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Supermobile Saber – Inspired by Corgi Toys Die Cast Model

Hello Everybody…..Is it a bird?….Is it a plane?…..No it’s a new saber! Yes as you might have guessed from the image and quote we are visiting the realm of Superheroes and in particular….Superman! This is another instalment in my on-going collaboration with TheVintageToyAdvertiser and focuses on the Corgi toy range of the 1980’s and the spaceship/aeroplane vehicle, the Supermobile. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and drawn by artist Joel Shuster way back in the 1930’s (Superman was originally going to be a vagrant man who had an experimental drug tested on him which gave him superpowers), but the first real appearance of a Superman we recognise today came back in 1938 in Action Comics #1 published by Detective Comics (later known as the famous DC Comics of today). Fast forward a few decades and many TV shows, films and comic books and we come to the 1980’s where superheroes all had gadgets and gizmos. Batman had his Bat Plane, helicopter and boat and so Superman was given the Supermobile!

Superman Corgi 1980 TVTA

And this is my attempt to build a saber based on that vehicle and Corgi toy. It was quite a tough build initially but after viewing a YouTube video by Andrew Pearce of BlenderGuru fame I learnt how to make smooth aerodynamic shapes more easily. Here are a few work in progress pictures….

This hilt originally started off as a cube! But by stretching, pushing and pulling I shaped the cube into a rough aeroplane shape, however it was by far looking aerodynamic. After watching the video I mentioned I was able to drag the wireframe mesh into a nice smooth profile. In the picture you can see the orange lines – these can be selected and moved around the virtual space to form the model, and by working front to back I created the sweeping curve (and using the mirror function meant both halves of the ship were identical!). I think it looks a little bit like the toy…

Superman Corgi b 1980 TVTA
Close up of the Corgi Toy Supermobile.

I have made a few concessions, in that I have stretched the model so it can be used as a saber handle but I have the three winglets, the big exhaust nozzle, the sweeping canopy and even the “S” logos. It is however looking a bit grey…where are the famous blue and red colours? Well here are a few “Glamour Shots” with the paint scheme added…

Again a few changes were made so it wasn’t just an exercise in copying the original toy. I darkened the blue slightly to better reflect the colours seen on Superman in recent blockbuster movie outings and this Supermobile doesn’t have Superman sat in the cockpit. This version has a Kryptonian crystal in the cockpit as a crystal chamber to power the saber! (Don’t worry Superman won’t be affected by the Kryptonite, the cockpit is lead lined!). To make the model useable as a lightsaber handle I had to remove the two “Superman Fist” missile launchers but fear not, this model still packs a punch and as a bonus it has it’s own display stand…

And yes, there are the missile launchers! You didn’t think I would leave out such a distinct feature as those did you? The launchers act as part of the cradle to rest the saber on and feature scratches and scrapes on the fists to make them look used!

I think that just about wraps up this design, I hope you like it…it is different and similar at the same time. But before I put my cape on and fly off in my Jedi Interceptor, I need to say a big thank you to TVTA for the challenge once again and a BIG thanks to all of you my followers and viewers, As always you are appreciated and keep me designing and posting. I still have more hilts to come including a Darth Vader replica, a hilt for Vader’s apprentice, a few for a Playboy Billionaire Superhero with a suit of armour and Oh yes…”It’s cold outside, there’s no kind of atmosphere, I’m all alone more or less….” <This song lyric is a clue to another upcoming hilt. I hope you will return to check all of them out in future posts. Till next time…..

“Supermobile Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. Superman was created by Jerry Siegal and Joel Shuster and all Trademarks/©Copyrights are now owned by DC Comics/Warner Bros Entertainment. Supermobile die cast model built by and is copyright of Corgi Toys ltd.

