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I discovered that I had a bit of talent designing Lightsabers so I will be showcasing some of my Lightsaber designs and some from my friends here!

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As the site grows I hope to bring you news from the world of sabers!


For Tyeth’s First Sci-Fi Fest!

Hello Everybody, I have a bit of a bonus post for you all today! After my recent success learning Blender 3D I felt I deserved to treat myself to a day out. Well as it happens there was a Science Fiction Festival over the weekend so I went and had a look! It was another fantastic experience and I had my first moment of media recognition! More on that later… Upon arriving I discovered there was a big lean towards Dr Who and the Time Lord’s franchise as I was greeted by these guys…

These were fully operational Daleks and travelled around the convention floor chasing a very distressed Doctor who was also a very lifelike John Pertwee look-a-like! I couldn’t get a photo of the Doctor as he was too busy rushing here, there and everywhere…plus he was the compere of the on stage events! It’s a good job he has plenty of time.

There were of course some Star Wars stuff as well including the Droids I met earlier in the year at the Comic Con I attended. They were glad to see me

And an interesting bit of information about the last little droid pictured above, his name is R3-N3 and is very heroic. You see this is one of the droids that attempted to repair Queen Amidala’s starship in The Phantom Menace film. Sadly he was hit by enemy fire and blasted into space. The droid you see is a replica built by the gentleman who built the R5-PHT you saw in my post about the earlier Comic Con (and of course featured in it’s own saber design post found HERE ). And in a funny twist of fate, I had pictures of the saber on my phone and I showed the gentleman the hilt. He replied, “Yeah I’ve already seen it”. I was a little confused by the comment and said “How? This is a design I created and posted on my site” to which I got the answer, “I looked up on the Internet to see what people were saying about my droid and this picture showed up in my search results…I then went and saw it on his page!” I couldn’t believe it, I was being recognised (sort of) for my designs by the gentleman whose work I had been inspired by!

EDIT: NEWS FLASH! I have been contacted by Mr G Turner, owner and builder of both R5-PHT and the new little green and white droid. I have mistakenly identified the droid and it’s name is J3-S5 or JESS! I apologise for my mistake, I tried to find the name of his new droid based on model type and colour and I got it wrong 😦  Thank you Mr Turner for letting me know!

But it wasn’t just droids who were present, there were more Sith at the event. At the last con I bumped into Darth Maul….this time it was KYLO REN!…

Yes I had to confront Kylo Ren this time, and his saber has three blades! But no problem for a Jedi Master like myself as you can see from the second image…I had the upper hand saber! Kylo was great actually and I got to examine his saber and found it was really good. Though it would look better in green obviously 😀 . After defeating Darth Maul and Kylo Ren word has been spreading of my exploits and a certain Dark Lord even tried getting me to join his band…DSC_0586 MKDon’t worry, I haven’t turned to the Dark Side of the Force but I have been known to drink Coca-Cola now and then! I forgot I had the bottle in my coat pocket (doh!). However the recruitment attempts didn’t stop there, the Mandalorians wanted to hire my services. Maybe they want me to appear in the new Star Wars television series “The Madalorian” that is due out soon, hmm…whatever the reason Boba Fett was at the con too…

I was beginning to feel outnumbered at these conventions, I think I might be the only Jedi there (in disguise as I don’t have a costume yet 😦  but I’m working on one) Luckily I found some support in the shape of Jedi Master Plo Koon and guess what? He likes green too!…DSC_0581 MK

We easily saw off the Empire and the First Order! But to finish the day, how about some fluffies? Well there was a new face and one you might recall from last time…

As I say in the caption, I’m not sure what the first furry is (never seen it on any planet I’ve been to) so if any of you are fans of Anime and can name it please let me know. The last picture is a slightly better image of the Hoth Wampa I met before. The lighting is much better but it seems Luke Skywalker left in a hurry…I don’t know why the Wampa is armless really!

Sadly it is time for me to leave too, I hope you have had a bit of the fun I had at the con. I want to thank all the folks there for being so accommodating and posing for pictures. They do a great job raising funds for local charities and if you ever get to a convention don’t forget to thank the participants too.

