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I am a Star Wars fan and Lightsaber enthusiast who discovered a talent for designing Lightsabers. I am now into my second year of running my blog and have still got more designs to display. But more importantly, I have made a lot of new friends along my journey so far. So please have a look around I hope we get to chat.

Paladin Defenders Revisited – FT’s New Blender Version

Hello everybody, nice to see you again – and I mean that literally…my eye has returned to normal and I can see clearly again. And as a result I have been able to work hard on this post and design. You may remember a few weeks ago I posted a design based on Voltron Legendary Defenders the cartoon anime series about a group of five intergalactic heroes who battle to keep Earth safe. The defenders, known as Paladins have a range of gadgets ranging from grappling hooks to broadswords. They also have five mechanised “Lions” that the Paladins pilot. These Lions can combine to form a large humanoid shaped robot and that robot has a bladed weapon. It is this weapon I chose to try and pay tribute to with an “inspired by” design to help me really get to grips with the 3D modelling software Blender. So to my good friend DK44 and his younglings, who are BIG Voltron fans, and to you my viewers this is my redesigned Paladin Defender…

I used this build to try out a few different techniques, the first of which was getting a grip on using different materials. Sorry if the pics don’t show it up very well but the back edge of the blade has a metallic sheen to it highlighting the acrylic blade I showcased in my last post. The second technique involves using two materials on the same object. The handgrip demonstrates this as it is two tone, with a gloss yellow and matt black colours which I think really makes the yellow details “Pop”. The main handgrip (the upper grey one) I used as a sculpting project. Using the “Subdivide” and “Loop Edge Cuts” functions I was able to create the ridges in the handle by segmenting it then scaling the segments appropriately. The same applied to the red and silver Tsuba hand guard which was an exercise in shaping the part and adding multiple materials. So I had an upper and lower handgrip, a Tsuba hand guard, a back edge spine and an acrylic blade…all I had to do was line up the parts and group them together and I had the finished hilt! The pics above were from the Blender workspace so here are a few more “beauty” shots of the hilt…

That just about wraps up this post and design but I just have time to mention a conversation I had with DK44 where he thought I was making a “Voltron Katana”…well Paladin Defender is not quite a katana but is Voltron themed! However as a way to get you and DK44 to come back and see future posts, guess what?….I have also built a Voltron Katana! So please call back to see that in my next couple of posts. Your support is fantastic and much appreciated. I have to go now and begin designing my own range of hilts. Till next time.

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Building Blades – Adventures into Acrylics and Curves

Hello Everybody, sorry this post is a few hours late but I have had a few setbacks this past week. Firstly one of my elderly relatives has had an accident and was hospitalised. Secondly I live in a cave/workshop which is bordered by public playing fields…but unfortunately a certain section of the public have decided to set up camp on the field with their caravans. Worse though, they are joy-riding around in their cars and box vans on the field and public paths which could cause an accident as there are children and dog walkers etc who use these play areas. They don’t directly affect me, but are distracting at all hours of the day and night. Thirdly I had to venture into town to get supplies and in the Outer Rim of the UK where I am there is a bit of a heatwave….well that triggers lots of pollen which has triggered a really bad reaction so my eye has been bloodshot and swollen shut for around 48hrs!

However there is good news I got a new “pet” mouse but this one has three buttons and a scroll wheel! Yes I have a new computer mouse so using Blender is now much easier. There are functions in the software that require a scroll wheel to use effectively and now I can! (And the mouse is even illuminated so I can work in the dark 😀 !) I have also made a little progress on learning new things and can now make an object appear to be made of acrylic or glass. Now as you know most lightsabers use a blade made of a plasma-like energy but I am working on a non Star Wars themed hilt which requires a transparent blade. So here are a couple of pics showing how my new blades look….