Barad-Dûr Saber – Inspired by Lord of the Rings

Hello Everybody, today I take inspiration from an absolute classic story, the story being the Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. I have been designing sabers for over three years but never ventured into this fantasy realm as a few other Sabersmiths had done LOTR inspired hilts. However during a conversation on the Ultrasabers forum several members commented they would like to see what I could come up with. I had recently been experimenting with new modelling techniques to create more organic shaped parts such as claws. I came up with a design based on the famous dragon creatures from Star Wars (called a Krayt Dragon) but it seemed to lack something as you can see in this picture…Bones Saber 1 MK

It has a texture to make it look like it is made of bone, it also has bony claws and hammered copper/gold bands. But I didn’t like the pommel, it literally just tailed off and I thought I could improve on this. When the members mentioned LOTR I realised this was my opportunity to tweak this design. I set to work. I felt that the shape was something you might see in the land of Middle Earth, maybe a weapon an Orc might carry or maybe a wand like object that the wizard Gandalf might own. No, this hilt needed to be big and there was a very big object in Middle Earth and it was Barad-Dûr, or the Dark Tower so I based my new hilt on that edifice. Here are a few work in progress pictures…

The pictures above show how I used the “Mirror” function to create the pair of claws. I created a tube and stretched it along a curved line. By varying the thickness I was able to create the “joints” then taper the tube to a point. The mirror function ensured both claws were identical. Then I needed to work on the pommel, and this is where I think I nailed the look I was after. In the “second age” of Middle Earth the evil warlock Sauron built the Dark Tower in Mordor and atop the tower was a large glowing orb known as the “Eye of Sauron” and I rebuilt a replica of the tower ornament. I created two intersecting hollows to form a pair of “horns” between which I suspended a glowing crystal shape to form the “Eye” itself. The “bone saber” above was too light in colour and had the wrong texture so that had to change. The Dark Tower was made from black rock like Onyx or Obsidian, so by tweaking the material the saber was coated with I found a pattern that replicated cracked rock. All these details combined resulted in the hilt Barad-Dûr and here are a few Glamour Shots…

Hopefully this design is a good homage to the fantasy of Tolkien’s imagination. I think the rock texture sets the dark theme contrasting nicely with the gold bands. The orange/amber crystal has a similar fiery glow as “Sauron’s Eye” and illuminates the hollowed pommel nicely highlighting the cracked rock. I am pleased how this design developed from my initial build, it just needed a great source of inspiration.

I haven’t covered the story of the LOTR trilogy as there is too much information to relay but I highly recommend reading the books (as I did as a youngling) or watch the Peter Jackson on screen version (if you haven’t already!). I think this just about wraps up this design and post and I really hope you liked it. It made a real change for me to try a different genre. As always I haven’t stopped here and still have around ten more new designs to share in upcoming posts. I hope you will return for those (I promise the Norse God will get his saber soon!) but for now I have to say a big thank you to all of you for visiting FTSabersite today. Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a regular follower, you are all appreciated. Till next time….

“Barad-Dûr Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design inspired by the work of J.R.R. Tolkien and the subsequent movie trilogy. “The Lord of the Rings” is Trademark/©Copyright of the Tolkien Estate. Movie credits: Production Companies: WingNut Films and The Saul Zaentz Company. Distributed by New Line Cinema.

Alice Saber – Inspired by Resident Evil

Hello Everybody, today I bring you the hilt I have been teasing for the past month that is for the lead lady in a hugely popular film and gaming franchise. That person is Alice, who the heck is Alice? Well she is a product of the Umbrella Corporation, a shadowy company intent on controlling the world’s Biotechnology but as usually happens….that company was compromised and went out of control. Alice originally starts out as a Security Operative for the Corporation at a vast underground bunker facility called “The Hive”. An incident at the Hive resulted in the artificial intelligent computer system wiping out the human workforce and Alice and her “husband” Spence were the only survivors after being sent to investigate. One problem arose, a virus was stolen by Spence when he discovered Alice intended to stop Umbrella and close it down. A battle ensued, at the end of which a horde of zombies were created whilst Alice is captured by Umbrella scientists and placed in quarantine. When she awakes, Alice has no memory of previous events and has to recover her memory and fight her way out of the virus ravaged Racoon City…oh and stop Umbrella for good.

