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Staff of Poison – Lerahk (Eddlyss64 Bionicle series)

Hello Everyone, I have another offering from my friend Eddlyss64 in the shape of the Staff of Poison owned by the Bionicle character Lerahk. Lerahk is one of the “Evil-doers” as they are called in the world of LEGO and this staff has a distinct look of evil about it. I will as always let you decide as I present Staff of Poison…

Sorry that this a small gallery but one problem with symmetrical staffs is the fact that both ends are the same! This is no reflection on Eddlyss64’s design as I think he nailed the colours and simplicity perfectly. This staff is designed to cause trouble, plain and simple and this design reflects that. Eagle eyed viewers may have noticed the emitter is similar to the ones on  Darth Maul’s double ended weapon and you would be correct, they are inspired by Maul. The Lime Green blades just epitomise the idea of poison, oozing from the mouth of the emitters. The green grips and weathered body sections match Lerahk brilliantly. I think LEGO should contact Eddlyy64 about working for them, I know he has a great love of these Bionicle characters and even has a YouTube channel where he has some very clever Stop-Motion videos starring them! You can find his channel by using this link! Eddlyss64’s YouTube Channel

As this is a shorter post than normal I will add a little bonus picture. A long time ago it was noted on the forums that I looked a little like Qui-gon Jinn and some members exchanged Memes to entertain each other, well I posted one acknowledging the similarities between the Jedi warrior and myself..


To which my great friend and owner of the Trinity saber replied “Hey For, when did you sprout wings my friend?” I said he had a great sense of humour!

Anyway back to sabers, and I would like to thank Eddlyss64 for allowing me to display his designs here. And a big thanks to you, my viewers, your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

LEGO, Bionicle and all names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO company.


Turahk’s Staff of Fear – Eddlyss64

Hello Everyone, today I feature another Guest Designer, my friend Master Eddlyss64. Long time viewers of this site will remember Eddlyss’ series of weapons for the range of figures in the LEGO Bionicle range. Here he presents the weapon of Turahk, a double ended, double axe blade emitter behemoth! (Though I have to say E64, it does look a little like my Double Onslaught hehe!). So here is the weapon known as the Staff of Fear..

Impressive and intimidating, I’m sure you’ll agree. The choice of parts work well and the colour scheme? Well Eddlyss couldn’t have got it any closer if he tried. I can easily see Turahk using this weapon, not to mention quite a few Sith! I love the little detail of the matching control knobs on the reverse side of the switch section. There is one slight thing I have to say and that is, does the spines on Turahk’s back look a bit like robot Jonny5’s Mohican in Short Circuit?

Thanks once more to my talented friend Eddlyss for sharing this design with us and one thing I forgot to mention is that Eddlyss has a YouTube channel where he has a few Stop-Motion videos starring these Bionicle characters! You can check out his channel HERE.

I am currently collating the pictures for Savannah95’s Dark Determination, but coming up next is Commander Cody followed by the phenomenal Phasma! So please check back and look in, you are always welcome, thanks. Till next time.

Turahk, Staff of Fear and Bionicle are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO corporation.

Staff of Disintegration – Eddlyss64

Hello Everyone,

Here is the next design in Eddlyss64’s collection of Bionicle inspired Lightsaber Staffs. This time he has created the weapon for Gurahk. Having researched who Gurahk is I discovered how well Master Eddlyss did portraying this LEGO character. Not only do the colours match the figurine but even if this was just a standalone design the choice of weathered metal and the Cobalt Blue for the grips look awesome together! I will let you decide and now present the Staff of Disintegration…

I think you’ll agree Master Eddlyss did a fine job with this effort. I certainly applaud him. There are three more Staffs in this collection and they will appear in future showcases. In my next offering I will be having a sporting theme and a saber I created for a big fan of a certain basketball team. I hope you will return for that design and in the meantime thank you for visiting and please spread the word if you like what you have seen here. Till next time.

Gurahk, The Staff of Disintegration, Bionicle and Lego are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO Corporation.

The image of Gurahk was obtained from the Bionicle Wikia page.

Staff of Fragmentation Lightsaber Staff (Eddlyss64 design)

Here is another Master Eddlyss design from his “Bionicle” inspired collection. This time he created the “Staff of Fragmentation – the weapon of Panrahk”. Considering the name of the weapon implies it should be shattered in numerous pieces, this design is really cohesive and well thought out. I like the way that the leather grips, the brass sections on the emitters and the blade colour all tie together. I present to you Eddlyss64’s Staff of Fragmentation.

Thanks to my friend Master Eddlyss for allowing me to display this design, he has four more in this series which I will bring to you in upcoming posts. I will take this opportunity to mention Master Eddlyss’ community on Google+ called Lightsaber Combat. When you have a moment of free time maybe you could check it out and enjoy the discussion of all things Lightsaber Combat related. There is a link in the sidebar. Thank you.

“Bionicle”,”Panrahk” and any related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of the LEGO Company.

Eddlyss64 -The Staff of Hunger

I now have the pleasure of introducing another friend of mine, Master Eddlyss, who created a stunning double bladed staff saber. It looks purposeful and has a really co-ordinated feel to it. Each part flows into the next with matching leather grips. I believe he got his inspiration for this design from the ©Lego Bionicle range of figures.

Master Eddlyss named this wonderful creation The Staff of Hunger, and I thank him for sharing this. More designs will appear later.

Master Eddlyss has also created a Community on Google+ called Lightsaber Combat.Here members can discuss various aspects of Saber Combat and the different Lightsaber Forms and the types of hilts used. I was honoured to be asked by Master Eddlyss to Moderate on this site and there is a link to it in the Blogroll situated in the sidebar.