These pictures also show I have learnt how to add objects together. The hilt handle was imported and added to the blade file I was working on (to the Blender experts this is known as “Appending files”). So now I can make really complex shapes in separate parts, then import them into one file and arrange them to make a final product! This gives much more flexibility and should I make a complete mess of say a hilt handle, I can delete the handle but still retain the blade safely. The hilt I am working on is complex and here are a couple of test fitting images to show my progress…

Yes in the first image the blade was way out of proportion and shape but with the new technique to combine parts it was much easier to reopen the file for the blade I built, edit it then re-import the new blade. There is also the hand grip (grey part) and a Tsuba, or handguard which is red. Some of you may recognise the saber just from these parts but as another teaser and hint here’s one final image for today that may help identify which show it is from…

Sneak Preview 2 MK
A group of five “Lions”

Sorry but I am still not feeling 100% so please excuse me as I finish here and get some Jedi Anti-Allergy capsules! Thank you so much for looking in today, it means a lot to know I am supported (especially from the 3 visitors from the USA who contributed 115 views between you on the 3rd July – I hope you liked the Katanas!) Please call back to see my progress in future posts and if you like what you see here be sure to tell your friends about FTSabersite….it would be most appreciated! Till next time…..

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Speeder Lightsaber – Revisited in Blender 3D

Hello Everybody, today I return to my “Themed” sabers and one particular theme I had last year was my MotoGP inspired hilts. I created a design then applied a paint scheme to represent the main manufacturers and race teams. I had Yamaha, DucatiSuzuki and Honda models all in team colours. Well I have been watching the IndyCar championship, the Le Mans 24 Hour race and more of this year’s enthralling MotoGP championship and was inspired to build a saber based on speed again….this time in Blender 3D. This is my first original design from scratch using the new software and is really another testbed to see what I can create, so is fairly basic. Enough talking here is Speeder Lightsaber 3D….

I used this as I said above, to test things out and discover in which order I had to perform certain functions to get the look I want. For example the hilt body is more of a parallelogram with a slanted emitter and pommel, which I had to deform first before I could add the finer details. One happy accident I had resulted in the “checkered flag” pommel grille. I slanted the hilt body then divided the endcap panel (called a Face section). I selected alternate mini sections and pushed them back inside the hilt to create the grille. However after I formed the grille, I thought some edges on the grip looked sharp so I applied a bevel to soften the grip area. What I didn’t know was that it applied a bevel effect on the grill too which gave it a neat concave appearance! Basically though the hilt still looked basic and bland, needing some detail so I divided the side panels and created a raised flag motif on the side grips too which I then applied colour to. So this model comes in Red, Grey or of course my famous For Tyeth Green!

Sneak Preview 1 MK

As this is fairly short post, I thought I would give you all a sneak peak at what I am working on for upcoming posts. A good friend of mine emailed me saying how he and his younglings enjoyed my Comic Con post so I’m building a set of sabers for them.

I am approaching the finish line for this post, I hope you liked my reimagining of an old theme. I want to thank you for your support and looking in today, it means a lot that you still call back. Please come back and see what else I have in store in future posts. Till next time.

“Speeder Lightsaber – Blender Version” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. FTSabersite and all it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

The Crossguard Awakens – A For Tyeth Tribute

Hello Everybody, Wow what a post my last one turned out to be! Thankfully this post is going to be a little bit more calm and relaxed (at least I hope!) I promised I would give you all a sneak peek at my progress with the 3D design program Blender. After suggestions from Evil Genius180 and Neo Trinarty, I realised that it would be a good idea to recreate something that was already in existence and the weapon of Kylo Ren, the “Crossguard” lightsaber seemed to be popular…so I decided to build my own “inspired by” model of a 3 bladed hilt. Now the model was built by eye, meaning it isn’t to scale exactly, I just built it to look right so I could get experience. So here are pics of my first version of a Crossguard…

I was pretty pleased how this turned out, as I didn’t have any plans or diagrams to work from I just winged it. As happy as I was, I know this was pretty basic and it is. The hilt consists of just two cylinders, one that is heavily modified to form the main body and a second plain tube for the side blades. To create the model there are  functions that allows you to segment the tube (or whichever object you are editing) and create “Faces”, “Edges” and “Vertices”. Faces are flat panels which form the “skin” of the model while the edges are the boundary lines of the Face. Vertices are the points where two or more edges form a junction. By manipulating the position of these Faces, Edges or Vertices you morph the shape. Very much like Play-Doh or modelling clay but a bit more angular! So by pushing and pulling the model I created the basic hilt and “pulled out” the detail features (such as the area for the switch and the ridges on the grip) then added a tube for the side blade emitters.

