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“The Last Wish Obsidian Edition” saber – This one could get “Messi”

Hello Everybody and welcome to today’s offering! I hope you enjoyed our trip to Middle Earth last week and the side trip to Wellington, New Zealand to visit the WETA Workshop Caves. That was such an awesome adventure into fantasy that I thought I’d bring you another fantasy themed hilt today and the final hilt in my Puss in Boots series – The Obsidian variant. This saber represents what could happen if our little cat friend Puss ever decided to turn to the Dark Side to achieve immortality (well he is close to losing his ninth life sooo maybe he’s desperate). The saber is suitably dark so here is “The Last Wish – Obsidian”….

This version of the rapier style saber has a unique coating of black Obsidian, a tough, hard as diamonds rock, that is ground down to a powder and applied to the hilt like a powder coating on metallic furniture, gates and car parts. As a result these parts are extremely protected and durable .They also look very sinister being all black – however the floral etching on the handbasket guard still shows up quite nicely. Sadly though as you can see this saber has a red blade and look closely and you’ll see the cat’s eyes in the pommel have also changed to red! Poor kitty! Anyhow I had better show you Gallery Two as I have someone really cute to introduce you to afterwards….

Now these last three images show the saber in it’s inactive mode with the blade in it’s distinct black look, then with the blade lit where the energy field “wraps” around the blade making it red. The last picture is of Puss himself showing how he’d look using it – but don’t worry it is just a camera trick/photo edit I did. As far as I know Puss is still the cute little guy we know and love….speaking of cute loveable little guys…onto this week’s travelogue photos form New Zealand….the cuteness will go off the charts!….

Whilst I was down under I met up with a whole menagerie of wildlife! I visited several wildlife parks and conservation sites but in the region around Rotorua is a special place named Paradise Valley Springs and it was awesome. There were native animals including birds, insects, mammals and reptiles that included Wallabies, Wombats, Deer, Parakeets, even Cassowaries but this park had some special residents….please meet Messi the lion cub! Now Messi is a young cub around 2-3 months old and he and his sister appear daily for park visitors to get up close and personal with. And what an honour and experience that was! Messi wasn’t even a quarter of the size he will grow to be but even at this young age he was formidable. His paws looked small at first but when he flattened them out and stretched they were huge. And he was all muscle. But what was so memorable was actually getting to stroke the little lion. Of course this was done under proper supervision and the utmost care taken . The handlers were fantastic explaining how and why the cubs were at the park and the work that they do, Now Jedi have an affinity with animals and it seemed that Messi and I connected as I filed past him (and his sister, who by now was sleeping). When it was my turn to stoke him I was amazed by how soft his coat was yet it was still coarse to withstand desert conditions. I think he sensed I was a friend and as I parted he did this…

AW! Don’t go Tyeth….Come Back!

He rolled onto his back and started looking for me! Sadly I had to leave as time was running short and it was time for his bedtime. Again I could have spent 2 maybe 3 whole days at Paradise Valley Springs but as ever my hectic schedule prevented me doing so….but I’ll never forget Messi!

And that’s about it for today I hope you enjoyed The Last Wish Obsidian and you managed to survive Messi’s cuteness! I will have more sabers and more travel/wildlife pictures in upcoming posts but for now I will have to end here, Thanks so much for visiting today and all the support you give. whether you are a newcomer or a regular to FTSabersite it really does help me keep posting. If you liked what you saw then please consider leaving a comment, like or even subscribe (if you haven’t already) to get notifications of my new postings. Till next time…..

“The Last Wish Saber – Obsidian Edition” is a For Tyeth Editions lightsaber design inspired by Dreamworks Studios’ character “Puss in Boots” and his rapier sword seen in the movie “The Last Wish”. The design, model and renders were created by For Tyeth using Blender 3D and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2023. “Puss in Boots”, “The Last Wish” and all other names, logos, images and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of Dreamworks Studios.

“The Last Wish” Saber Antique edition – Inspired by Puss in Boots

Hello Everybody, a month ago I posted a design inspired by Dreamworks Animations’ Puss in Boots movie “The Last Wish” after I saw the trailer for it online. Having later seen a few more clips of the movie and the Rapier sword in question, I realised my original version was a bit “too clean and new” considering it was meant to belong to a cat that was living his ninth and final(?) life…..so I had to rectifiy my model and retextured the saber to better fit a “worn and used weapon nearing the end of it’s uesfulness”. This is the retextured “The Last Wish – Antique Edition”….

