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Reaper – The Undertaker’s 30 year streak

Hello Everybody! DONG!…..(the lights go out!)….DONG!….(an eerie mist begins to build)….DONG!….a deathly march fills the air with a purple light…lightning crackles…then the “Deadman” appears! This could only describe one event and that would be the entrance of the world famous pro wrestler The Undertaker! So as you may have guessed today’s post is a wrestling themed saber design and is for the Undertaker, who is sadly retiring from in-ring competition this weekend after ruling the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment brand for…30 years!

The Undertaker’s WWF debut at Survivor Series Nov 22nd 1990

The Undertaker began wrestling in 1984 as a character called “Texas Red”. In 1987 he wrestled his debut against Bruiser Brody. He lost the match but after a short three year stint to pay his dues, Undertaker then joined the big company – The World Wrestling Federation (or WWF). He first appeared as “Kane the Undertaker” but at Survivor Series (a big Pay-per-view show) he was referred to as just “The Undertaker”. He demolished one opponent with his signature move called the Tombstone Piledriver, where he grabs a person round the waist, lifts the guy upside down and drops them (safely) onto their head. A phenomenon had begun. Undertaker was a force to be reckoned with and of course I felt for his achievements he deserved a new saber…this is what I came up with…

The ‘Taker was 6ft 10in tall and around 310 pounds (billed as 7ft 1in) so was intimidating in his black and purple mortician/undertaker outfit. He was impervious to pain and basically your worst nightmare…so this saber needed to be imposing. I achieved this by making the hilt a traditional crossguard that kind of resembles his logo which I also modelled and used as an adornment. The crossguard “quillons” and emitter are edged in purple just like the Taker’s costume (which had purple boots and gauntlets).

The handgrip has beautiful angled rings of silver to give better grip and to break up the solid black colour a bit. And talking of breaking things up, the Undertaker gave a beating to anyone who crossed him and featured in some hellish matches. These matches have become legendary especially his “Casket Match”, “Boiler Room Brawl” and the “Hell In A Cell” (HIAC). Taker took part in a HIAC with fellow wrestler Mick Foley (also known as Mankind) whilst he had a fractured ankle…but it was the fact he threw Mankind off the top of the 20 foot high steel cage of the cell surrounding the ring that was amazing. Foley landed on and destroyed an announcer’s table, somehow surviving, after which he reclimbed the cell and continued fighting Undertaker on top of the demonic structure…

The Hell In A Cell inspired pommel

The battle continued and swung back and forth until Taker Chokeslammed (the opponent is grabbed by the neck, lifted up vertically and slammed flat onto their back) Foley onto the roof of the cell. Not once …but twice and an OMG moment occurred. When Taker slammed Mankind a second time, the roof of the cell gave way and Mankind fell through the roof onto the ring beneath!! Somehow both men lived to tell the tale of this match and eventually Taker reached this point having reigned over WWF/WWE for 30 years. To recognise this I added an emblem to the hilt…

Three decades of destruction in roman numerals!

The roman numerals add up to thirty, representing his three decades of destruction in pro wrestling! The lower X also acts as the activation switch! Undertaker along with his “in-ring brother” Kane formed a Tag Team named Brothers of Destruction and I designed sabers for both Taker and Kane some years ago now which you can view here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2016/11/21/phenom-lightsaber-wrestler-inspired-saber/ and here: https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/machine-lightsaber-for-kane-wwe/

But back to this design here are a few more images…

There is WAY too much information to attempt to list in this post so I encourage you to search for more info on Mark Calaway and his Undertaker persona and check out some of his memorable matches on YouTube. I want to thank Mark for the sacrifices he has made to his life and health in entertaining me over the three decades. He was the greatest “big man” wrestler I saw, who could do things smaller guys struggled to do, such as walking tight-rope along the top ring rope for his “Old School” move. He was technically brilliant and always developed new moves to keep himself relevant and exciting. But most of all, he was a fan of the fans and appreciated them. I hope he likes my new revised hilt.

