Just a quick update, don’t worry I’m still here!

Hello Everybody….I  haven’t disappeared and am still here but work on my review of 2018 is taking a little longer than I anticipated. I knew I had done quite a few things this year but looking back over my year’s posts it’s hard to know what to include or not!

So as a progress report I am about three quarters through typing it up and as I am writing it without a script I have to insert links and images and tidy things as I go, but I should have it finished for the 31st December. I hope you will look in on FSabersite and share a trip through my past year’s adventures on New Years’ Eve!

Till next time….here’s a little Meme to test if you are a true Star Wars fan!Roger Roger

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Happy Holidays From FTSabersite!

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates at this time of year. This time of the year resonates with me quite a bit as I bought my first fully custom saber three years ago and it arrived on December 24th. I had hoped it would arrive a week earlier as it was bought for my birthday present actually but I can’t complain! The saber is a hilt called the Disciple from a US based company known as Saberforge, but I quickly renamed it the “Bal’Demnian Blade” as part of my backstory. The Bal’Demnian accompanied me on many adventures and is still serving me well. As it was this hilt that got me into the Lightsaber hobby and community I felt I should celebrate it’s third birthday too. Now I did post an article about 3D modelling using Google/Trimble’s SketchUp application which I tried and used it to recreate my personal hilt and here are the pictures….

I managed to build something akin to my hilt but it was far from perfect and it took me TWO weeks to make this model because the software was so tricky to use and certain functions were limited. You can see that the curves are not very nice looking and it is also very flat and cartoon like in colour and shading. Fortunately though I discovered my laptop could run a piece of 3D modelling software called Blender and I have been using it since June of 2018 (basically six months) and I felt my homage to my saber needed updating so here are two new images and models I made using Blender to show how good this software is and the progress I have made…

I think this version looks much more realistic! It features near photo-real textures, the curves are nice and smooth, I have all the little details….I even added a recharge port and a Covertech Knob belt clip but the nicest part is that it has a proper smooth shiny skin. Oh that and the fact I can now add proper leather like handgrips! And you would think this model took a long time to create wouldn’t you? Well….I built it in around 3 hours!

The last three images above are the real Bal’Demnian that I own just for comparison! I think my new homage is pretty close to the original but it isn’t my design….however I do still have around TEN NEW hilts to show you in next years’ upcoming posts. There is the promised Charlie’s Angels themed hilt, a Resident Evil weapon, THREE Stormtrooper based blades, a Senator, a Fossil, and a new Tri-Bladed sword for a comic book God. I hope you will join me for those, and for my look back at 2018 in my New Years’ Rewind. Thank you so much for checking out this post and for your support, as always whether you are a first time festive visitor or a regular follower –  your comments and support is much appreciated. Happy Holidays and Till Next Time….

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Opela Moraf – A saber for a follower


Hello Everybody, thank you for joining me once more as this is my 400th post since starting this blog. In that time I have posted some sabers I liked and then there is my next design which I am particularly fond of. I designed this hilt in conjunction with the Alex Khaar “Khaarnage” saber after being inspired by a story written by a member of the forum I belong to, The young lady is called Lady Revan and her story, “Only Light Can Cast Shadow” (contains some Adult themes) revolves around a character named Halin Chan, who defies the Jedi Council to defend her homeworld during the Mandalorian War. Halin Chan’s disobedience led to a revolution of sorts and she inspired a group of other Jedi to join her cause and this saber is for one of those followers…Opela Moraf. I imagined that Opela would already have a saber but maybe modified it to display her fealty to her leader Halin Chan. Halin by this time had taken on a new name and was known as Revanchist or Revan. This is Opela’s saber with the modifications to show her allegiance…..

This saber may seem simple at first glance and it is, sort of. It is basic in that it is a symmetrical cylindrical shape with clamshell shaped emitter and pommels, but this hilt is very multifaceted. Literally, it is covered with many tiny ridges that give the saber a rippled, knurled look almost like diamond cut and that makes this hilt stand out. I created this effect when I discovered I could edit the edges and vertices (lines and corners) of the model with the same techniques as the flat faces of the model. This meant I could select the lines and points of the model to form a mesh or “net”, then I stretched that net outward and thickened it to form ridges and depressions. I think the resulting effect is beautiful but I’ll let you decide as I have a few “Glamour Shots” for you to look at…

I think you will forgive me for not having many “work in progress” pictures after seeing these glamour shots. I think the hilt looks soo much nicer all painted up and with the lighting effects. The pommel and switch are modelled on the Revanchist logo and are the badges of honour this saber wears. The white blade represents the fact that Opela aligns herself with Revan, and not the Jedi or Sith but somewhere inbetween. The red and black bands are also the colours of Reavn’s battle mask on which the logo is based on. The hilt has a basic D-Ring loop for hanging it off your belt as most sabers from this era of the Star Wars story had. The clamshell emitter and pommel bookend the most striking feature of this hilt…the handgrip! As you can see all those ridges and depressions created an ornate diamond-like pattern that glints and shines from every angle!