I also need to thank you all, my viewers for dropping by and checking out my little bonus post. Whether you are a regular visitor or this is your first trip to FTSabersite thank you for your support. Till next time…

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A Glowing New Trick! For finally works it out.

Hello Everybody, I’m so glad you all survived the Halloween week and made it back to see my next post. And do I have a story to tell you! Many of you will have noticed since I started using Blender for my designs, that the blades don’t have that “Aura” effect around them, they just glow a certain solid colour. Here are a few examples of what I mean…

The blades do emit light but are just solid beams, they don’t have that special “Movie Magic” look do they? The reason is that I mistakenly thought I had to program or assign a special material or part to the model to get the effect. Previously I used to add the effect using GIMP, a photo editing software (like Photoshop but a free software) and had to edit each image. In some galleries I had 6,7,8 maybe more images that I had to add effects to and it took a long time. But there is good news, I came across a video on YouTube that explained where I was going wrong with Blender. Blender can produce the movie effect but not in the way I expected. As I said I thought I had to manipulate the model, when in fact all I had to do was add an instruction to modify the light colour AFTER I had built the saber. So I add a blade to the hilt, then choose the colour/light and then attach the effect to the colour – not the model! Now I have done this to the four sabers pictured above to see how well it works and here are the results….

I think the new technique works rather well, if I say so myself! And the real bonus of this new found skill is that Blender does the work for me, and if I have to make 6,7,8 images from different angles the effect is automatically added whenever I click the button to create a new picture. Even better than that, look closely at the Ecto-Plasma hilt emitter and you can see the effect “seeping” through the holes. This means the aura is actually “within” the images and models and not just an overlay!

So I apologise that I didn’t have a new saber to share with you today, but I am tweaking the ones I have scheduled so they have the “new blades”. And in future all my new builds will hopefully look a little more “lifelike”.

I am about to run out of time as I need to make a start on the new schedule. But please call back for upcoming posts where I have the long awaited “Watery Warrior” and “Brave Robot Car” hilts (inspired by two big movies due out in December), a saber dedicated to the “Best pilot in the Resistance” and my new collaboration TV and Movie franchise series of hilts. Phew that’s a lot. Thank you for looking in today and supporting my site whether this is your first visit or you call regularly, you are much appreciated. Till next time….I’ve got to GLOoooow!

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Ecto-Plasma Saber – Inspired by the 1984 movie Ghostbusters

Helloooooo Everybodies!!!!!!!! It is getting near to that time of the year where the Ghouls and Ghosts, Spectres and Spooks all come out to play. And to help protect you all I have joined forces with fellow blogger and friend The Vintage Toy Advertiser to bring you some Ghostbusters themed adverts and a new Ghostbusters themed hilt!

As you may know back in New York of 1984, the city suffered from a wave of supernatural shenanigans and it fell to three Parapsychologists to save the day. Their names were Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler (and later) Winston Zeddemore otherwise known as the Ghostbusters. They were college professors and scientists who built some cutting edge equipment to catch and contain the ghosties. Unfortunately they weren’t politicians and fell foul of a devious city official. As a result they get arrested for operating without a license, just as a big paranormal event occurs and a large gateway to another realm opens above the city…allowing all kinds of spectral beings in!

Luckily this was a film from Columbia Pictures and the apocalypse never happened. The film however was a phenomenon and a range of toys and computer games were produced, and here are a couple of TVTA’s archive pictures of the Ghostbusters toys…

Now where do Ghostbusters and Star Wars come together? Well, they don’t really but after seeing my Knight Rider themed hilt a few posts back TVTA approached me to design a range of TV and Movie inspired hilts and so I thought “OK that’s a challenge”. I had built a saber to look like KITT from Knight Rider….how about building a saber to look like the Ghostbusters’ famous car ECTO-1! This is what I came up with….

