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I discovered that I had a bit of talent designing Lightsabers so I will be showcasing some of my Lightsaber designs and some from my friends here!

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Pittsburgh Steeler Saber – Tribute to the “Steeler Nation”

Hello Everybody, I hope you all liked Roger Redux’s second contribution to FTSabersite, his Rorschach Lightsaber design. So strikingly simple it made it complex! Thanks again to Roger. Today however I bring you a complex saber of my own, and one in my Sports Themed hilts series. It is slightly overdue as the colour scheme was complex (and at first I wasn’t sure of the look so had to tweak it meaning more work!) but it has finally reached it’s intended home. The saber is a tribute to the team that call their home “Heinz Field”, they play in the AFC North at present and have a following called the “Steeler Nation” Yes this saber is for the Pittsburgh Pirates…sorry Pittsburgh Steelers! They were originally nicknamed the Pirates when they were founded way back in 1933 by Art Rooney. Surprisingly the team is still owned by Art Rooney’s descendants to this day, with his grandson Art Rooney II. Well enough talk Tyeth, it’s time to reveal the saber so here is Pittsburgh Steelers Saber….

I hope this hilt finds approval with the Steeler Nation! To begin there is a Steelers “gold” blade to match the colour found on their uniforms. And that blade projects from an emitter with three spines, representing three rivers, The Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio…but more importantly it represents the Steeler’s old stadium that was named the Three Rivers Stadium. Around the emitter are three bands of Powder coat colour, Steeler Gold, Red and Blue, a nod to the diamond accents on the team logo. The rest of the hilt is a mix of black and gold the primary colours of the uniform.

Now I mentioned I wasn’t sure of the original look I came up with, well to begin I had to make two sets of images as shown above (pics 1 &2) then combine them together so that I had silver parts on a black hilt, these silver parts I could then paint on. But my original saber looked like image three with just the three bands of colour. So I decided to add a Steeler Gold hand grip. However I had to start the Powder Coat paint process all over again!

The process took time but I hope you think it was worth the effort. And speaking of time, it has crept up on me once more and I will have to end shortly. Before I go however I’d like to thank the viewer from Italy who checked out Savannah95’s Berserker and Resonant lightsaber designs, your support is greatly welcomed. And to all my viewers and followers thank you too and please call back for more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

Pittsburgh Steelers, Heinz Field, Three Rivers Stadium and all other names, logos and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team and their respective owners. Pittsburgh Steelers are owned by the Rooney Family.

Rorschach Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, Today I bring you the second of Roger Redux’s designs in his Watchmen series of sabers. Following on from Dr Manhatten Lightsaber, Roger designed this saber based on the character Walter Joseph Kovacs. Walter Kovacs was born in the slums of New York and was brought up by his mother, his father missing. Kovacs believed that his father was on some sort of secret mission for US President Truman, as a result of the story his mother told him. This wasn’t true as his father left five years before Truman came to power. This “white lie” began the process of cracking Kovacs’ trust and regards for his mother. The mother worked as a Prostitute and often beat the young Kovacs, which eventually led to him being taken into care after he assaulted two bullies in self defense. These early events began Walter’s descent into becoming the vigilante crimefighter called Rorschach and this is Roger’s saber design for him….

The saber is built using Standard Dual Tone parts, and to good effect. Kovacs later went on to work in a Garment Factory where he befriended a young woman, this woman had a dress made for her but didn’t like it. The dress was made from a unique material of two layers, between which were two chemical liquids. These liquids were such that they never mixed together but swirled around in an ever changing pattern of black and white patches. Kovacs took the discarded dress and when he discovered that the young woman had been brutalised and killed he decided to take action. He crafted a mask from the dress’ material and changed his name to Rorschach! The mask reminiscent of the famous Psychology Inkblot test images. Because of his insecurities Rorschach chose the masked visage over that of his own given face, saying the mask best represented him and his humanity. The Dual Tone black and silver work perfectly to replicate the mask and Inkblot images. The blade is purple which matches the headband that circles Rorschach’s fedora hat, the only exception to his drab and downtrodden appearance. Rorschach became a nightcrawler and a very successful crimefighter.

Do you see it
Can you see what I see?

I think the use of the monochrome look on this saber is perfect for the character that inspired it. I hope you enjoyed this offering from Roger as much as I did. He has more designs based on the Watchmen franchise which will appear in future posts. You can learn more about Walter “Rorschach” Kovacs by watching the movie and reading the graphic novels! I want to thank Roger for sharing this design with FTSabersite.