A simple and yet complex saber for Opela. I hope you liked it and I hope Lady Revan also likes the full finished design. I did send her an initial sneak peek of the first unedited model but this is the final specification…well almost! I have one final picture of the hilt and I used a blade colour that Lady Revan developed for her own saber, and it looks a bit like this….Opela Revanchist Blossom

Lady Revan owns a custom saber with special electronics that allow you to create different blade colours and this is the colour she created and I have been able to recreate in Blender. So again I hope this meets approval!

I am running out of time once more, but I am not running out of designs. I still have the “Glamorous Lady Detectives” saber, one for a lady called Alice, some more KOTOR?SWTOR inspired staff sabers and I cross franchises once more when I show you some “sabers on the starboard bow!” Finally I have a hilt for a Norse Marvel superhero god…and it’s a 3 BLADED CROSSGUARD!

As always before I go I want to thank Lady Revan for sharing her writing talents and story. And I can’t forget to say a big thanks to you all for the support you have given an old saber designer. It means a lot.

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Dark Khaarnage Saber- Will Alex Khaar turn?

Hello everybody, today I return to the fantastic fanfiction story I told you about written by a member of Ultrasabers’ Saber Forum, Lady Revan. I won’t go too far into the story as I am still reading through it and don’t want to spoil it for myself! However as I mentioned before, the story revolves around two main characters named Halin Chan and her companion Alex Khaar. The two are young Jedi knights who have to defy the Jedi Council to take part in a war to defend Halin Chan’s home-world. This obviously causes a disturbance and Halin begins to change personality the deeper into the battle she progresses. But does her right hand man Alex Khaar suffer these personality changes also? I don’t know but I built him a saber for his Lightside but should he turn he’ll need a new Darkside weapon. This is how I imagined his hilt may look if he was consumed by evil…this is Dark Khaarnage….

This is believe it or not the same hilt but with a menacing black colour scheme with silver accents. A helpful member of the forum named Lord_S_Gray, suggested I add highlights on my black hilts so I added pinstripes of silver around the edges of the bands on the grip section. The skullcrusher pommel also gets a coat of black with the stud like protrusions being highlighted silver. I described the “Khaarnage Claw” beneath the blade as having a set of indentations to assist grip, well I had been wracking my brain to think what the technical term for the grip was.. Fortunately another member came up with a suggestion. My friend Infinit01 described it as the “knuckle grip” which kind of suited it perfectly. The last picture shows a slight variation to the hilt. Some custom lightsaber owners like to use their sabers to do “Spinning” which is a semi choreographed routine of twirling the saber around in an impressive dance like way. Spinning requires a particular style of hilt that is balanced and has a “Choke Point”. The choke point is the section of the handle that narrows near the emitter (it is coloured silver on this hilt) and the wielder’s thumb and forefinger grip around this point and allows the hilt to pivot. However the  Khaarnage Claw would get in the way so I was asked to make a “clean” version without it.

But then some folks asked “What about a double bladed weapon Tyeth?” so I assembled a Darth Maul Staff like version…

I apologise this post is much more typing and fewer pictures but the Work In Progress pictures are the same as the ones for the Lightside version, all the work involved was in re-colouring the hilt …oh and adding a red switch and blade. I will have more pictures next time as I have a final variant that goes all out EVIL!

I hope you liked this potentially Darkside design and will call back to see more new hilts (including a hilt for three female detectives and one for an Agent Alice). Thanks to all of you for checking this saber out whether you are a first time visitor or a returning regular, you are appreciated……Till next time…..

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A Tribute to TRON – Lights, Cycles, Sabers and Tanks

Hello Everybody and welcome to my second post of this weekend. As I mentioned in my “Khaarnage” a saber for Alex Khaar – Inspired by Lady Revan’s FanFiction post earlier, I am a member of a custom lightsaber forum run by Ultrasabers (a custom saber manufacturer) and I have recently been invited to post my designs on that forum too. Well, the reaction to my designs has been nothing short of phenomenal and even if there was a criticism it was always put forward with the intention to help me improve. I posted my Speeder Lightsaber design and a member commented “That hilt and flat blade would look like something out of TRON if it had all the glowing edges”. Another member “hinted” they too would like to see a TRON themed hilt, then another so I guessed it was a challenge. I took on that challenge and went to work, here are the work in progress pictures…

In the film a computer programmer named Flynn is double crossed and his software stolen by an unscrupulous employee of  the tech company ENCOM. ENCOM had a mainframe computer and a super security system built into it. Flynn tried to hack the computer but he gets digitised and “sucked” into the computer itself. There he meets TRON the “cyber police program” and together attempt to get the evidence Flynn needs to prove he was scammed and as a result fired. The problem? Well the ENCOM computer had developed an Artificial Intelligence and a self awareness, even going as far as developing the super security system program called SARK. SARK tried to stop Flynn and TRON and the film featured many memorable scenes including a “Search and Destroy” mission where SARK used “Recognizer Tanks” to find and destroy rogue programs (bit like anti-virus). Then there was the LightCycles! Computer generated glowing superbikes racing around a powergrid. These things inspired my designs, one saber with a handguard crafted to look like the Lightcycle and the other based on the Recognizer Tank.

