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Reaper – The Undertaker’s 30 year streak

Hello Everybody! DONG!…..(the lights go out!)….DONG!….(an eerie mist begins to build)….DONG!….a deathly march fills the air with a purple light…lightning crackles…then the “Deadman” appears! This could only describe one event and that would be the entrance of the world famous pro wrestler The Undertaker! So as you may have guessed today’s post is a wrestling themed saber design and is for the Undertaker, who is sadly retiring from in-ring competition this weekend after ruling the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment brand for…30 years!

The Undertaker’s WWF debut at Survivor Series Nov 22nd 1990

The Undertaker began wrestling in 1984 as a character called “Texas Red”. In 1987 he wrestled his debut against Bruiser Brody. He lost the match but after a short three year stint to pay his dues, Undertaker then joined the big company – The World Wrestling Federation (or WWF). He first appeared as “Kane the Undertaker” but at Survivor Series (a big Pay-per-view show) he was referred to as just “The Undertaker”. He demolished one opponent with his signature move called the Tombstone Piledriver, where he grabs a person round the waist, lifts the guy upside down and drops them (safely) onto their head. A phenomenon had begun. Undertaker was a force to be reckoned with and of course I felt for his achievements he deserved a new saber…this is what I came up with…

The ‘Taker was 6ft 10in tall and around 310 pounds (billed as 7ft 1in) so was intimidating in his black and purple mortician/undertaker outfit. He was impervious to pain and basically your worst nightmare…so this saber needed to be imposing. I achieved this by making the hilt a traditional crossguard that kind of resembles his logo which I also modelled and used as an adornment. The crossguard “quillons” and emitter are edged in purple just like the Taker’s costume (which had purple boots and gauntlets).

The handgrip has beautiful angled rings of silver to give better grip and to break up the solid black colour a bit. And talking of breaking things up, the Undertaker gave a beating to anyone who crossed him and featured in some hellish matches. These matches have become legendary especially his “Casket Match”, “Boiler Room Brawl” and the “Hell In A Cell” (HIAC). Taker took part in a HIAC with fellow wrestler Mick Foley (also known as Mankind) whilst he had a fractured ankle…but it was the fact he threw Mankind off the top of the 20 foot high steel cage of the cell surrounding the ring that was amazing. Foley landed on and destroyed an announcer’s table, somehow surviving, after which he reclimbed the cell and continued fighting Undertaker on top of the demonic structure…

The Hell In A Cell inspired pommel

The battle continued and swung back and forth until Taker Chokeslammed (the opponent is grabbed by the neck, lifted up vertically and slammed flat onto their back) Foley onto the roof of the cell. Not once …but twice and an OMG moment occurred. When Taker slammed Mankind a second time, the roof of the cell gave way and Mankind fell through the roof onto the ring beneath!! Somehow both men lived to tell the tale of this match and eventually Taker reached this point having reigned over WWF/WWE for 30 years. To recognise this I added an emblem to the hilt…

Three decades of destruction in roman numerals!

The roman numerals add up to thirty, representing his three decades of destruction in pro wrestling! The lower X also acts as the activation switch! Undertaker along with his “in-ring brother” Kane formed a Tag Team named Brothers of Destruction and I designed sabers for both Taker and Kane some years ago now which you can view here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/phenom-lightsaber-wrestler-inspired-saber/ and here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/machine-lightsaber-for-kane-wwe/

But back to this design here are a few more images…

There is WAY too much information to attempt to list in this post so I encourage you to search for more info on Mark Calaway and his Undertaker persona and check out some of his memorable matches on YouTube. I want to thank Mark for the sacrifices he has made to his life and health in entertaining me over the three decades. He was the greatest “big man” wrestler I saw, who could do things smaller guys struggled to do, such as walking tight-rope along the top ring rope for his “Old School” move. He was technically brilliant and always developed new moves to keep himself relevant and exciting. But most of all, he was a fan of the fans and appreciated them. I hope he likes my new revised hilt.