In the pictures above you can see the two cylinders clearly, and you may be able to see how the model is divided into segments. When in edit mode each segment gets marked with a dot and you can see all of the segments of the second tube selected and highlighted in orange. If I scaled this selected cylinder the whole tube would grow or shrink according to how much you tweak it. So to make the details on the main body I selected alternate Faces and pulled them out to form ridges. It is so intuitive. And I know the expert 3D modellers out there would delete the bits “inside” the model, I will in future but I’m just finding my feet and making mistakes early. And I did make mistakes, the hilt was a little bit “thick” and I needed to slim it down and work on the pommel. Here is MK2…

It was beginning to take on the shape I wanted, I even added a possible FTE crystal chamber pommel! Well my FTE pommels do look a bit like the pommel on Kylo’s hilt but there were still details I wasn’t happy with. Now the hilt looked too “heavy” around the emitters and the pommel needed more work. About an hour and a half’s effort led me to version 3 and the one you had a sneak peek of in my last Blender post. It has a much nicer shaped pommel, the main body now looks balanced and the side blade emitters have little notch details. There are still gaps between some Faces but these holes can easily be fixed by adding extra Faces. For now here is MK3..

And that just about wraps up this model, except for wrapping some textures onto it so it looks like it is made of real materials….but I can’t do that just yet….I haven’t finished reading that chapter in the manual! I did learn how to take a glamour shot sort of so though (I’ll leave that below!)

I hope you all (especially you Neo!) enjoyed seeing the process I am going through, Thanks for reading this post and your support and I hope you’ll return to see how I progress and my upcoming Blender based designs in future posts. Till next time here’s a glamour shot!

KyloNotVer3 MK
The Crossguard has Awoken!

This design is heavily influenced by Kylo Ren’s Crossguard lightsaber. The Kylo Ren saber is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. FTSabersite and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

For Tyeth’s Comic Con 2 – “It’s a Trap!” (pic heavy)

Hello Everybody! Wow! Oh Wow! What a day I had yesterday (Sunday 17th). I received a HIGHLY IMPORTANT SECRET COMMUNICATION from the Jedi Council, who wanted me to take on another mission. This mission involved top secret documents, an Imperial Droid, a Sith Apprentice and a Sith Lord…a Princess plus a SUPER SPECIAL GUEST….but do you know what? I will tell you the story instead it will be easier! (But please stick with this post it is four pages long ok!)

I received the mission briefing early in the morning and I was instructed to go to my local Comic Con to gather intel – yes it was that time of year when my local comic con takes place. Well, what better place to hide and blend in than with a lot of Star Wars fans? I was told an Imperial Droid that belonged to Darth Vader had some really vital information stored within him and I had to get it!

DSC_0458 SmlMK
That’s the Droid I’m looking for!! Quick Tyeth move!

Upon arriving I met up with an old acquaintance called Takamatsu to get my first lead on the droid’s whereabouts. Takamatsu is well known as and I think IS the best Bossk the Bounty Hunter cosplayer in the UK. But this time he wasn’t dressed as Bossk, oh no…he was “Edrio Two Tubes” this year! What a costume…and all hand made by himself…unbelievable!

DSC_0461 SmlMK
Takamatsu as “Edrio Two Tubes”…this guy is amazing!

Edrio told me that news of my arrival was already known and forces had been sent out to stop me. And Edrio wasn’t kidding…take a look at these Imperial troops!

DSC_0469 SmlMK
Yikes! Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts and a Tie Pilot!

They seemed determined to stop me but hadn’t detected my presence yet so I had a chance to meet up with my second informant…and you can meet him too on page two, just click the page link below!

For Tyeth’s Further Art Adventures

Hello Everybody, today I am going to showcase my limited artistic skills! Well, I really mean a few scribbles I did about 8 years ago. I also have my first attempts at colouring in a Star Wars image where I discover it’s harder than I remember it being from my time as a youngling! Ok I will start with my pencil sketches, and I need to point out I only had a HB grade pencil to draw this so I had to double over on certain parts to get darker lines (and use a hair and some air pressure to get lighter lines). The images are of a couple of characters from a popular BBC television puppet show, Mongrels!

