet one of the six people in the picture above on Sunday. If all goes to plan I will be able to tell you all about it in an upcoming post with an accompanying saber design. I hope you will join me then to find out who I get to meet and see the new hilt!

I am running out of time here, as I have to make myself look presentable to go out on Sunday (the Jedi do let their beards get untidy sometimes!). But I want to thank everyone who has visited the site recently and those who have supported me long term. Please do spread the word of FTSabersite and call back to see more. Till next time.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. The Cybermen, Dr Who, Ace, the TARDIS and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.

Golden Warrior Lightsaber – Gold Edition

Hello Everybody, today we are celebrating the crowning of the new NBA Champions – the Golden State Warriors. Firstly I have to congratulate BOTH the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State for their efforts in sporting competition. The finals matches were entertaining (from my limited knowledge of the sport as I’m new to the game!). The Warriors got off to a stellar start and lead three games to nil but the Cavaliers won game four, hinting at a comeback. At 3-1 the decisive game five started and as is usual the score swung one way then the other. However there seemed to be a subtle difference in this game which I will discuss after I show you the limited edition Golden Warrior….

Since I first posted Golden Warrior Lightsaber I have learnt how to apply layers of colour to the gallery pictures to replicate Powder Coating techniques. So as a result Golden Warrior does indeed have a golden sheen now! I feel it actually works nicely and wish I could have produced this earlier as my friend MommyHoldMe would have loved it. I hope he gets to see this as unfortunately I have lost contact with him. Speaking of  “missing” friends, the Cavaliers seemed to be missing the aggressiveness that they displayed in Game Four that hinted at the comeback. The Cav’s star player, LeBron James didn’t seem to have the same impact as normal whereas Golden State’s players gelled as a team with Durant having an MVP game. However as I say I’m no expert but that was the impression I got from the game.

Well the Golden State Warriors are your 2017 NBA Champions and I’ll let them return to the Oracle Arena and San Francisco with their Golden Warrior GE Saber to celebrate – but please guys – don’t paint the city gold!

I am approaching the end of this post but would like to thank all of my viewers and followers for checking out this update. I have had visitors from Italy and Russia this past week indicating word is spreading about FTSabersite, so thanks for the support and please keep telling friends about the site. I would love to see you and your friends here again to check out new designs in my upcoming posts. Till next time.

Golden State Warriors and their logo are Trademarks/©Copyright of the NBA. The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower and GSW logo images were obtained from Wikimedia.

Flotilla Lightsaber – Tribute to the United States Naval Academy

Hello Everybody, I have found another “old” design to show you today, or rather I have rebuilt an old one. This saber I designed for a friend by the name of SamRoss04 who asked if a tribute saber could be created for the armed forces Memorial Day. In particular he asked for a saber that acknowledged the United States Naval Academy or NAVY. I took up the request and as I always do, did a bit of research to find facts and aspects I could try to incorporate into the hilt. It wasn’t difficult….as soon as I saw the academy’s crest I knew exactly how to proceed! So I will now present my tribute to the Navy Academy….this is….Flotilla….

This is Flotilla and if any of you have seen the crest of the Naval Academy you may recognise where I took this idea from. If you haven’t seen it (it’s in the title image above) here is a close up image of it.

When I saw the standard torches I thought Lightsabers.

I immediately focused in on the two standard Torches either side of the central shield and thought “they look like lightsabers!” so I made my design to resemble them. The saber has an Amber blade to replicate the licks of flame. I used two parts, the switch and body sections, that had diamond cut knurling to replicate the cross bands that circle the torches’ handles. The emitters and pommels give the decorative antique look to the hilt that gives it an air of history, even though this is very much a modern weapon! I hope this is befitting for the Academy, which is the second oldest of the five branches of the military. Just a few facts, the academy is situated in Annapolis, 33 miles south of Baltimore, Maryland and was established on 10th Oct 1845. After being nominated the would be recruits train for four years before obtaining their commissioned status to go on and serve in either the Navy or as a Marine Corps officer. And the Academy motto reads “Through Knowledge Sea Power”.

Well, I wish I had four years to type out these posts but sadly I don’t and time is up! I will have to end here but as always I’d like to thank all the folks who have looked in and supported me and the site. I am working to come up with new concepts and themes so please do call back to see those (and some from my friends) in upcoming offerings. Till next time.

The United States Naval Academy (U.S.N.A.) is part of the US Military/Defense Dept. All insignia and related names and material are properties of the United States Govt. Military/Defense Dept.

Trillian’s Toaster – Lightsaber Knife

Hello Everybody, welcome back. I had a strange dream last night and dreamt that an intergalactic construction company had won a contract to build an interplanetary highway….the only problem? They need to destroy planet Earth which happens to be in the way of the new road! Well I would need something nutritious if I were about to take on this problem…I need some…Toast! But don’t worry, I was only dreaming about the movie “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. However it got me thinking and you may remember that Trillian (played by Zooey Deschanel) had a rather nifty little gadget….a Lightsaber Toasting Knife. Well, here is my attempt to recreate one, this is Trillian’s Toaster….