I hope he likes my design, I wouldn’t wanna fight this guy!

So Thank You Taker! May you enjoy your new lifestyle – you have earned it. Undertaker will take his bow at the Survivor Series pay-per-view this weekend (22nd Nov) and you can watch it wherever WWE content is broadcast.

Now I have to bring this post to an end and let it “Rest In Peace” as it were. I have a new robe to try on, it arrived today and man oh man does it look good! But before I go I need to say thanks to all of you for checking this design and post out today. Your support is always appreciated and keeps me creating. Whether this is your first visit or you regularly call back thanks so much. Till next time….

“Reaper – Undertaker’s 30 Year Streak” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. “The Undertaker” and “Mankind” appear on World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment programming and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/Copyright of Titan Sports/WWE Entertainment.

Wildcat Lightsaber – Kentucky’s ferocious felines

Hello Everybody, I have a saber I promised to design for a friend of mine jonnys95s10, who is a fan of college basketball and in particular the University of Kentucky Wildcats! Now having researched the team it’s not surprising they have a big following of fans. The team boasts the best overall win/loss record in NCAA history, winning 76% of their games (.765 for my American statistician fans!). One of the guys responsible for such performance is Coach Cal, John Calipari. He is the latest coach of the team which began way, way back in 1903 so having a .765 rating over that length of time is phenomenal and deserves a Lightsaber, and here it is, this is Wildcat Lightsaber….

I hope jonnys95s10 approves of this design, I think it captures the essence of the team! The hilt is clad in the Kentucky Blue and White of the Wildcats’ franchise colours.ncaa-kentucky-wildcats-0-de'aaron-fox-royal-college-jersey It even looks as if it is wearing a team jersey with the checkered design on the grenade grip section, just like the pattern found down the sides of the team vests. The saber has a powerful look to match the percentage record and the emitter has two white accent rings, representing the hoops at either end of Rupp Arena. These hoops get used quite a lot with the amount of points the team scores (not to mention the monster dunks!) And to finish the hilt off there is a golden amber blade which projects from the fang-like emitter to reinforce the image of the team’s mascot Wildcat.

I am approaching the end of the fourth quarter and will soon have to bring this post to an end. Hopefully this saber will count as another win for the Wildcats. I am still working on new designs (though I am having difficulty with SketchUp, but I will sort that out soon) and I hope you will return to see those and more from my friends in upcoming posts. Thank you so much for looking in on today’s post and for supporting me and FTSabersite, it is greatly appreciated. Till next time.

“UK Wildcats” and all names, logos and materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the University of Kentucky (Men’s Basketball Team). The Wildcats play in the NCAA College Championships.

Golden Warrior Lightsaber – Gold Edition

Hello Everybody, today we are celebrating the crowning of the new NBA Champions – the Golden State Warriors. Firstly I have to congratulate BOTH the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State for their efforts in sporting competition. The finals matches were entertaining (from my limited knowledge of the sport as I’m new to the game!). The Warriors got off to a stellar start and lead three games to nil but the Cavaliers won game four, hinting at a comeback. At 3-1 the decisive game five started and as is usual the score swung one way then the other. However there seemed to be a subtle difference in this game which I will discuss after I show you the limited edition Golden Warrior….

Since I first posted Golden Warrior Lightsaber I have learnt how to apply layers of colour to the gallery pictures to replicate Powder Coating techniques. So as a result Golden Warrior does indeed have a golden sheen now! I feel it actually works nicely and wish I could have produced this earlier as my friend MommyHoldMe would have loved it. I hope he gets to see this as unfortunately I have lost contact with him. Speaking of  “missing” friends, the Cavaliers seemed to be missing the aggressiveness that they displayed in Game Four that hinted at the comeback. The Cav’s star player, LeBron James didn’t seem to have the same impact as normal whereas Golden State’s players gelled as a team with Durant having an MVP game. However as I say I’m no expert but that was the impression I got from the game.