Now I know some of the proportions are out but I think I did ok for two thirty minute quick draws. I hadn’t decided I wanted to take up drawing seriously at this time hence the reason I only had one pencil to use but it shows what can be done if you try. I have had to adopt this mentality to my designing as I don’t have the latest 3D modelling software and a powerful computer to run it, but more on this in my sneak peek later in this post! Mongrels was a satirical comedy show and the main characters included puppets of the animal inhabitants of  London’s East End district. There was Destiny, a pampered pooch with attitude that sort of reminded me of a certain Girl Band singer (hence the in-show joke quote  “because I’m Wormy!” you can see in my picture). Then there was Marion….the Cat! A feline with a middle eastern accent, who had a “close shave and SNIP” at the veterinary surgery! Other characters included a “Millennial Fox” called Nelson and his psychotic opposite, another fox named Vince along with rats, pigeons and a badger! As you can tell this programme was aimed at a more adult audience so if you check it out take care not to let young children watch it. Alright I think I need to move on now to my colouring in pages!

I have been inspired and impressed by two young ladies I have met in the WordPress community who run Star Wars themed sites. I have mentioned them before but if you are new to my site, Kiri runs the site starwarsanon and Mei-Mei at Kiri and Mei-Mei have an on-going feature where both choose an image from “Art-Therapy Star Wars An Anti-Stress Colouring Book” and then colour it in and compare their results in “Fan Art Friday”. I didn’t want to encroach on a series they are doing but I did decide to get the book myself just to relax with (and sharpen my eye to colours). To get some practise however I had a cheap beginners colouring book from which I chose Han Solo to colour in. Only one problem…I soon realised that the scene in the picture was that of the Death Star hanger in Star Wars- A New Hope – and there wasn’t much colour on the Death Star, it was all black and grey metallic! Well I coloured in what I could and shaded the supports of the Millennium’s boarding ramp and discovered that shading and blending pencil crayons isn’t as easy as Kiri and Mei-Mei make it seem! So please take a bit of time and check out their sites for some much nicer colouring creations!

You may have noticed I appear to be stalling a little bit on my site and haven’t posted any new designs lately, well as I have mentioned in previous posts I have had to change the software I use to make those designs. I have had to take up 3D modelling and now use a designing program called Blender 3D. This software is VERY powerful and there are many things it can do (including animation and video editing/ production). The learning curve is very steep but I have been using it for a week now and as a thank you to Evil Genius180 (Hobby Den) and Neo Trinarty at who recommended the software to me I have a sneak look at a practise model I have made inspired by a certain Knight of Ren. So here are 3 images, the first is my initial attempt at modelling which I have posted before and then two pictures for EG180 and Neo!

Yes! That is the latest hilt I have built using Blender 3D. Again it isn’t perfect I am just  familiarising myself with the software and discovering what I can do with it. It sort of looks like Kylo’s hilt. In my next post I will have a few “work in progress” pictures showing how this hilt was put together. But I am nearly out of time and will have to end soon. I thank all of you for reading all of this post and hopefully you enjoyed my little scribblings. I hope you’ll return to see more future posts. Till next time.

“Mongrels”, “Destiny the dog” and “Marion the Cat”  plus the other characters mentioned are Trademark and Copyright of BBC Television. The Han Solo image comes from “Star Wars Galactic Adventures” by Golden Books Publishing. For Tyeth and FTSabersite along with all content contained within is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

For Tyeth Tries…Blender 3D!

Hello Everybody! You may recall I mentioned that the software I used to use to provide a basis for my designs, the Saberforge Adaptive Saber Parts builder, has recently undergone an upgrade. YAY!….Not! Unfortunately there are nice new parts to build nice copies of some famous lightsabers but the software specifications to run the application have also altered and my laptop can’t access it any more. This is a problem, but not one I cannot overcome. I had been planning for this eventuality for a while. I thought this might happen one day so attempted to learn how to do 3D modelling using Google’s SketchUp software, but there were a few hiccups. I did manage to knock out a couple of models but they were basic box-like buildings and a saber hilt that was very basic, as I couldn’t create curved parts (due to only having access to the free version).

