Hi Everybody…

I am For Tyeth, and I plan on making this my “New Home”.

I discovered that I had a bit of talent designing Lightsabers so I will be showcasing some of my Lightsaber designs and some from my friends here!

You can find all the designs in the Saber Gallery.

As the site grows I hope to bring you news from the world of sabers!

XR Lightsaber – Inspired by Exar Kun

Hello Everbody, I am delving back into Star Wars history to bring you this next saber and yes I know it’s about time! With so many distractions around nowadays and so many inspirations I wander off sometimes. This next saber is inspired by a character from the now “Old Canon” or Legends as it is known. He started out as a Jedi Padawan under the tutelage of Master Vodo-Siosk Baas (remember him? He used the wooden staff empowered with the Force, a bit like Chirrut Imwe!). However the Padawan was impulsive, over-confident and was fascinated by the Dark Side of the Force . So much so that he travelled to the moon of Dxun, where a tomb belonging to the ancient Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd existed. The spirit of Nadd sensed an opportunity to resurrect himself in the Padawan’s body. The Padawan was injured and only healed by the Sith Spirit when the Jedi committed himself to the Dark Side. This turn prompted the corrupted Jedi to build a new saber. Who was the Padawan? He was Exar Kun and this is my design for him…XR Lightsaber…

Exar Kun used this saber to surprise his former Master, Vodo Siosk Baas, whilst attempting to rescue a fellow Sith accused of war crimes. I think it would be a surprise as this was a deceptive weapon. It was so short it appeared to be a normal Lightsaber but as you can see it was technologically advanced and had TWO blades in a compact form. It was also very aggressive looking with double clawed emitters and the signature Blood Red Sith blades. Exar Kun’s weapon was believed to be inspired by Darth Zannah’s Lightsaber staff. My design may not work in real life due to the size of the electronics needed and the limited space inside the hilt handle but I wanted to showcase the idea.


I will apologise that there are only five pictures of this hilt in the gallery but double ended designs are the same at both ends (usually!) so that explains the shortage. However I haven’t been idle in the meantime, as I have been writing up the biographies for the owners of the set of six sabers coming up soon. Lots of characters and colours! I hope you will return to see those but for now I will say thank you for visiting today and supporting the site. Till next time.

Exar Kun is a character from the Expanded Universe of Star Wars created by Kevin J. Anderson and appeared in 17 issues of Dark Horse Comics. Trademark and ©Copyright belong to Kevin J. Anderson and Dark Horse Comics.


Star of Dallas Lightsaber – For Tyeth Sport Series

Hello Everybody, I have had the pleasure of having visitors to the site from as off as the Dominican Republic and Australia again! Please remember that you can leave comments at the bottom of each post, and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. Today as promised a week or so back I have a new Sports inspired hilt for a  team from the “Big D”. They play Ice Hockey, similar to the games that the inhabitants of Hoth play actually. But this team originated in Bloomington, Minnesota before merging with another financially struggling team and moved to Dallas. Here they became…THE STARS! This is my homage to them, Star of Dallas…

The Stars were my team on NHL ’95 (I think that was the year), the PC based computer game and the team I got to see most often here in the Outer Rim. So it was only fitting that I produce a design for them, and I think I nailed it. I was very lucky as there was leather grip in the builder that was the exact shade of “Victory Green” that Dallas have recently adopted! Combined with the black, silver and yellow, I have the team colours in an aggressive but stylish package. The silver accents are similar to the trim details on the shoulders of the jerseys and the FTE pommel reminds me of the full face cage visors some players wear.

Ice Hockey with Lightsaber Sticks? I’d watch that!

Sorry I just had to add the picture above, and don’t worry I added the special effects, Ed Balfour and the Hatcher Brothers don’t really use Lightsaber Sticks! (Yes, I am showing my age naming those three players  😀 ) I hope you enjoyed this design as much as I enjoyed building it. I am continually coming up with hilts and still have a few more NHL teams to showcase. So to all of you, I’d like to thank you for visiting and please call back to see the new stuff, your support is appreciated. Till next time.

“Dallas Stars”, the Dallas Stars’ logos, images and all related material are Trademark/©Copyright of The Dallas Stars NHL Team. The “NHL” is Trademark/©Copyright of The National Hockey League.