I hope he likes my design, I wouldn’t wanna fight this guy!

So Thank You Taker! May you enjoy your new lifestyle – you have earned it. Undertaker will take his bow at the Survivor Series pay-per-view this weekend (22nd Nov) and you can watch it wherever WWE content is broadcast.

Now I have to bring this post to an end and let it “Rest In Peace” as it were. I have a new robe to try on, it arrived today and man oh man does it look good! But before I go I need to say thanks to all of you for checking this design and post out today. Your support is always appreciated and keeps me creating. Whether this is your first visit or you regularly call back thanks so much. Till next time….

“Reaper – Undertaker’s 30 Year Streak” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. “The Undertaker” and “Mankind” appear on World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment programming and all names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/Copyright of Titan Sports/WWE Entertainment.

Spirit Seeker Lightsaber – A saber for Mr Jeter

Hello Everybody, I have discovered that painting saber hilts takes a long time, so while I finish off some of my sports themed hilts I have a Sports Entertainment hilt to show you all. Now I have created a few hilts in tribute to wrestlers past and present, but this is the first one that I have had the privilege of presenting the design to the wrestler concerned! The wrestler is a gentleman called Johnny Jeter, who has performed for various wrestling companies including Ohio Valley Wrestling and the WWe. You may have seen Mr Jeter on WWe shows where he was a member of the fantastic tag team faction, the Spirit Squad! It turns out that Mr Jeter is also a big Star Wars and lightsaber fan. How do I know this? Well Johnny decided to buy a saber and to get better informed he joined the forum of which I am a member. I had the pleasure of welcoming him to the forum and I decided to design a saber for him. This is that saber, I call this design…Spirit Seeker…

I originally named this saber Spirit but changed the name so I could use Spirit for my Medwyn Elements series. Now the name is a combination of “Spirit” from the Spirit Squad and “Seeker” as Johnny wrestled as “Thrillseeker” for Ohio Valley Wrestling. The saber has elements to represent Johnny’s career, starting with the clawed emitter which reminds me of a wrestling ring with the claws acting as the corner posts. The switch section comes from a Saberforge model called the Gladius, and I chose this part to represent the fighter/wrestler/combatant. The body grip leather and the blade are Green which together with the silvery white metal match the colour scheme of the (in)famous Spirit Squad track suit wrestling attire. The pommel is a personal touch, it is a replica from an Obi-Wan Kenobi saber as Obi-Wan is Johnny’s favourite Jedi (apart from me of course 😀 !).

You will see from the above pictures that the Spirit Squad have Championship belts, well those are the World Tag-Team Championship belts. This means that I have exchanged correspondence with a Champion! In those exchanges I sent him the details for this design as a way of saying thank you for the hours of entertainment he gave me while risking his health to do so.

I am nearing the final bell on this post as I need to get back to producing the Sports themed hilts I promised (they are taking a bit longer than expected but I hope the effort will be worth it). I want to thank you all for visiting today and supporting FTSabersite, it is appreciated. I have discovered that viewers from as far away as Malaysia and Indonesia, Australia and Brazil have checked my site out, so thanks to you and I hope you will return for future posts. Till next time.

“Spirit Squad” and their images are Trademark/©Copyright of World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.

Re-Evolution Lightsaber -The (For)ce of Change

Hello Everybody, I am again running a little behind schedule but there is good reason. Last night I decided to treat myself and had a “night off” from designing and took in some entertainment. I got to see the fantastic band I saw a month ago once more. I had to travel across the whole country to get to and from the venue this time, which is why I am late posting (sorry trains in the Outer Rim are terrible). But the show was outstanding and one song, “The Ace of Spades” reminded me of my next offering…

I have a design for a “Faction” from the world of wrestling. A faction is a group of three or more performers who form a team and compete together. One of the most successful of these had FOUR World Champions in it! The first Champion was the son in law of the WWE’s owner, the second was a SIXTEEN time holder of the belt, the third was called The Viper and the fourth was a star of Guardians of the Galaxy as well as a wrestler! I am talking about EVOLUTION and they need a special saber to reflect their achievements, this is RE-EVOLUTION….