Ok, these are modelled in SketchUp and some of you may think they look alright, but they took me over 2 weeks each to learn how to and then actually build them!

However I wanted to create parts that had rounded sufaces, similar to fluted wine glass stems, the problem was SketchUp Free couldn’t work with complex geometry like that. If I wanted to create a window on a curved section, the cut away feature wouldn’t act on the curved surfaces. I struggled for weeks. Then a friend of mine called Evil Genius 180 suggested I try a different 3D modelling software called Blender 3D. As I have mentioned my laptop is OLD and I didn’t think Blender would work on it so left Blender alone. Skip forward 7-8 months and here we are and I can’t use the ASP builder but another gentleman, Neo Trinarty from MakeRoomMakeRoom also advised me I should try Blender. He informed me I could download an older version too that may work on my machine! I had to do something so went and had a second look on the Blender website and sure enough there was a page dedicated to old releases of the software. I found that it wasn’t difficult to install or remove if it didn’t work. Long story short, I quickly downloaded, unzipped the files and opened up Blender 3D. It worked! After looking to see where the controls were I started playing. This is what I came up with, and again not the greatest but these were my first Blender steps…

I built this in under 30 minutes! And that included my orientation with the software to find all the menus. Actually the task that took the longest was working out how to align the camera to create these screenshots LOL! What I am REALLY happy with is that there are a few subtle “complex curves” in this hilt around the emitter blade socket and a flared pommel. (I also kinda like the fancy switch box section which I bevelled off). As you can probably tell I am very, very excited by this and am raring to learn more (like adding photo-realistic textures and glowing blade thingies). But there’s more….Blender 3D can also do animations! I even made this saber drop from the sky and land on the white “table top” but then it bounced off!

So I want to thank Evil Genius and Neo for convincing me to try this out, I am so pleased so a big THANKS GUYS. Now both Evil Genius and Neo as you can tell must have some 3D modelling experience, well they do and they both have blogs where they display their work.

Evil Genius enjoys building Star Trek inspired starships (and a few lightsabers) and you can find his site by clicking Evil Genius180’s Hobby Den.

Neo Trinarty is a big Whovian (Dr Who fan!) that likes Daleks. You can visit his site and see his creations by clicking MakeRoomMakeRoom.

I am running short of time on this post but before I go and learn some more 3D modelling, I need to say thank you to you all, my viewers and followers. I have just reached 7000 hits which crept up on me and my article about the Saberforge Forum closing was highlighted in a recent YouTube video, so I know you are out there and viewing my site. It means a lot and now I will soon be able to bring you more BRAND NEW designs, so I hope you will return to see those. Thanks and till next time.

Blender 3D is a free Open Source 3D modelling and animation suite owned by the Blender Foundation and Institute. “For Tyeth Editions” and all other material contained within this site is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. 

I’ve Inspired Someone! SaberForge? Maybe?

Hello Everybody, what a day it has been! I have had it brought to my attention a concept of mine might have inspired a saber manufacturer ! Yes, as you my followers know, I have been creating “Superhero Themed Sabers” for a looong time, since March 2017 some of which I posted on Saberforge’s now defunct Forum. Well today the big company has decided to launch THEIR “Cerakote Super-Heroes” range of sabers! Now you ask what are “Cerakote Super-Hero” sabers? Well they are lightsabers built by Saberforge and they have a special firearms grade coating on them to make them appear in SuperHero colour schemes…..sound familiar?Assembly MK

The image above shows (from L to R) my “Blinding Flash Saber“, “Aquarian Sea Saber“, “Panther’s Claw“, “Wolverine Themed” and “Stark Lightsaber” and if you click their names you will be taken to each hilt’s post. There are more including hilts for The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Incredible Hulk, you jut need to use the search bar or Tag Cloud on the right hand side of this page>> to find the Tag links! (Click Marvel, DC Comics or Comic Books)

I have acknowledged the Trademarks and Copyrights of Marvel, DC, Disney, Amblin Entertainment, in fact any company that I have taken inspiration from and have invited them to contact me if I have content they want me to remove. I am proud to say that no such request has been made so far….or maybe I’m just not famous enough to be detected! I also credited Saberforge for the use of their “Adaptive Saber Parts – ASP” software to build the base hilts I photo edit.

