Redneck Lightsaber – inspired by a tough S.O.B.

Hello Everybody, sorry for the aggressive sounding title, but my ire has been raised recently and I need to let off a little steam! I hope you feel as though you know me by now and realise I am friendly guy and tell things as they are. Elsewhere on the net the origins of my designs has been questioned. However I need to address that at the source and not here so I am posting this design inspired by a person who didn’t take kindly to such nonsense. He was a multiple time World Heavyweight Wrestling champion and even completed a match AFTER breaking his neck! He is also famous for a very special quote and liked to make his entrances to matches by riding to the ring on a Quad-bike. He was known as a “Rattlesnake” but he was also called…REDNECK..

Yes of course I am talking about STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN (What?), the WWE wrestler. Steve Austin started out back in the day as Steve Williams, his real name, but found another wrestler used that name. Steve instead adopted the name “Stunning Steve” due to his striking blonde hair. After time however Steve needed to change his image, become a more intense, no-nonsense character. He and his wife were discussing new names and drinking tea, then the immortal name was born. Steve was handed a fresh cup of tea but it wasn’t to his liking and he blurted out, “I’m not drinking this! IT’S STONE COLD!” And so the name Stone Cold Steve Austin was born, along with a new bald head and Attitude. I tried to capture some of that attitude in my design and made the saber look like the handlebar of the now famous Quad-bike seen in the last picture. The colour scheme is monochrome, black, white and grey reflecting Austin’s wrestling attire (black trunks and boots, leather waistcoat/gilet).


I am closing in on the final bell and will have to end soon but I couldn’t leave without referring to that famous quote, “Steve Austin’s time has come, and when I get the shot, you’re lookin’ at the next WWF Champion, and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! !” There was another section to this quote but the language was a bit colourful!  I am not aggressive like that but I will defend myself if I need to.

To you my friends, however, I wish to thank you for your support, visits and in some cases help you have given me. I will continue to produce new designs and ideas and post them here for you. Till next time.

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Deckard Lightsaber -A Blade Runner’s Weapon

Hello Everybody, today I present the design I came up with for Harrison Ford’s character, the Blade Runner, Rick Deckard. Having created Replicant’s Tear for Rutger Hauer’s character, Roy Batty I felt the law maker needed a saber to even the odds. Usually Runners used a gun to “retire” Replicants but this is a site dedicated to Lightsabers so here is the saber for the Blade Runner…Deckard…

I gave the saber an Indigo blade to make it stand out from the rest. There is something about Indigo that makes it contrast nicely with the dark hilt’s body. And Deckard stood out as a Blade Runner. The saber shares the ribbed section similar to Replicant’s Tear, but only covers half of the hilt. I did this to represent the ambiguity over whether Deckard himself was a Replicant sent to hunt down Roy Batty and his gang. Is Deckard a Replicant and that is represented by the ribbed section, or is he human, as represented by the non ribbed body? There has been many discussions ever since the film released in 1982 but nothing definitive has been agreed, even between the film’s star Harrison Ford and the Director, Ridley Scott…

Sooo, maybe, maybe not..but a Replicant would say that wouldn’t he? I will, as always let you decide. Sometimes having a lingering, unanswered question just keeps you interested and opens up possible stories for sequels. Well we have that sequel coming up in October 2017 so we may have answers then.

I am about to drive off into the countryside just like Deckard and Rachael did at the end of Blade Runner as I bring this post to an end. But first I want to thank you for checking this saber out (and the other two in the series) and for visiting FTSabersite. Your support and visits are appreciated and I hope you will return to see more designs coming up. There are my new SuperBowl inspired hilts and a set of SIX (yes six) sabers for another blockbuster due out in March! Till next time.

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Chinese New Year Saberstaff – 新年快乐

Hello Everybody, firstly I need to apologise this post is a few hours late, but I have just returned from a night out of entertainment. I was surprised with a gift of a ticket for a rock concert and I have to say the show was fantastic. But I realise a lot of people in Asia and around the world will be celebrating the Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year so I am presenting to you today a saberstaff design I made last year to celebrate the festive time.