Phew! This took me quite a while to construct despite the skills I have learned so far. Hopefully I have done justice to the iconic ECTO-1 which was originally a 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. The emitter is meant to represent the chrome work on the radiator grille so reminiscent of cars from that era…it also sets off the “Slimer-Green” coloured blade quite nicely! The hand grip I attempted to shape as much as possible to look like the body of the car. I was even able to incorporate the famous red and chrome “Streamline” fins, chrome around the windows, a couple of Ghostbusters logos (with one on the roof acting as an activation switch!). You will even find I have included a yellow license plate and rear impact bars! And for the fans of flashing lights…yes I added an emergency services Light Bar on the roof. To see how close I got here is an image of the real ECTO-1 car…Ecto-1 Reference

OK! Some of you will have noticed a glaring mistake! I didn’t make a roof rack full of equipment did I? Well, I couldn’t add one to the hilt as that would make the saber hard to handle. It would be awkward just as it is. So my solution was to make a separate Roof Rack and use it as a cradle to display the saber on! Clever huh? And just as with the saber I tried to cram a few neat details into the roofrack too…take a look….

I think this Roof Rack might have more detail than the car! I made a frame from a rectangular cube but I deleted the panels to form the rack. Then I created the yellow capsule shaped canister and duplicated it so I had four in total. Next I made two “rolled up blankets” one blue, one red and a portable ventilation fan. But the real neat detail is the world famous “Ghost Traps”. I created four of them and arranged them on the rack so the saber can rest suspended on the handles of the traps. Interestingly, the real roof rack was so large that the filming crew had to ship it by air between the studio and some filming locations!

I think that just about covers my Ecto-Plasma Saber design and I have Stephen Dane to thank for the Ghostbusters props (Dane was the Hardware Designer on the film). I also have to give a big thank you to The Vintage Toy Advertiser for laying down the “challenge” to me. I must say that TVTA will be posting an article in a day or two with many more Ghostbusters themed advertising materials and images ready for Halloween so please check his blog out by clicking HERE.

As always thanks to all my viewers and followers you are much appreciated and I hope you all enjoy Halloween safely (should you be celebrating) and please call back to FTSabersite afterwards to see many more new saber designs in upcoming posts.


“Ghostbusters” and “Ecto-1”, “Peter Venkman, Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore” and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Delphi Films/Black Rhino Productions. Distributed by Columbia Pictures. “Ecto-Plasma Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018.

UT-60D Saber – Inspired by the Rogue One Gunship (Blender Version)

Hello Everybody, today I am bringing you a hilt that is sort of basic compared to the hilts I have created recently and bearing in mind the progress I have been making. I do however have a good reason. This hilt was one of my “test bed” models I worked on to learn the basics but whilst building it I got sidetracked by my TY Silencer. As a result I never posted this saber based on the Resistance’s troop transport/gunship, the UT-60D U-Wing fighter! I will show you the usual Work In Progress pictures and Glamour Shots, then I have BIG news concerning next week’s post. So first off here is UT-60D Saber….

This saber taught me how to make duplicate parts, inset panel sections, bevelled edges and was the first hilt I made with the faux cockpit section which lights up. The lit up cockpit later appeared on my TY Silencer hilt. Structurally, the saber features twin “wing blades” one either side of the plasma light blade. These represent the variable geometry wings (swing-wing) design of the UT-60D in the forward position. The cockpit forms the emitter and houses the blade socket which has transparent windows to allow the cockpit to light up. The handgrip features recessed gripping areas that mimic the travel/cargo cases the UT-60D transports. It also leads to the pommel that has four engine modules placed at each corner just like the Incom spaceship. Look closely at the engine pods and you will see my early attempts at mechanical detailing. A Covertech knob on the underside of the pommel allows it to be hung from your belt. That covers the structure of the hilt but it needed a paint job so I though a nice factory fresh blue and white would look good. Here are the Glamour Shots….

I added the blue along the bevelled edges on the wings and the inner panels in a layout I thought would be plausible. I am a big aviation fan and had seen a real Earth aircraft in a similar scheme. The grey, I thought made a change from having black contrast and it makes the overall look seem sportier.

