“Republic” saber – Inspired by The High Republic era

Hello Everybody, hope you are all well. Last week we ventured to the very end of the Star Wars story (at least in legend/Expanded Universe terms anyway) and today I turn the clocks backward to the earliest canon recorded material about Star Wars. That material is the new High Republic era stories that Disney/Lucasfilm announced recently which will be presented in both print and on screen.

Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm 2021.

The High Republic era is set around 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace and we get to see a whole new (or old depending on your point of view) generation of Jedi Knights and Masters during the height of their legacy, when the Jedi were peacekeepers and respected guardians of justice. There were gleaming spires, shiny spaceships, regal families ruling pleasant worlds…almost fairytale-like…and then there was the greatest threat to the Jedi and public known as the Nihil. The Nihil were a bunch of marauders inhabiting the Outer Rim of the galaxy and their playbook entails “Getting what they want, by whatever means necessary – if you stand in their way, you will die”. Then there are sentient plant species called the Drengir to contend with too.

I haven’t read too much into the new characters as I hope to get a few of the books and comics to read afresh but as I mentioned the High Republic era seems to be an opulent time so I decided to create a saber that fit the times. And if there are heroic noble Jedi then iconic sabers will be needed…so here is my first High Republic era build simply titled “Republic”…

There have been a few concept art images revealed (and now some official art on book covers etc) that show some of the new Jedi and their sabers including a decorative crossguard design with folding blades but for my first hilt I stuck with a less fussy trusted design. It is quite elegant with an S-Curve shaped emitter coated in distinctive looking ribs and adorned with two pairs of fins either side of the hilt. These “winglets” give the Jedi something to secure their grip up against (a sort of grip stop) making the hilt very good to hold. The saber also has an Amethyst coloured illuminated activation switch set in a golden bezel to reflect the time of opulence (I know Jedi aren’t supposed to have trinkets like these but Mace Windu had an ornate hilt by comparison so posh sabers did exist). The gold Electrum decor can also be found with a Jedi logo situated below the switch (this again is fully modelled in 3D). Another set of ribs in gold form a “wasp-waist” accent that leads to the lower handgrip and pommel section. OK, I think it’s time for a few detail pictures so here is gallery two…

These close up pictures really show off some of the fine details such as the Electrum coating inside the mouth of the emitter and look closely just below and you will see a “Glass Eye Window” that allows the beautiful Amethyst blade to shine through when activated. The pommel as you can see also sports an Electrum plated ventilation grill and an old school “D-Ring” style belt hook hanger to give this saber a vintage Star Wars look and feel. I think this hilt has a new and old vibe to it which is apt as I think the High Republic era is going to be a time of great change. It is a golden time and these pictures of some of the new Jedi characters show what I mean…

It’s funny actually, the image of the Jedi in the first picture with the green saber looks like he has my face crossed with Count Dooku’s – wierd! But as you can see there is a lot of gold and glows and shiny spires…and so I think my saber should look good in this new setting. But how nice does it really look? Let’s have one final glamour shot hey?…

Hopefully this is a fitting design for the new era, I am going to work on a few more Hi Rep designs which I hope to share in future posts. However for this design I am near the end of the post but before I go I have my usually teasers and thank yous to issue.

I hope you enjoyed this hit and as stated I am working on more Hi Rep hilts, in the meantime and next few weeks I have a “Halberd” lightsaber design created by a talented member of the saber forum I belong to (he drew a sketch and I modelled it in 3D for him), there is also a series of hilts I designed based on some famous “Blasters” to come too. And as if that wasn’t enough sabery goodness I have a hilt inspired by the “Other Sci-Fi Franchise” Star Trek: Enterprise!

Thank you so much for looking in on this design and for all the fabulous support you show me and my site. Whether a first time visitor (and I know there have been a few of you recently!) or if you are a regular caller to FTSabersite, I appreciate all of you – I would have no reason to post if you didn’t take an interest in what I do. So thanks and I hope you continue to call back, comment, like and maybe spread word of the site. Till next time….

“Republic” is a For Tyeth Editions design based on the new Star Wars material set in “The High Republic” era. This design is Copyright© of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Star Wars – The High Republic” and all related names, logos, images and material is Trademark/Copyright© of Disney/Lucasfilm and Marvel Comics 2021.

