Hi Everybody…

I am For Tyeth, and I plan on making this my “New Home”.

I discovered that I had a bit of talent designing Lightsabers so I will be showcasing some of my Lightsaber designs and some from my friends here!

You can find all the designs in the Saber Gallery.

As the site grows I hope to bring you news from the world of sabers!


The Silent Ghost Reaper’s Request

Hello Everybody, I bet you didn’t think you would be hearing from me today! Well to be honest this is an impromptu posting for a very important message I have been asked to share with you all, especially the Younglings in the galaxy. It is a message from a friend of mine, The Silent Ghost Reaper, who I designed a pair of lightsabers for (click here to see them). SGR has his own YouTube channel and he became aware of a “fad challenge” going around involving Tide Pods. He posted a video about the dangers involved with this stupid challenge and asked if I could help warn folks by posting his video here too. So may I present The Silent Ghost Reaper and his plea to you to stay safe…

As you can see, this is a very dangerous craze that has been started so please don’t put anything like this into your mouths! Washing and laundry chemicals can be deadly and even if you are lucky to survive you could have lasting health effects for the rest of your lives. So please kids, stay safe!

The Silent Ghost Reaper


Now as this is a lightsaber themed site I had best include a little bit of lightsaber entertainment too, so I will show you one of the videos SGR posted on his channel which brought him to my attention. SGR recently purchased some sabers from a company named Ultrasabers, that offer customers the chance to buy a Mystery Saber that come with random colours, hilt models and the possibility of it having sounds. This is his “Unboxing” video of one such Mystery Box Saber….

As you can see he is very excitable! But then getting your first “real” saber with sounds is exciting, as you don’t have to go around swinging your saber making “Shwish! Vroom! Vroom! Shwish!” noises anymore! There are many more videos about SGR’s lightsabers and his very funny informative reviews of technology products on his channel. Due to recent changes made by YouTube SGR needs all the help he can get to keep his channel running, so please go and support him and his efforts there Here is a link to his channel page for your convenience:

The Silent Ghost Reaper YouTube Channel

Back here on FTSabersite, I have good news to share too! It appears that the other big lightsaber manufacturer, Saberforge have announced they will be adding new parts to the ASP System which means there will be even more choice and options to create new saber designs. And as always, I will be creating more designs with these new parts while I get a computer that can run Computer Aided Design software to make my own custom sabers!

Thank you to Silent Ghost Reaper for his public announcement message, I’m glad I could help you in some small way. And I’d like to say thanks to you, my viewers and followers for looking in on this post and for the support you give. It is much appreciated. Please call back in a few days for my next post with a BIG GREEN RAMPAGING MACHINE! Till next time.

“The Silent Ghost Reaper” and his videos appear here with permission and are ©Copyright of The Silent Ghost Reaper 2018. FTSabersite and all content within is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

Blinding Flash Saber- A saber for Barry Allen

Hello Everybody, and right off the bat I want to say I am a bit slow getting this design posted! There are two good reasons, first I had Talon’s Allure Saber – For Allure Cosplay  to display last week (I sometimes get distracted from my schedule if I see something or someone that is great, which inspires me to design a new hilt quickly and post the new one instead). And secondly I have had workmen doing repairs to my workshop all week putting in Fire Sprinklers. It’s hard to concentrate or work with dust, noise and vibrations from all the tools! So I had better get on with this post as fast as I can. And this is a fast saber, as it is designed for D.C. Comics (and TheCW Network’s) Barry Allen, but you will know him as The Flash…and this is my design….Blinding Flash

This saber is sleek, has a matching colour scheme and I think would look rather cool spinning around super fast 😀 The blade is yellow to match the accents found on The Flash’s costume and projects from a forked emitter, also with matching accents. The switch section is a no fuss part for swift activation and control of the blade. The body I really like. Some viewers/readers may recall I created a hilt called Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard – Orange Courage Lightsaber for a Dutch friend of mine and I came up with the idea to paint the spines running down the body in the Dutch national colours. It was at the same time I decided to create this hilt and I painted the spines of this hilt in Blinding Flash yellow. They remind me of the bolts of lightning which struck Barry Allen to give him his superspeed abilities. The pommel has a large bell shaped chamber which might even be capable of producing sonic booms it is that loud!

