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Arbitrator – A tribute to Ultrasabers’ Arbiter

Hello Everybody, after last week’s tribute and offering to Shameem Moshrefzadeh I am about to introduce a design I came up with last year but never posted. It is a “tribute” design of a lightsaber called the Arbiter (and it’s Darkside version) which is designed and built by the company Ultrasabers. Ultrasabers have a wide range of custom hilts and the Arbiter is considered by fans who own one as a great all round saber. So I will keep you waiting no longer, here is my nod to Ultrasabers, this is Arbitrator….

I think this is a nice hilt and would make a fantastic duelling saber due to having many gripping options. I was able to recreate these handgrips by using multiple coupler sections normally used to combine two separate hilts into a staff. The rest of the saber was easier to recreate as the original design which just seems “solid” in my opinion. The reason I never posted this design is that I couldn’t really post this on either Ultrasabers’ or Saberforges’ forums without breaking forum rules. Now I have this site however I can finally let it see the light of day!

And for the sake of balance I will include links to both Ultrasabers’ and Saberforge’s websites and forums at the end of the post so you can check them out. I also have a few more “Inspired by…” designs for upcoming posts but next up are some hilts for a group of galaxy defenders. I hope you’ll join me again to see those. Now, as you can guess I am about to run out of time and I need to say thank you to all of my viewers and followers (and I have noticed a spike in visitor numbers from Germany so hello to you too!) Your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

Ultrasabers links:

Store Website: ultrasabers.com    Forum Site: saberforum.com 

Saberforge links:

Store Website: saberforge.com     Forum Site: Has now been shut down by owner.

“Arbitrator” is a For Tyeth edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite. Inspired by the Arbiter saber, designed and built by Ultrasabers and is Trademark/©Copyright of Ultrasabers.

Em-Ray Ultra and Junior Lightsabers – A Father and Son pair

Hello Everybody, I have a pair of sabers for you to see today. I have heard of Fathers and Sons passing sabers through the family (and from Father to Daughter to Mother etc!) but I haven’t seen many matching styled hilts designed for a Father and Son etc. I decided to remedy this and I know of a gentleman who is a very big saber enthusiast and has a Son. This individual posted a YouTube video of his then 18 month old son swinging a saber! I thought who better to design a matching pair for? So here are those designs….Em-Ray Ultra…

This is the saber for the Father of this pair and I hope it represents him well. The hilt is imposing, featuring a double Grenade style grip either side of the activation switch. This layout I feel gives the hilt a look of power and is useful in that you have much more scope to vary your grip (much like you can with a Katana hilt grip). The main body is trimmed with two silver couplers to prevent the saber being flat black from top to bottom. The hilt has an FTE pommel to give it that power advantage and boost. The blade and pommel power crystal both share an Indigo colour to give it some attitude (and as I have mentioned before Indigo and Purple work really well with black).

Ok so we have a saber for the Father, now for Em-Ray Junior!….

At first glance this looks the same as Em-Ray Ultra, but the Junior version uses a clever trick using coupler pieces to build the grip section with.(For other examples of this check out my Barkeeper Lightsaber and my Bumblebot Lightsaber). This enables me to make a shorter version that still looks similar, as the couplers have Grenade ridges on them. Even better is, that when Junior grows his saber can be adapted to have full length grips just like his Father’s does! Everything else about the Junior saber is the same as the Ultra version. And here are Father and Son together..


Well I think that just about concludes this offering. I hope to contact the person(s) who I designed these for and they might have a look and comment! Regarding commenting thanks to everybody who leaves messages and likes, they are appreciated and show me that my little posts make a difference to folks, so thank you. Please call by again when I will be getting ready for the build up to the big Blockbuster movie (March 17th release) and my SIX tribute designs for it. Till next time.