Through the 6 (I think 6, I’ve lost count!) movies she becomes a fighter for the non infected human race and tries to save them from a pathogen developed by the out of control Umbrella Corp. However Alice didn’t just try to stop a virus/pathogen she had to contend with various zombie creatures that were the result of failed testing, mutated dogs, giant hammer/axe wielding humanoids as well as the corporation’s supercomputer which developed a self awareness and saw Alice as a threat. So I thought Alice needed a saber and here are a few work in progress studio pictures….

Now my regular viewers may recognise this saber sort of, it is based on my “Angelic -Inspired by Charlie’s Angels” hilt but I have given it a new attitude and aggressive paint scheme! The Umbrella Corporation’s corporate colours are red, white and black and while I was experimenting to get the right colour for the Angels’ saber I stumbled on this colour combo. I also noted that the octagonal blocks I used as “wheel arches” were the same shape as the famous “Umbrella logo”. I had the idea to sneak an Umbrella logo into the pommel to cover the speaker vent. The crystals were turned red to look like three vials of the pathogen “T-Virus”, and as this hilt is intended for Alice I inscribed her name on the sides of the hilt in the Resident Evil font. No mistaking who this saber belongs to! Ok, I’ve rambled on so here are a few more Glamour Shots…

In these pictures you get a better idea of the new attitude and look! No messing! Now I couldn’t possibly go through the entire story of Alice, but her exploits take her to desert survivor outposts, an abandoned prison complex and even the frozen wastes of the north. I asked who is Alice, well I gave you an introduction to the fictional character but the actress who portrays her on film is the fantastic Mila Jovovich.

I am approaching the end of this post but as always I have housekeeping to do. I continue to design new stuff and have more Stormtrooper hilt designs, a pair of hilts for the Star Trek franchise, a pair of hilts for two exo-suited warriors, a massive three bladed hilt for a Norse god and I even have a saber that resembles a space mining ship! All of this and more will be in upcoming posts so I hope you’ll join me for them. And again thank you so much for visiting this site and supporting me, whether this is your first visit or you regularly drop in, it is much appreciated. Till next time!

“Alice Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “Resident Evil”, “Alice”, “Umbrella Corporation” and the Umbrella Corp logo are all Trademark/©Copyright of Capcom Games./ScreenGems. “Resident Evil” is based on the video game from Capcom Games and is distributed by ScreenGems.

Trooper Saber – Inspired by Ralph MacQuarrie’s Artwork

Hello everybody, today we stay in the Star Wars Universe but travel this time into the genius mind and world of Ralph MacQuarrie – the world famous concept artist who created the “look” of Star Wars. Ralph MacQuarrie’s works could hang in any gallery and I find them fascinating, whenever I see one of his pictures I stop and study it. There were character designs for Darth Vader complete with battle armour and helmet/mask making him look like a space Samurai, there is an image of two droids walking on a sand flat…then there are the pictures of the Stormtroopers! We all know the Stormtroopers now, the shiny egg-shell white armoured foot soldiers but did you know they were supposed to have lightsabers in the beginning? Originally, George Lucas envisaged everyone would have “Lazer Swords”, the good guys, the bad guys and Stormtroopers! Mr MacQuarrie produced an image of two corridors, one with three Rebel fighters and in the adjoining corridor a group of troopers…the one nearest to us wielding a pure white plasma bladed lightsaber. However you can’t quite make out the hilt itself except it is short, so I decided now I have Blender to release my creativity, I would design a hilt that the Stormtroopers may have hung on their belts. This is Trooper Saber….