Cade Legacy saber – The Last Skywalker rebuilt

Hello everybody, today I revisit an OLD design I posted from way back in 2016. It was built using the old online Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) software that I used to use and I always said to myself “If only I could make it better and my own model and not use the ASP system”. For a while I was stuck with ASP but eventually I was able to switch to Blender and started building my own models…but I always got sidetracked and never got around to “reforging” the Cade Skywalker lightsaber. https://ftsabersite.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/cade-the-last-skywalker-lightsaber/ Yes today I present my Blender model of Cade Skywalker’s lightsaber from the Expanded Universe/Legends stories seen in Dark Horse Comics. Here is the original hilt using ASP…

The first image shows the ASP preview render whilst the second picture shows Cade’s hilt (which belonged to his father Kol Skywalker before him). I think I did pretty well to match the Wookiepedia reference picture but as I said earlier, I knew I could make a better version if I learnt 3D modelling. I eventually got around to building a new Skywalker hilt and here it is…

The first image shows a test build and render to see if I had the basic shape but I quickly realised I had made a mistake and forgotten to add an accent ring around the handgrip near the emitter – I need to learn to take my time and not overlook details (I still do it all the time 😀 ). I quickly fixed this omission and set to work adding a few extra details. These included the activation switch, a recharge and data port along with the two little gold coloured anchoring posts you can see peeking out of the handgrip. These detail parts are actually connected to another component in the hilt you can’t see just yet. The component is a special capsule that holds the electronics in place inside the hilt (this part is called a chassis by real life saber builders). I have a few new hilts that feature this “Capsule” system coming in a future post. But for now here are a couple more close up detail pictures…

These pictures show from top left – the emitter with a “Tombstone” ventral fin. Next is the activation/control section showing the switch and input port, as well as the two gold attachment posts. The third shows the T-Track grips that hark back to the original Graflex lightsaber that belonged to Anakin – Cade’s ancestor from 130+ years earlier. The final image shows the pommel and attachment point for a belt hanger loop.

I also thought I’d have another go at making some “artwork” and made a quick poster of Cade Skywalker himself. I used an image from Dark Horse Comics and cut him out then added a gradient background and some transparency effects to create the blends. See what you think.

Ok it’s not going to win any art awards but I like to keep my skills current and I think I did a fair job cutting around Cade. Anyhoo I am drawing near to the end of this post but as always I have to give a big shoutout and thanks to you all for your visit today and support. Whether you are a regular caller to FTSabersite or this is your first trip here you are welcome and appreciated. I hope you will return to see many more new designs including hilts inspired by The High Republic (Disney’s new franchise project) some sabers inspired by famous blasters and maybe a few more hilts for fans of Star Trek – Enterprise. Till next time….

“Cade Legacy” is a For Tyeth Editions design modelled and rendered in Blender 3D. It is based on the weapon of Cade Skywalker who appears in the Expanded Universe/Legends comics published by Dark Horse Comics Ltd. The 3D model and renderings are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. The name, images and character of Cade Skywalker are Trademark/Copyright of Dark Horse Comics Ltd.

“Coaxium Grandeur” Saber for the noble…and a new hobby?

Hello Everybody, I hope you are doing well (and to my friends who contacted me recently I wish you both speedy recoveries – my Force Meditations are with you). Today I present a very heavily decorated hilt that runs on my Coaxium Capsule power source pommel which I designed for “Coaxium Saber” and “Copper Coaxium”. I posted my last hilt, the Praetor Power V2 on the Ultrasabers’ forum site and folks there kinda liked it and one member especially said “I’m a sucker for red hilts”…well this next hilt is definitely red and is powerful as well as regal looking. This is Coaxium Grandeur…