However I will no longer be able to create designs using this application as it has been updated and my laptop cannot access it due to it’s limited specifications. I will have to concentrate on using good old pencil and paper till I can afford a PC to run 3D modelling. I am also going to have to diversify and try “SOMETHING….NEW!” and have ventured into artwork based on sabers! Something like this…

So sorry to my viewers but my output may be a little different in future. I appreciate all the support and kind comments you gave me, they kept me designing more hilts. I will have to end soon but I do have time to tell you I have a few pictures I have drawn and coloured in coming up in my next post

My days designing Adaptive Saber Parts hilts is over BUT “For Tyeth Editions” will continue in other forms and who knows I may be approached by a Master Sabersmith  who wants to collaborate with me in designing! Thank you all and till next time.

One final thing, here is the link to Saberforge’s collection of hilts so you can take a look at them for yourselves and see what you think (for fairness).

Saberforge CeraKote Sabers

FTSabersite and all it’s content is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. All Trademarks and Copyrights belong to their respective owners. Guest Designer hilt designs belong to the Guest Designer and are used with permission.

SOLO A Star Wars Story (Non-Spoiler Review by For)

Hello Everybody, Well I have just completed the Kessell Run (in under 11.9 parsecs – I know that’s distance not time!). Actually I have just returned from the cinema after watching our favourite smuggler and his new film, Yes I’ve seen SOLO A Star Wars Story, and I have to say it made a lot more sense than The Last Jedi did. I was able to follow it and it flowed nicely. It began with it’s foot on the accelerator with a chase scene which led to Han leaving Corellia and getting his name. (And for fans of Lego Star Wars no his name isn’t Ian!) The next sequence shows how Han escapes Correllia and how he plans to get back (and why he needs to) then the fun really starts.

Now Han is supposed to be around 20yrs old when this film is set and so is portrayed by Alden Ehrenriech…who did amazingly well in the role. It was strange not seeing and hearing Harrison Ford and there was always a little niggling voice in my head saying “This isn’t Han”, but block that out and Alden becomes the young Solo. Just remember he is “becoming” the smuggler we know and love so will be a little different, but the self assured and confident Han begins to appear as the film goes on. And he will need this attitude and knows for the adventure he is going to have. I don’t want to give too much of the film away so for now in case you haven’t seen my saber design for Han Solo titled Bloodstripe then you can click HERE to see my post.Han Solo Bloodstripe Plate

Now wherever Han Solo is then his famous co-pilot is not far away. And Han’s co-pilot and friend Chewbacca is equally amazing. He is let off the chain (eventually) and we get to see some evidence of why “you don’t want to upset a Wookie”! And here I have to say again the actor Joonas Suotamo did a fabulous job taking the role on full time from Peter Mayhew. He nailed the mannerisms, looks and shrugs to the point you could only tell the two apart from extreme close up shots. Han and Chewbacca meet at an Imperial Navy Outpost when Han gets into some trouble with his superiors and the meeting is quite amusing in a way as they don’t see eye to eye at first. This could be dangerous for Han as Wookies are fearsome and powerful warriors and again you guessed it I don’t want to spoil the film so instead may I invite you to take a look at my Wookie Warrior design for Chewie by clicking HERE Wookie One Plate

After establishing a working friendship and escaping their confinement on the Imperial Naval Base Han and Chewie need to get off the planet. To do this they manage to offer their services and hitch a lift with Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson)and his crew. Beckett is the leader of a bunch of scoundrel types who are planning a job to make big money. Han needs money so he can get back home and joins in on the escapade. This is an impressive action sequence. But as you can imagine things don’t go to plan, so a second scheme is devised but they need a ship…and this is where we meet up with Lando Calrissian.