I took the approach that a saber for a trooper would be functional, compact and based off the image (seen in the title image above btw!) it would be similar to a hilt known as a Shoto. Shoto hilts are predominantly single handed weapons used in your non dominant hand as a defensive weapon. They tend to have a shorter blade too but I kept a regular blade as you will see later again in keeping with the image. The pommel I took inspiration from Obi-Wan Kenobi’s saber from The Phantom Menace, which according to sources houses an additional power cell. This saber just has a speaker vent but it does share the round skull-crusher style and the turrets or blocks around it’s circumference. The handgrip I made from two sections, an inner core and a perforated outer sheath/sleeve. I imagined that this outer sheath would be some sort of rubberised/textured material as this is a tactical weapon and grip would be important. Ok I have tattled on and you have still to see some Glamour Shots of the saber so here they are…

I think this design worked out ok (it is a slightly older design but it still checks out sir! 😀 ) I replicated the eggshell white colour of the troopers’ armour and accented sections in black to mimic their equipment belts (such as the ring of panels around the emitter). The handgrip again is in white but to avoid the hilt being lost in one colour I used black as the inner core so it can be seen through the sheath holes. The activation switch however is a bit special as it is modelled on the Imperial Cog logo which sometimes is displayed on the shoulder plates and pauldrons troopers wear. To finish the hilt is the pommel which as I mentioned earlier is loosely based on Obi-Wan’s saber but it also shares the spherical motif that the Empire employed. The Death Star was spherical, the fuselage of the Tie Fighter (more on this later) was spherical and so too is the pommel of this weapon! And the blade of this weapon is pure plasma white as Ralph Macquarrie imagined. Later rewrites of the story would replace the white blades with Blue ones for the good guys and Red for the bad guys…and the Stormtoopers got….Blasters! So uncivilised!

Image Copyright of Ralph Macquarrie/LucasFilm

I suppose in a way it made sense that the lightsaber be withheld for the main special characters and not just everybody, it instilled the weapon with a sense of mysticism but it might have been fun seeing hordes of troopers with lazer swords…and I could have supplied them! But sadly that is another story and it is also time for this post to end. But as always before I go, I have a few bits to let you know about. I still have at least TEN more hilts to show you all (and maybe a Tie Fighter themed one) so I hope you will all return to see those in futures posts. And I have to say a big thank you to a gentleman named Lord_S_Gray from the Ultrasabers’ forum who kindly commented on my Satele Shan hilt that I “had truly recreated the weapon of a Jedi”. That means a lot. So to end I will say thanks to you my viewers and followers new and regular for all the support and kind words. Till next time!

“Trooper Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. The Stormtrooper concept art is Trademark/©Copyright of Ralph MacQuarrie/LucasFilm 1977-2019.


Satele-ite Saber Staff – Inspired by Star Wars The Old Republic game

Hello Everybody, today I venture to the world of video games once more and the sequel game to “Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic” which I have mentioned recently. The game made by BioWare and LucasArts continues the story of the SW universe and centres around a character named Satele Shan. Satele Shan is a female Jedi who is a direct descendant of the characters Revan and Bastilla Shan. Satele however is very definitely her own Jedi and had some controversial beliefs that Jedi could “draw strength from attachments” i.e. using compassion and love to draw on to gain strength through the Force. This was frowned upon as it was a technique dangerously close to the Dark Side of the Force where the Sith gained power through anger and hatred…the opposite of love and compassion. Always a balance and opposites in the Force there is! And so too did Satele’s famous weapon have balance, a double bladed staff! I decided to build a staff inspired by Satele’s hilt and I have had to learn some more new skills, see if you can spot anything new that catches your eye as I present Satele-ite Staff…

As you can see (hopefully!) this weapon consists of TWO hilts…double the work yes? Well, no actually! There is a clever feature of Blender 3D that allows you to make duplicates of an object or model so that helps cut down my workload but I still had a lot to do. If you look very carefully these hilts have a smooth, rounded look, but there are still some sharp edges. This was achieved by using clever functions called “Edge Split Modifier”, “Smooth Shading” and “AutoSharp”. The smoothing function does as it says and rounds everything so the model looks less blocky. However there are fine details that need sharp edges and this is where “Edge Splits” and “AutoSharp” come in useful. They help identify and isolate ridges and edges preventing them from being smoothed out making the model look more realistically solid. But enough about the techniques, I hear you cry “this isn’t a staff!” Well I have a few more pictures for you to enjoy…

