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For Tyeth’s First Comic Con – It was Ace!

Hello Everybody, today I have an update on my visit to my first Comic Convention. And boy what an experience it was! To start with it was the hottest day of the year in the Outer Rim of the UK, and after a long journey dodging the local Imperial blockades and troopers I made it to the venue. I was equally nervous and excited. As I entered there were more Imperials, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader all stood on the entrance steps…I’m not sure but I think Vader sensed my presence as he and his group followed me round for a few minutes!

The place was busy with traders, Cosplayers and visitors, just like Jedha’s market place. As I shuffled along the crowd thinned and a clearing appeared. And believe it or not right in the middle of the clearing was a signing table with one of the special guests of the convention, Miss Sophie Aldred. The force was with me it seemed as Sophie was sat waiting for someone to approach so I took the opportunity to introduce myself and show her the saber I had designed for her. I was shaking like a leaf with nerves but Sophie was unbelievable and calming. Once composed we chatted about Ace and Dr Who then I explained I had the Ace Assistant Saber for her. At first she seemed confused, but when I showed her the pictures she then understood. I am pleased to say Sophie thought it was a great design and I had the pleasure of having my photo taken with her and getting an autograph!DSC_0301

So after exchanging some details about my site and her current project it was time to let other people meet Miss Aldred – who really is ACE! Thank you Sophie for everything.

Now I promised I would mention the new project Sophie is working on and it is a “free comedy drama podcast for anyone aged 8 to 80” called Strangeness in Space. It is written by British TV comedy legends Trev and Simon, and orbits around the exploits of Sophie (Miss Aldred), the manager of the NASA Space Centre Gift Shop and two idiots (their description not mine!) who claim to be the next big Electronic Synth Pop duo, Pink Custard. Somehow they all get stranded in a spaceship orbiting Planet Mirth. Will they get back to Tillbury? How diid they get there in the first place?! All the answers to these questions and details on how you can support this project can be found by clicking this link Strangeness in Space.

I wonder if they need a wannabe jedi knight lightsaber designer?…hmm maybe not but please go and take a look then you can click to go to page two of this post and hear what Bossk had to say about his saber design….and a bit of a surprise for me!

Happy Birthday Star Wars – Happy For-Tyeth!

Hello Everybody, A long time ago, forty years to the day, in a galaxy far, far away called the United States of America….a star filled screen was the backdrop for a crawling passage of text, followed by a space battle between two ships, and the start of a phenomenon. Yes that phenomenon is Star Wars which debuted in cinemas this very day forty years ago. Little did we know what an impact it would have on us and popular culture since. It was a “Space Opera” with good guys and bad, Princesses, evil villains, mystic hobbits, droids, smugglers and a reluctant hero! Phew! that’s a long list. The film also had cool gadgets and props, including a planet killing space station, starfighter spaceships with lasers, handheld laser pistols and rifles…..oh and probably the greatest weapon ever conceived….the Lightsaber! A glowing energy beam sword that was able to cut through almost anything that extended and retracted when switched on or off. Then there was the sound of the saber courtesy of the genius of Ben Burtt. How many of us, as kids didn’t imitate the humming “Vrrrwwwm….Vrrrwwwm” noises waving various sticks and tubes about! Well as tribute I have a gallery of pictures of the first Lightsaber we ever saw on screen (or at least a custom saber manufacturer’s simile of one!)…here is Graflex Noir 77…

This was the prop in the film that got us all excited. The “Graflex” Lightsaber which Obi-Wan Kenobi passed onto Luke Skywalker, the saber belonging to Luke’s father originally. The saber wasn’t called a Graflex in the film, that refers to the item which was modified to build the prop in real life. The handle was originally a handle from an old 1930/40’s camera flash gun made by Graflex, the sort seen in movies used by newspaper reporters. The flash gun was a silver, tubular handle with a large metal dish attached at the top. The prop builders discovered a collection of these at the back of the studios and realised if they removed that dish which held the flash bulb, they had something that looked like the handle of a futuristic sword!1487778598-0

The blades of these props weren’t as good as they are today on replica hilts and props, instead they were lengths of three sided dowel rod. The rods didn’t glow but a clever camera technician wrapped the dowels in a metallic cloth used for cinema screens (called ScotchLite) and connected it to a small motor so it would rotate. He used a trick which shone light through the lens of the camera. This light would hit the cloth covered dowel and reflect back into the camera causing a flickering glow. Unfortunately if the movement of the camera and the blade weren’t co-ordinated the blade would move out of range and the glow would disappear.