Lando, the soon to be administrator of the gas mining planet Bespin, is portrayed by Donald Glover. And once more Donald did a great job playing the younger version of Lando. He had a style and charisma you would expect of the swindler but he didn’t overplay the role…he looked cool without trying to look cool…you know he was just…cool! There were some classic movie conventions used for the Sabacc card game, all the players round the gambling table, to be eliminated one by one till just Han and Lando remained to play for the spoils and Lando holding the winning hand. We then get to see the “new” Millennium Falcon and trust me it isn’t as bad as I (and others) feared. Just as well she is a great ship they need one for this adventure. So if Lando is going on this journey he’ll need a saber too, and guess what I have one for him. If you’d like to see it then please click HERE Calrissian Plate

I can’t tell you too much without giving away the whole film but there are also great supporting actors/actresses including Val (Thandie Newton), L3-37 (Phoebe Waller Bridge), Qi-ra (Emilia Clarke) and Paul Bettany is very good as Dryden Vos. The action is intense and there is humour dotted throughout but most importantly I can confirm a LIGHTSABER does appear in the film but I’m not saying more than that!

So if you like space action heist films with scoundrels, droids, Wookies, the good guys, the bad guys, laser blasts and explosions, famous ships then SOLO A Star Wars movie may be just the film for you. Give it a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  Well I feel this just about wraps up my little mini review of SOLO, I am no expert but thanks for reading this far and for your support of me and this site. I will be getting back to my normal scheduled postings after this but for now I will have to get to work on some new hilts and maybe some artwork!

If you go to see the film I hope you like it and let me know in the comments section below. Till next time.

SOLO A Star Wars Story is in cinemas from the 24th May

“SOLO A Star Wars Story”, Han Solo, Chewbacca and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney Lucasfilm 2018.

For Tyeth’s Foray Into Art!

Hello Everybody, today I am starting a new venture! I have been struggling lately to come up with new designs. Not because I am short of inspiration but because some new parts that were announced by Saberforge still haven’t been added to the Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) virtual builder. Mind you Saberforge have finally added a link to on their web store page so potential customers can find the builder to design their own sabers (I have had a link to in my sidebar ever since I started this blog!)

So as I was wondering what to design next I started looking online at the wonderful blogs on WordPress and those of my friends, Kiri at and Mei-Mei of and more recently Capili Jiron’s site. Here these three talented ladies produce some nice artwork in the form of Star Wars Mandala images from Kiri and Mei-Mei, and Capili produces hand drawn cartoon images presented in timelapse videos. That got me thinking, I needed a new forum signature image (used as a personal nameplate on forum message boards) so I attempted to use my skills with photo editing to create one and here it is…ForTyethSurvivor740 MK

I kept with my trademark green colour scheme, added a few lightsaber blades, some transparent smoke and crystal shapes in the background then pasted an old Jedi in the middle because he looks a bit like me! I also created an animated version where the Jedi’s saber flashes brighter like the title image above does. I was recently inspired by some very cool animated Star Wars “pantograph images” on Darkside Creative’s site, I needed an avatar image too, to add to my profile page and here is what I came up with….ForTyethSurvivorAvatar MK

This was a cut down version of my signature image and I added my name in green once more. I accented my name with an orange shadow, but didn’t realise how much it would make the image look like an old 70’s/80’s sci-fi novel book cover 😀 ! I felt these images were OK for a beginner, but I am a saber designer and wanted to do something with my saber designs. This is where Kiri and Mei-Mei’s inspiration came in. They both colour in Star Wars themed mandala images which are usually symmetrical pictures made up of various SW logos/outlines. Well, I thought, “What if I cut and pasted a few of my lightsaber hilts onto a background? How would that look?” I spent an hour or two cutting, pasting and painting and here are my results…


Well they are different I guess! I do have to confess my grandfather was a “Master Artist and Craftsman” which meant he went to college/art school and achieved the highest art qualification available. He could paint, draw, sculpt and do woodworking and use Gold Leaf techniques – he worked at many fairgrounds, circuses and theme parks painting and repairing rides, posters and vehicles. So I think I may have a small bit of his talent in my Midichlorians after all.

So thank you to Capili, Kiri, Mei-Mei and Darkside Creative for the inspiration to try something different! Don’t worry I won’t be taking art up full time I’ll just do something now and then, but I do have two more images based on my Marvel Comics themed hilts I will showcase in my next post. I hope you will return to see those. But it is now time to close the “For Tyeth Art Gallery” but before I go, as always, I’d like to thank you, all my viewers and followers, new and regulars for your support! Now where are my pencils?……Till next time.

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