I feel that this dark brown/bronze colour better suits an antique than the shiny silver I used on my original effort. The new texture also contrasts better with the black leather wrappings and the illuminated blade and “Cat’s Paw” activation switch. Finally, another benefit is that the “Spirograph” style floral etching on the handguard basket looks much more engraved into the model. Ok folks onto Gallery Two and the close ups and details…

Whilst modifying this saber I also had the idea to make a version based on the possibility of “What if Puss in Boots was a Sith Darksider”? So I also made a third variant which I will be posting soon in a future post so please keep your eyes peeled for that one too. Not only do I have the third Puss in Boots version, but next week we will be returning to the Star Wars “Visions” universe with a design built for a cybernetic boy scientist who unfortunately defies his creator, which brings terrible consequences. However the “boy” continues his creator’s work which leads to a second confrontation!. But for now I will have to end as things still haven’t settled for me and I’m still finding life a bit hectic at the moment….but then I am a Jedi Master and should be ready for anything I suppose!

So I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has checked this post out today and as ever for ALL the fantastic support I have received. All the comments and kind words do inspire me to keep working on this site (especially as I have seen a few stalwarts shut down their blogs sadly). Please call back for further new material and if you like what you see here, maybe spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends…everyone is welcome and I’d be pleased to see some new faces here. Thanks again and…..Till next time…..

“The Last Wish Saber – Antique Edition” is a For Tyeth Editions lightsaber design inspired by Dreamworks Studios’ character “Puss in Boots” and his rapier sword seen in the movie “The Last Wish”. The design, model and renders were created by For Tyeth using Blender 3D and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2023. “Puss in Boots”, “The Last Wish” and all other names, logos, images and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of Dreamworks Studios.

“The Last Wish Saber” inspired by Puss in Boots – The Last Wish

Helloo Evarebohdee!….Iya ahm Pouse in Boo…..WHOA! Wait a minute! Er hello everybody, sorry for the slight interruption – a famous feline seems to have come to visit today! Yes as you may realise from the title image above I have been joined by the fearless feline (his words) Puss in Boots! It turns out that he is starring in possibly his final film titled “The Last Wish” which opened in cinemas last night (Friday 3rd in the UK) and he’s come to ask me a favour. In the movie Puss is about to embark on a big mission of his own and feels he needs something special to help him succeed…he’d like me to…..

Pleeze Meester Tyeth make mee a Lazur Sword…pretty pleeze?

He’d like me to make him a lightsaber! He had seen the Rapier styled sabers I had 3D modelled a while ago and thought they were nice and would like one for himself for his mission. He already owns a normal rapier but wants a blade that has let’s say, a sharper claw! A lightsaber Rapier would be just right. I asked him a few questions about what he wanted it to look and feel like and he said, “Elegahnt, mysterioose….and dangeroose….joost like mee! It has tooh be guud in a duel and the bestest whepon in the Far, Faraway Kingdom!” So I set to work designing a new hilt….this is “The Last Wish”….

I attempted to build a saber much like the one he owned already (seen in the third picture) but our furry little friend was a little disappointed with it asking, “I thawt yoo wer going too build a Lazur Sword? Vis eez just a normal blayde!”. I told him to calm down because just like all cats this saber doesn’t reveal it’s claw(s) till needed! I told him press the “Cat’s Claw” activation switch and get ready…..he did and Hey Presto!….

His intant response was….”MEEEOW!!!!…..Eetsa LAZUR SWORD! Peeety!” and began swinging it around. Fortunately Puss is a skilled swordscat and managed to avoid slicing up my workshop. I told him he needed to be calm using this saber as it is very powerful. Once he calmed I was able to point out the finer details of the hilt. First and most obvious this saber has a scabbard that retracts to reveal the plasma blade inside. The hilt is also in a classic silver and black colour scheme (though as always there are variants I have lined up for future posts). The handgrip has a luxurious leather wrapping behind the siver basket guard dome. And the basket dome features a similar floral Spiro-graph loop decoration etched into it. As the saber is very similar to Puss’ regular rapier sword he felt very comfortable with this saber and was drawn to the distinct pommel. It is in the shape of a cat’s head!..Here are a few more pictures in Gallery Three…

The first image is the picture I used as reference to create the floral loop decoration on the basket dome. You can also see the ornate cossguard bar which helps to balance a rapier blade – very important with a blade made of super powerful plasma! The pommel you will see sorta resembles a cat’s head and face. When the saber is idle the “cat’s eyes” are closed as if having a “cat-nap” sleep but when the blade is activated they open and shine in a matching colour to the blade itself! I truly think this saber is fit for a feline fighter such as Puss in Boots! I hope he thinks so too….