The saber is gloss black to reflect the sharp suits and limousines that Evolution liked to wear and travel in. The yellow grip and blade colour signify the amount of gold that the team won (in terms of championship belts). The pommel also shares that significance and I think of the FTE pommel as a Power Enhancer to make the saber more formidable in combat. Evolution were formidable also and had brains to back up their brawn! And just to add a bit of bling the pommel end cap looks a little like a diamond set cufflink gleaming against the black of the suits! Oh and the wrestlers themselves are included in the design, the coupler between the leather grip and pommel has four silver bands, one for each member.


Hopefully Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and big Dave Batista would approve of my tribute to them. I certainly wouldn’t want to annoy them. We have reached the end of this gallery and the end of the contest with Evolution walking off stage celebrating to the music of Lemmy and Motorhead’s Line in the Sand. See there is a connection between the concert I saw and the saber! I am now about to leave to work on my next post, I hope you will return to see it. Thank you for visiting today. Till next time.

Triple H, Ric Flair, Randy Orton along with Dave Batista and Evolution are Trademarks/©Copyright of WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.



Heatwave Lightsaber – A Saber for Scotty 2 Hotty!

Hello Everybody, for fans of music we are going to change genre today and meet a person who epitomised the Hip-Hop culture of the nineties! “Hold on Tyeth, isn’t this supposed to be a site about Lightsabers, not music?” Yes you are correct but my next saber was designed to honour a wrestler who brought Hip-Hop to the masses. This wrestler is Scotty 2 Hotty! Scott Ronald “Scotty” Garland used to be a Fire Fighter before turning to grappling but soon made a name for himself. Once established he formed a Tag Team with Grand Master Sexay (real name Brian Christopher) to become “Too Cool”! Well how cool would it be to have your own Lightsaber? Very cool, so here is my design Heatwave……(bangin’ it bangin’ it bangin’ it)

If you wondered what Bangin’ It Bangin’ It etc refers to, it was the lyrics from Scotty’s entrance theme music! And I think this saber would make an entrance too, it is certainly bright enough. The emitter I just had to use, as it looked exactly like Scotty’s hairstyle poking through his hat reinforced by the yellow blade to match his bleach blonde locks. The silver accents and switch mirror his Hip-Hop bling, though I did stop short of stealing car badges to make jewellery out of like some music artists did. In the Vertical Up position the saber looks just like Scotty, stood in the middle of the ring about to break some moves (he was quite a dancer) before delivering “The Worm”, his finishing move 😀 yes he called it The Worm!


Well the final bell is about to sound and bring an end to this post. I hope you liked this homage to the innovator of The Worm. From Electronica to Hip-Hop all the way through to Vampires (and nearly everything else in between) I have found inspiration and there are still more designs to come. So I would like to thank you for visiting and invite you to return and check out all the new stuff on the way. Till next time.

“Scotty 2 Hotty”, “The Worm”, “Grand Master Sexay” and all related wrestling names and content are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports. 

Redial 619 Lightsaber (A Lucha-Libre Legend)

Hello Everybody, I hope you all enjoyed the BIG GAME. I am not sure how many folks got to see my post yesterday (the 5th) as unfortunately Google has taken a LOOOONG time to index it so unless you are a regular visitor you may not have known about it. However I will struggle on and bring to you another of my wrestler themed hilts to entertain you. This athlete was arguably the most acrobatic wrestler ever. He had a career that spanned the globe and most of the big federations. He was a Misfit In Action, he wore a mask in honour of his family and hailed from the San Diego area. His finishing move was named after San Diego’s dialling code…yes it is Rey Mysterio Jr….It’s time to REDIAL 619…

This saber has a look I hope mimics the flamboyant style of the Lucha Legend, I used his colour scheme (though he had hundreds of outfits and masks throughout his career!) Speaking of masks I attempted to recreate his famous winged mask with the emitter, the spines looking similar to the eagle decorations on the cheeks of the mask. The FTE pommel and the blade represent the dual colour feature of his costumes. Rey has a famous heritage (having been trained by his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr..spelt with an “I” not a “Y”) along with his own phenomenal achievements and Title reigns so I hope I have done him and his family proud with this saber!