Well the Golden State Warriors are your 2017 NBA Champions and I’ll let them return to the Oracle Arena and San Francisco with their Golden Warrior GE Saber to celebrate – but please guys – don’t paint the city gold!

I am approaching the end of this post but would like to thank all of my viewers and followers for checking out this update. I have had visitors from Italy and Russia this past week indicating word is spreading about FTSabersite, so thanks for the support and please keep telling friends about the site. I would love to see you and your friends here again to check out new designs in my upcoming posts. Till next time.

Golden State Warriors and their logo are Trademarks/©Copyright of the NBA. The Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower and GSW logo images were obtained from Wikimedia.

Cleveland Cavs Lightsaber – Another NBA Sports Themed Saber

Hello Everybody, Hopefully you will know me by now as a fair person, I like equal opportunity etc and of course Balance. So when I realised I had created a saber for the Boston Celtics but I hadn’t created one for their opponents in the Eastern Conference Final, I had to rectify the situation! So here I present my design for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This saber took a while to create as it’s one with multiple layers of colour. But I won’t make you wait any longer here is the Cleveland Cavs Lightsaber…

This saber doesn’t have as many geographical inspired design cues as some of my other designs, it is more along the lines of the team colours. On my satellite system the Cav’s uniforms were white with red and orange trim so this saber shares those colours. The Orange bands on the grip refer to Bobby “Bingo” Smith famed for his long range jump shots. He helped the Cavs to an NBA Central Division Title in 1975 and was part of the Miracle of Richfield (game 2 of the Semi-Finals vs Washington Bullets). There are 7 bands to represent his jersey number. The red band near the emitter signifies the single Championship Title in the franchise’s history (2016). The emitter itself has several hoops as a reminder of the scoring power of “The Big Three” of LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Hopefully the followers of the Cavaliers will approve of this hilt. These Powder Coated hilts take more time to create (and can sometimes appear in low quality but sadly that is the graphics format the builder uses) however they do lift the design from just a basic silver and black hilt. I am always working on ideas for new hilts for characters and themes.

Unfortunately for this post we are running out of time and I will have to part company with you shortly. But as always I want to thank you for looking in today, it’s great to have your support. Please call back to see what new stuff my friends and I come up with in upcoming posts. Till next time.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Cavs and all names, logos and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball Team which is owned by Dan Gilbert and Jeff Cohen (Vice Chairman), Nate Forbes (Vice Chairman), Gordon Gund (minority owner), Usher Raymond (minority owner).

Pittsburgh Steeler Saber – Tribute to the “Steeler Nation”

Hello Everybody, I hope you all liked Roger Redux’s second contribution to FTSabersite, his Rorschach Lightsaber design. So strikingly simple it made it complex! Thanks again to Roger. Today however I bring you a complex saber of my own, and one in my Sports Themed hilts series. It is slightly overdue as the colour scheme was complex (and at first I wasn’t sure of the look so had to tweak it meaning more work!) but it has finally reached it’s intended home. The saber is a tribute to the team that call their home “Heinz Field”, they play in the AFC North at present and have a following called the “Steeler Nation” Yes this saber is for the Pittsburgh Pirates…sorry Pittsburgh Steelers! They were originally nicknamed the Pirates when they were founded way back in 1933 by Art Rooney. Surprisingly the team is still owned by Art Rooney’s descendants to this day, with his grandson Art Rooney II. Well enough talk Tyeth, it’s time to reveal the saber so here is Pittsburgh Steelers Saber….

I hope this hilt finds approval with the Steeler Nation! To begin there is a Steelers “gold” blade to match the colour found on their uniforms. And that blade projects from an emitter with three spines, representing three rivers, The Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio…but more importantly it represents the Steeler’s old stadium that was named the Three Rivers Stadium. Around the emitter are three bands of Powder coat colour, Steeler Gold, Red and Blue, a nod to the diamond accents on the team logo. The rest of the hilt is a mix of black and gold the primary colours of the uniform.