Eagle Saber – Inspired by Space 1999

Hello Everybody and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Love-birds out and about in the galaxy! I have just finished another saber inspired by the marvel that is space travel. You humans haven’t quite perfected Interstellar transport yet but in time you will invent the necessary technology because…

Technology, is always advancing, fuelled by human’s imagination. One source of inspiration was the Sci-Fi shows of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. This brings me to an iconic show (at least in the UK) that took place on a Moonbase sent hurtling out of orbit when nuclear waste explodes in an accident. The occupants of the base have many adventures and face many dangers and even encounter a shape-shifting lady called Maya. I am speaking about Space:1999 and this is my next saber inspired by their spaceships – this is Eagle Saber…

This saber is meant to resemble the famous Eagle Spaceships from Sylvia and Gerry Anderson’s Space:1999. The Anderson’s were renowned for the “Thunderbirds” puppet animation show but later developed a couple of Sci-fi live action shows, “UFO” and Space:1999. Ninety-nine was the most expensive show produced by ITC, the UK television company but I think the money was well spent. Now, the emitter looks similar to the “Beak” or cockpit section of the ship and the wider ridges represent the front landing gear. The switch stands in for the transport pod which is the load bearing module between the four landing legs. These pods were interchangeable depending on the mission at hand. The body section and pommel form the rear landing gear and engine nozzles.

The overall design of the show was fantastic (Sylvia Anderson was responsible for designing the costumes for example) and as such I hope I have done justice to their work. The show entertained me on many Saturday mornings and I even had an Eagle toy (but mine had the Cargo Pod and winch). Happy memories and I hope you have been taken back down memory lane, or have been introduced to something “new” if you’ve never heard of Moonbase and it’s inhabitants.

Due out in March 2017!


I have many more sabers to come, so I would be honoured if you would return to check them out – but for now thank you for visiting today and supporting this site. Till next time.

Space:1999, Eagle One, Eagle Cargo, Maya and all related names and material were created by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson (produced by ITC Television) and are now Trademark/©Copyright of ITV television UK.

A Big Thank You to Borommakot!

Hello Everybody, I have today had the honour of being mentioned in a YouTube video by a very good friend of mine, Borommakot! You will no doubt have seen me mention Boro’ on numerous occasions as I have displayed some of his fabulous saber designs here on FTSabersite. I have also mentioned his YouTube Channel and had a link to it in the sidebar since I started this site. Well today Boro’ or daftPirate as he is known on YouTube uploaded a new video about his recent Lightsaber deliveries and gave a bit of news about his plans for the channel. He also gave a shout out to me and this site! It was the most wonderful and weird sensation hearing my name broadcast on the World Wide Web – I am still shaking from nervous energy from the surprise.

Borommakot you are a Pirate and a Gentleman!

Here are the links to his channel and to today’s video, please check them out:

daftPirate’s YouTube Channel

and here is the link to

daftPirate’s Latest Video

I also hope you don’t mind Boro’ but I borrowed your banner to place at the top of this post! For anyone who is new to this site here is a gallery of a few of Borommakot’s designs posted here so far…Enjoy!

This post is coming to an end but I would like to thank Borommakot one final time and thank you my viewers and followers for visiting today. Please come back and check out more new designs from Boro’ and myself, there are still many, many more! Till next time.

Borommakot’s Guest Designs appear here with permission and are ©Copyright of Borommakot This site and it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Heatwave Lightsaber – A Saber for Scotty 2 Hotty!

Hello Everybody, for fans of music we are going to change genre today and meet a person who epitomised the Hip-Hop culture of the nineties! “Hold on Tyeth, isn’t this supposed to be a site about Lightsabers, not music?” Yes you are correct but my next saber was designed to honour a wrestler who brought Hip-Hop to the masses. This wrestler is Scotty 2 Hotty! Scott Ronald “Scotty” Garland used to be a Fire Fighter before turning to grappling but soon made a name for himself. Once established he formed a Tag Team with Grand Master Sexay (real name Brian Christopher) to become “Too Cool”! Well how cool would it be to have your own Lightsaber? Very cool, so here is my design Heatwave……(bangin’ it bangin’ it bangin’ it)

If you wondered what Bangin’ It Bangin’ It etc refers to, it was the lyrics from Scotty’s entrance theme music! And I think this saber would make an entrance too, it is certainly bright enough. The emitter I just had to use, as it looked exactly like Scotty’s hairstyle poking through his hat reinforced by the yellow blade to match his bleach blonde locks. The silver accents and switch mirror his Hip-Hop bling, though I did stop short of stealing car badges to make jewellery out of like some music artists did. In the Vertical Up position the saber looks just like Scotty, stood in the middle of the ring about to break some moves (he was quite a dancer) before delivering “The Worm”, his finishing move 😀 yes he called it The Worm!