Now that just about wraps up the UT-60D Saber Blender Version. I just have time to tell you about a bit of exciting news! Next week I am going to be posting in collaboration with a fellow blogger for a spooky Halloween Special! The reason I didn’t have a top notch hilt today is that I have been hard at work on a very unique saber for this next special post. The saber will have a connection to the subject of my friend’s post so we have a Crossover! I hope you will join me and …My Mystery Guest…for our next post. Hopefully it will scare the socks off you all  😀 !

Of course before I go I’d like to say thanks for visiting today and supporting me and my site. Whether you are new or regular viewers, you are all appreciated. Till next time…..

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Citadel Saber – A lightsaber with a spin

Hello Everybody, I today have a rather unusual design that even surprised me how it turned out. It all stemmed from my attempts to learn a new modelling technique (building on my one technique a week), The particular tool/skill I wanted to learn was the Spin function. This method involves drawing a flat 2D outline and then, using the Spin function, the software extrudes (stretches) that line around a set point or axis line, which then forms a full 3D shape. I found it a fascinating idea as I used to own some paper lantern Christmas decorations that were flat but opened out to form bell shaped hangers. This tool works in the same way. So I drew the silhouette of the hilt handle, marking points to show where the emitter began and ended, then the narrow choke points, handgrip etc down to the pommel. I had a line drawing, which I then selected and clicked the Spin function. The software traced the line round and formed a 30 degree sliver. I hadn’t set the rotation limit so the software only created a “slice” of the hilt but upon setting the rotation to 360 degrees it formed a perfect handle! Here are the work in progress pictures…and sorry there aren’t many but as you will see this technique makes modelling very quick and easy!

As you can see in the pictures there isn’t many parts to this saber! The first image shows the “slices” of the hilt but they are spread apart. By moving the original Slice (marked with the coloured arrows) you can alter the position of the “copies” moving them together to form the cylinder. Once I had pulled the Slices together I just had to add the switch, blade and the Covertech Knob to hang the saber from a belt clip. You can see the basic hilt parts in the second image while the third shows an “Exploded” view to give an idea how they fit together. In reality this hilt would still be manufactured from a hollow tube of Aluminium, the Slices used in this method just cuts down on the amount of segments you have to model to form it as the software creates clones. Now enough talking and as there wasn’t much modelling to do I was able to take a few more Glamour Shots in various colours…

And as a special treat I have a final gallery to display the Golden Citadel hilt. The reason being is that on the Ultrasabers fan forum called SaberForum.com, it’s members have a topic where they can suggest what they would like Ultrasabers to develop and sell in future. Well some members mentioned they wanted more gold hilts with black accents. As I designed this the same day gold hints were mentioned I figured why not see how it looks in gold and hopefully give them some ideas.

Please bear in mind this design is not linked to Ultrasabers in any way I am just a member of their forum.

Here are the pics…

And the observant viewers will have noticed that the pommel is lit up! Yes, I have “re-introduced” my “For Tyeth Emitter Pommels” known as FTE. The pommel isn’t made from an emitter part as in earlier designs on this site but it does emit light!

I am once more running out of time, the hands of the clock have “spun around” to closing time (<see what I did there 😀 ) and I will have to end this post. But first as always I have to thank all of you, my fantastic viewers and followers (new and regulars) for your support. I really hope you enjoyed this hilt and will return to see more new designs (I have a robot car themed hilt and a saber for a watery warrior coming soon) in future posts. Till next time….

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Jedi Knight Saber – Inspired by Knight Rider

Hello Everybody and in particular to two friends of this site, namely The Vintage Toy Advertiser (TVTA) and his pet office cat WOOOF! In one of TVTA’s recent comments he mentioned classic TV shows and that he had searched FTSabersite for a design dedicated to, or a mention of a very special show. That show was Knight Rider starring David Hasselhoff as a man on a crusade to fight crime using the aid of an indestructible supercar. Hasselhoff played the part of Michael Arthur Long, a cop who was working an undercover case. He was shot in the head and left for dead by the female criminal he was investigating. Lying in the desert Michael Long was fortunately discovered by a passer-by who took him to get medical aid, and saved his life. The man who found Michael was Wilton Knight, a reclusive millionaire who provided the hospital and treatment Michael needed to survive. That treatment included plastic surgery. Michael Long served in Vietnam and had a metal plate in his skull which actually deflected the bullet intended to kill him but his face was damaged when he was shot.