Now I mentioned I wasn’t sure of the original look I came up with, well to begin I had to make two sets of images as shown above (pics 1 &2) then combine them together so that I had silver parts on a black hilt, these silver parts I could then paint on. But my original saber looked like image three with just the three bands of colour. So I decided to add a Steeler Gold hand grip. However I had to start the Powder Coat paint process all over again!

The process took time but I hope you think it was worth the effort. And speaking of time, it has crept up on me once more and I will have to end shortly. Before I go however I’d like to thank the viewer from Italy who checked out Savannah95’s Berserker and Resonant lightsaber designs, your support is greatly welcomed. And to all my viewers and followers thank you too and please call back for more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field, Three Rivers Stadium and all other names, logos and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team and their respective owners. Pittsburgh Steelers are owned by the Rooney Family.

Boston Constitution Lightsaber – A Celtic Kyber Weapon

Hello Everybody, I am a little calmer today, my promo slideshow is out in the wilderness and I am just waiting to see some hits (I’ve had one already, ok it’s only one but I gotta start somewhere!). Today I return to my Sports Team inspired hilts with a saber for the NBA team from Boston Mass. A member of the forum I post on uploaded a picture of his saber that he had modified. The leather grip wasn’t to his liking so he replaced it with Hockey Tape. However the colour of the tape looked just like the Boston Celtic’s colours and it triggered my imagination again! This is the result, this is Boston Constitution…

The saber has a green theme to it just like the Celtic’s uniforms, starting with the blade. That blade projects from an emitter I thought resembled a basketball hoop and net. There are slanted sections on the emitter which also remind me of the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge which just happens to be next door to TD Gardens Arena – home of the Celtics since 1995 (they formed in 1946 and played at Boston Arena, Boston Garden and a stint at Hartford Civic Center!) The switch makes for a nice choke point so spinning the saber is more comfortable and effective. The grip has a nice shade of green powder coat and tactical diamond milled grip plates. The pommel has a nice decorative and aggressive look with the ring of blocks around it’s diameter. Unfortunately there wasn’t one with 17 blocks on it then they could have represented the 17 times the Celtics were Champions!

Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

This has been Boston Constitution, a tribute to the most successful team in American Major Sports (by percentage) and the greats like Red Auerbach and Larry Bird. Not to mention Zang Auerbach (Red’s brother) who created the now famous mascot and logo of Lucky the Leprechaun! As always I hope I’ve done the team proud, and hope you all like the design.

I am nearing the end of today’s instalment but I’d like to thank you all for visiting today and to say hello to the viewer who logged in from Argentina, thanks! I am off now to polish up a couple of hilts inspired by some comic book Ninjas I forgot to include with some earlier posts. Till next time!

Boston Celtics are owned by Boston Basketball Partners (Wyc Grousbeck, CEO and governor). All names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of the Boston Celtics Basketball Team. All other Trademarks and ©Copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Dawg Bite Saber – Inspired by the Cleveland Browns NFL Team

Hello Everybody, Today I have a design for the NFL team that has earned the first round pick in this year’s Draft Pick. That team is the Cleveland Browns! The Browns are a team that play in the American Football Conference (AFC) North Division at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. The team adopted the name of their original coach, Paul Brown. The Browns started out in 1946 playing at Cleveland Stadium up until 1995. The team got into difficulties and had to be “re-built” but returned to competition in 1999 in their new stadium. One section of their stadiums inspired the name of this saber, it is called the “Dawg Pound” and so this saber is named after that section, the fan club that occupy it and their mascots Chomps and Swagger…this is Dawg Bite Saber…