The Flash CW
The Flash himself.  Copyright of D.C Comics and theCW Network.

Again I would have posted this hilt sooner but as mentioned there has been a lot of other stuff that distracted me (such as The Last Jedi for instance) but I hope you liked it (finally). Luckily I still have a few new designs waiting to be unveiled (including a series of hilts for an 80’s action cartoon show) but I think I will post a BIG GREEN saber next as there has been a lot of red on this site recently.

I am drawing to a close on this post sadly (I am out of breath rushing about) but I still want to thank everybody who views this site and supports me. I have noticed folks visiting from Mexico, Peru and Brazil this past week which is fantastic to see. I hope you will all return to see more of my upcoming posts. Till next time.

p.s. And don’t forget you can always leave comments down below!

“Blinding Flash Saber” is a “For Tyeth Edition” design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. “The Flash”, “Barry Allen” and all related names, logos, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics and TheCW Network, 2018.

Talon’s Allure Saber – For Allure Cosplay

Allure: the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive or fascinating.

Hello Everybody, I promised myself I would as a sort of New Years’ resolution try to explore more around the Internet and read a bit more. I decided to check out YouTube for new saber videos when I stumbled across an “Unboxing Video” from a young lady named Allure Cosplay. Allure had purchased a saber but waited a year before making her video about it (view it HERE). Then around two weeks ago an update video appeared giving a review. I checked out the videos and discovered that Allure was also a Cosplayer (though at the time I didn’t realise how accomplished or popular she is!) As I was trying to expand my horizons and inspirations I went and looked at her YouTube channel and found that Allure has an amazing Darth Talon costume.

7SPhotography AllureTalon
Allure Cosplay as “Darth Talon” Photo courtesy of 7SPhotography


I posted a few comments and got to “chat” with Allure and she in turn checked out FTSabersite. Well I just had to create a saber design for her Darth Talon outfit. And here it is….TALON‘S ALLURE….

Hopefully this saber captures the same type of Allure that Allure herself possesses. The saber comes in a Transparent Red powder coat to enable me to recreate the “Sith Tattoo” effect that Darth Talon bears. The emitter has a Sith red blade and three aggressive claws and windows. Darth Talon is one of Darth Krayt‘s Hands (Sith apprentice) and assassin so her hilt had to look mean! The switch section has ergonomic ribs to provide a great gripping position. The pommel also has a recess for a second hand position when holding the hilt double handed. With all of my Sith saber designs, to represent their arrogance and lust for power and possesions I also added a couple of gold bands on the handgrip for some “Sith Bling”. They could also represent Talon’s yellow eyes!

Allure Cosplay also has a Facebook page, Allure Cosplay Facebook, as well as her  Allure Cosplay on YouTube channel and when I explored her pages I discovered fantastic photos of her in numerous costumes such as Garona from Warcraft, Gamora from GOTG and Allure is now working on an Overwatch costume based on Mechaqueen Pharah. Allure is so accomplished she even published her own cosplay calendar!

And speaking of calendars, you of course require photographs to put in one and I have to give a big thank you to Mr Lainez of 7SPhotography for allowing me to use the above image of Allure posing as Darth Talon. Thank you sir, you are a gentleman. And for my viewers and followers you can discover more of Mr Lainez’s fabulous cosplay based photos on his Facebook page which can be accessed via the link below:

7SPhotography Facebook Page

So please go and check out all of these pages, the talent displayed on them is phenomenal. I hope Allure Cosplay approves of this design and I will continue to watch her progress with the Mechaqueen Pharah costume.

And if you were wondering just how great Allure’s Darth Talon costume is, here is a picture from the Dark Horse Comic of Darth Talon:Darth Talon Illustration

I am approaching that dreaded time where I have to end the post, but first I want to give one final big thank you to Allure Cosplay and Mr Lainez and I hope we can keep in touch. I also need to say thank you to my viewers and followers for joining me again in 2018, I think it has been a good start and I have TWO more “SuperHero” hilts coming up, so please call back to see those….Till next time!

Allure Cosplay is ©Copyright of Allure Cosplay, 7SPhotography is ©Copyright of Mr Lainez. Image used with permission. “Talon’s Allure” is a For Tyeth Edition design, ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

The Unique Blogger Award – I’m honoured!

Hello Everybody, today I have had to alter my planned post once again…but this time it is for an extra special reason! Yes, as the title of this post suggests I have been graciously awarded the “Unique Blogger Award”!

The two lovely ladies who nominated me for this accolade are Nancy and Kathleen, who are two librarians and co-authors of a fascinating blog on comic books and literature titled Graphic Novelty2. Their blog has become my “go to site” when I need to learn a bit more about the worlds and characters of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and other independent comic book publishing houses. And I have a lot to learn, I thought when I posted my Black Panther inspired hilt I was pretty up to date and clued up. Then Nancy posts an article about an alternate set of super anti-heroes called “The New 52” so I have a whole new line of characters to research now! You can find Nancy and Kathleen’s blog by clicking this link: Graphic Novelty2

So thank you to both Nancy and Kathleen for this award!

As part of the ritual to receive this award there are a few tasks I have to carry out which are displayed here:

The Rules (copy pasted)

1.Display Award

2.Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

3.Answer questions they’ve written for you.

4.In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate other bloggers and ask them 3 questions.

I think I have covered rules one and two so here we go with question one!

N&K: Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

FT: Sometimes, if the dream occurs near to when I wake up. But most of the time my dreams just consist of me travelling between different random settings. I could for example start out my dream in my flat, I then exit the front door but instead of being in the hallway I would be stood in the local park. I walk through the park gates but again instead of exiting onto the familiar road I should be stood in I end up in the cantina on Tatooine. Weird huh?

Ok, onto question two!

N&K: Do you listen to the radio? What kind of stations do you like? And what song makes you turn it off immediately?

FT: I used to be a cabaret style entertainer in clubs and bars so had to listen to quite a bit of music ranging from 50’s and 60’s rock all the way through to the current crop of pop, R&B, rap, techno, house. Sorta like beginning with House of the Rising Sun and Daydream Believer all the way through to being a “Belieber”! I am not a “Belieber” but I have met the band The Animals on my travels! So no I don’t think there is any music I would turn off, but maybe some I just wouldn’t give my full attention to.

Goodness me it’s question three!

N&K: Describe your best friend. Why are you friends with him/her?

FT: My best friend is a gentleman I met called Mr X, (not his real name of course, but he’ll know I mean him!) on one of the lightsaber themed forums I frequent. He shares a very similar sense of humour as me, enjoys the same types of shows and films and of course is a big fan of lightsabers and Star Wars. Due to the nature of his job (which I consider to be the most difficult job one could choose) my friend is not afraid to tell me things “straight” and so we can have disagreements or differences but we are still mates at the end of the day. And for this I’m very grateful!

Alrighty then, I believe I now have to ask three questions of my own for my nominees to answer, so it’s my turn to be the Question Master!

Q1) Along with a digital copy of your blog, what item would you put into a Time Capsule that would best help to describe you for future generations to find?

Q2) As I mentioned above I met the 60’s band The Animals, but I have also designed a lightsaber for a Time Lord’s Assistant, Sophie Aldred…so do you have any “Celebrity” claims to fame?

Q3) And if I may be a bit indulgent here, who is your favourite Jedi? (hint,hint!) Just kidding! No the question is, if you could be a character from TV or film who would you be and why?

Now my nominees are:

Princess of Paperback, Joyce from The Button Eyed Reader

This nice lady and book reviewer, has been a supporter of mine for a long time and has recently renamed her blog to be a bit more unique and stand out!

Evil Genius180 from EG180’s Hobby Den

Evil Genius or Chris, creates 3D model images of spaceships and combines them with real life space images to create some unique stunning artwork!


Dave K. Heath from Dave’s Corner of the Universe (DCotU)

Dave is a sci-fi and comic fan but every month he educates me with a great article featuring a “Things I’ve learned this month and when” list! And there’s some really unique facts!

Phew, I hope this acceptance post meets approval, I am out of practice typing these posts (last year I was fortunate enough to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award and was inducted into the Sistahood of Bloggers club….I guess that is unique!)

So thank you Nancy and Kathleen for showing some love and recognition for me and my blog, it is much appreciated. I thought last year was good but this has been an even better start to this year!

And to all my viewers and followers please be sure to check out Graphic Novelty2!

Thanks to everyone who supports me and this site, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be blogging and getting this nice award, so this is for you too. Till next time!

FTSabersite and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

Happy New Year from For Tyeth and FTSabersite + SOTY!

Hello Everybody, and may I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Yes it’s that time of year when we close one chapter and venture forth into the next, and here at FTSabersite I am looking forward to the New Year too! What a year it has been, both amazing but also disappointing (but I’ll get onto disappointing later!). Who can remember all the way back to January? Well it was in January I brought you a design for Chirrut Imwe, his Force Staff, my good friend Borommakot showed us his Zodiac inspired Capricorn Lightsaber. Then I returned with Baze Malbus and his FirePower Lightsaber pair of sabers, Savannah95, another good friend of the site, displayed her Berserker Lightsaber hilt and to finish the first week I brought Bodhi Rook’s Rogue Pilot Lightsaber to the show! That was just week one, and in total I have posted approximately 166 of my own saber designs over the year!

This brings me to my next “highlight”, that being my 3-Part Katana hilt collection. I posted a design on the 13th Jan for Kiki called Cherry Blossom Katana, a Katana style saber that had the main hilt and an extension, giving the saber 3 handgrips. cherry-blossom-horizontal-plate

Saberforge, a company that makes and sells custom sabers and developed the ASP Adaptive Saber Parts builder which I utilise to create my base models then released their own “3 Part Katana” called the RONIN on the 15th Jan! I will be honest and say I had heard that the RONIN was going to be released but I hadn’t seen any images of it as Saberforge don’t release pictures of upcoming products – in case someone steals their ideas. This means my Cherry Blossom design was independently arrived at!

FTSabersite SOTY – Saber Of The Year Award!

However, a friend of mine Dauntless7 (whom I introduced to you recently) bought a RONIN but felt it was a little bland, so decided to modify it. This brings me to the FTSabersite SOTY’s! Yes I am having a Saber Of The Year award. Having seen the amount of effort and the results that went into the modifications I felt that this hilt called Agony deserved to be my saber of the year and here are two more pictures of it:

This hilt is nothing short of outstanding, and if you would like to see more and learn why it is so impressive, then you can read the article by clicking HERE. Thank you Dauntless for allowing me to showcase this beauty!

Comic Con and The Sentinel Squad UK

In July yours truly got to go to his first Comic Con! It was only a local convention not one of the big 2-3 day events but it was great fun and provided some highlights. The first being that I got to meet a few stars, including Sophie Aldred who played ACE in Dr Who, plus the gentleman who portrayed BOSSK in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Mr Alan Harris! I designed hilts for both Sophie and Alan and had the chance to show them off. You can again read about the experience by clicking HERE. I also met a great group of Cosplayers called Sentinel Squad UK (facebook link)  who do appearances and charity fundraising. It turned out that I knew one of the members, he is a member of one of the forums I used. His name was Takamatsu and he dresses up as …yep, BOSSK! So I got to meet Bossk twice sort of! I was so inspired by the Squad that I decided to create a hilt in their honour and it turned out to be my most viewed design, due to the fact the Squad’s founder recommended his troops visit and support my site for my effort! So a massive thank you to The Sentinel Squad UK (Twitter) and everyone please check out the provided links to their Social Media pages or use the links in the sidebar. They are amazing people!

Squad Plate
Sentinel Squad UK Title Plate

Phew! Half way there! Please click the button below to go to Page 2 of this New Year edition!

Remembering Carrie Fisher – Can it really be a year?

Hello Everybody, with all of the buzz and mixed opinions about The Last Jedi, it almost slipped my mind that today marks the first year of Carrie Fisher’s passing. Carrie was the same feisty, no-nonsense, shooting (Poe) from the hip Princess that we all remember in TLJ and have all grown to love over the years. I nearly forgot while watching her dress down Poe that TLJ will be her last film. I nearly forgot while all the commotion about the film was being broadcast online etc, I had nearly forgotten until I saw the date on my calendar and it struck me. So here is a link to the post and tribute farewell saber I uploaded last year on hearing of the sad news.

Forever Princess Lightsaber (A Farewell Gift)

Princess Hilt plate 2

As the title says can it really be a year? Sadly it is but thankfully Carrie’s performances are timeless and we will get to see them again. I will end this post here by once again saying thank you for the memories Miss Fisher, from that grateful fan, For Tyeth.


Happy Holidays To You All!

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays!

This is my last post before shutting down my workshop for a well earned rest. But before I go I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported me and this site over the past year and hope you all have a great time over the festive period!

At this time there is usually plenty of entertainment such as big blockbuster films on TV and lots of music. Well as it is my last post for a few days I thought I would share these little bits and pieces with you!

In The Last Jedi we get to see the latest version of the AT-AT walkers, but those of you who are old enough may remember the first time we saw an AT-AT way back in The Empire Strikes Back. Well here is a great video I found on YouTube by the group Bad Lip Reading that features the AT-AT’s snowy debut…but with a musical twist. This is “Hostiles on the Hill” by Bad Lip Reading…

If you liked this video then you can find more of them (including more great Star Wars parodies) by clicking this link: Bad Lip Reading YouTube Channel

Which brings me to this little joke…

Q) Why can’t AT-AT’s walk in a straight line?

A) Cos their General Veers!

And here’s one especially for Kiri who I met this year on her blog Star Wars Anonymous….

An Ewok walks into a bar, approaches the bartender and asks, “Can I have a double shot of Sullustrian Gin and……….a packet of Porg flavoured potato chips!”

The bartender goes, fetches the order and upon returning replies, “Here’s your gin and Porg chips but can I ask you why the little pause?”

To which the Ewok replies “I dunno, I was born with them!!”

Ok! Enough with the Christmas cracker jokes, if you have any better ones then please share them with us.

So I am nearing the end of this quick Christmassy post, but I’ll just let you know I still have more designs to bring you that I couldn’t fit into 2017 including one for The Flash as part of my blockbuster hero series of hilts. And I may post a New Year’s retrospective and look forward to the future article so please keep an eye out for these. Till then take care and have a fantastic time over the holiday season (hopefully some of you might get sabers!) and thank you so much for the great support you have shown this past year…

For Tyeth – MTFBWY

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Aquarian Sea Saber – A Watery Weapon for Aquaman

Hello Everybody, I have one final quick post to bring you before I take a little break. I have been taking a bit more time to look around other blogs and I noticed that there is a film called Justice League (?) and it stars Jason Momoa as a Superhero from D.C. Comics called Aquaman. Well it seems from what I have read that Aquaman is a bit limited in his powers (the most significant is his telepathic ability to talk to water borne creatures!). Some fans even seem to make fun of him, and I saw an episode of Family Guy (IIRC) where they have a joke at his expense. Well I don’t think folks would make fun of him if he owned my latest design, so may I present it here to him and to you, this is Aquarian Sea Saber…

To start this saber is coated in a watery blue/green sheen and is wrapped with a kelp green leather grip. The green matches up with the gold found on Aquaman’s costume (shouldn’t that be his “wetsuit”?  😀 ) If you look closely you will see his golden logo on the emitter and some nice gold accent rings and pommel insert. The blade is also a watery colour to tie in with the theme. But the details don’t stop there, Oh no, look closely at the switch section and the diamond shaped pattern sorta resemble Jason Momoa’s famous tattoos!

Now I’m posting this at Christmas time as I felt Aquaman needed cheering up with a present and all the TV channels start putting on the big Superhero Blockbuster movies like “Justice League” and “Batman vs Superman” to entertain us all so it seemed a good time. And now a certain company is even getting in on the Super Hero bandwagon and have posted an image of their “Super Hero Inspired” series of coated hilts. HOWEVER, unlike my collection they forgot to include the likes of Green Lantern, Spiderman and Green Goblin, Psylocke, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Laura Kinney X-23, Catwoman…BLACK PANTHER!!….(Whew! did I miss any? Yes Guardians of the Galaxy!) but don’t worry you can see all my hilts here on FTSabersite, for original and best designs!

Ok I am getting near to the end of this post and I think I might post one last entry before having  a little break (I have posted 161 designs this past year!) But first I’d like to thank you, my visitors and followers for your amazing support I still have more designs to bring to you in the new year so please do call back.  Till next time.

“Aquaman” is a character created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger and appears in DC Comics. Aquaman is Trademark/© Copyright of D.C Comics Entertainment. “Aquarian Sea Saber” is an original “For Tyeth Edition” design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Dantoresu Lightsaber – Inspired by Dauntless 7

Hello Everybody, here is my first post for today and it is to display the hilt I designed having been inspired by the gorgeous modifications my friend has made to her hilt I will be displaying in post number two! This hilt is a 3 part katana but I used traditional flat sided katana parts whereas my friend’s hilt is based on a Saberforge Ronin which is cylindrical. This design is the Darkside version of my recent Dragon Katana with a few little tweaks, here is Dantoresu…

This hilt has a Sith red blade projecting from an ebony black emitter which is adorned by a Japanese Dragon emblem. Again as with the Lightside Dragon Katana I posted recently this hilt has the body parts rotated 90 degrees from standard which provides the flat faces for the etching of the dragon. It also makes the grip more comfortable as the rounded sections now rest against the palm of your hand and the inside curl of your fingers, leaving your thumb to rest on the dragon etch. The switch is wasp-waisted to allow it to work as a choke point. The lower body section also has the flat face orientated upwards but this time instead of my name in Aurabesh symbols, the etching you can see is the Japanese word Dantoresu or Dauntless in English. The name is a nod to my friend whose saber inspired this design and her forum name is Dauntless 7! The pommel caps the hilt off nicely and has matching red accents to tie in with the colour scheme.

This post is coming to a close but before I finish…wait, I forgot I still have a second post coming up today! That post is dedicated to the fabulous hilt my friend Dauntless 7 has modified that inspired this design, and which I have teased was coming these last few weeks.  So please don’t go anywhere as this hilt is about to be overshadowed by a real piece of Saber Art! See you in post two.

“Dantoresu” is a For Tyeth Edition and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. FTSabersite and all it’s contents are © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Dauntless 7’s Agony Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, It’s finally here!…No not The Last Jedi, that was in my last little post! I am talking about a beautiful piece of saber art that a friend of mine has created that inspired my recent Lightside Dragon Katana. My friend is called Dauntless 7 on the lightsaber forums and she recently purchased a saber called the Saberforge Ronin, but decided it was a little plain and so modified it. This was no easy task, as the hilt was covered in a knurled texture, so how could somebody decorate that? The answer, D7 used a Dremel rotary tool and a lot of patience and bravery! The process of trying to engrave a textured surface led to D7 calling this hilt Agony, and it is my absolute privilege to present it to you here….

To say this hilt is beautiful is to sell it short. This saber is amazing, it has Star Wars Aurabesh writing etched into it, Japanese text symbols and fire dragon emblems! It was the fire dragon which caused the hold up in posting this gallery. D7 engraved the hilt and thought she had completed the designs but just as I was preparing to show you it, D7 felt the tail of the dragon needed a little attention. To her it wasn’t quite right and set about fixing it. And I have to say the little tweak to make the tail broader really set the emblem off nicely. On the section near the emitter are some symbols of Aurabesh which spell the word Agony, while the Japanese characters spell Fire Dragon. Below that is a symbol representing Energy. Everywhere you look on this saber there is some detail to see but yet it still retains a traditional look. I love it so much it inspired me to create a design based on this hilt, a darkside version of Lightside Dragon which you can see in the first of today’s posts. That hilt is called Dantoresu!

I have to say a massive thank you to Dauntless 7 for allowing me to display her outstanding work here. I am placing this hilt in the Saber Smith’s section of the site because, although D7 didn’t design the base hilt her modifications lifted it so far above it’s original appearance that I feel any Saber Smith out there would be proud to have created this beauty!

I am going to have to bring this post to a close soon but before I go I need to say thank you to you, my viewers and followers for your continued support, I appreciate it very much. I do have more hilts to display (including a SECOND hilt from Dauntless 7) so I hope you will return to check those out! Till next time.

“Agony” Katana Lightsaber is a Guest Design of Dauntless 7 and all modifications including the etching designs are © Copyright of Dauntless 7 and displayed here with permission.