More colourful characters coming soon!

I hope you all enjoyed the trip to San Diego and Redial 619 and will return for the upcoming series of hilts for some other colourful characters. Some of you may have worked out who they are. But until it’s time to reveal who “they” are I have some Guest Galleries and a few dedication sabers designed for certain people. Thank you for this visit and your support of FTSabersite. Till next time.

“Rey Mysterio Jr” his costumes, image and “The 619” are Trademarks/©Copyright of Rey Mysterio Jr. Used by WWE World Wrestling Entertainment/Titansports.

Redneck Lightsaber – inspired by a tough S.O.B.

Hello Everybody, sorry for the aggressive sounding title, but my ire has been raised recently and I need to let off a little steam! I hope you feel as though you know me by now and realise I am friendly guy and tell things as they are. Elsewhere on the net the origins of my designs has been questioned. However I need to address that at the source and not here so I am posting this design inspired by a person who didn’t take kindly to such nonsense. He was a multiple time World Heavyweight Wrestling champion and even completed a match AFTER breaking his neck! He is also famous for a very special quote and liked to make his entrances to matches by riding to the ring on a Quad-bike. He was known as a “Rattlesnake” but he was also called…REDNECK..

Yes of course I am talking about STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN (What?), the WWE wrestler. Steve Austin started out back in the day as Steve Williams, his real name, but found another wrestler used that name. Steve instead adopted the name “Stunning Steve” due to his striking blonde hair. After time however Steve needed to change his image, become a more intense, no-nonsense character. He and his wife were discussing new names and drinking tea, then the immortal name was born. Steve was handed a fresh cup of tea but it wasn’t to his liking and he blurted out, “I’m not drinking this! IT’S STONE COLD!” And so the name Stone Cold Steve Austin was born, along with a new bald head and Attitude. I tried to capture some of that attitude in my design and made the saber look like the handlebar of the now famous Quad-bike seen in the last picture. The colour scheme is monochrome, black, white and grey reflecting Austin’s wrestling attire (black trunks and boots, leather waistcoat/gilet).


I am closing in on the final bell and will have to end soon but I couldn’t leave without referring to that famous quote, “Steve Austin’s time has come, and when I get the shot, you’re lookin’ at the next WWF Champion, and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so! !” There was another section to this quote but the language was a bit colourful!  I am not aggressive like that but I will defend myself if I need to.

To you my friends, however, I wish to thank you for your support, visits and in some cases help you have given me. I will continue to produce new designs and ideas and post them here for you. Till next time.

Stone Cold Steve Austin, “Because Stone Cold…Said So!” and all other related names, catchphrases and material is Trademark/©Copyright of WWe – World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.

Madness Lightsaber (For Mrs Foley’s Little Boy)

Hello Everyone, as advertised I am about to bring you the second half of the Tag Team known as The Rock and Sock Connection. This means I need to introduce you to Mrs Foley’s Little Boy, Mick Foley. Mick Foley was a fan of wrestling and managed to get tickets to see a show at Madison Square Gardens where he saw a Cage Match, where the ring is surrounded by a 15 foot tall cage structure. After seeing Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka perform a diving move from the top of this cage to win the match, Mick realised he wanted to be a grappler. He began by wrestling in his backyard and sending home movies of his antics to the wrestling companies. He eventually became a professional and was hired by the WWF (now WWE). Mick performed as a mad escapee of an asylum, called Mankind. Mankind wore a leather mask, ripped clothing and was famous for taking big risks, usually falling from great heights. I felt that he deserved a saber and this is the design I call Madness…

Mick was famous for “No Holds Barred” matches that took place all around the arena and usually ended up in the stadium’s boiler-room, so I made the hilt weathered to look grimy as if it had just been found in a basement. The orange blade represents the fires in the boilers. The brown leather grip represents the facemask and leggings Mankind wore. The saber has the same part used on both ends which makes the saber look somewhat symmetrical, almost like a capsule or tablet, which I thought looked a bit like the medication which Mankind probably took in the asylum. Now I have rattled on quite a bit and not explained the Sock, well in Mankind’s tortured mind he created friends for himself which sometimes became real. One particular “friend” was called Mr Socko which turned out to be sock puppet, which he kept in his wrestling tights! When Mankind was about to perform his winning move The Mandible Claw he would reach into his tights, pull out the sock then put the puppet on his hand and render his opponent unconscious. After a while Mankind would be teamed up with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and the team “The Rock and Sock Connection” was born. This team was highly amusing and entertaining.

The Rock and Mankind aka Mick Foley

Mick Foley is now a successful children’s author and the Rock is well, The Rock. So this brings an end to this instalment, I have to go now and decide which saber I will bring to you next. I’d like to thank you for looking in and checking out Madness, including the new visitors I have had recently from as far away as Australia and Singapore! I hope you will tell your friends about FTSabersite and return for more new designs. Till next time.

Mankind, The Rock and Sock Connection and all names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/TitanSports.

Brahma Lightsaber (Third Generation Saber)

Hello Everyone, earlier in the week I brought to you Kakau, a Disney Moana inspired saber. I also later found out after designing it that the character of Maui, who I created the saber for was voiced by none other than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Dwayne is due to appear in another upcoming movie Fast and Furious 8 (release April 2017). It almost seems as if the most electrifying man in entertainment is trying to take over the world! He is everywhere it seems, but it wasn’t always like that. Dwayne Johnson started out following in his Father and Grandfather’s bootprints as a professional wrestler. His father was Rocky Johnson and his grandfather was very important as he was High Chief Peter Maivia. This link is important as Peter Maivia was a real Samoan High Chief and had tribal family tattoos which were the inspiration for the animated character his grandson, The Rock voices, Maui! So for someone with such a rich heritage I felt Dwayne needed a saber, this is the design I came up with, this is Brahma…

Back in 1996 at a Pay-per-View event called WWF Survivor Series, Rocky Maivia made his debut as a traditional Samoan wrestler, honest and hard working. He gained experience and even more confidence, leading to championship belts and success. With the success came a change in name, style and wardrobe. The saber is made using the colour scheme found in one of The Rock’s famous silk shirts, black with silver, white and blue patterns. The actual shape of the saber I thought looked like the US Bank Tower of the Los Angeles Hollywood skyline which can be seen in his entrance videos (The final picture in the gallery I created using a picture of the skyline as it’s background). The blade has an ocean blue colour to it (maybe I had a Force Vision and knew he was to play Maui 😀 ) and the FTE pommel shares that same shade. This was one of my first designs with the switch placed near the pommel which set a bit of a trend just like Rocky himelf.

I hope this saber was a success and represents The Rock well. Dwayne had success as a singles competitor but he was also part of a famous Tag Team so please come back for tomorrow’s post where we will meet his wrestling buddy and I’ll tell you about “The Rock and Sock Connection”! Thanks for looking in today, till next time.

The Rock, WWF Survivor Series and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/TitanSports.

