A Tribute to the Distant Earth Knighthood (Medwyn’s Elements)

Today I have great news to share! A few weeks ago I posted saying I wanted to reach out to some members of the Lightsaber community. Well I have been honoured that one of those great folk has responded and we had a chat. This conversation has led to this next collection of designs. Who is this person and who are the Distant Earth Knighthood? To begin, the Distant Earth Knighthood are a small group of Lightsaber enthusiasts who, led by Master Medwyn created their own style of Lightaber combat forms.


This talented group produced a fantastic series of videos showcasing each of the different techniques, performed by Master Medwyn! The Knighthood base their philosophy on the elements of the planet Earth. The first video I saw was Earth, and I was stunned by how well it was produced and the technical ability Master Medwyn displayed. I felt I had to create a collection of sabers in honour of this great contribution to the community, this is my saber dedicated to the form known as Earth…

I wanted to reflect the solid base from which the form Earth grows. The form is a solid, fundamental defensive style from which the other more dynamic attacking forms can extend. The saber is a solid dependable design that represents the foundations. No fancy claws or spikes to complicate the use of the hilt. The grip is the colour of Earth and the blade is the green shoot of growth that will branch out to the other Element Forms.

Master Medwyn and the Distant Earth Knighthood (whom I will also credit when I obtain the names of the behind the scenes members!) can be found on their YouTube channel or to make it easier just click Distant Earth Knighthood to go straight to their page!

I will finish by thanking the DEK and Master Medwyn for their efforts. I hope they and you, the viewers, liked this tribute and both will return to see the remaining sabers in this special collection.

The Distant Earth Knighthood is ©Copyright of The Distant Earth Knighthood and Master Medwyn, used here with permission.

Haunter Gengar Lightsaber (Happy Halloween!)

Hellooooo Everyone! It’s nearly that time of the year, the famous “Witching Hour” the time of Trick or Treat fun, yes it’s Halloween! Sadly I joined the wider lightsaber community on the 12th Nov when I ordered my first (and only) custom lightsaber and joined one of the forums. As a result I missed out on the fun last year, which left me with a problem this year, what am I going to do to celebrate? I don’t have a SpookySaber or a SpectreBlade, what can I post today that’s ghoulish? Believe it or not one challenge I was confronted with from the forum was to create some Pokémon themed hilts and as luck would have it there was one little monster that fit the bill for Halloween, his name is Gengar….HAUNTER GENGAR! This spiky guy is the inspiration for this design, a haunted hilt, this is Haunter…

I think this saber and this little guy is spooky enough for Halloween! He is just the right shade of purple and coupled with the black hilt it gives off a sort of vampire vibe. His spikes and claws are represented in the emitter and as a bonus he even has a Jack O’ Lantern tail with the FTE pommel.

If you are going out to celebrate Halloween, or Trick or Treating, or even a costume party, have fun but please stay safe. Thanks for taking time to check out my haunted offering. TILL……NEXT…….TIME……!


Pokémon is a Trademark of Nintendo Computer Entertainment and the franchise is owned by Nintendo, Freak Games and Creatures.

Extension of Justice Lightsaber Pike

Hello Everyone, following on from America’s Warrior I decided that I wanted to create some variations of this original. I fiddled with the design and made a version for Mace Windu, then a thought entered my mind. What if Captain America required a weapon with greater reach? The answer would be a staff or pike style weapon. The idea of a pike gave rise to this next pair of weapons, Extension of Justice and Extension of Justice (TACTICAL). So to begin here is Extension of Justice…

The use of the spear extensions give the weapon the reach it needs when used in large crowd control situations. And I mentioned the control knobs on the emitter in my last post, well they could be used to control the length of the blade. To make this design as versatile as possible I thought that a night time, special operations version would be useful for stealthy crime fighting so here is a second version, Extension of Justice (TACTICAL)…

Both versions retain the good ol’ Red, White and Blue and would hopefully make the Captain a more effective crime fighter. The Pike has the benefit of the energy blade weapon but can also be used as a regular staff for non-lethal combat situations. The famous tri-coloured shield used in conjunction with this Pike could be quite an intimidating sight to criminals but a sight of inspiration for the good citizens of society!

For now this concludes the Captain America chapter of my design history but as I started this blog I had around 200 designs, so there are a few more to bring to you yet! Thank you once again for looking in on my work, it is much appreciated and please call back again to see more sabers.

Captain America is Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Entertainment. Mace Windu is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.



American Warrior Lightsaber (A Superhero Crossover)

Hello Everyone, after yesterday’s posts and the fantastic response I now bring to you a design I came up with about seven and a half months ago. Some viewers who are into Superhero movies will recall around this time the first trailers for Captain America – Civil War were released. There was a big buzz about the film and members of the forum I frequented challenged me to produce a Captain America themed hilt. This is the result of my effort, American Warrior…

For this saber the colour scheme just had to be Red, White and Blue! The emitter has control knobs which I envisaged could alter the length of the blade (which may be useful for the next version I will be posting!). The switch has grooved ribs to give a better grip for the forefinger and thumb while the blue grip gives plenty of space for double handed use. Again I added an FTE pommel to ensure the Captain’s saber would have enough power to do the job. I will post a variation of this saber in my next post, but till then I will go back to dreaming of Captain America using this saber beside his famous shield!

Thanks to all my viewers for checking out this crossover design and I hope you will join me again for another design for the Captain. Till next time.

Captain America – Civil War and any related names or material is Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Entertainment.

A Fangirl’s Lightsaber

Hello again, twice in one day! There is good reason for this as I encountered a person on the Internet the other day, and to say they are enthusiastic would be an understatement.

This person is called Abby, and writes a blog on WordPress (two blogs in fact). For non WordPress users, there is a function called the Reader, which collects the best of, the funniest, most poignant, entertaining or just different blogs on WordPress and presents them to you, so you can keep up to date with trends and interests. So I typed “Lightsaber” into the search function to see what people were talking about. There was a post listed asking how excited people were about the new film Rogue One due out in December. I clicked to have a look and “discovered” Abby’s Fangirl blog. Having read through it I left a comment about Lightsaber blade colours. I think it was about 5 minutes later I get notification that Abby had visited, commented and followed my site! I said she was enthusiastic. We exchanged comments and because of her love of Star Wars and her bubbly nature I decided to design a saber for her. This is that saber…Fangirl…

I felt I should come up with a design that could be modified as Abby’s skill develops (I don’t know her current ability yet so safety first!) The only thing I did know was that Abby took an online quiz that tells you which colour blade you should use based on your answers to a few questions, obviously the result was white. This is useful as Abby isn’t sure which side of the conflict between good and evil she will be fighting for. The grip is actually called Black Reptile which has small scales in it and is the same grip I have on my real life replica, so I know how comfortable and good the leather is. For a little bling I added a thin neck emitter with a fluted, crown like opening for the blade. Just enough so it stands out from the rest.

I hope Abby likes her new lightsaber and I will now take this opportunity to direct viewers to her blog, A Blog of a Fangirl’s Life. You can find her blog by clicking HERE! (There are topics ranging from food to superhero films through to shoes and some dolls also get a mention) So please support another blogger and have a look. And thank you Abby for your support of FTSabersite.

I can now return to my normal schedule of designs and sincerely hope you come back and check out some more of my future posts. For now thank you for visiting, till next time.

Rogue One (A Star Wars Story) is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

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Determination DS Lightsaber – Savannah95

Hello Everyone, welcome to the first of today’s posts…yes two posts today! I promised my friend LR, I would post a Darkside version of Savannah95’s fantastic Determination saber. I will add that these changes I made are just colour scheme, all the parts are as the original showing how good the original design is. So I won’t keep you waiting any longer here is Determination DS…

I would like to think a Sith with good taste and a sense of style might consider using this saber. It has good looks and a bit of attitude (apparently things the Sith like) yet it stems from the original design. But the options don’t stop there I have also included a second gallery below to show one or two other colour combos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This just shows the versatility of a great basic saber! My thanks once again go out to Savannah95 and I hope she doesn’t mind my little tweaks! Now onto the second post for later today. I mentioned a new viewer of the site decided to subscribe and follow my progress here and after a short chat and quick look at her blog, I designed a saber for her. I think it may make a nice pair with the original Determination, but to find out you will need to check out my next post here in a few hours time!

For now though thanks for joining me and I hope to see you again later today.

This Guest Designer design belongs to Savannah95 is used here with permission.©Copyright FTSabersite 2016. All rights reserved.