“Em-Ray Ultra” and “Em-Ray Junior” are For Tyeth Editions designs and ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This website and it’s content is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


Obliterator Katana Lightsaber (Destroy the Competition)

Hello Everybody, today I continue the theme of sport with a design for another Katana, but one with a difference. The world of lightsabers has expanded on Earth to include licenced replicas from the movies to custom sabers of original designs. Now many people just want to collect these pieces of art but some collectors want to put their lighted weapons to the test in “Combat”. This has led to the creation of Lightsaber groups where members stage choreographed fights…and then there is the actual competition side to the art of Lightsabers. A group of enthusiasts have formed a “Lightsaber World Championship” and take part in “real” sword fighting tournaments but using Lightsabers. I have heard of the current “Champ” and I have read his plans to improve his chances of defending his title…”I’m gonna do a weight training regime and stretching exercises to strengthen my legs, because being big and strong and having a long reach will help me beat everyone!!” Blah! Blah! Blah! He also used a Lightsaber he designed himself to win (which was much longer than anyone else’s). Long story short, I know of a potential challenger who is probably the Champs’ equal in size, strength and speed, but hasn’t got a specially designed saber to help him…until now! I call this saber Obliterator…

Obliterator is probably of similar specification to the saber that is being promoted for the next tournament but I hope mine has the advantage. It has a traditional katana emitter and hand guard (tsuba) but I decided to use two ribbed sections for the hilt’s body. This allows the user to grip the saber anywhere along it’s length, varying the user’s reach so his/her opponent is always off guard. As a result the opponent cannot gauge the distance between the combatants. The user can also vary the grip to obtain leverage, in physics a smaller effort (or force) can produce the same effect or outcome if the force is channelled properly (known as mechanical advantage). The hilt can also be shortened if the user wants to fight using two sabers.


I will end the technical thesis here, as it could get boring quickly. However I believe that this would be a good saber to use in any upcoming tournament if it were ever built. And the guy who I designed this for? Well I won’t name him but he has designed a few sabers himself so knows a thing or two about them. Who knows he may even comment on this saber if he sees it.

I am afraid I need to bring this post to an end, time is once more upon me . I don’t know if these two individuals would ever meet in a tournament but it would be interesting. I hope you enjoyed this design (if not the science lesson 😀 ) and will return to see more new sabers. Thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

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Warmonger Lightsaber (My complimentary gift to a friend)

Hello Everybody, I am still recovering from yesterday’s hectic events but fear not I still have a design for you to see. First however I will just tell you a little bit of news. Saberforge have recently revamped their website to make it easier ot navigate and to take advantage of all the options available. At one point there only used to be four different colour choices for your saber’s hilt  but a recent addition to the services they offer means you have a larger selection of PowderCoat colours to coat your saber with (similar to the choices you get at automotive custom shops).

Because of this I have been brushing up on my skills with Photo Editing software so I too can have custom colours for my designs. As yet Saberforge haven’t made clear exactly how their system works, i.e. can you coat a part but leave the grooves the original metal colour or does all the part get coated? When these details get ironed out I will try using the new options. I make a point of making my designs possible to build, if you have the funds etc. Some people have designed sabers using the same ASP system but have edited the pictures/designs to use parts that either don’t exist or aren’t compatible.If any extra “tweaking” of a part is needed to build my designs I always point it out in the descriptions!

So my next design is an homage to a friend’s saber. The original saber was gifted to him by two very charitable members of the forum my friend and I belong to. He calls his saber “WARLORD” so I designed a companion saber, which I call Warmonger…

I made the hilt look Sith-like but used the lighter colour sheme to match with the original inspiration, which has a Hammered finish to look antique. The emitter is an elegant piece which blends nicely to the switch section. The grip however is slightly more aggressive looking, like the fortifications atop a castle’s wall. The pommel gets even more aggressive, sometimes described as a “Skullcrusher” type. The blade is a typical Sith red.

I don’t think this saber is quite as nice as WARLORD but that saber is very special in more ways than just looks! Hopefully my friend views this as a side arm or complimentary saber to his WARLORD. You never know he may comment on this design!

I hope you liked this design and will return for future posts, I may have to post twice tomorrow but one post will be to do some housekeeping tasks regarding an award! Thanks as always for your visit and support, both are much appreciated. Till next time.

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