Using a further modifier called the “Mirror Modifier”, I can position the two hilts end-to-end and form the formidable staff weapon. In the pictures above you can see I also added some nice little detailing such as the gold support rods on the emitter and the buttons on the pommel area that form the staff coupler release catch. Inbetween the emitter and pommels you will have noticed that this staff is also etched with a tribal wing-like emblem. The yellow bladed version shown above is an early build I did before I learnt the smoothing and edge enhancing techniques to show how clunky it looked before! And to acknowledge BioWare and LucasArts who produced the game and art, here is a picture of Satele Shan and her staff (well you can see half of it!) taken from a famous screenshot of the game…

Satele Shan and staff. Image Copyright of BioWare/LucasArt

Satele became a legend when she was appointed as the Grand Master of the Jedi Order after helping save the galaxy around 4000 years before Luke Skywalker. With this staff I have built I hope to be on the path to being a Grand Master saber designer 😀 !

So with that I think I have covered everything and I can bring this post to an end. I hope you enjoyed this tribute to a Grand Master’s weapon and check out the games “Knights of The Old Republic” and “Star Wars: The Old Republic”. I’d just like to let you know I have a series of sabers coming up based on various Stormtroopers, a hilt for a Senator, a very large saber based on a very large ship and if that isn’t enough there is an extra special saber for a Norse God! I sincerely hope you will return to check all those out but for now it’s thank you time. Whether you are a first time viewer or a regular visitor to my site, thank you ALL for looking in on my work and for all the support you give me, I really appreciate it. Till Next Time…..

“Satele-ite” staff is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2019. It is inspired by works created by BioWare and LucasArts. All images, names and related material to those works are Trademarks/©Copyright of BioWare/LucasArts.

Angelic -Inspired by Charlie’s Angels

Hello Everybody, to start this post I need to retell this quote – “Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy. And they were each assigned very hazardous duties but I took them all away from all that and now they work for me. My name is Charlie.”  Now you may be wondering what Charlie’s Angels has to do with Star Wars or sabers? Well both were released at about the same time in the 1970’s and both had great toy merchandising. And it was my good friend, TheVintageToyAdvertiser, who challenged me to design a Charlie’s Angels themed hilt for our on-going movies and TV series of hilts and articles. Then he suggested I base my design on the customised panel van the Angels used in the show! This was a challenge but here is the results of my efforts…\\Angelic//…

I have made hilts based on cars before, but a panel van was something totally different. They are BIG and BOXY and not exactly streamlined so I could mimic it’s lines in a hilt form. So I went for a chunky utilitarian shape with extrusions to represent wheel arches, large flat faces for the panels and in the texture test image you can just make out a transparent area to form a skylight sunroof detail. Within the third picture (kindly supplied by TVTA) you can see the Angels’ van at the top. It has a solid bright pink colour which I thought was a little much for a saber so I used a painting trick found on modified custom cars and used a subtle dusky pink and silver finish. I think it worked ok but as always I’ll let you decide with a few more Glamour Pictures…

These close up pictures show a few more of the details including the accent groove around the emitter and the octagonal blocks to mimic wheel arches. The activation buttons are the initials C and A for Charlie’s Angels with green to switch on and red for off. The letters are in a 70’s style font named Bauhaus (I also used this font in the header image!). The top views also reveal the sunroof/skylight detail of the van. However, where the van had two or four panes (depending on which toy you had) I used one panel to form a crystal chamber. Within that chamber are three crystals – one for each Angel. This feature I added instead of the suggested van rear doors and equipment rack. Finally I had to include the famous “Angels Silhouette” logo so I made a silver logo plaque and outlined it in black to give it some pop.

Charlie’s Angels was produced by Spelling-Goldberg Productions and ran from 1976 to 1981 over 5 seasons and did feature other actresses as the line up changed but I focused on the “Classic” trio here. Hopefully I have done justice to the them (and their van!)