Now the film has spawned a cult following, and a sequel film was made along with computer games and other merchandise. My good friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser will be posting an article later showcasing adverts released for the toys, games, merchandise and the movies themselves. He was also kind enough to send me these images to include in this post…

You will have noticed the Recognizer Tank on the Video Game poster, I couldn’t believe how close my recreation in my saber was, I built the handguard from memory! However there is something obviously missing from my work in progress pictures and that is a bit of a GLOW! So here are a few “Glamour Glow Shots”…

It turns out that the “glow effect” I used on the blades of my other lightsabers works particularly well for a TRON themed design! And an added bonus, the effects in the 1982 film had a “grainy faded” look highlighted by neon and the glow effect in Blender recreates this perfectly. I normally try to reduce all the speckles but didn’t need to here 😀  And to finish I mentioned a few scenes in the film…the “Recognizer Tank Chase” and the “LightCycle Race” so I decided to recreate those too and here they are to better show off the handguards’ shapes…

Phew! That was quite a big post and assault on the senses! I hope you enjoyed this flashback to a classic 1980’s film franchise. I need to say thank you to the members of the Ultrasabers’ Forum for the challenge and a big thank you to TheVintageToyAdvertiser for the adverts he shared with me. I also need to thank you my viewers and followers, you support me and keep me designing so thanks for that. I still have more to share in upcoming posts including the Glam Detectives based hilt and the Biotech Saber plus if that wasn’t enough more Star Wars KOTOR style hilts. So please call back to see those, but for now….Till next time…

“TRON”, “Kevin Flynn”, “SARK”, “LightCycles” and “Recognizer Tanks” are all Trademarks/©Copyright  of Disney Films and the film is distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. “TRON/Flynn LightCycle Sabers” and “Recognizer Sabers” are For Tyeth Editions inspired by the Disney film and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

“Khaarnage” a saber for Alex Khaar – Inspired by Lady Revan’s FanFiction

Hello Everybody, I have a quick bonus post today as I have recently been working on a design inspired by a talented storywriter I have met on the Ultrasabers’ Forum you may have seen me mention. One member, named Lady Revan wrote a piece of Fan Fiction based on a Star Wars computer game. The game is a first person style RPG with missions and objectives…oh and you have to build a lightsaber! Well Lady Revan’s story includes a character named “Alex Khaar” a Jedi Knight who joins forces with a female Jedi (Halin Chan) who vowed to protect her homeworld. This however brought the pair into conflict with the Jedi Council. In a passage of the story Alex Khaar is teaching some youngling Jedi learners, but all the children could do was ask him questions about how big he’d grown. Now I know Alex is BIG….so I decided to design a hilt for him based off this very limited description! This is what I came up with, this is “Khaarnage“….

As I mentioned Alex was described as BIG and so I felt he would need an equally powerful lightsaber. This I accomplished by giving it an aggressive forward looking claw, complete with integrated indentations to assist grip when performing power strikes. This is however still a weapon of a Jedi so can’t be too evil looking so I kept the colour scheme of the hilt as classic silver with black accent highlights. It also has the Jedi blue blade and a matching lit activation switch. The banded lower grip section allows Alex to use this hilt two handed as well as single grip. The hilt is finished off with a skull-crusher style pommel used as a counterbalance weight. However, there is a neat addition of a D-Ring loop used to attach the hilt to a hook on your (or Alex’s) belt. But of course if you are a big guy then one blade may not be enough for you so….how about TWO blades!Alex Khaar Staff 1 MK

I removed the pommels from two hilts and screwed the two sabers together and made a Darth Maul style lightsaber staff!

I posted this design on the Ultrasabers forum as I now have a sanctioned Gallery section on their forum (Thank you Ultrasabers!) and it was warmly received by it’s members including Lady Revan herself (thank you LR!) The link to this saber on Ultrasabers’ SaberForum.com is here:

“Khaarnage” saber on SaberForum Gallery

Well this just about wraps up “Khaarnage” except to say I have also built Darkside versions of this saber and staff which I will display in a future post. I will have to finish here because I am also posting a SECOND post today where we will be going “retro computer ganing” and paying tribute to a fantastic 1980’s film! Thanks to everyone who checked in on this design and I hope you will call back for part two of today’s posts. Till next time…..

“Khaarnage – a saber for Alex Khaar” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.