Well I am afraid time has caught up with me again and I will have to bring this post to an end shortly. But first I want to thank all of my viewers and followers for the continued support. I hope you will all return to see the upcoming designs from my friends and I. Till next time.


“Rorschach Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Walter Joseph Kovacs, Rorschac and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.

Borderline (RED) Lightsaber – The Blurring Line

Hello Everybody, I am slightly excited today as I may have had a visit from one of the highest regarded SaberSmiths in the business. I commented on one of his YouTube videos and this gentleman replied to my comment. I also left my website address in case he was interested to have a look and having checked my Stats page…I think he has been! So thank you to him (I won’t name drop until I have your permission to mention you by name ok!). I also have the second saber of the two hilts I introduced four days ago. That saber was Borderline Lightsaber – On the Brink of Turning where the owner may be on the verge of turning to the Darkside. But I mentioned that the design was flexible enough to still look Sith-like, so I will just leave a gallery here to show you. This is Borderline (RED)….

I think this makes quite a good Sith looking hilt, it is just on that point of being flashy looking and aggressive but with a blue blade can still pass as a Jedi weapon. Conflicted might have been a better name for this saber (I literally just thought of that as I typed 😀  ). This hilt would still be comfortable to use either conventionally, or if you like showing off your skills, it is good for spinning having that great “choke point” . However depending on whereabouts on the spectrum you are of Light and Dark (Red or Blue) you may end up being a mix of both…or a Gray Jedi. As a result your blade may turn Purple!

Just before I have people sending comments asking “Can you buy the Red,White and Blue blade anywhere?” I’m afraid that is just some Photo Editing done by me to demonstrate how thin the line is between Good and Bad/ Light or Dark. You can actually buy replica sabers with purple blades though!

There are a lot of blurred lines and similarities in life around the Galaxy and as this isn’t a full new design I thought I’d make up for it with a little Meme I created based on my recent Dune inspired hilts. Remember I said Star Wars and Dune seemed similar? Take a look at this….I know that guy!

Been Dune Before
Isn’t this Lor San Tekka?

Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini saga series of hilts. It just goes to show how precarious the balance is in life. Thanks to all the visitors who have checked out my site, whether you are a long time follower or if you have just discovered it thanks for calling in. Your support is much appreciated. I hopefully will have a few more new hilts to share and another Roger Redux hilt so please join me again to see those in upcoming posts. Till next time.

“Borderline (RED) Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition. All designs and content of this site is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Sand Worm Saber – Inspired by Arrakis’ Annelids

Hello Everybody, I hope you enjoyed the contribution from my latest Guest Designer, Roger Redux. I am sure he will produce more great hilts and I will hopefully be displaying them here too. Today we take the perilous journey to the desert sands of Arrakis, the planet nicknamed Dune once more. In the classic Frank Herbert saga these deserts are the mining locations for the most valued commodity in the Galaxy, a substance called Melange. This substance is commonly known as “Spice” and is a powerful drug that enables certain species that ingest it to warp and bend space. This makes the distances between planets insignificant and transport between planets is almost instantaneous. Having this ability would give you an advantage should you wish to rule the Galaxy. However getting the Spice is difficult due to the creatures that live around the mining sites…the giant Sand Worms of Arrakis, and they inspired this hilt. This is Sand Worm Saber…

This is Sand Worm and I think it represents the creature well. The worms have large mouths which open and close almost like the bulbs of Crocus flowers, so I used the emitter with the scalloped edges. The switch section is ringed just like the Annelids (collective scientific name for worms!) and looks a little like the “saddle”section of a worm. The saddle section is clever in that if the worm was injured below the saddle, say it’s tail was bitten off by a predator, then a new tail would regrow from the saddle stump! However based on the size of Arrakis’ Sand Worms I don’t think they have many predators! They are so large that Paul Atreides “tamed” several of these worms to carry and transport his Fremen Army.

As you can see from the above picture on the left, Sand Worms are HUGE. If you look closely there are two dots on it’s head, those are Paul Atreides and his general! The second picture is of course a Sarlacc. I posted this as I wonder if the two creatures are related in some way, especially when you look at the appendage in the middle of it’s mouth that extends out, just like a baby Sand Worm. Back to the saber, and I used the body section that had the parallel lines and a pommel which “tails off” to finish the look of a worm. And if you feed this saber it will grow…here take a look!….

Well on that little joke I am afraid I will have to end. I am drawing close to the finish of this post but just like a worm that loses it’s tail and grows a new one, I will be back with another post. First though I’d like to repeat my thanks to all of my viewers and followers, your support is much appreciated. I hope you can join me again for more new designs very soon. Till next time.