That just about wraps up this case but I need to thank TheVintageToyAdvertiser for his “challenge” and for supplying the additional toy adverts. I think he has a Super Hero challenge for me next which will be interesting. (And please be sure to visit TVTA’s site and check out his fantastic images and scans of nostalgic toy and game adverts). I hope you will all return to check that one out in a future post along with my series of Trooper hilts and a new Crossguard hilt for a famous God! Thanks for your support whether you’re a first time visitor or long time regular, you are appreciated. Till next time….

“Angelic” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019. “Charlie’s Angels” and all names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Spelling-Goldberg Productions and was distributed by Columbia Pictures Distribution.

Padawan One – Inspired by the videogame “Star Wars The Old Republic”

Hello Everyone and welcome to my first post of 2019! I wasn’t sure whether to post this weekend but I felt I would be depriving you if I didn’t. Plus I also have a few hilts still to show you all stacking up in my workshop! One of those hilts is a tribute to the fantastic role playing game “Star Wars The Old Republic” also known as SWTOR. And this hilt is my take on the first lightsaber you get to construct in that game. I call this saber “Padawan One” as a Padawan is a Jedi learner and this would be their first ONE they construct. Here it is…

I built this model after members of the Ultrasabers’ forum suggested this hilt to the owners of Ultrasabers as a possible future product and some folks were interested to see how it might look if built. So I built a replica of it but I did before I learnt the smooth texture technique so please forgive the slightly angular appearance. The saber does however have a nice “Old Republic” Amber coloured glow! It also features tiny screws to hold the parts together located on the control box and near the leather grip. You might also have noticed that the leather is “wound” around the hilt and has a raised textured look – another technique I have mastered. A ring of accent lights circle the upper part of the pommel. To finish the hilt I added a covertech belt clip. So how close did I get to the original? Well I made a few tweaks so it wasn’t a “carbonite” copy but here are two images, taken from the actual game, of the hilt as it is seen during the construction animation.

Images ©Copyright of Bio-Ware/LucasArts ltd.

The computer game was written and produced by a company named Bio-Ware in conjunction with LucasArts (the computer/digital arm of LucasFilm). I think it was a nice design as it was reminiscent of the short sword that Roman Gladiators and soldiers carried yet still looked like it came from a “galaxy far away”. The red activation switch and box may not have been the most ergonomic but it did make the hilt distinctive. And I wondered what a double ended staff saber using this hilt would be like and I’d say it’s just as striking! I’ll let you decide, here is a picture….padawan one staff

Using a function named “Mirror Modifier” I was able to quickly duplicate the hilt and made a connector/coupler piece to slot between the hilts (and I even cut holes into this coupler so the sounds can still be heard if the hilt ever got built for real).

That just about wraps up this offering and I hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of a classic computer game! I mentioned earlier that I still have many more hilts to come and two of them will give us a new glimpse into the other big space franchise. I also have a few hilts to display in conjunction with my friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser as part of our on-going series.

I hope you will return to see those in future posts but it may be a new year but I’ll end with the same thank you to all of you for your continued support, new or regular you are all appreciated! Till next time….

“Padawan One” saber is For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2019. This design is inspired by material from the Bio-Ware/LucasArts video game “Star Wars The Old Republic” which is Trademark/©Copyright of Bio-Ware Games and LucasArts ltd.

For Tyeth’s 2018 Review

Hello Everybody and welcome to the end of year review! It has been a rollercoaster rocket ride this year for me. Not so much physically but more mental and emotional. I had a lot to learn these past 12 months. This is going to be written on the fly so if I forget anything sorry but I’m getting older too 😀 So here we go way back to January.

I was fortunate enough to begin my year with a nomination for a “Unique Blogger Award”! I have had a few over the past three years but it’s always nice to start a year with an honour like this. However I was on a roll with my saber designing and created a design for a very talented Cosplayer called Allure Cosplay. Allure has an outfit depicting a Sith Lady named Darth Talon, and I created a special hilt in the same red and black colour scheme. I was also able to share the images with her and I think by her reaction she liked it.