Maui’s Kakau Lightsaber (Present for a Polynesian)

Hello Everyone, in a little change to my scheduled posting I have a BRAND new design I came up with today! One follower of the site may have noticed a few wrestling themed hilts and I think she may be worried I am loosing focus. So I decided to be as up to date and “trending” as possible. I learnt that a new Disney cartoon has been released (23rd Nov) about a young girl who goes on an adventure to lift a curse on her island and help her friends. The film is Moana, and I read about it on A Blog of a Fangirl’s Life, written by my new friend Abby. Moana, the teen heroine of the film is the heir to the throne but prefers sailing. The island has some bad luck as a curse kills the crops…actually Abby describes the film better than me so check out her blog for more on the movie. One character in the film however is called Maui and attempts to imprison Moana when she tries to return a talisman to her island, lift the curse etc. This BIG Polynesian looking man has a large tribal looking fish hook which is nearly destroyed by a Lava God. What would have happened if it had been smashed? He’d need a proper weapon, he’d need a saber of course! Good job I have designed one for him, here is Maui’s Kakau…

This saber looks the part, imposing, powerful and pink…er yes, a pink blade to represent the state colour of the island of Maui (they make the famous Lei garlands from pink flowers!). The emitter looks like the top of a flaming torch found in tropical caves and movies. The two tone colour of the entire hilt hopefully resembles the tattoos (or Kakau) on this big guy. The switch is positioned out of the way near the pommel which also has a pink glow to it. Capping the pommel off is a plug that resembles an open flower, which the tropical islands are famous for. I hope the big guy approves of his new updated arsenal, it would stand out at tribal meetings!

So there you have it the latest design from…(what I’ve made a mistake?…How?…AWW! C’mon Man you have got to be joking!) I’m sorry I’ve just been informed I may have a little problem. You know this character is called Maui, well unfortunately he is voiced by this guy on the left…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Maui on the right!

NOOOooo! That’s impossible! The one character I choose to make a saber for and he is voiced by a THIRD generation WWE wrestling superstar! I’m sorry Abby I tried to change the subject. Don’t worry I will have another design tomorrow and it will have nothing to do with wrestling so I hope you will all call back and check it out. Thanks to everyone for looking in on this site and for all the comments you leave, I do read, react and appreciate them! Till next time.

Moana, Maui(character name) are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney.

Machine Lightsaber (For Kane WWE)

Hello Everyone, hopefully you will all be recovered from your shopping frenzies as you are gonna need all your strength as I introduce my next saber. Five days ago I showed you Phenom, the saber inspired by a wrestler, The Undertaker and now I have Machine, the saber for his “in-ring brother”….Kane! If you are not fans of wrestling you may have seen Kane (real name Glenn Thomas Jacobs) in the horror film See No Evil, and will know Kane is equally as imposing as The Undertaker. His career started off performing as a Christmas Tree (true!) and an evil Santa figure before finding success as Isaac Yankem DDS, demented dentist to the stars! But his star status took off when he donned the red and black mask of Kane. So Kane also needs a saber that can match his stats, this is my attempt to provide one, this is Machine…

This saber has the same type of dimensions as Phenom, meaning BIG! The clawed emitter signifying the evil intent of it’s owner to bring about mayhem and chaos to his opponent. The grip and switch sections have been reversed so the switch is placed near the pommel so it doesn’t de-activate during battle. The colour scheme matches “The Big Red Machine” perfectly and the FTE pommel makes sure this weapon has the power to  match. The last picture shows Kane when he was the Hardcore Champion, where matches had “no-rules” showing how tough Kane is. But this wasn’t his only title, he shared one with his “Brother” and the pair were known as “The Brothers of Destruction”, Tag Team Champions of the World! Here they are in action…


And together Phenom and Machine look like this…


As the final bell rings and Kane is declared the winner, this post draws to a close. I hope this saber pleases it’s new owner as I don’t fancy facing up against Kane any time soon! I hope you too enjoyed this offering and will check back again for more sabers, I still have a few to go. Thank you as always for your support. Till next time.

Kane, The Undertaker, “Brothers of Destruction”and all names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/Titan Sports.