Dune, Arrakis and all names, images and related material is Trademark/©Copyright of the Dino DeLaurentis Company (Dino DeLaurentis). Dune was written by Frank Herbert.

Dr Manhatten Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, I have a surprise for you all today. From the above title you may have guessed I  am about to introduce another Guest Designer! His name is Roger Redux and is also a member of the same forum as I am. Roger has posted a few designs which caught my attention as you could see the thought that had been put into each. He created this design based on DC Comic’s Watchmen character Dr Jonathon Osterman, the physicist who as a result of a freak accident was physically erased from existence. Dr Jonathon Osterman survived however in a scattered form and over time his body “reformed” causing his colleagues to think the laboratory facility was haunted. Not surprisingly, as Dr Osterman’s first appearance consisted of just his dismembered eyes, brain and nervous system! Further re-appearances occurred as more of Osterman’s body parts reconnected. Eventually a fully formed humanoid Jonathon Osterman emerged but he was bald and his skin glowed a shade of blue. I will continue the story after I present to you Roger Redux’s Dr Manhatten Lightsaber…

Dr Osterman was now an ethereal being with superpowers and as always happens, the US Government discovered him and coerced him to work for them. He was given a new outfit and a new name…Dr Manhatten, after the Nuclear Scientist. Dr Manhatten discarded the helmet he was given and instead branded his forehead with a simplified image of a Hydrogen Atom. These little details are captured in this design. The emitter projects a Manhatten Blue blade just like the unearthly glow of the man himself. The body sections have interlinking ovals which represent the “Theory of Relativity” that his father studied. His father then forced Dr Osterman to study physics which in turn lead to the accident and the change into Dr Manhatten.

Over time Dr Manhatten discarded his outfit only wearing it in public situations and to reflect this Roger discarded the silver body sections and replaced them with two leather wrapped parts that have the same shade of blue as Dr Manhatten glows. I liked this as it showed Roger’s thought process behind his design!

I would like to thank Roger Redux for allowing me to share this design with you all and I am pleased to say he has a few more hilts which I will be showcasing in future posts! So Thank You Roger and thank you to my followers and viewers for checking out this talented designers’ saber! I hope you will all return to see more new sabers from my friends and I. Till next time.

“Dr Manhatten Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Dr Manhatten, Dr Osterman and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.


Fade Lightsaber – A Saber for the Harkonnen hope

Hello Everybody,  After yesterday’s quick paced design we slow things down and return to the planet Arrakis, also known as Dune. I mentioned in the post Fremen Leader Lightsaber, that the galaxy was ruled by an Emperor and had two warring noble houses. Both of these noble families had young heirs, Paul of House Atreides and Feyd Rautha Harkonnen of House Harkonnen. These two men were the product of a secretive Sisterhood called the Bene Gesserit who used genetic selection and engineering to produce a “superbeing” to help them attain power over the Galaxy. The plan was for a Sister called Jessica to bear a son to Feyd Harkonnen, but Jessica was the concubine of Duke Leto Atreides and she gave birth to a son by the Duke. This child was Paul Atreides and by a twist of fate Paul turned out to be the “superbeing ” called the Kwisatz Haderach. Paul when of age decided on a path of action to end the war but that would bring him into conflict with Feyd. Well, as battle is about to commence I had best present my saber design for Feyd, this is FADE…

This is the weapon for the favoured nephew of the House of Harkonnen, Feyd. This time I will begin my description with the pommel. The pommel(and body) is the same architectural looking part I used on Fremen Leader to signify that Feyd and Paul come from the same genetic conditioning of the Bene Gesserit sisterhood. The body however, this time represents the leather combat suits that Feyd and the Harkonnen soldiers wear. To reinforce this likeness the switch section has silver accents which resemble the buckles and adornments on those suits. The emitter gives off a much more nasty and aggressive look with the three claws, reflecting the Harkonnen Army. The blade is a blood orange and is almost the exact same shade as Feyd’s distinctive spiked hairstyle. Here is a picture of Feyd so you can see what I mean (You may recognise the actor as a certain singing superstar called Sting!)

I don’t want to use this! Give me a For Tyeth Edition saber!

It seems my designs are much sought after! I think I have captured Feyd’s character with this hilt. As always if you want to know the outcome of his pivotal battle with Paul Atreides then you will have to watch the movie, no spoilers here! The story of Dune continues as do I! I am always working on new designs and I would be honoured if you would return to see what I have to show in upcoming posts.

As you can probably tell I am drawing near to the end of this post, but I’d like to say thank you for looking in today, and if you’re a regular follower thank you for the continued support! That’s all for today…Till next time.