At this time I was using an online application called the ASP Builder, provided by an American lightsaber company named Saberforge to create my designs but using the preview images I edited them in Photoshop to add the coloured layers of paint. The Saberforge application could only produce silver, black or aged looks. However I didn’t just create Allure Cosplay’s hilt…I mocked up designs for Comic Book Super heroes including “The Flash” and “The Hulk” And funnily enough my images seemed to have attracted the attention of a certain saber manufacturer….More on this later as big news was about to break….

That news was the announcement that on Apirl 30th, the forum I used to frequent  and post my designs on before starting my blog here, Saberforgeforum, was going to be shut down by the owner of the company. Mr Isherwood the “Owner” decided that it wasn’t cost effective and stretched his vast resources so shut it down. This meant a lot of unhappy forum users but it allowed the owner to better control the narrative about his company by using Facebook groups which he could (and does) censor. I posted about the sad closure as I had a lot of contacts on that forum, you can read about it by clicking HERE: (Saberforge Forum is no more)

But that was just the beginning of the BIG NEWS! I will tell you more on PAGE 2 just click the button below to meet me there….

Just a quick update, don’t worry I’m still here!

Hello Everybody….I  haven’t disappeared and am still here but work on my review of 2018 is taking a little longer than I anticipated. I knew I had done quite a few things this year but looking back over my year’s posts it’s hard to know what to include or not!

So as a progress report I am about three quarters through typing it up and as I am writing it without a script I have to insert links and images and tidy things as I go, but I should have it finished for the 31st December. I hope you will look in on FSabersite and share a trip through my past year’s adventures on New Years’ Eve!

Till next time….here’s a little Meme to test if you are a true Star Wars fan!Roger Roger

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Happy Holidays From FTSabersite!

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates at this time of year. This time of the year resonates with me quite a bit as I bought my first fully custom saber three years ago and it arrived on December 24th. I had hoped it would arrive a week earlier as it was bought for my birthday present actually but I can’t complain! The saber is a hilt called the Disciple from a US based company known as Saberforge, but I quickly renamed it the “Bal’Demnian Blade” as part of my backstory. The Bal’Demnian accompanied me on many adventures and is still serving me well. As it was this hilt that got me into the Lightsaber hobby and community I felt I should celebrate it’s third birthday too. Now I did post an article about 3D modelling using Google/Trimble’s SketchUp application which I tried and used it to recreate my personal hilt and here are the pictures….

I managed to build something akin to my hilt but it was far from perfect and it took me TWO weeks to make this model because the software was so tricky to use and certain functions were limited. You can see that the curves are not very nice looking and it is also very flat and cartoon like in colour and shading. Fortunately though I discovered my laptop could run a piece of 3D modelling software called Blender and I have been using it since June of 2018 (basically six months) and I felt my homage to my saber needed updating so here are two new images and models I made using Blender to show how good this software is and the progress I have made…

I think this version looks much more realistic! It features near photo-real textures, the curves are nice and smooth, I have all the little details….I even added a recharge port and a Covertech Knob belt clip but the nicest part is that it has a proper smooth shiny skin. Oh that and the fact I can now add proper leather like handgrips! And you would think this model took a long time to create wouldn’t you? Well….I built it in around 3 hours!

The last three images above are the real Bal’Demnian that I own just for comparison! I think my new homage is pretty close to the original but it isn’t my design….however I do still have around TEN NEW hilts to show you in next years’ upcoming posts. There is the promised Charlie’s Angels themed hilt, a Resident Evil weapon, THREE Stormtrooper based blades, a Senator, a Fossil, and a new Tri-Bladed sword for a comic book God. I hope you will join me for those, and for my look back at 2018 in my New Years’ Rewind. Thank you so much for checking out this post and for your support, as always whether you are a first time festive visitor or a regular follower –  your comments and support is much appreciated. Happy Holidays and Till Next Time….

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