As you can see I have tried to recreate the knife Trillian uses to slice the loaf of bread. The cool thing about it was that it toasted the bread at the same time. This design I hope is equally cool. It has the same red blade which is activated by twisting the two coupler sections (the two ring sections) on the body. One ring activates the saber/knife and the second ring adjusts the length of the blade. This wouldn’t work in real life but you could use a regular length blade, then swap it for a short (6-8inches) long blade used on Kylo Ren style cross-guard sabers which would look more knife-like!

“Can I cut through anything with this?”

As you can see my version is fairly accurate, to be honest the original was just an ordinary three rivet paring knife found in most kitchen knife blocks, and Industrial Light and Magic (ILM the special effects company set up by George Lucas!) added the lightsaber blade! So the handle might be different but the blade looks the same  😀 !

Now after all this designing I really feel hungry, please could I have some…

Image from Yourprops.com


I hope you enjoyed this little design (and breakfast!). It might be early in the day but I am running out of time for this post and will have to end shortly. But first I’d like to thank you all once again for visiting and supporting me and FTSabersite, you are all very much appreciated. Please call back to see what designs I have coming up from myself and my friends in future posts. Till next time.

Trillian and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy were created by Douglas Adams. Trillian, The Hitchhiker’s Guide and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Douglas Adams, Touchstone Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Everyman Pictures.

Bounty Lightsaber – Bossk’s Bounty

Hello Everybody, today I have another hilt I have been working on and I want to post this one as I may have the chance to meet this guy shortly, but more on that later! This is a saber for an anti-hero type Bounty Hunter who took his job seriously and did it with “honour”, so much so he belonged to the bounty hunter’s guild. He had many quarries to catch and had varying success. He worked with various other hunters including the likes of Dengar, Aura Sing, the legendary Boba Fett and even Ezra Bridger(?). But I think this character is an unsung legend and his name is Bossk, son of Cradossk. Bossk is a Trandoshan, the race of humanoid reptiles that were infamous for hunting Wookies (sorry Chewie!). Bossk’s weapon of choice is a Relby-v-10 Mortar Gun but he may decide to use a saber after he sees…Bossk’s Bounty…

I think you can see what I attempted here, the saber sort of looks like Bossk himself from top to bottom! The emitter I felt had a bit of a facial look to it and when coated in the powder coat called Mocha Metallic gives it the alien reptilian look of Bossk’s head. The body replicates Bossk’s flight-suit with it’s yellow main casing and the white ribbed grip section. The suit in reality was actually a high altitude survival suit for RAF pilots called a Windak suit. The white vest like chest piece is part of the air supply filtering system I believe. The suit is so Sci-Fi looking it was used in a few other British Sci-Fi TV shows! The switch is a fairly standard one just functional really, but the pommel I used is a little gift to Bossk. Let me explain, when I went to the cinema way back in time to watch Empire Strikes Back and saw Bossk on screen I was slightly concerned that he didn’t have boots to protect his feet (you may remember the scene on Darth Vader’s ship with the other bounty hunters and Bossk’s claws were hanging over the edge of the platform they were stood on.) As a result I decided to use this pommel to look like boots…but his toes STILL stick out, those are the little brown accents. I think I may have designed the first pair of Trandoshan Toe Boots…hmm I might have to branch out into fashion design too  😀 !

Stick with sabers Tyeth!

That was Bossk himself and I hope he likes his new saber design, if not the boots! Now I mentioned earlier that I may have the chance to “meet” Bossk shortly, well I hope to get to visit a Comic Con where the actor who portrayed him will be attending! The gentleman’s name is Alan Harris, and he also appeared in the next film Return of the Jedi as Bossk too. He is very versatile as he also played a Stormtrooper and was a stand-in double for Terence Stamp! Hopefully I might be able to get his/Bossk’s opinion on my design!

I will have to let you all know how that goes, if I can snag tickets to the convention. But I am afraid time is running out here and I need to bring this post to an end. As always thank you for looking in today, I realise you have to wait a little longer for my designs but I hope it’s worth it. Your support is really appreciated. So please call back and see what I have in store in my upcoming posts…Till next time.

Bossk, Empire Strikes Back and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd. 2017.