Trust me Luke this stick is lethal without proper training to use it!

If you look closely at Luke’s sleeve you can see the wire that connected the motor in the hilt to it’s battery pack! And one final little fun fact, the actors weren’t allowed to actually clash the sabers together as they were very delicate but if you watch the battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan on the Death Star, both warriors swing their sabers and they “clash”…look very closely and you will see a small cloud of dust appear on impact. That dust is some of the metallic particles from the cloth!

None of this mattered to us fans however, a Lightsaber was a cool laser sword that all wannabe heroes wanted. I had one, a flashlight with a 1.5 volt light bulb powered by a couple of batteries, with a big plastic tube on the end. I didn’t get my first until the third film of the saga, so that’s another story. To finish today I will take a risk and post a coule of movie stills to celebrate the film’s anniversary, and if anyone from Disney or LucasFilm want me to remove them let me know, I always give credits etc to all material used here. So here are a few stills some old school black and white for nostalgia and some in colour for the younger newer generation of fans…enjoy and thanks for looking in today. Till next time.

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Graflex Real
The Lightsaber, the dream.

Star Wars, Lightsaber, Luke Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and all names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd 1977-2017.

Spring Website Maintenance! Bits and Bobs!

Hello Everybody,  I have been quite busy recently “Networking” around the Internet trying to get to know people and let them know about FTSabersite. It was during this time I decided to take a look at my site as a visitor and I realised I had made a big mistake in my organisation of the site. I discovered that most people visiting just check the home page for the latest posts and maybe not realise there are many more designs/posts than those highlighted in the scrolling header at the top of the homepage. And even bigger I forgot to use “TAGS” for my posts (Silly me!) I was so eager to get the site up, running and start posting regularly I didn’t add these useful little stickers to help folk search for particular categories. So over the next few days you may see the “Tag Cloud” in the sidebar getting larger with more topics and categories, such as “Other Sci-Fi” which you can click and all the Star Trek and Dr Who themed hilts will be displayed together. This is post number 271 so adding all the little stickers may take me a little while!

However whilst rummaging around my virtual storage locker and workshop I discovered I had some odd bits and pieces lying around. Remember yesterday’s post Phantom Tie Lightsaber where the Tie Phantom Starfighter reminded me of the clawed emitter, well I discovered another strange thing about that part. Did you know it looks very much like an Imperial Probe Droid? Here take a look…

I just had to add a pommel on the end of the emitter and Bingo! One spy droid. It doesn’t actually do anything, no lights or such it is just an ornament. I also received my copies of Rogue One recently on DVD and Blu-Ray and I watched that movie and saw a weapon in it that doesn’t get mentioned very often. That weapon is a Thermal Detonator, well it so happens I have a couple of those too (don’t worry they have been deactivated 😀 ) They were used during the attack on the Imperial Troopers and Cargo Hover Transporter and look a bit like these…

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This one is based on a new version which you can see during the Battle of Scarif in Rogue One, and here is an older model I never got to display earlier..

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On a trip to Tatooine I bumped into some Bounty Hunters and had to confiscate these ones!

These are just a few fun little things that can be made out of ASP saber parts. But now I have to get back to sabers, so I will work on some more hilts whilst I update the indexing of the site. I do have a Rogue One Stormtrooper hilt and a hilt I designed in under 30 minutes for somebody on YouTube who asked me if I could do it! I hope you will return to see those, but for now I’d like to say thank you as always for today’s visit. Your support is very welcome. Till next time.

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A Big Thank You to Borommakot!

Hello Everybody, I have today had the honour of being mentioned in a YouTube video by a very good friend of mine, Borommakot! You will no doubt have seen me mention Boro’ on numerous occasions as I have displayed some of his fabulous saber designs here on FTSabersite. I have also mentioned his YouTube Channel and had a link to it in the sidebar since I started this site. Well today Boro’ or daftPirate as he is known on YouTube uploaded a new video about his recent Lightsaber deliveries and gave a bit of news about his plans for the channel. He also gave a shout out to me and this site! It was the most wonderful and weird sensation hearing my name broadcast on the World Wide Web – I am still shaking from nervous energy from the surprise.

Borommakot you are a Pirate and a Gentleman!