Oh I approoove Meester Tyeth! Tank yoo so much!

Hooray another happy customer! I also hope you are all happy too and enjoyed this design, it was a bit different than normal and so much fun to model – unusually everything I tried to incorporate worked out including the etching which fitted purr-fectly! Heck, did I just say “purr-fectly”? I need a rest, I’m not feline too well. Good Grief! I will end this post in a moment but first I want to thank you all as usual for all your support…

Whether this is your first visit or you are a regular caller to FTSabersite, thanks for all the fantastic comments and the likes you leave, they mean a lot. Hopefully you will return next week when I’ll be showing off a saber inspired by Marvels’ super Anti-hero with the initials WWW….who will be appearing in his THIRD movie in 2024 (I’m a bit early with this one!). Till next time….

“The Last Wish Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by Dreamworks Animations’ “Puss in Boots – The Last Wish”. The 3D model and renders were created by For Tyeth/FTSabersite and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2023. The character “Puss in Boots” is appearing in the new animated movie “Puss in Boots – The Last Wish” and should be in cinemas at the time of posting. The movie and characters (and all other names, logos and related material) are Trademark/©Copyright of Dreamworks Animations 2004-2023.

The Order of Knighthood Rapier lightsaber by PsychoSith

Hello Everybody….yes I am still here! As some may know last Saturday I had another “Technical Issue” but I was able to re-install Windows (4th time since February) and I seem to have the latest build available and it is now updated. This means I have the privilege of bring a long awaited new saber from my friend PsychoSith from the lightsaber forum I frequent.

As some may remember PsychoSith is a fantastic artist (though he doesn’t think so due to being very modest) and creates fabulous pencil and ink pictures of lightsabers. He designs hilts for characters in his own Fan Fiction stories he writes and for other members of the forum. (You can see his work here: http://www.saberforum.com/index.php?topic=41788.0 and here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/tag/psychosith-sabers/) He even drew a gorgeous version of my Thor inspired “Asguard” saber. Well his latest design is called “The Order of Knighthood” and has a ceremonial look and feel to it and rightly so, it attracted a lot of compliments and then the requests for me to make a 3D render of it flowed in. So I didn’t want to disappoint and set to work. Here is the first gallery showing Psycho’s awesome drawing and my wireframe tests…

The artwork is again beautiful but I had a bit of difficulty interpreting what the handgrip actually consisted of, it looked like it had lots of “octopus style” suction cups but I decided to go with a “Grenade Grip” with raised blocks. I did manage to recreate the pommel fairly closely and the crystal fixture looked pretty good. However I had a BIG challenge in replicating the guards over the handgrip. Unfortunately I only had one sideways on image to work from so I couldn’t tell that the guard was meant to be a curved plate and it looked like two curved rods. So I modelled the guards as two sweeping bars that form a sort of cage or “whiskers”. I was fairly pleased so far so I sent Psycho a few test renders, here they are in gallery two…

I was so pleased when Psycho replied and said he liked the guards – they were something he hadn’t considered and they made the hilt less bulky. He also asked if I could add a bit more colour in the form of a few gold accents and so I worked on the tweaks. Here are a few more pictures with the added bling, switch and blades….

Again, I felt this hilt was coming together nicely so I saved copies of the files up to my cloud storage (luckily!) and sent the new renders for approval. Psycho once more liked the updates and we sort of ended the conversation there but I still felt there was a few things I could add. So I placed an etch above the switch, modified the crystal feature and worked on a second colour scheme. I will be honest, the etch in the following pictures isn’t the original image I carved into the hilt. Sadly I lost that image file when my laptop glitched on Saturday and so I have had to quickly add a new graphic and render these over the past 2-3 days. I think it still works ok, here are more pics!…..

You may notice that the crystal feature “disappeared” but don’t worry it is just the modification I made so that the crystal is housed safely in the handgrip during use but can spring open to have it displayed (or make alterations to it’s settings). The etch sort of works still but could be sharper but I was pushed for time.

Have you had enough pictures? Of course not! I mentioned I made a second colour scheme so here is a final gallery of the Sith variant for the Dark Side followers…

I am seriously thinking of making a third version of this hilt in black and gold but with a Jedi green blade for myself! I really like this hilt, so much so I wish I had come up with the design. Thankfully PsychoSith sort of lets me share!

Well that just about brings this post to an end and I hope you like this rather elegant offering. I’d like to thank PsychoSith for allowing me to share his talents with you all. It very nearly didn’t happen but I am determined to keep blogging and posting no matter what “issues” I suffer. I will say I have lost some of my files that I was in the process of uploading to the “cloud” once again but have enough I saved to last a few weeks. Hopefully you will call back to check out what I have left to display while I work on building more new sabers.

So thank you for checking out this awesome PsychoSith saber and for supporting me and my site. Whether this is your first visit or if you are a regular caller, you’re all very much appreciated. Till next time…..

“The Order of Knighthood” saber is a PsychoSith Sabers design, modelled in 3D by For Tyeth. All the artwork here including the sketches, design, 3D model and renders are ©Copyright of PsychoSith Sabers and For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020.

“Montoya Saber” – Inspired by Inigo

Hello Everybody, today I bring you my second Rapier style lightsaber which is a inspired by a character from the 1987 hit film “The Princess Bride”. “Inconceivable!” you can’t make a saber made of light! Well, I proved last week that it is possible with my “Master Z” saber for Zorro, so I have built one for “My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father….prepare to die!”. Technically this saber is just an inspired by version of his rapier as I am working on a more accurate version (coming soon I hope but it is complex, very complex). But this saber is quite complex itself and to show you I have a couple of wireframe pictures for you to take a look at…

I can now make much more complicated objects now I have an I5 processor powered laptop. It can compute all the data for the polygons and the texturing which makes the models look so much more realistic. As you can see in the picture the handguard is in fact a wire basket and Blender/my laptop has to map out the position, size and shape of each little strut within that basket, hence the big strain on the computer and software! Luckily Blender has some clever tricks called “Modifiers” used to make modelling easier and one is called “Wireframe Modifier”. I have used this technique before on my “Spidey Saber” to make the web like shrouds, but it was perfect for this saber too to make the basket shaped guard. The wireframe modifier turned the bowl shaped part into a wire framework – a bit like early 3D computer game graphics – and allows me to alter the thickness of each strut to make the frame look “solid”. The ornamental globes on the pommel and at each end of the Quillon bar are also Wireframes but have a set of panels beneath the wires to fill in the gaps. I can make the struts one colour but the panels can be coloured differently giving the globes that Faberge like look! And speaking of coloured pictures I think it’s time to show you the Glamour Shot gallery…enjoy….

I decided to go with a regal black and gold colour scheme with an amber/gold blade. Now I have added the texture graphics you can see the complexity of the struts making the basket handguard. I was able to select certain rows of struts and rotate them clockwise around the saber, then selected a second set of struts and rotated those counter-clockwise to create a zig-zagged pattern or swirl effect. I can just imagine my old (but much loved) previous laptop being asked to model this and it saying, “Please don’t make me try and build this!”

I also decided that as “The Princess Bride” became such a classic cult film I would make a few posters for this hilt…

These are nothing too fancy just some toying around with object placement and lighting. Also, I normally add the lettering and text in a photo-editing package known as GIMP (which stands for Gnu Image Manipulation Program), but Blender can also add text as a 2D layer in Compositing Mode (where you build images/videos in layers) or as in this case, I added a 3D model of the text! Blender even allows you to type a word or text, then convert it into a 3D model which you can edit, morph and add textures. This now means I only need to fire up Blender to do all my workload to create my designs and images.

And finally, as I mentioned above this is just an “inspired by” version of Inigo Montoya’s hilt – I am working on building something that looks a lot closer to the real thing for a future post – however it is very, very complex and I am working hard on it…this is the real prop I am hoping to recreate…wish me luck!

The real Inigo Montoya Rapier hilt (as seen in The Princess Bride 1987)

I think that just about wraps up this post and design. I will be working on the proper Montoya hilt and will post it as soon as possible but in the meantime I have a few other new things to post for you. These include Darth Maul’s new saberstaff from the new Clone Wars season 7, a whole new collection of original For Tyeth designs and as Disney/Lucasfilm has announced a new project named “The High Republic” which is set 200 years before The Phantom Menace I am going to attempt designing some sabers for the new sagas to come! I hope you will call back to FTSabersite to see those. I want to say a big thank you to all who visit and support me and FTSabersite, especially the viewer who logged in from New Caledonia! Thank you whoever you are and I hope you liked what you saw. Whether a new or regular visitor/supporter, thank you – you’re much appreciated and are what keeps me designing! Till next time….

“Montoya Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. It is inspired by the sword seen in the movie “The Princess Bride” and all names, quotes, images or related material are Trademarked/©Copyright of Act III Communications, Buttercup Films Ltd and The Princess Bride Ltd. 1987-2020.