Michael Arthur Long awoke with a new face, a new identity and a new challenge should he take it. Wilton Knight enlisted Michael as a secret crime fighter and supplied him with a new name, Michael Knight and….a new supercar to help his crime-fighting exploits. That car was called KITT and I was sort of challenged to create a saber inspired by this show. These are my work in progress pictures…

As you may know the supercar, KITT, is based on 1982/3/4 model Pontiac Trans-Am and Firebird cars. They are very sleek, aerodynamic and in the case of KITT….was jet black in colour. This caused me a problem as it is hard to make details stand out on solid dark objects! But if you check out the picture above you can see the slanted emitter that reflects the hood and nose of the car, above which is a bulge. This bulge is the housing for KITT’s iconic sweeping red light sensor you see as “he” drives toward you (yes KITT is a he, voiced by actor William Daniels). The switch plate is just below that sensor bulge but isn’t visible with out the textures but you’ll see it below. Next on the hilt are two panels to represent the “T-Bar” sunroof of the Pontiac which enabled KITT to have ejector seats! At the very bottom of the hilt is the pommel, complete with Tyre Grip knurling around it’s edges and the logo of Wilton Knight’s corporation Knight Industries (fans will remember seeing the chess piece logo on the side of the semi-truck used as a mobile headquarters!) AND there is a SPOILER! No not a spoiler to ruin the enjoyment of a show or film but the aerodynamic kind to improve the performance of the car. I considered adding one to the hilt but didn’t as I thought it may look too busy, but after giving TVTA a sneak peek he suggested I add one…so on receiving great advice I did. Now enough chatting how about some Glam Shots? OK here are the rendered pictures…

I have done my best to show the details of this hilt but as I mention due to KITT’s colour scheme it is difficult to show details on dark objects. However hopefully you can see the famous red sweeping sensor above the emitter (with a new yellow blade to represent headlights!). There are two orange indicator turn lights either side of the hilt to make it street legal 😀  Also the activation switch is modelled on the electronic display used to mimic KITT’s “mouth” on the car’s dashboard. In reality I would use a touch sensitive panel similar to a smartphone screen lock, you swipe your thumb up or down to switch the saber on and off. The pommel has the Knight chess piece logo in silver and there is of course the Spoiler that just finishes the hilt perfectly. OH wait I need one more thing for this to be legal….a license plate!….How about one of these?….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ok folks that just about wraps up this design. I’d like to thank TVTA and Wooof! for the inspiration and suggestion to come up with this hilt. Please be sure to check out their site showcasing classic advertising material, just click HERE.

And again as always thank you to all of my viewers and followers, new and regular, you are all much appreciated (and a Hi to my friend Rebel from Hong Kong, I saw you had visited!) And to everyone please be sure to call back for future posts as I have those two movie blockbuster film hilts coming soon. (One is based on another car and the second is based on a film that just released a 5min trailer!) So thanks again and

Till Next Time…..

“Jedi KNIGHT Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-18. “Knight Rider”, “Michael Long/Knight” and “K.I.T.T.”  were created by Glen A. Larson and are Trademark/©Copyright of Glen A. Larson and Universal Television,

Throne Room Saber -A Fully Operational Battle Saber!

Hello Everybody, nice to see you again for my regular weekly offering. I hope you enjoyed my little bonus post earlier this week celebrating ThatStarWarsGirl’s YouTube milestone achievement. I have left comments and links on her video and Discussion section but again I have yet to hear anything from her. In the meantime though I got back to designing (I do a lot of that!). You may recall I said I felt I had gained the basic techniques of 3D modelling in Blender and Neo Trinarty suggested I attempt a “full scale build”. I think he meant building the interior of a room or a piece of virtual scenery. I jokingly replied I might build a Death Star, well, I thought about it and I came up with this…

The first picture shows a part that could make an interesting emitter. It has a fluted emitter opening and what appear to be “windows” on the side. The second picture shows what I built for a hilt handle and the orange lines show the areas that I pulled out to form decorative ridges. In the next picture you can see the handle with it’s “skin” applied and it looks more like a handle complete with a matching fluted base. The fourth picture shows a large assembly of FIVE emitters around a central hub…what the heck am I building? In the fifth picture is a wireframe image of the pommel cap decoration and you might recognise the shape as the logo of the Galactic Empire or Imperial logo! The final image shows a wireframe picture of the whole saber complete with all five emitters and the logo cap on the pommel base. What would this look like with it’s skin rendered and what in space is it? Well here are a few glamour shots…

I did try to build the Death Star! Admittedly it doesn’t look like a round space battle station but it is meant to represent a very special part of the Emperor’s space station. I tried to recreate the Throne Room Tower where Darth Vader brought Luke Skywalker to face Emperor Palpatine and where the pivotal duel between father and son took place in Return of the Jedi! To help you visualise what I did here are the reference pictures I used…

As you can see I tried to recreate the tower and pods. The tower shaft forms the hilt handle and the pods form the emitters. The spire is replaced by the blade. In the cutaway image you can see the area where the ROTJ duel took place and the windows in the pods. Green blades usually represent the Jedi but the Death Star laser actually fired a green laser beam due to it’s Kyber Crystals so I gave this saber green blades. The activation switch represents the aperture that the super laser fires from. All in all I think it looks similar to the Throne Room Tower when stood upright on it’s pommel. This wouldn’t make an effective saber but it was fun building it!

It is that time when I have to end this post but as always I want to thank all my followers and viewers. Your support is greatly appreciated and keeps me posting. I have more sabers to come and more NEW designs in my head. There will be a saber for the “best fighter pilot in the galaxy”, a new hilt for a small robot with a BIG heart and a watery weapon for deep diving combat…I hope you will call back to see those in future posts. Till next time…

“Throne Room Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. All Star Wars material belongs to Disney/LucasFilm.

TSWG 10K Saber for That Star Wars Girl

Hello Everybody, today I have a surprise extra post and it is dedicated to a young lady I was introduced to around the start of August. Her name is Anna and I got to know about her when YouTube recommended one of her videos (the recommend function is really slow to pick up on interesting stuff!). Anna is known on her channel as “That Star Wars Girl” and is a lifelong fan of the films we all love. Anna passionately defends and promotes Star Wars. In the first couple of videos I watched Anna was feeling a bit sad about what happened in “The Last Jedi” and the direction the franchise was going in. She explained why the SW films were so special and why the latest one (and Disney) had got it wrong. Anna did so in a very powerful manner. I watched another video and learned that Anna was a fan of “World of Warcraft”, “Orcs” and fantasy characters of role-playing computer games. She displayed a few pieces of art she had created and I was impressed.

Because Anna was feeling down and as a way to show support and let her know there are other fans out there I decided to design a saber for her based on Star Wars and “WoW” and try to personalise it for her. This is what I came up with…Works in progress folks!…..

I tried to push my skills (remember I had only been using Blender for 4 weeks) but was able to come up with this hilt. It featured prominent claws which are more aggressive than the ones on my Black Panther hilt. The claws just looked like something out of “WoW” or Lord of the Rings. The grip has a perforated sleeve to provide grip and decoration. Then there is the pommel…I think this is a real “Skull Crusher” type pommel complete with nasty looking points like a medieval mace! The saber I coloured gold and black to make it stand out and look as if it belonged to a high ranking warrior protector!

I watched a few more videos and Anna’s sense of fashion stood out. Anna chatted about being professional and courteous and as an example was rocking a smart business suit and a bowtie. I thought this look was great but it provided me with an idea. See if you can pick out what I did in these next pictures….

Did you spot my little attempts to personalise this hilt? Well the activation switches kinda look a bit like a bowtie…from a certain point of view! And the second thing I added to make this hilt uniquely Anna’s was to add her name and initials onto the hilt using the Star Wars lettering called Aurabesh! It actually reads “Anna TSWG”

Well I was quite proud of this early attempt at building a hilt and I tried to contact Anna by email to ask if she would like me to send her the pictures. Sadly I don’t think my mail got through. (I can’t do Social Media as I have too many Imperials and the First Order after me 😀 ) Anna posted a few more videos and I learnt her favourite character was Darth Vader, but I had just created this golden hero saber! I also found out that Anna was a professional concept artist and I sort of felt unsure whether or not to try and share this with her (her talent is amazing, check out her site links below!). However I thought “The Force is with me” and I decided I’d try again but I would include a couple of variations to my design…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, long story short communication couldn’t be established so I have posted the design here anyway and will send Anna the link to this page. I hope she likes my efforts.

Another reason I posted this today is that Anna’s YT channel just passed the 10,000 subscriber mark and so this a way to congratulate her for that milestone as well. So please check out her art website and her channel, Here are the links:

ThatStarWarsGirl YouTube channel: Click Here

AnnaMelloDesigns.com art website: Click Here

Sorry folks I am running out of time with this post, I hope you enjoyed it (it was a bonus one after all!) I sincerely hope Anna likes this design and I wish her well and continued success in defending Star Wars. Thank you again to all my viewers and followers for your continued support. Please call back on Saturday the 29th as I will return to my usual schedule with another new design. Till Saturday…

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Bridger Saber – I think I’m a Blender Adept!

Hello Everybody, well after bringing you such a villainous saber in the shape of Kaleesh last week I felt I had best restore the balance somewhat and bring you an “Inspired By” replica build. Now fellow blogger Neil Trinarty suggested I do some full scale modelling to really hone my skills so I decided I would try to recreate an “in universe” design and see how close to the real hilt I could get. The hilt in question belongs to a young hero from the animated show “Star Wars Rebels” called Ezra Bridger. Ezra originally had a saber that was disguised so the Imperials/Empire forces wouldn’t recognise it. Unfortunately as a result it looked like an industrial nail-gun or stapler! He had it for two whole seasons of the show but thankfully he got a new (and green!) saber in season three. This is a recreation of that new hilt and I just call it Bridger…as always, first the work in progress shots….

To build this hilt I employed a technique which I partly explained when I first mentioned Blender and how it works. The technique is called Extruding. Just like in metal working you have a basic lump or block which you then pull, push, stretch and squeeze it into the shape you want. As a result the model forms a bit like a tiered wedding cake with layers. You make a tube then stretch it down, when happy widen the tube by scaling the edges out then continue down either widening or narrowing each section. I then created the circular activation switch as a separate piece and positioned it. The extrude process then continued all the way to the pommel. The body has ridges at regular intervals around the grip that are pulled outward as strips. The final modelling step was to create the rounded cut-out shape and the rectangular box with the striped top. Oh and I added a little triangular ring to hang the saber from your belt! The last picture above shows the reference image I used as a guide and was created by another modeller named “CaseStudyno8 ” who displays his creations on Deviantart. (I hope he doesn’t mind as there aren’t many good images of this saber online!).

Ok enough talking of extrusions layers, bumps and lumps, I had to add textures to the model to make it nice and shiny and I tried a few things to make the images look a little more professional and sharper. I’ll let you decide here’s a few Glamour Shots…

I added a texture/material to make the hilt look metallic but the way Blender displays the image made it too shiny and caused a lot of speckles to appear. This is known as Caustic Noise and is a result of light beams bouncing around off various surfaces. Modellers/Designers want people to see their models clearly so try to reduce noise and I learnt a trick that works as a filter so the light beams basically hit the model once and not reflect in all directions. In the final image is the “De-speckled” version using the filter. I think there is a bit of improvement and less unwanted dots of light. The filtering does cause the computer to take longer to produce the image but I can save time by using the quicker modelling methods!

Speaking of time…yes you know it, I am out of it and will have to end this post. I hope you like this tribute to Ezra’s saber and think I’ve earned the title of a Blender Adept! As always before I go I have to say a big thank you to all for visiting today. Your support is much appreciated and keeps me pushing my limits. Whether you are a first time visitor or long term follower I hope you will return for future posts which will include a “BIG” saber build and a hilt for a “Hot Shot” along with two blockbuster movie themed hilts! Till next time….

“Bridger Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions creation and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-18. This design is inspired by Ezra Bridger’s saber from the animated show “Star Wars Rebels” which is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Reference image by CaseStudyno8 on Deviantart.com

Kaleesh Saber – A design for General Grievous.

Hello Everybody, it’s that time again…I have another design to share with you all and a person called Qymaen jai Sheelal. Now this name may not mean much to most casual fans but Qymaen jai Sheelal was a warlord of the Kaleesh species. Qymaen was badly injured in a ship crash but was rescued and his damaged body was replaced by a cybernetic exoskeleton and life support system. He became a cyborg called Grievous. He then joined forces with Count Dooku to help lead the Confederation of Independent Systems’ droid army and learnt to duel with lightsabers mastering all seven styles of combat. After Dooku’s death Grievous became the Droid Army commander and was known as General Grievous. Grevious is famous for stealing Jedi lightsabers as trophies of victory, but now he won’t need to steal any more as I have designed one just for him, this is Kaleesh Saber…

As you can see this hilt is quite complex and a little bit different! It is based on the skull of Grevious and even has a neat little trick built in. Firstly I built the main body of the hilt to look like the upper skull and using the tools in Blender carved in the two arrow like decorations on the “forehead”. I next worked on the pommel which forms the lower jaw. Being as Grievous doesn’t have a moving mouth made this a bit easier to accomplish. The lower jaw/pommel does have a few decorative items, the silver teardrop shaped nodules and four vertical grills to form the mouth as it were. If you zoomed in close enough you will see that the grills have tiny holes!Kaleesh Grille MK

Next I proceeded to add the protrusions on the side of his head where his “ears” attach. The Kaleesh had very distinct ears that in his cyborg form look like wings. From the pictures you will see that the “ears” actually rotate 90 degrees, from being combat ready and horizontal to a vertical position. This is the little trick I mentioned as when the ears are vertical they form two feet that act as a saber display stand. The saber rests on the ears and the Covertech Belt Clip Knob! To switch the saber on/off I created a pair of eyes which double as the activation switch and sound FX buttons (using micro switches called Tactiles) Just press the eyeballs! I have a few studio/glamour shots so here you go…

Qymaen jai Sheelal as I mention was a Kaleesh warlord but that was in the discarded material Disney rejected in their buyout of LucasFilm, however Disney LucasFilm rewrote Grievous’ backstory then included him in two cartoon shows (“The Clone Wars” series and the later computer animated “Star Wars – The Clone Wars” series.) In Disney’s new storyline Grievous didn’t become a cyborg because of injuries sustained in a ship crash, but because he attempted to modify himself and become a superior being than the Jedi were. Unfortunately this caused a huge strain on his remaining organs and resulted in his Cough-Cough and rasping breath. It was also these organic bits which led to his demise when he fought Obi-Wan Kenobi on the planet Utapau in Revenge of the Sith. Obi-Wan pried open the chest plates of Grievous’ skeleton and shot the exposed heart and lungs with a blaster…how uncivilised!

Well I suppose this would be a good place to end this post, I mean Grievous doesn’t really need a saber now! However it was fun building this one and challenged me to try and replicate something very identifiable but in saber form, I hope I succeeded. Before I go as always I need to say a big thank you to all of you, whether a first time viewer or one of my loyal regular followers thanks so much for checking Kaleesh out. You are greatly appreciated. I hope you will call back to see future posts as I have two big movie blockbuster inspired hilts (the films will cause a buzz and a splash when released in December) and one based on a “Fully operational battle sta…Saber!” Till next time….

“Kaleesh Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2018. “General Grievous” and all other names, logos images and related material are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.