Mon Calamarian Lightsaber – A Sub-Aquatic Saber

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber I am pleased with, so we will need to check our Jedi Respirators and your SCUBA diving gear as we visit Mon Cala! This saber I designed a long time back but only just rediscovered it and I envisaged that it belonged to Gial Ackbar. Gial Ackbar was born (hatched?) and raised on the aquatic world of Mon Cala where he became the Captain of the Mon Calamari Guard and chief military advisor to the King, Yos Kolina. However this was during the time of the Clone Wars and nothing stayed peaceful for long, even under water. Sadly King Kolina was assassinated by Separatist Riff Tamson, but the credit for the crime was taken by another faction so as to start a civil war on the planet. As a result a new King couldn’t be crowned which Darth Sidious sensed as an opportunity to take advantage. He sent Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) to muddy the waters. This prompted the Republic and the Jedi Council to send Senator Amidala and Anakin Skywalker to assist Mon Cala. Anakin had a saber so I thought Gial Ackbar would benefit from owning one so here is my design for him, this is Mon Calamarian…

I attempted to capture the look of the creature that probably inspired the look and design of Gial Ackbar, the Squid! The emitter has a oceanic cyan coloured blade and is reminiscent of the pointed bulbous head of the squid and Ackbar himself. The switch and body have scale like accents and blocks to represent the coarse skin of the calamari. The pommel is once again one of my FTE Emitter Pommels, and looks perfect as the tentacles that help propel the squid through the water and catches it’s prey.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Admiral Ackbar (Tim Rose) Photo Credit: David James ©Lucasfilm 2015

As you can see from the picture above Gial Ackbar is of course Admiral Ackbar famous for leading the Rebel Alliance against the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, oh and his famous line “IT’S A TRAP!”. With help from Anakin and another Jedi, Kit Fisto, Gial Ackbar was able to win the battle for his home world. A new King was crowned and new allegiances pledged. Ackbar went on to command in the Rebel Alliance and much later was enlisted by General Leia to help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order and Starkiller Base.

So that was Mon Calamarian and we have learned a few facts, firstly, Admiral Gial Ackbar was a formidable military tactician for many years and secondly, Lightsabers can be made to work UNDERWATER! (You can see Anakin’s saber used underwater in the Clone Wars cartoon telling the above story of the battle for Mon Cala, so it is canon!) I hope you liked this offering and will return to see more new designs in upcoming posts. Thank you for looking in today and supporting FTSabersite! Till next time.

Admiral Gial Ackbar, The Clone Wars and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

Plagueis Lightsaber – Weapon of the “Wise”

Hello Everybody, this design is a little later than usual but I decided that the Star Wars 40th Anniversary should be celebrated a bit longer. The anniversary celebrated Star Wars being released in theatres around the galaxy and the story of the Skywalker family. Well another “myth” or story we heard in Revenge of the Sith revolved around a mysterious character some people believed was Supreme Leader Snoke in TFA. Whilst in the theatre on Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine retold a tale about Plagueis the Wise, a Sith Lord who had the power to manipulate the Force and Midichlorians to produce life and as a result cheat death. Palpatine also explained that Plagueis was so powerful the only thing he was afraid of was losing that power. Unfortunately for Plagueis, his apprentice killed him in his sleep (having first been plied heavily with alcohol). The Rule of Two dictated that there could only be one Master and one Apprentice at any given time. Plagueis’ apprentice had found a student of his own to teach and felt he could learn no more from his own master so killed Plagueis. Well that was part of the story, but you have been waiting for a saber design so here is Plagueis Lightsaber…

This is my Plagueis inspired design. As Plagueis is part of the Expanded Universe/Legends stories and was only briefly mentioned by Palpatine, we haven’t seen an official canon image of him or his weapon. However there was a novel written by James Luceno and a range of Collectors Figurines based on him. I based this design on the illustrations taken from graphic novels etc. The saber has a very old look to it (akin to something from the Old Republic Era). The hilt is heavily weathered as if it has been lost a long time. I have to point out this saber DOES  NOT have a dedicated pommel. I used a Coupler with a blade plug inserted into the end to recreate the vented pommel seen in the illustration below.

With a little bit of tweaking it should be possible to use the coupler and blade plug as a pommel but I think it looks quite accurate considering  😀 The second picture above shows what the saber may have looked like when new and cared for. (There are also some people who believe Plagueis used a saber pike like the one supplied with the figurine, just for clarity!)

Well folks, that was some of the story about Plagueis the Wise. I hope you enjoyed it and the design. I need to take this opportunity to let you all know I may be posting less frequently from now on. There are two reasons, firstly I have posted every day for the past 8 months and in most posts I delivered a new design (some were from my valued Guest Designers) but now I need to slow down. Secondly finding a good strong theme to base a hilt on is getting difficult (be it finding a character or ship or Sports team etc). To make these designs stand out I need to do more work on them which takes time. So please bear with me and keep calling into FTSabersite as I continue working on new stuff. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you all once more. Till next time.

Darth Plagueis was created by George Lucas and appeared in the James Luceno novel “Darth Plagueis”. All Trademarks/©Copyrights belong to their respective owners.