This saber is painted in the Cleveland Brown team colours (though the brown itself is missing as it’s not offered as an available powder coat). However the orange, gloss white and black are present. The blade is a blood orange colour to match their helmets which are an oddity in the NFL. The Browns are the only team not to display team logos on the sides of their helmets (Pittsburgh Steelers have a logo on ONE side only). The emitter has a forked design to represent the teeth of the growling fans/Dawgs. The switch section is banded in orange and connects to the body section. Two ribs at either end of the grip are coated orange and look like the end-zones of a Gridiron pitch (the white ribs are your 10yrd markers!). The pommel is black and orange and can either represent the uprights of the goals or the superstructure of the stadium.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this trip to the “Dawg Pound” and Dawg Bite. I equally hope Cleveland do well in the draft pick in around 10 days time (apparently they have used 26 players in the Quarterback position in 18 seasons, so may be targeting Michael Trubisky from North Carolina – hey I know a bit about football 😀 )

Again time is against me but I want to thank a certain person who suggested I design this saber, I’ll call him D. Kay  to avoid any embarrassment. I also wish to thank you my viewers and followers for your support. I still have more new designs coming up so please call in again to see those. Till next time.

Cleveland Browns Football Team is owned by Jimmy Haslam and Dee Haslam. The name Cleveland Browns, the “Dawg Pound” and all other names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Cleveland Browns Football Team. The NFL, American Football Conference and any other names, terms and related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of The National Football League.

Speeder HRC Lightsaber – Honda’s MotoGP Team

Hello Everybody, today we return to MotoGP and my motorcycle themed hilts. The team I am celebrating this time is the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC). It all started in Hamamatsu, Japan in 1946 when Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa formed the Honda Motor Co. They too experimented with internal combustion engines for farming machinery, boats, power generators anything that needed an engine. Honda built motorised bicycles which developed into full motorcycle designs. One of the best known of the latest models was the CBR-1000RR Fireblade. Being a mechanic and racer, Honda soon formed the Motorcycle division and since 1959 has been the biggest manufacturer. The racing division Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) formed in 1982. This is my tribute to the present day HRC MotoGP team, this is Speeder HRC…

If you have seen my previous designs you will know that I tried to create a saber that had the lines of a top flight racing machine. The emitter forms the front mudguard and fairings. The switch is the main body of the bike complete with the cut outs for the radiators! The seat is created using the saber’s leather grip from which the bike’s exhaust sticks out the back. That exhaust is the FTE pommel with accompanying orange glow. The whole saber is painted in powder coat colours which closely match HRC’s corporate race colours. So you can judge how close I got here is Honda’s race bike..

Honda RC213V
(source Honda Racing Corporation)

I hope Honda and their riders approve. There have been some very famous names riding  these machines ranging from Mike Hailwood (famous for multiple victories in the Isle of Mann TT), multi time MotoGp World Champions Mick Doohan, Valentino Rossi and current Champion Marc Marquez and his team mate Dani Pedrosa. However did you know they also have celebrity fans including a Jedi Knight…here take a look!….

There you go just in case you thought I had forgotten that this site is about sabers 😀 . I do need to point out the newspaper Obi-Wan is reading is a UK based publication called MCN – Motorcycle News! This design finishes my collection of MotoGP hilts and I am close to the end of this post. But before I go I’d like to thank you all for checking all my designs out, your support means a lot. I will be returning to the Star Wars universe and maybe a few sports hilts in upcoming posts. I hope you will join me. Till next time.

Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), CBR-1000RR Fireblade, the Honda “Wing” logo and all names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Honda Motor Co. Japan.