Here are the links to his channel and to today’s video, please check them out:

daftPirate’s YouTube Channel

and here is the link to

daftPirate’s Latest Video

I also hope you don’t mind Boro’ but I borrowed your banner to place at the top of this post! For anyone who is new to this site here is a gallery of a few of Borommakot’s designs posted here so far…Enjoy!

This post is coming to an end but I would like to thank Borommakot one final time and thank you my viewers and followers for visiting today. Please come back and check out more new designs from Boro’ and myself, there are still many, many more! Till next time.

Borommakot’s Guest Designs appear here with permission and are ©Copyright of Borommakot This site and it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Black Friday Bonus! Aren’t I kind!

Hello Everyone, as many bounty….sorry bargain hunters out there know it is BLACK FRIDAY when lots of stores have sales with amazing discounts! They describe their sales as the best in the galaxy, you would have to travel to the ends of the universe to find better prices! Sadly I won’t be getting any bargains myself as the only things in my money pouch are Gaffi Moths! So I thought the best thing I could do was have a laugh about it instead, so here are a few Memes I have made to hopefully cheer you all up if you missed out too…Anyone play Galaxy of Heroes online, some characters may be missing from the line-up…


Even the Empire and First Order want bargains!…


Chewie is having trouble buying his friend’s Christmas presents!….


Luckily I have one already, it seems I am quite collectible!…


Just to set the record straight the For Tyeth figure IS NOT AVAILABLE TO BUY IN SHOPS! I just made that up but you never know one day I may be famous enough to make a figure out of!

Though there is that look-a-like with Qui-gon Jinn everyone mentions…


So they may make me into a figure soon!

Thanks for “spending” some time with me, I will have my regular post later today where I have the next couple of Younglings Sabers, so please join me then! Till next time.

Memes were created by me from images off the Internet , all Trademark/©Copyright belong to their respective owners.

I’ve Been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello Everyone,

This is most unexpected and very humbling to have been nominated for an award this early in my blogging life (I have only been here 4 months!). The young lady responsible for this happening is Abby, the Fangirl you will recognise from an earlier post. Abby has a fantastic blog> A Blog of a Fangirl’s Life you should check out if you haven’t already. There you will find the thoughts of Abby and articles about a great many fandoms and topics, brought to you in a bubbly and very enthusiastic way!

Now in keeping with the rules of being nominated I have a few questions to answer, a few other bloggers to nominate and a few questions to pose them, so let’s get right to it!

Answers to Abby’s Questions!

1)Do you like any of these bands: Fall Out Boy , Panic! at the Disco, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, Black Veil Brides?

As a busy designer I don’t get to listen to many bands but I do like “Cantina Theme” by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes (aka the Star Wars Cantina Band!). Seriously though I have heard 1 or 2 of Green Day’s tunes.

2. Answer it if you know it: I like your shoelaces.

For 500 points “What do you think of how I fasten my shoes?” (Oh sorry I thought I was on Jeopardy! And for the record Abby those Marvel themed shoes you have your eye on don’t have laces!)

3. You’re in the Hunger Games who do you pick as an ally? (It has to be another blogger)

seanhewer he is a great guy to have by your side in a bind. He also knows a thing or two about battle and survival.

4. Who is your bestie blogger buddy? (Yes, I stole that from Lu)

Bit unfair this question, I have a few but you nominated me so….you Abby?

5.  Truth or Dare? (Comment below your answer I’ll give you a dare) Also you have to put it in your Nomination post.

For Tyeth is absolutely astonished by this nomination. (This is a Truth statement, so I hope I got this right!)

6. What do you want for Christmas?

I could ask for all sorts of things, but as long as my friends and family are safe, well and happy that is the main thing.

7. What are you thinking about?

This is difficult for a Noob to blogging! And this next question is gonna be even harder…

8.  Fill it out with other bloggers.?? I really curious so please do this one. (You can just fill it out like this……….. Leader: Anika )

OK here goes…

Team Leader: Paperback Princess –
Brawler:  Vibrant Halcyon –
Weapons Expert: seanhewer –
Brains:  Akkshara Kiran Shetty –
Medic:  Abby
Speed fighter:
Mascot:  Roxy – (you need to see this cute puppy at
Guy who dies first: I would have to lead by example and lead from the front, so me?
Wow I managed to answer this!

9.  If you met me in real life, what do think I would be like?

Adorable, wait that’s one of your favourite words…I think you would be the most enthusiastic, warm, bubbly character you could wish to meet.