Dune was written and created by Frank Herbert. All names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Dino DeLaurentis Company (Dino DeLaurentis).

Borderline Lightsaber – On the Brink of Turning

Hello Everybody, Today I have a strange design to share with you. Or rather a strange story behind the saber’s design. I mentioned recently I had been “Networking” around the Internet to promote this site. While looking through YouTube videos I discovered one showing the Saberforge ASP Builder and a demonstration of how the channel’s owner created his design. I posted a comment and offered some advice when the YouTuber asked would I design a hilt for him! Now I wasn’t sure how long he was going to be online for (sometimes you can post a comment and the other person logs off just as you send it and they don’t realise you have messaged them!) so I got some details of what he was looking for. He said a “standard” saber that looked a bit like a Jedi AND Sith hilt! Well that was a challenge and I set to work. This is the result, or at least one half of the result this design I call Borderline…

I wasn’t sure how long the YouTuber was going to stay online for so I had to be quick coming up with this hilt. But I surprised even myself, I created this hilt in around 30mins! It admittedly doesn’t have a Powder Coating so that cut the time down, but I did form ideas and reasoning for my choice of parts. The emitter is very Sith like, much more aggressive than most Jedi would display. The switch provides that essential choke point for the user to grip when spinning the hilt but is also in what is called “Standard Dual Tone” finish, aluminium with black accents. The hilt body also comes as standard, however it is still close to being Sith style. The pommel has potential to be Sith or Jedi, depending on your point of view! I didn’t put any weathered parts on the hilt so that it looked fairly new but with the claws and pommel maybe it was slightly older than it appears. This ambiguity led to the name I chose for the design.

Once finished I got the ASP Builder to create a webpage code. This code, when pasted into your Internet browser’s address bar, links you to the builder and it displays the hilt you have created. I replied to the YouTuber and included the code so he could look at the design. He came back a few minutes later and seemed to be pleased with the results. Now the strange part of the story, I went back to his channel today to see if anyone else had commented on his video or my design but the video was missing!

Well I’m afraid I am about to go missing as I have to end this post! I hope you all enjoyed this “Tale of the Unexpected” and will return to check out my next Dune inspired hilts and the new designs I am working on. Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite, I am very grateful. Till next time.

“Borderline(Blue) Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition. All designs and content of this site is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Fremen Leader Lightsaber – Inspired by a Frank Herbert Classic

Hello Everybody, today we visit a desert planet that is part of a galaxy ruled by an Emperor, has giant worm-like creatures with big teeth. It even has a band of rebellious fighters, a strange mystical and magic religious order and a prophesied “Chosen One” to restore peace(?) to the galaxy. Sound familiar? Yes it is the Sci-Fi classic we all love….DUNE! What?…Wait a minute Tyeth you were describing Star Wars weren’t you? Er…No I am describing Frank Herbert’s classic story of Dune and the planet called Arrakis, the noble houses of Atreides and Harkonnen, the drug called “Spice” and the man singled out to restore peace…Paul Atreides…Usul….Paul Maud’Dib!

Paul Atreides became the leader of the rebel desert fighters called the Fremen and used his knowledge and skills to train them to become a formidable army. This army he would use to end the war between the two noble families of Atreides and Harkonnen. The war was fuelled by the desire to control the drug Spice which gave it’s users abilities to navigate vast areas of space and he who controls the Spice controls the Galaxy. So Paul Atreides became the Fremen Leader and this is my design for him…Fremen Leader….

This a saber for the leader of desert fighters. It is simple and rugged to withstand the rigours of the planet nicknamed Dune. The blade is a similar colour as the sun, sand and storms that makes the planet special. The emitter and switch section work together to create a wonderful choke point (grip section) for holding the saber, enabling smooth spinning and secure grip. The body has another section that is ribbed and this represents the famous Fremen moisture suits that they wear. The suits trap the waste moisture exhaled and released from the body and recycles it to give the wearer a clean source of water to drink helping them to survive the desert! The pommel looks architectural, like the base of a pillar. Paul Atreides’ secret Fremen name is Usul which means “base of the pillar”!

Paul Atreides
Paul Atreides…Usul…Paul Maud’Dib….Fremen Leader!

That was Fremen Leader. Now the film based on the book was over 7 hours long originally so I couldn’t possibly cover all the events in this short post, however there is always a character in opposition to the “Hero” in these stories, and we will meet him and his saber in an upcoming post. Oh and the book was published in 1965, TWELVE years before Star Wars!

I am drawing close to the end of this post but as mentioned the story of Dune is EPIC so I will be returning to it. I sincerely hope you will all return to see these posts which have brand new designs. I want to say thank to you all for visiting today, including the recent viewers from as far away as Trinidad and Tobago and Spain! Till next time.

Dune, Arrakis, Paul Atreides/Maud’Dib and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Dino De Laurentis Company (De Laurentis). Dune the novel was written by Frank Herbert.

Stormtrooper Rogue Saber – Lightsaber for the Rogue Generation

Hello Everybody, I am still busy “Tagging” everything so much so it feels like I’m working in a Department Store! But as alaways I try to bring you something nice or new to look at and today I have another version of my Stormforce Stormtrooper hilt. The funny thing is I have been struggling for inspiration recently but this saber was staring me in the face all along. I will explain that comment later but first let me present the new version to you, this is Stormtrooper Rogue Saber…

This saber shares the same parts as Stormforce and the other trooper based hilts, but this version has the new “Rank and Squad” colours added. During Rogue One the regular Stormtroopers appeared and some had these coloured patches on their usually gleaming white armour. The emitter has a long window which looks like the grill on the front of the troopers’ helmets and just above the switch section I added two panels of colour in-between the black ridges. The final panel which is yellow I added to the vented block just above the pommel of the weapon. Now this saber has an Identification system, so in theory if a parent had two younglings who both wanted one of these hilts they could buy two with a different combination of colours and rank. That way the younglings wouldn’t argue over who owned which saber!

Now remember I said that the inspiration for this version was staring me in the face? Well the reason is that I went to my local cinema complex to see Rogue One and managed to get the set of drinks cup toppers seen above. One of the figures is the Stormtrooper and mine is stood on my TV stand watching me! I was struggling to think of a new design and happened to glance up at him then thought “Wait a minute he’s got new colours on his armour!” and so I adapted my original repaint! I have said before that I get my inspiration from some strange sources!

Well that little design and a quote I heard recently has triggered my imagination again. The result is three new designs inspired by a 1980’s Sci-Fi film which was over 7 hours long! Hopefully you will be able to join me to see these new hilts. First before I go, I need to say thank you again for your visit today (and continued support if you are a regular visitor!) It means a lot to me. Till next time.

Rogue One, Star Wars and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

Spring Website Maintenance! Bits and Bobs!

Hello Everybody,  I have been quite busy recently “Networking” around the Internet trying to get to know people and let them know about FTSabersite. It was during this time I decided to take a look at my site as a visitor and I realised I had made a big mistake in my organisation of the site. I discovered that most people visiting just check the home page for the latest posts and maybe not realise there are many more designs/posts than those highlighted in the scrolling header at the top of the homepage. And even bigger I forgot to use “TAGS” for my posts (Silly me!) I was so eager to get the site up, running and start posting regularly I didn’t add these useful little stickers to help folk search for particular categories. So over the next few days you may see the “Tag Cloud” in the sidebar getting larger with more topics and categories, such as “Other Sci-Fi” which you can click and all the Star Trek and Dr Who themed hilts will be displayed together. This is post number 271 so adding all the little stickers may take me a little while!

However whilst rummaging around my virtual storage locker and workshop I discovered I had some odd bits and pieces lying around. Remember yesterday’s post Phantom Tie Lightsaber where the Tie Phantom Starfighter reminded me of the clawed emitter, well I discovered another strange thing about that part. Did you know it looks very much like an Imperial Probe Droid? Here take a look…

I just had to add a pommel on the end of the emitter and Bingo! One spy droid. It doesn’t actually do anything, no lights or such it is just an ornament. I also received my copies of Rogue One recently on DVD and Blu-Ray and I watched that movie and saw a weapon in it that doesn’t get mentioned very often. That weapon is a Thermal Detonator, well it so happens I have a couple of those too (don’t worry they have been deactivated 😀 ) They were used during the attack on the Imperial Troopers and Cargo Hover Transporter and look a bit like these…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This one is based on a new version which you can see during the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One, and here is an older model I never got to display earlier..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

On a trip to Tatooine I bumped into some Bounty Hunters and had to confiscate these ones!

These are just a few fun little things that can be made out of ASP saber parts. But now I have to get back to sabers, so I will work on some more hilts whilst I update the indexing of the site. I do have a Rogue One Stormtrooper hilt and a hilt I designed in under 30 minutes for somebody on YouTube who asked me if I could do it! I hope you will return to see those, but for now I’d like to say thank you as always for today’s visit. Your support is very welcome. Till next time.

Star Wars, Rogue One and all other related names, logos and material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

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