This staff I designed to look like the famous lanterns that are released during the celebrations. The emitters and switches represent the lanterns at each end of the staff. The colour scheme I chose match with the lucky colours of the time of year, a deep red and golden yellow (red leather grips and amber blades). The Red Envelope is just my way of wishing you all a prosperous new year (I’m sorry I can’t physically send out real envelopes but the thought is there!)


I am afraid I am going to have to bring this post to an inevitable end, I have to go type up tomorrow’s post ready for a few hours time! For now I really hope you all get to celebrate and have a great time but remember be safe. I would be honoured if you would return to see more of my designs in upcoming posts (Superbowl Sabers and there seems to be some very multi-coloured sabers on the way). Thank you for visiting today and your support. Till next time.

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Replicant’s Tear Lightsaber (Inspired by Roy Batty in Blade Runner)

Hello Everybody, today is the day I bring to you the much teased design inspired by one of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of all time. It is a weapon I designed for the character portrayed by Rutger Hauer, the Replicant, Roy Batty. Roy Batty was an android who was designed and built to perform the dangerous and menial tasks humans couldn’t or wouldn’t do. He, along with a group of other Replicants broke their programing and attained a sense of their mortality. They realised that they wanted “life” and escaped from a mining colony, fleeing to Earth to try and fulfil this wish. The authorities dispatched a special team of detectives called Blade Runners, to apprehend them and end their existence. The film documents the struggle between the gang of Replicants and the Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, and ends with a heart wrenching climax between Batty and Deckard…and the immortal words that inspired this design.

I call this saber…Replicant’s Tear…

The saber has a rough and aggressive look as it was probably built from scavenged parts found whilst the Replicants were on the run. Roy Batty’s higher intelligence does however show up in the design with the FTE Pommel type device to make the weapon more powerful. The blade and the pommel both glow a pure white colour, signifying the Replicant’s hope for life. The colour also represents the White Dove that Roy Batty held and petted during the film. Some people believe that the dove symbolises the “soul” of Batty and the Replicant’s hopes. In the final fight scene between Deckard and Batty, the Replicant gains the upper hand when Deckard is left hanging precariously from a rooftop. Deckard is about to fall…when Batty catches the Blade Runner, saving his life then delivers this most memorable speech…

Tears in rain, a Replicant’s Tear. I realised that everybody has that nagging question at the back our minds, of how long we have to live. Connected to that is the question of how we will be remembered when we are washed away by the rain of time. I would be happy if I knew I had done the best I could have, and if somehow, anything that I may have done had a positive effect on someone else’s life, that’s probably all I could ask for. I think Roy Batty realised this and made the ultimate difference in Rick Deckards life thus proving his love for life.

I am nearing the end of this post but first I would like to thank the YouTube user Canale di DMFan79, as I linked to the video on their channel. I want to thank you, my viewers and followers, for your continued support. I hope you will return for more new designs including the saber I have designed for Rick Deckard, the Superbowl Sabers and a whole lot more. Till next time.

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Denver Broncos Lightsaber (For Tyeth Sport Series)

Hello Everybody, to mix things up I am returning to my sports series and another NFL team saber. This time we visit the rarefied air up at a Mile High. You may have guessed who the team is but if not their mascots are called Thunder and Miles. Yes I am referring to the AFC West Denver Broncos! This team has a legendary Quarterback as their General Manager, John Elway. This man is one of only two players ever to score running TD’s in four separate Superbowls, and he is the only Quarterback to do so! He played all of his career at Denver and the famous Mile High Stadium (now known as Sports Authority Field at Mile High). A rich history indeed, but I now have to present my design to you, so here is Denver Broncos Lightsaber…

I think this is a thoroughbred stallion of a saber! I chose parts that were muscular in appearance and that shared the teams colours. The blade is the crowning glory, matching the mane of the team’s logo. The body is the same blue as the uniforms. The emitter is a nod to the style of play of the Broncos back when Elway was playing. The emitter has three claws and this represents the types of play, Throwing Plays, Running Plays and a third type of play…Scrambling (though not technically seen as one!) Mr Elway was quite famous for being a mobile player, getting valuable yardage when other options were closed off.


As always time has beaten me and I need to bring an end to this post, one day I might have to think about introducing an Extra Time Period! But for today I’d like to thank you for looking in on this design. I hope you will return, as you may have seen the advert above for the BIG GAME sabers I have designed which are “coming soon” and I also have the remaining Blade Runner inspired hilts to come! Till next time.

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K Runner 2049 Lightsaber (Inspired by the Blade Runner Sequel)

Hello Everybody, I don’t know if you have noticed but there have been a few strange images appearing on this site of Tinfoil Unicorns, White Doves and Eyes looking out at you recently. They were hints to my next collection and had the words coming soon, well the time has come for me to reveal the first of this new set of sabers inspired by two Sci-Fi films. The first film was released in 1982 and the second (this first film’s sequel) has yet to be released. I am of course talking about BLADE RUNNER and the upcoming sequel BLADE RUNNER 2049! This next design is inspired by the new film and is for Ryan Gosling’s character, LAPD Officer K, I call it K RUNNER 2049..

In the last picture of the gallery is a Retinoscope, used by Opticians to examine the eyes of patients. In the Blade Runner film, a device called the Voight-Kampf Machine was used to test people suspected of being Replicants by examining their eyes. Replicants were androids who broke their programming, escaped from a mining colony and fled to Earth. They were then tracked down by Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford). The machine looked more like a desktop computer and wasn’t portable, so for the new film I thought I would update and hopefully improve on the design of the machine. The “new” prop combines a miniaturised Voight-Kampf Machine and a Lightsaber all in a handy sized device which kind of looks like the aforementioned Retinoscope!


I don’t know if Officer K will need a Replicant detector or Lightsaber in B.R. 2049 but I thought this was a fun idea. I do have two more designs inspired by the original 1982 Blade Runner, one for Rick Deckard…and one for Roy Batty, the leader of the Replicant gang at the centre of this fantastic neo-noir Sci-Fi masterpiece. I hope you will join me for those two designs and other upcoming posts. Thank you for visiting today and all your support. Till next time.

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Cincinnati Bengals Lightaber (For Tyeth’s Sports Series)

Hello Everybody, I bring you another more conventional Earth bound sporting design today and if you are a fan of  Who Dey, you may be in for a treat! Yes this saber has been designed to represent the Cincinnati Bengals NFL team. Again I admit I don’t know a great deal about the team from Ohio but I do know they play at Paul Brown Stadium and that their QB was just named in the AFC Pro Bowl roster (that’s Andy Dalton the Quarterback, see I’m learning  😀 ). So this design hopefully represents the team, I’ll let you decide as I present Bengals Lightsaber…

The saber shares the same colour scheme as the Bengals team and I think there are a few Tiger-like details. The blade is Bengal orange (the colour is actually called Blood Orange in the virtual builder) and highlights the forked emitter. The emitter reminds me of both the claws and maybe more importantly the canine teeth of a Bengal Tiger. I can imagine a Running Back with the ball tucked away under one arm and this saber in his other hand cutting through the opponent’s “D” fence. Then Andy Dalton throwing a laser guided ball into the end zone for the TD. Ok back to the saber, I would have included a few striped elements but felt that may have been a bit overkill, so I settled with the configuration I finished with, a saber with lines that look like a leaping tiger.


Once more we have come to the end of the fourth quarter and the end of this post! Before I go I want to thank you all for your support and visits, the site has broken the 2400 views mark, so thank you so much! I would be honoured if you would return for my upcoming posts as my designs based on an upcoming sci-fi sequel (as another hint the film is due out in Oct 2017) are just being polished ready for show! Till next time.

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Obliterator Katana Lightsaber (Destroy the Competition)

Hello Everybody, today I continue the theme of sport with a design for another Katana, but one with a difference. The world of lightsabers has expanded on Earth to include licenced replicas from the movies to custom sabers of original designs. Now many people just want to collect these pieces of art but some collectors want to put their lighted weapons to the test in “Combat”. This has led to the creation of Lightsaber groups where members stage choreographed fights…and then there is the actual competition side to the art of Lightsabers. A group of enthusiasts have formed a “Lightsaber World Championship” and take part in “real” sword fighting tournaments but using Lightsabers. I have heard of the current “Champ” and I have read his plans to improve his chances of defending his title…”I’m gonna do a weight training regime and stretching exercises to strengthen my legs, because being big and strong and having a long reach will help me beat everyone!!” Blah! Blah! Blah! He also used a Lightsaber he designed himself to win (which was much longer than anyone else’s). Long story short, I know of a potential challenger who is probably the Champs’ equal in size, strength and speed, but hasn’t got a specially designed saber to help him…until now! I call this saber Obliterator…