Well the final bell is about to sound and bring an end to this post. I hope you liked this homage to the innovator of The Worm. From Electronica to Hip-Hop all the way through to Vampires (and nearly everything else in between) I have found inspiration and there are still more designs to come. So I would like to thank you for visiting and invite you to return and check out all the new stuff on the way. Till next time.

“Scotty 2 Hotty”, “The Worm”, “Grand Master Sexay” and all related wrestling names and content are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports. 

D.P. Pair CLAWED 2 – The Second Saber

Hello Everybody, I’ll say straight away if there are any typing errors I apologise but my fingers are a bit sore from having an epic practice session on my electronic keyboard. My hands now look like bunches of bananas but the effort was worth it…I learnt three classic rock guitar(?) pieces! I am feeling so much better I will now present the lightside version of D.P. Pair CLAWED…

I am amazed at how much difference changing the blade colour and type of finish on the parts can make to a design. This design now looks like a weapon a Jedi might use if he/she were disillusioned with the beliefs and traditions of the Jedi Code. These type of individuals are usually referred to as Grey Jedi. This saber was designed however for one half of Daft Punk yet translates to both ideas. And regarding ideas I have a few more sabers coming up soon, including a Father and Son edition, a saber for a person with no family and the six Multi-Coloured movie hilts…oh Zord that’s a lot of designs!


I am nearing the end of this post, yet again time is against me and now I have to find time to practice my music. But before I go I’d like to thank all the visitors to my site, including folks from South Korea, Canada and even a mysterious person from Australia who uses the Gravatar logo as their profile picture. I wonder if this is my “friend” from the forum I frequent now and then? Hmm! Well, you are all welcome and if you enjoyed what you have seen here please tell your friends about FTSabersite. Till next time.

DAFT PUNK and all related images, titles, names and logos are Trademark/©Copyright  of DAFT TRAX SARL 2016.

D.P. Pair CLAWED -The Return

Hello Everybody, these past few months have been tough with all the sad news we have received of people we have lost. To be honest I have been wondering all the questions of “why we are here?”, “what am I doing?” etc, and I realised I needed to do something to cheer myself up. I decided to return to an old hobby of mine….MUSIC! Some of you may know I am Piano/Keyboard player, well I had to pack all my equipment into storage 3 years ago. All except for a keyboard with no sounds in! But today I discovered a major instrument manufacturer was giving away free computer software that emulated some very expensive keyboards. I installed this software and connected my keyboard…and SUCCESS! I had a fully playable instrument again. And one of the first tracks I tried to play was “Around the World” by Daft Punk. So I thought if I updated my equipment, I could update my Daft Punk sabers! And here is the first D.P Pair CLAWED…

The saber now has a clawed emitter to make it look more aggressive and advanced. As I mentioned in my previous D.P. Pair Lightsabers post Daft Punk pushed the limits of technology and music and now I can maybe attempt the same with my new equipment! I will bring to you all the silver version of this pair of sabers tomorrow and hope you will join me to see it. I also have the much teased set of six sabers for an upcoming Blockbuster movie (I’m not being horrible making you all wait I just thought I should reveal them nearer the film’s release date! 😀 ). So for now I would like to thank you all for visiting today and all the continued support of the site. Till next time.

Have you guessed who they are yet?


DAFT PUNK and all related images, titles, names and logos are Trademark/©Copyright  of DAFT TRAX SARL 2016.

Apollo’s Viper Saber – In Memory of Richard Hatch

Hello Everybody, I have to alter my original plans for today’s post as once again we have had sad news of the passing of a much loved actor. That actor is Richard Lawrence Hatch, known to many as Captain Apollo, son of Admiral Adama in the TV sci-fi great Battlestar Galactica. Richard Hatch originally had aspirations as an athlete and competed in the pole vault (maybe hinting towards the heights he would reach in space and acting) but after the assassination of President Kennedy, he turned to acting. His first roles were on-stage, beginning at the Los Angeles Repertory theatre and in the city of Chicago. One of his first TV spots was on the show “All of My Children”. Richard earned respect and admiration and was later cast as the replacement for Michael Douglas’ character in “The Streets of San Francisco” showing his calibre. However as mentioned Richard will be remembered by most of us Sci-Fi fans as Captain Apollo, and so I present my tribute…Apollo’s Viper…

I hope this design speaks for itself, and you can see what I attempted to do. I chose parts that mirrored as closely as possible the Viper fighter from the emitter to mimic the shark mouth style intake. The body and coupler represent the fuselage with it’s grooves and recesses. The switch stands in for the cockpit canopy and to be honest I have lost count of the times I imagined I was in a Viper flying beside Apollo and Starbuck. The pommel is another FTE pommel using an emitter part instead as the end cap. The choice of this part was obvious, it had the three claws to form the three tail plane wings and the blade socket recreates the ship’s famous “fire extinguisher” exhaust ports. The blade forms the exhaust plumes and could only be white in colour.

Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo

Richard was the only actor from the original series of Battlestar Galactica to appear in the recent reboot series, although he played a different character, Tom Zarek. During the 70’s and 80’s Richard appeared in numerous shows including, Hotel, Murder, She Wrote, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, Baywatch, Dynasty, and even MacGyver. He was also a writer and penned at least seven tie-in novels about the Galactica universe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends at this difficult time. I like many, have a lot of great memories to thank Richard for but most never get a chance to do so, so this is my way of paying my respects and saying thanks.

Thank you for viewing my tribute saber, till next time.

Battlestar Galactica and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Glen A. Larson Productions and Universal Television.



Aquarius Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, and today I mean everybody as I have checked my stats page as I do occasionally  and have discovered new viewers from Brazil, Taiwan and even as far as Hong Kong, welcome to you all! I have the pleasure of welcoming a friend of the site back, Borommakot. Today I bring to you his Zodiac Series saber representing Aquarius, the water carrier…here is Borommakot’s Aquarius…

I think Borommakot has done a fine job capturing the essence of the star sign. The ocean blue blade flowing from the lip of the emitter, looks just like the spout of an old ancient water pitcher. The switch and body of the saber has a flowing line like ripples on the surface of water, giving the saber multiple places to grip it making the design practical as well as pretty! I will say I had to take artistic license with the pommel however as the single picture Borommakot provided me with didn’t show the end cap, so I hope you don’t mind Boro I gave it one of my own!

Looks like another new design coming up!


I’d like to thank Borommakot for allowing me to showcase his design. I would also like to remind folks of Boro’s YouTube channel, where he is known as daftPirate! He has many videos on video gaming and some Lightsaber Unboxing and Reviews too. You can check out his channel using this link daftPirate’s YouTube Channel.

Now I am going to have to bring this post to an end, time is pressing and I have many more posts to prepare (and emails to send) but before I go I want to thank you, all of my viewers and followers. I appreciate all of your support and please if you like what you have seen here then tell your friends. Till next time.

Borommakot’s Aquarius is ©Copyright of Borommakot and is used here with permission. FTSabersite and all material within is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Daemon – Another Vampire Diaries Inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, I have a surprise return visit to Mystic Falls, due in part to a good friend of mine on another forum! My friend is called Dav and he too has designed a few sabers in his time (including one he actually had built called Kitsune). However Dav has problems getting pictures of his designs uploaded as his Internet connection is limited, so I offered to produce and post them for him. Dav sent me the details for a hilt and when I saw it I was reminded of my El Enna Lightsaber. I went back to the builder and modified Elena’s hilt to build this one. If I gave Elena my last design I suppose it is only fair that I gift this saber to her opposite number, Damon Salvatore…this is Daemon…

This saber has a more “masculine” look I feel but still has a gothic elegance to it, combined with the technology of a Plasma light blade of course. Both Elena’s hilt and this saber share the same switch and Dark Red leather wrap. The pommel is a small turreted “skull crusher” style, reminiscent of the maces used in medieval times, whilst the emitter has an almost castle tower-like appearance to it. I don’t know if Damon ever lived in a castle (that might be a bit too stereotypical for a stylish show like Vampire Diaries 😀 ) but the emitter looks the part and sets off the blood red blade nicely. Oh and one more detail, the switch has two silver bands..maybe representing Dalena?… A happy ever after?…I’m afraid I don’t know if that will happen or not

Trust Me They’re Coming Soon!

A side benefit of this saber is that I have discovered some more inspiration and hopefully from that I can come up with a series of “Originals” new designs! Sadly though this next series of hilts will be for upcoming posts as it is nearly daybreak and the Vampires and yours truly need to get some rest! Hopefully you enjoyed our impromptu return to Mystic Falls and you will visit FTSabersite again. Thank you for visiting today and for all of your support. Till next time.

The Vampire Diaries novels published by Harper Paperbacks, 47North and Hodder Children’s Books. The TV serial appears on CW Network and is distributed by Warner Bros. Entertainment. Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment.