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Blinding Flash Saber- A saber for Barry Allen

Hello Everybody, and right off the bat I want to say I am a bit slow getting this design posted! There are two good reasons, first I had Talon’s Allure Saber – For Allure Cosplay  to display last week (I sometimes get distracted from my schedule if I see something or someone that is great, which inspires me to design a new hilt quickly and post the new one instead). And secondly I have had workmen doing repairs to my workshop all week putting in Fire Sprinklers. It’s hard to concentrate or work with dust, noise and vibrations from all the tools! So I had better get on with this post as fast as I can. And this is a fast saber, as it is designed for D.C. Comics (and TheCW Network’s) Barry Allen, but you will know him as The Flash…and this is my design….Blinding Flash

This saber is sleek, has a matching colour scheme and I think would look rather cool spinning around super fast 😀 The blade is yellow to match the accents found on The Flash’s costume and projects from a forked emitter, also with matching accents. The switch section is a no fuss part for swift activation and control of the blade. The body I really like. Some viewers/readers may recall I created a hilt called Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard – Orange Courage Lightsaber for a Dutch friend of mine and I came up with the idea to paint the spines running down the body in the Dutch national colours. It was at the same time I decided to create this hilt and I painted the spines of this hilt in Blinding Flash yellow. They remind me of the bolts of lightning which struck Barry Allen to give him his superspeed abilities. The pommel has a large bell shaped chamber which might even be capable of producing sonic booms it is that loud!

The Flash CW
The Flash himself.  Copyright of D.C Comics and theCW Network.

Again I would have posted this hilt sooner but as mentioned there has been a lot of other stuff that distracted me (such as The Last Jedi for instance) but I hope you liked it (finally). Luckily I still have a few new designs waiting to be unveiled (including a series of hilts for an 80’s action cartoon show) but I think I will post a BIG GREEN saber next as there has been a lot of red on this site recently.

I am drawing to a close on this post sadly (I am out of breath rushing about) but I still want to thank everybody who views this site and supports me. I have noticed folks visiting from Mexico, Peru and Brazil this past week which is fantastic to see. I hope you will all return to see more of my upcoming posts. Till next time.

p.s. And don’t forget you can always leave comments down below!

“Blinding Flash Saber” is a “For Tyeth Edition” design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. “The Flash”, “Barry Allen” and all related names, logos, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics and TheCW Network, 2018.


Cat’s Claw Lightsaber – A Saber for Selina Kyle

Hello Everybody, today I have a design that is inspired by a famous female comic book villain, who later became an anti-heroine. The character was created way back in 1940 (blimey, that’s older than me!) by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. She was the on-off romantic interest for the saviour and Dark Knight of Gotham City, Batman. I am talking about Selina Kyle or her alter ego…Catwoman!

Catwoman has been a favourite since 1940 (though the character had a rough time during the 50’s due to issues concerning the “Comic Code” rules) and has not only been in comics but appeared on TV and in movies. Famous actresses such as the legends, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether and Julie Newmar portrayed her in the classic 60’s Batman series with Burt Ward and the late great Adam West. On the big screen Michelle Pfeiffer, Halle Berry and most recently Anne Hathaway have taken the role of the feline femme fatale. So enough of my rambling, may I present to you the Cat’s Claw…

This design I feel has the slinky, sultry, feline look associated with our favourite Cat Criminal. The blade is a nice shade of cat’s eye green and projects from an emitter which has it’s own set of whiskers! The switch section reminds me of Catwoman’s waist and gives the saber an hour glass figure look. The body is wrapped in Catwoman’s signature black leather and represents the famous one piece catsuit and mask. To further reinforce that look the hilt is in a gloss black finish. Now I have described nearly all of the saber and I haven’t mentioned the claws yet, well the pommel is the part I chose to recreate those. The pommel is in plain metallic and kind of looks like the sharp metallic nails on the fingers of Catwoman’s gauntlets. I imagine they could do quite a bit of damage. Some of you may be thinking “Hey For, Catwoman uses a Bullwhip, not a saber!” and you would be correct but lightsabers come in different versions and one particular version is a Lightwhip. The Sith lady Lumiya from the now non-canon books and comics used one!

Catwoman 1
Catwoman Herself (DC Comics/Warner Bros.)

I am nearly out of time for this post and will soon have to bring it to an end. But never fear I still have time to thank all my regular viewers and followers for your support. It is much appreciated. My planned post for today had to change due to a situation outside my control, but hopefully no-one noticed and I will continue as normal with more new stuff in upcoming offerings. Oh yes, I also have Borommakot’s new Zodiac Series hilt up next so please join me for that. Till next time.

Catwoman was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in DC Comics Batman #1. Catwoman, Selina Kyle, Batman and Gotham City and all other names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of DC Comics and Warner Bros.

Catwoman (2004) Produced by Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures, DiNovi Pictures, Frantic Films, Maple Shade Films, Catwoman Films. Distributed by Warner Bros.

Rorschach Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, Today I bring you the second of Roger Redux’s designs in his Watchmen series of sabers. Following on from Dr Manhatten Lightsaber, Roger designed this saber based on the character Walter Joseph Kovacs. Walter Kovacs was born in the slums of New York and was brought up by his mother, his father missing. Kovacs believed that his father was on some sort of secret mission for US President Truman, as a result of the story his mother told him. This wasn’t true as his father left five years before Truman came to power. This “white lie” began the process of cracking Kovacs’ trust and regards for his mother. The mother worked as a Prostitute and often beat the young Kovacs, which eventually led to him being taken into care after he assaulted two bullies in self defense. These early events began Walter’s descent into becoming the vigilante crimefighter called Rorschach and this is Roger’s saber design for him….

The saber is built using Standard Dual Tone parts, and to good effect. Kovacs later went on to work in a Garment Factory where he befriended a young woman, this woman had a dress made for her but didn’t like it. The dress was made from a unique material of two layers, between which were two chemical liquids. These liquids were such that they never mixed together but swirled around in an ever changing pattern of black and white patches. Kovacs took the discarded dress and when he discovered that the young woman had been brutalised and killed he decided to take action. He crafted a mask from the dress’ material and changed his name to Rorschach! The mask reminiscent of the famous Psychology Inkblot test images. Because of his insecurities Rorschach chose the masked visage over that of his own given face, saying the mask best represented him and his humanity. The Dual Tone black and silver work perfectly to replicate the mask and Inkblot images. The blade is purple which matches the headband that circles Rorschach’s fedora hat, the only exception to his drab and downtrodden appearance. Rorschach became a nightcrawler and a very successful crimefighter.

Do you see it
Can you see what I see?

I think the use of the monochrome look on this saber is perfect for the character that inspired it. I hope you enjoyed this offering from Roger as much as I did. He has more designs based on the Watchmen franchise which will appear in future posts. You can learn more about Walter “Rorschach” Kovacs by watching the movie and reading the graphic novels! I want to thank Roger for sharing this design with FTSabersite.

Well I am afraid time has caught up with me again and I will have to bring this post to an end shortly. But first I want to thank all of my viewers and followers for the continued support. I hope you will all return to see the upcoming designs from my friends and I. Till next time.


“Rorschach Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Walter Joseph Kovacs, Rorschac and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.

Dr Manhatten Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, I have a surprise for you all today. From the above title you may have guessed I  am about to introduce another Guest Designer! His name is Roger Redux and is also a member of the same forum as I am. Roger has posted a few designs which caught my attention as you could see the thought that had been put into each. He created this design based on DC Comic’s Watchmen character Dr Jonathon Osterman, the physicist who as a result of a freak accident was physically erased from existence. Dr Jonathon Osterman survived however in a scattered form and over time his body “reformed” causing his colleagues to think the laboratory facility was haunted. Not surprisingly, as Dr Osterman’s first appearance consisted of just his dismembered eyes, brain and nervous system! Further re-appearances occurred as more of Osterman’s body parts reconnected. Eventually a fully formed humanoid Jonathon Osterman emerged but he was bald and his skin glowed a shade of blue. I will continue the story after I present to you Roger Redux’s Dr Manhatten Lightsaber…

Dr Osterman was now an ethereal being with superpowers and as always happens, the US Government discovered him and coerced him to work for them. He was given a new outfit and a new name…Dr Manhatten, after the Nuclear Scientist. Dr Manhatten discarded the helmet he was given and instead branded his forehead with a simplified image of a Hydrogen Atom. These little details are captured in this design. The emitter projects a Manhatten Blue blade just like the unearthly glow of the man himself. The body sections have interlinking ovals which represent the “Theory of Relativity” that his father studied. His father then forced Dr Osterman to study physics which in turn lead to the accident and the change into Dr Manhatten.