Obliterator is probably of similar specification to the saber that is being promoted for the next tournament but I hope mine has the advantage. It has a traditional katana emitter and hand guard (tsuba) but I decided to use two ribbed sections for the hilt’s body. This allows the user to grip the saber anywhere along it’s length, varying the user’s reach so his/her opponent is always off guard. As a result the opponent cannot gauge the distance between the combatants. The user can also vary the grip to obtain leverage, in physics a smaller effort (or force) can produce the same effect or outcome if the force is channelled properly (known as mechanical advantage). The hilt can also be shortened if the user wants to fight using two sabers.


I will end the technical thesis here, as it could get boring quickly. However I believe that this would be a good saber to use in any upcoming tournament if it were ever built. And the guy who I designed this for? Well I won’t name him but he has designed a few sabers himself so knows a thing or two about them. Who knows he may even comment on this saber if he sees it.

I am afraid I need to bring this post to an end, time is once more upon me . I don’t know if these two individuals would ever meet in a tournament but it would be interesting. I hope you enjoyed this design (if not the science lesson 😀 ) and will return to see more new sabers. Thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

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Carolina Panthers Lightsaber (For Tyeth sport series)

Hello Everybody, today I bring you another of my sporting themed sabers I promised a post or two back. Some may recall that I posted two sabers for the teams I support (Mancunian RED Lightsaber and my Cowboys Lightsaber) but it is only fair that I produce a couple of designs for other teams too. A very good friend of mine lives in the Carolina area so to begin here is a saber for the Panthers…

I attempted to recreate the Panthers’ uniform colour scheme with the black, silver-grey and blue. Panthers have claws so the emitter also shares that detail. The body of the saber represents the grey leggings. The blade is the closest to the colour seen on the Panthers’ kit. To be honest I don’t know how well the Panthers have performed this season or know much about the team as getting decent coverage of the NFL on my cable package is difficult (Coruscant Cable Co. aren’t very good, they like to cover Zero-Gravity Dodgeball games instead  😀 ).


I hope you enjoy these sporting designs as I have a few other designs for some of the remaining NFL teams coming soon. Oh, I just realised my friend I mentioned above is a fan of Golf, hmm maybe a new avenue of designs? Maybe.

I would like to thank you for checking out this saber for the Carolina Top-Cats (aren’t they the Cheerleaders?) and hope you will return for more designs in upcoming posts. If you like what you see here then please spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends. Till next time.

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Emerald Fury Katana – for Eddlyss64

Hello Everybody, I have a special treat for one of my long time friends and contributor to this website. As the title reveals I am talking about my Padawan, Eddlyss64 or as he is now known, Master Eddlyss Arceane. Followers of this site will recall Master Eddlyss’ Lego Bionicle inspired staff weapons, such as Staff of Disintegration and Turahk’s Staff of Fear. As a thank you I have designed a saber for him (he doesn’t know this but will when he reads this 😀 !). Master Eddlyss is a fan of the Japanese Anime show “One Piece” and it’s most famous character, Roronoa Zoro, a swordsman famous for using not one, not two….but three sabers. Zoro held a saber in each hand and a third in his teeth. Master Eddlyss designed a small saber called a Shoto to hold in his teeth which I really liked. I also thought one of my new Katana designs would look good with his Shoto so here are two galleries, first up is Master Eddlyss’ shoto, Emerald Fury…

Master Eddlyss chose these parts to make the saber compact and the body above the switch is narrow to make biting it easier! The thing is the parts he used work really well together! Now I would like to present my “gift” to Master Eddlyss, this is Emerald Fury Katana…

That was Emerald Fury Katana, you could say an extension of Master Eddlyss’ initial design. I think they would look good together either in combat or on a traditional Japanese saber stand! I hope my good friend likes this design and I’d like to thank him for his help, support and friendship over this past year.

I hope you enjoyed this design too and will return for my upcoming posts, I have a pair of sabers ready for a long awaited sci-fi movie sequel and a set of FIVE sabers for a blockbuster due out in March! Thank you for looking in today, your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

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