10. What’s your favourite movie?

Would anyone be surprised if I said the Star Wars saga films? (The Return of the Jedi if only one choice, it had action and substance i.e. the interaction between characters especially Luke and Darth Vader)

11. If you could only use 1 word to describe yourself what would it be?


My Nomination Picks

Ok now onto my picks for Nominees. As I say I am very new round here so this is going to be a short list (or shortlist 😀 ). As multiple nominations can be made I am afraid I will have to pick Abby herself and my new friend Joyce, The Paperback Princess, so officially the list is..

  1. Abby –
  2. Joyce –

Hope these ^^ count as choices. And I believe I have eleven questions to ask them, so here they are…

My Eleven Questions to you!

1) What would you consider your favourite post is so far? (apart from your next one that you haven’t written yet 😀 ).

2) Why is my Homepage slow to update my newest posts? (It has posts from 3 days ago  😦 )

3) Having seen so many “Foodie” posts and recommendations, what’s your favoutite food/snacks while blogging?

4) Wow this is difficult, do you try to plan or schedule your posts or do you “wing it” and write as and when inspiration strikes? (Me personally, I fall between the two styles)

5) Who introduced/welcomed you to Blogging?

6) I have met a varied range of people in a very short time, from the people you have met what is the most interesting thing you have learnt and from whom?

7) If you were to start a new blog what would you blog about?

8) I spent a month planning my site and testing it before going live including deciding which Theme to use, which do you think is the nicest Theme and who uses it?

9) In the world of Star Wars and Lightsabers colours say a lot about your character, so which colour best suits you?

10) It’s been an amazing 4 months for me since starting my blog and I want to get better at it next year, what are your hopes for next year?

11)  Phew! is this the end…if it is how do you think I’ve done?

Yes this concludes my Nomination Acceptance post and I hope it is all present and correct. Thank you once more to Abby the Fangirl for this amazing honour, it means a lot. And to finish I’d like to wish all contenders for the award all the best and keep on posting!

kind regards,   For Tyeth

Happy Birthday For Tyeth! (celebrating my first year)

Hello Everyone, yes today the 12th Nov is For Tyeth’s birthday! Wow I have been in this hobby for a whole year, (15 months if you take into account the time I spent researching). I became the formative version of For Tyeth when I ordered my first and so far only custom lightsaber and joined the forum linked to the company that made it.

My first post as Stan, the name changed on DEC 17th I’ll explain below.

My saber is a Saberforge Disciple with a gorgeous 12W Green blade and it has sound too! The Bal’Demnian Blade is the name I gave my saber (the name comes from the backstory I wrote for my character if I ever get to cosplay!). The grip has black reptile scaled leather and feels as if it was made for my hand. Here are a few pics of The Bal’Demnian Blade..

This beautiful saber arrived a little late for my (official) For-tieth birthday (get the joke? It’s how I got the name For Tyeth 😀 ) but I did get to see The Force Awakens which opened on the same day! My saber arrived a week later on Christmas Eve. It was the perfect  birthday and Christmas present rolled into one!

So that is my personal saber, now you know what I carry onto the battlefield on my journeys around the Galaxy not too far away. I was going to recount my experience on the forum for the last year and the events that lead me to be here. But as Maz Kanata tells Rey, “The belonging you seek is not behind you, it is ahead”. I feel that going over the incidents wouldn’t serve any use. I need to focus on the here and now, my reality, and that reality is FTSabersite and you,  the visitors and followers, who support this site.

You will have to excuse me but I will have to end here as I am getting old and emotional 😀 ! Thank you for visiting me on my “birthday” and please hang around because later today I will be bringing you all an uplifting and special design to conclude the Medwyn DEK Elements collection of sabers! Till later today.

The “Disciple” saber is available from Saberforge. Their website can be found at is a link in the right hand sidebar)

Rey and Maz Kanata are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

Happy Birthday Mark Hamill!

I’m not Joking, the farmboy hero from Tatooine turns 65 today!

I can’t send him a birthday card or a present as he would be able to “FEEL” them coming, but I can send him my best wishes and thanks.

Who knows he may even see this message as it is out in the galaxy far, far, away also known as the Internet.

However I can post this picture from one of his less known on screen appearances as Bob..


So to Mr Hamill

Many Happy Returns and May The Force Be With You.

Till next time.