Speeder Lightsaber – Inspired by Movistar Yamaha MotoGP

Hello Everybody, I continue today in the high octane world of motorcycle racing with my next design/scheme. This time it is for the Japanese marque of Yamaha. Yamaha’s motorcycle division was founded in 1955  headed by Genichi Kawakami. Their first model was the YA-1, a 125cc machine. Although this was the first bike Yamaha made it scored success right from the start, winning the Mt Fuji Ascent race and a clean sweep 1-2-3 on the podium of the All Japan Autobike Endurance Road Race! This success was an indication of things to come and it is now time for me to present my tribute to Yamaha’s current team, riders and machinery, this is Speeder Yamaha…

I hope this paint scheme works, it is fairly close to the real bike and I have even managed to create a little design detail as a nod to the Yamaha MotoGP team’s sponsor for 2017…Movistar! Once more the emitter takes the place of the bike’s mudguards and fairings. The Switch section however is the part I did my little bit of magic on…in the last picture of the gallery I lined up the switch so you can see the cut-out. Hopefully the combination of this cut-out and the colour of the surrounding casing should form the outline of a letter “M”. This is Movistar’s logo and can be seen on the side of the Yamaha team’s cycles (pictured below)

Yamaha have had some famous riders on their machinery including legends like Giacomo Agostini, Kenny Roberts, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Rainey and currently someone described as possibly the “Greatest Of All Time”, Valentino Rossi, I have a large legacy to honour and hope I have managed that. I also hope you my viewers and followers liked this latest tribute. I want to thank you all for your support and for visiting, and please remember you can leave comment and feed back below. I’d love to hear what you think of my work and maybe ideas for things you’d like to see! I will have to end here, I have a very irate ninja warrior in an oriental costume with VERY sharp blades on it who wants to appear in tomorrow’s post, so I had best get on with typing it up! Till next time.

Yamaha, Yamaha M1, the Yamaha logo and any other names logos and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of Yamaha Motor Corporation. Movistar is Trademark/©Copyright of Telefonica, Spain.

Speeder Ducati Lightsaber – Inspired by Ducati MotoGP

Ciao Everybody, I have another of my MotoGP inspired hilts, this time for a famous Italian marque. This company is Ducati Corse S.P.A. which was founded in a round about way in 1926. Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons, Adriano, Bruno and Marcello founded Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati in Bologna to produce vacuum tubes, condensers and other radio components. After the war another fledgling company in Turin began making small engines to mount on bicycles. Ducati developed their own engine and bicycle called the Cucciolo in 1950 which had a top speed of 40mph!  The company expanded and developed bigger, more powerful bikes and broke speed records etc. The company also moved into the world of racing and achieved similar (but mostly greater) success. Now the top of the line Desmosedici MotoGP racing bike tops 218mph…just a little bit quicker than their Cucciolo!
In recognition of their history here is my design for them..

This design I hope is as elegant as some of Ducati’s own motorcycles. The pure white blade projects from the scalloped emitter which represents the front wheel’s mudguard and fairings. The switch section stands in for the bike’s fairing with cutaways for the radiators. Next up is the rider’s position the seat, represented by the beautifully simple black leather grip section. At either end of this “seat section” are a couple of white flashes to give the indication of the team sponsorships and corporate colours. The saber is finished off with an FTE Pommel, complete with blood orange glow in place of the bike exhaust. The view of the exhaust is probably the most common for the other teams as they try to catch the “Bologna Bullet”. Here is a picture of the latest racing version mentioned above for you to compare…

Ducati MotoGP 2017 bike (source Ducati.com)

As I said before I really hope I’ve done justice to such an amazing piece of technology (and I have seen quite a bit of it in my time 😀 ). I also hope you my viewers and followers enjoyed this bit of Italian influence. Sadly it is nearly time to say “addio” and bring this post to an end. Thank you so much for checking my site out and please call in again if you liked what you saw (and maybe tell your friends about FTSabersite, everyone is welcome). I will have more sports themed hilts, the Ninja Turtles and I am working on new designs. Till next time.

Ducati, Desmosedici and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of AUDI via Ducati Motor Holding S.p.A. This saber design is my tribute however should Audi/Ducati have issue with my using this material please contact me.