Phasma-FTE Lightsaber

Hello Everyone, today we visit the First Orders’ barracks and meet one particularly imposing soldier. She is tall, very tall, she is a Captain of the Stormtroopers assisting Kylo Ren, she is of course Captain Phasma! Well I will present to you the design I came up with for a saber for her…as I don’t know if she escaped the Trash Compactor! So enough talk from me here is Phasma-FTE…

This saber I created after seeing one of the first promotional pictures of Captain Phasma and her striking silver chrome armour. The blade is white in tribute to the concept art of Ralph Mcquarrie for Star Wars showing Stormtroopers with basic white lightsabers! The saber features my FTE pommel to cope with Phasma’s stature and technique. The size also hints that the saber is a bit more special than the regular saber a trooper might use.

There is a dual tone version that I will post shortly, but I promised I would post a Darkside version of Savannah95’s Determination first and a new saber for a new follower of FTSabersite, who chatted with me for nearly two  hours yesterday! So thank you for looking in today your visit is much appreciated. Till next time.

Captain Phasma, Kylo Ren and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

CC-2224-FTE Commander Cody’s Saber

Hello Everyone, today we return to the frontline in the battle between good and evil, and a return to the foot soldiers at the point. I showcased a saber for the courageous Captain Rex a few days ago so it is only fair I have a design for the equally popular Commander Cody. He was always there to help out, now he will be better equipped with this saber, CC-2224-FTE..

This saber is technically the same as Rex’s or a Trooper Saber, similar to the Clan sabers of the Jedi but obviously the saber has Cody’s colour scheme. This saber lends itself to many colour combinations so can be used to represent many squads.  So far I have focused on the Clones and Republic troopers but in my next instalment we have a first, a saber for the first female Stormtrooper, the phenomenal Captain Phasma!

I hope you have enjoyed this design and as mentioned I have many more to come in future posts. Thank you for checking out Commander Cody’s new weapon and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Till next time.

Commander Cody, Captain Rex and any other Star Wars related names or material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

Turahk’s Staff of Fear – Eddlyss64

Hello Everyone, today I feature another Guest Designer, my friend Master Eddlyss64. Long time viewers of this site will remember Eddlyss’ series of weapons for the range of figures in the LEGO Bionicle range. Here he presents the weapon of Turahk, a double ended, double axe blade emitter behemoth! (Though I have to say E64, it does look a little like my Double Onslaught hehe!). So here is the weapon known as the Staff of Fear..

Impressive and intimidating, I’m sure you’ll agree. The choice of parts work well and the colour scheme? Well Eddlyss couldn’t have got it any closer if he tried. I can easily see Turahk using this weapon, not to mention quite a few Sith! I love the little detail of the matching control knobs on the reverse side of the switch section. There is one slight thing I have to say and that is, does the spines on Turahk’s back look a bit like robot Jonny5’s Mohican in Short Circuit?

Thanks once more to my talented friend Eddlyss for sharing this design with us and one thing I forgot to mention is that Eddlyss has a YouTube channel where he has a few Stop-Motion videos starring these Bionicle characters! You can check out his channel HERE.

I am currently collating the pictures for Savannah95’s Dark Determination, but coming up next is Commander Cody followed by the phenomenal Phasma! So please check back and look in, you are always welcome, thanks. Till next time.

Turahk, Staff of Fear and Bionicle are Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO corporation.

Determination Lightsaber – Savannah95

Hello Everyone, today I welcome back my friend Savannah95 and her design Determination. Savannah has a large reserve of this quality and by showcasing this saber I hope some of that determination and drive rubs off on me. I am finding this blogging to be fun and time consuming! But back to the saber, through my exchanges with LR who suggested I design Ethereal, I decided to post this elegant saber as it has a nice look that is neutral, lending itself to both a Lightside Force user or a member of the Sith (depending on which finish you choose). So here is the Lightside version of Savannah95’s Determination…

A reliable and trusty weapon, ready to serve. It does have a bit of luxury to it with the black leather grip, accent parts and scalloped emitter but this saber’s purpose is solid service to it’s owner. There is the potential to change the blade and grip colours to suit the user’s allegiance – good or evil, and as such in a future post I will display the Darkside version. I will thank Savannah once more for letting me share this design with you all, it is much appreciated as is your continued support of this site.

I think this saber has had an effect on me, I am now ready to work on my next post which I hope you will join me for. Till next time.

Determination was designed by Savannah95 and used here with her permission. ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016.