Over time Dr Manhatten discarded his outfit only wearing it in public situations and to reflect this Roger discarded the silver body sections and replaced them with two leather wrapped parts that have the same shade of blue as Dr Manhatten glows. I liked this as it showed Roger’s thought process behind his design!

I would like to thank Roger Redux for allowing me to share this design with you all and I am pleased to say he has a few more hilts which I will be showcasing in future posts! So Thank You Roger and thank you to my followers and viewers for checking out this talented designers’ saber! I hope you will all return to see more new sabers from my friends and I. Till next time.

“Dr Manhatten Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Dr Manhatten, Dr Osterman and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.


Cobra Command Lightsaber – Cobra’s Kyber Weapon

Hello Everybody, I feel I should post a design for the boss of the evil organisation known as Cobra, the enemy of the G.I.Joes. He is known as Cobra Commander, but very little else is known about him. I tried sending some of my data droids to get some info but all of it is classified! He does wear a mirror like face mask along with his helmet and uniform, and in the movies he appears to have some sort of breathing apparatus under that façade. He and his right hand man, second in command Destro, control Cobra with an iron grip in an attempt to gain world domination. So that’s a little about the man in charge and here is my design for his new Lightsaber… Cobra Command….

This is Cobra Command, I think it looks sinister enough to be owned by a megalomaniac! The saber has a Sith red blade which projects from an emitter that shares a similar shape to Cobra Commander’s helmet. The switch is functional and has a matching groove to that of the emitter part. The grip of the body is the same Cobalt Blue as the early uniforms that the officers of Cobra wore (including C.C. himself) from the comic books I remember reading in the 1980’s. The pommel is another emitter with a forked shroud, which just looks so much like the fangs of a Cobra (and other creatures!) I plugged the pommel with a blade plug to add that bit of “bling” most power hungry people like to show off.


I think Cobra Commander will calm down soon and will hopefully like his new saber and take my comment as a compliment! I hope you too enjoyed this hilt. I am always working on new designs, and I have a new Star Trek hilt coming up soon. This one belongs to the Engineering department for sure.

I am nearing the time I have to end but I’d like to say hello and  thanks to all of you who have visited recently, including the viewers from Finland and Australia! I look forward to you calling in again to see my next designs. Thanks to all for the continued support…Till next time.

G.I. Joe was created by Hasbro Toys. and is Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys. The G.I. Joe movies are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Hasbro Toys.

Storm Shadow Fire and Water – Another Ninja’s Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, today as promised I bring to you the second in the Fire and Water pair of Katanas I designed for the two ninjas of the G.I. Joe franchise. Yesterday we met Snake Eyes the G.I. Joe hero who was badly injured but went on to become one of their most deadly combatants. This time we meet his counterpart who fights for the organisation called Cobra, this man is called Storm Shadow. At one point in history Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow found themselves together at the same ninja training clan, the Arashikage. They fought as spiritual brothers whilst members of the clan but events would lead Snake to be recruited by G.I. Joe while Shadow joined Cobra. I imagined a situation where both Ninja were being trained by their Sensei but when they parted ways they took with them a Lightsaber each and these were the designs I came up with, had Lightsabers existed. So this is the hilt of Storm Shadow, this is Storm Shadow’s Fire and Water…

This design is the same as Snake Eyes’ but in Standard Dual Tone finish. This was to achieve a sort of Ying-Yang vibe to the pair as Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow appear to be opposites and equals. However, usually white is associated with the “Good Guys” and black with the “Bad Guys” but in this case it may have been reversed! In the comics Snake Eyes battles for good and Storm Shadow for evil but later in the storyline it may be that Storm Shadow joined Cobra to avenge a wrong committed by Cobra Commander! So much like in Star Wars, there is the Lightside and Darkside….and that murky bit in-between that’s Grey. And we may see more of this theme in the Last Jedi!

As you can see from the above pictures Storm Shadow adopts a more traditional look of a Ninja that we are so used to seeing in movies today. In the G.I. Joe movie franchise he actually wears a white full length leather coat, but you wouldn’t want to mess with him whatever he was wearing!

I am once more approaching the sunset of this post and will have to end shortly. Before I go I’d like to thank all of the new viewers I have received these past few days, it’s nice to see interest in my site growing from all parts of the globe. I haven’t forgotten my regular followers and viewers, thanks for sticking with me you are appreciated. I hope all new and regular viewers will return to see what new designs I have to come. Thanks and…Till next time.



G.I. Joe was created by Hasbro Toys. and is Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys. The G.I. Joe movies are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Hasbro Toys.

Snake Eyes Fire and Water Lightsaber – A Ninja’s Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, today we enter the world of  Comic Book international peace keeping and the franchise known as G.I. Joe. This range of action toys created by Hasbro, started out way back in the 1960’s as 12″ tall authentic styled figures named Action Sailor, Soldier or Marine. They represented the branches of the military of the US and a licenced version was launched in the UK called Action Man. Eventually these toys were re-vamped in a smaller size of 3.75″ poseable action figures. They had vehicle accessories, play-sets and a new back story of the G.I. Joes facing the threat from COBRA and their leader Cobra Commander (Long time followers will remember my Destro Lightsaber , he was Cobra Commander’s right hand man). However one of the most popular figures in this new range was that of a mysterious black clad Ninja with a Katana and a pet wolf. That Ninja was called Snake Eyes, and this is my lightsaber design for him…

I tried to create a saber similar to a Katana but with the added advantage of a lightsaber blade. This design I created long before my The Long and Short FT Katana Collection. I used the body sections that have Grenade grip blocks as I thought they looked like the tattoo Snake Eyes had on his forearm. The tattoo was the insignia of the Ninja clan he was a member of with his spiritual “brother” however things would change and they end up on opposing sides. The emitter has what appears to be a snake’s fangs and a medium blue blade. The whole saber is in tactical black to help it remain stealthy, just like it’s new owner.

As you can see from the images above Snake Eyes is a formidable looking guy, due to having to wear a mask to cover facial injuries he sustained on a mission. These injuries didn’t stop him from mastering 12 martial arts and serving in the Special Forces and Delta Force. The second image shows his clan tattoo, representing the I-Ching symbol for Fire and Water! Snake Eyes represents one half of the symbolism, and his “brother” (who we shall meet in my next post) is the other half.

I hope Snake Eyes approves of this new weapon, as in the movies based on the toys he is portrayed by Ray “Darth Maul” Park! I also hope you liked this back to basics Katana style hilt and you will join me to see his “brother’s” hilt. Thank you so much for your support today, I appreciate it but sadly I have to end now so…Till next time!

G.I. Joe was created by Hasbro Toys. and is Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys. The G.I. Joe movies are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment and Hasbro Toys.

Demolition – Inspired by GOTG’s Drax the Destroyer

Hello Everybody, I am pleased to present my latest design in my inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy series. This time we will meet the “BIG GUY” of the team, Drax the Destroyer! Originally Drax was known as Arthur Douglas, a human with a wife and child living on earth. One day the super villain Thanos appeared on earth and fearing he had been seen by Arthur and his family, attacked the car they were travelling in. Arthur was critically injured, his wife was killed but his daughter survived, later to be adopted by Thanos’ father Mentor. Arthur however was rescued by the Titan god Kronos and reincarnated in a new body. So was born Drax the Destroyer, whose only purpose in life was to kill Thanos. Drax was reborn and this is the birth of my design for his saber, this is DEMOLITION…

Drax is an imposing figure with superhuman strength, resilience and at one time had the ability to fire energy bolts from his hands. He later lost this power but maybe this saber will make up for that. The saber has a medium blue blade which projects from a powder coated emitter. The powder coat is almost the exact same colour as Drax, and to reinforce the image I gave the grenade grip blocks a coat of red powder coat to represent the vanes and lines covering his massive physique. The switch section is nicely placed so that Drax can wield two of these sabers in either normal grip or reverse grip just like the daggers he uses at the moment. I hope he likes these and they will help him in future situations.

I have nearly come to the end of this post but I just have time to inform you I’ve received notification my copies of Rogue One are being delivered tomorrow! YAY! I didn’t even know it had been released, I have been that busy I haven’t seen any adverts or promotions announcing that it was available. So I will watch Rogue a few more times over the next couple of days and start work on some new Star wars hilts and maybe a few more Guardians designs for Ronan the Accuser and Nebula!

I hope you will return to see what I can come up with, but I’d like to thank you all for visiting today (including the viewer I had call in from France yesterday – I did see you, Merci!) I’ll get back to work now….Till next time.

Drax the Destroyer was created by Jim Starlin and appeared in numerous Marvel publications. Drax the Destroyer, Ronan the Accuser and all other Guardians of the Galaxy names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

Gamora – Inspired by GOTG’s Gamora

Hello Everybody, I have the privilege of bringing to you a design for the “Deadliest woman in the whole Galaxy”. This woman is the last of her species (the Zen-Whoberis) and has been through tremendous ordeals in her life. In the movie version, Gamora’s  family were wiped out by a man named Thanos, but was then “adopted” by Thanos. Thanos had plans for Gamora and trained her to be an assassin, proficient in many Martial Arts from around the Galaxy. Gamora particularly liked using daggers and swords. Soon Gamora rebelled against her adopted father when she learned of Thanos’ plan concocted with Ronan the Accuser, to wipe out a planet named Xandar in return for a mystic orb (which contained one of the most powerful relics in the Galaxy, an Infinity Stone). Gamora stole that orb and tried to sell it, planning on using the proceeds to get as far away as possible from Thanos. This is where she came into contact with her future shipmates and things got…interesting! And I’m sure you’re all interested to see my saber for her so may I present ….Gamora….

I attempted to create the weapon of an elegant assassin. Gamora has a graceful athletic style of fighting due to the genetic and cybernetic enhancements Thanos gave her during her training. She now has super human strength, reflexes, healing abilities and has been known to defeat a platoon of trained military men in one fight! So this saber I hope is both elegant and aggressive. The green blade is framed by the six claws of the emitter with a purple cap to represent her flowing hair. The overall black scheme mimics her outfit but is also a tactical colour (not bright and flashy but stealthy). The purple grip vanes again are just to match her colour scheme without being too outstanding, yet provide a solid combat grip. The pommel tapers away to provide some sleek elegant lines.gamora 1

I mentioned that Gamora stole the Orb containing an Infinity Stone and as a result she and Star Lord, Groot and Rocket were arrested and imprisoned by Nova Corps. She decided to join forces with these misfits and another large individual (we’ll meet him tomorrow!) and broke out of jail. This group then attempted to defeat Ronan the Accuser and reclaim the Infinity Stone, but you’ll have to watch the movie to see who won.

I am approaching the end of today’s post, but once again I’d like to say thank you for visiting today and checking out Gamora’s new saber. I will hopefully have the last of the Guardians hilts tomorrow so I’d like to invite you back and see that one. Till next time.

Gamora was created by Jim Starlin and appeared in Marvel Comics. Gamora, Star Lord, Groot and Rocket along with all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

Rocket Lightsaber – Inspired by GOTG’s Rocket Raccoon

Hello Everybody, we now have a furry friend visiting the site in the form of a rebellious raccoon! No, General Leia hasn’t started recruiting woodland animals, I am referring to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon. He hails from the planet Halfworld and was originally created to be a genetically engineered care assistant for elderly and ailing folks of Halfworld. He was given implants and upgrades so he had human like intelligence and walked upright. Rocket was also considered the law officer of Halfworld. In later appearances in comics, games, TV and films, Rocket developed and became a Military Strategist and weapons expert eventually joining up with Star Lord, Groot and the gang . Well I wonder if he has ever come across a Lightsaber before, if not I have one here just for him, this is Rocket Lightsaber…

This is Rocket’s new saber, and I kinda like it. First up is a pure white blade to match his fur, followed by a two tone black and silver emitter. The switch is a no nonsense gets the job done type, a bit like Rocket himself. He designed the gadget that helped the Guardians oppose Ronan the Accuser in the original movie. Rocket is also an accomplished pilot (like yours truly 😀 ) so I gave his saber a nice bright Orange “flight jacket”, much like his utility vest he wears. The Pommel reminds me of a Raccoon’s paws and claws with the ring of blocks looking like little toes and fingers. I think this would be a really good saber and it would come in handy. Rocket sometimes bends the law in the film version of Guardians and is reported to have escaped from 22 prisons so maybe this saber will help him remain a law-abiding Raccoon! I feel he is just conflicted and needs some guidance…

See! He’s conflicted, but I’m glad he appears to like my designs and is endorsing them…though he needs to leave the Jedi Mind Tricks to the professionals.

I am afraid time is running out for this post but I’d like to let you know I have a few more Guardians hilts to present to you and I may have a NEW GUEST DESIGNER making a contribution to the site soon! Before I go I want to thank all of you for your contributions to FTSabersite, all of your comments, likes or even if you just visit, is much appreciated. Till next time.

Rocket Raccoon, Ronan the Accuser and all other Guardians of the Galaxy related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.