I really went all out on this hilt to make it stand out…and it is quite complex hence the reason why I only have 6 images of it for the gallery. The model and it’s texturing is so complicated it took forever to render the images to look correct. But I think the effort and wait was worth it. The hilt has a modified capsule pommel that I used as an emitter so both ends of the saber had a similar theme with the chrome and hex-head screw decoration. They both have the cut out windows to allow both the blade and Coaxium crystal helix to shine out. The handgrip is adorned with an array of chromed ridges to assist grip and give the hilt an interesting elegant visual. The ridges are created by dividing the grip using a function called “Loop Cuts” which as it sounds creates a set of loops around the hilt. These loops can then be modified and made into solid geometry just like the rest of the model. The loops are aligned with the shape of the model so when applied to a regular cylinder the loops would be lateral to the tube (matching the top and bottom edges)…but if you angle the top and bottom of the tube so they are slanted then the loop cuts are applied in a slanted orientation. I then thickened the loops to form ridges and applied the chrome to them. The ends of the hilt body were still slanted so I just reshaped them back to being perpendicular to the tube. I also added a new activation switch with a nice bezel plate to add to the regal/noble/High Republic style look. To finish I added the red and chrome coloured texturing, a purple blade to match the Coaxium Helix, a Covertech Knob belt attachment to hang the saber from and I had a finished saber. I think my friend on the forum will love this one.

And that just about wraps up…..WAIT! Incoming news! For Tyeth may not quite be feeling like his normal self! In news coming in For Tyeth may have fallen into madness as he has purchased some…blasters? Yes, I have purchased some “so uncivilised” blasters in the form of a pair of Nerf foam dart guns. But don’t worry I am not going mad, I have a plan. I have nearly finished my Jedi costume (I got a new undershirt for it recently and just need a decent belt and accessories now) and pondered on what props and accessories I could add to it. Well I have a saber so I thought “How about a blaster pistol?” With the popularity of “The Mandalorian” and bounty hunters I figured I could try my hand at modifying a foam dart gun into a movie prop! So I found an online store and managed to snag TWO Nerf Firestrike pistols which I was going to modify. If you haven’t seen them before they look a bit like this…

I only have one problem…I’ve kinda fallen in love with how cool these Nerfs are and am now hesitant to mess about with them! They are so much better quality than the old dart guns I had access to as a kid and these ones even have “red dot targeting laser beams”! I will probably buy another 1 or 2 and keep these two to play with (I’ve been shooting darts at the light switches in my flat turning them on and off! – I know I’m a BIG KID!) I will have another think about this new hobby and I’ll get some paints and parts together and if I can make something decent I may even consider selling them. I’ll keep you all posted.

And for a little more on nostalgic NERF blasters please take the chance to check out my friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser’s post…https://thevintagetoyadvertiser.org/2020/08/11/nerf-its-nerf-or-nothin/ (Myself and Mrs T are thinking of you my friend, hope you are back to full force soon).

But that does wrap up this post, thank you so much for taking time to check it out. I hope you like “Coaxium Grandeur” and it lived up to the name. I still have many more new sabers (and maybe pistols) to show you in future so please be sure to call back and see what’s in store. You are an amazing community and I appreciate all of your support. So comment, like and subscribe if you like what you see here and please call back next week. Till Nerf Time….(next time!)

“Coaxium Grandeur” is a For Tyeth Editions design, built and rendered in Blender 3D. The 3D model and renders are Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “NERF” and Nerf Firestrike” are Trademark/Copyright of Hasbro Toys and the product image belongs to Habro.

Praetorian Power Version 2 – it’s red, black and brand new

Hello Everybody, today we return to the Star Wars Universe at last (I got kinda sidetracked recently) as I bring you a new saber I designed after I checked my viewing stats and noticed someone had looked at my old “lightwhip” saber I built using the old software I used to use. That saber was “Praetor Power Whip” and I based it on the “Electro Chain Whip” weapon carried by Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guards.

Praetor Power IGNITED!

This design used the old modular saber builder that Saberforge provide – but I heavily modified and improved it by adding a custom colourscheme and I photo-edited a flexible whip blade. But even back in 2018 when I made this I knew I could/wanted to improve on it. So today I bring you a totally new design from the ground up. This is Praetorian Power V2….

Initially this was going to be a claw or bone inspired hilt, there is a slight curve like a claw and the emitter and pommel have aggressive shrouds making it look sharp. But I knew the handgrip needed some detailing and added some ridges (which added interest and additional grip) and it was whilst I was viewing it in preview mode the saber reminded me of something. I was using the “MatCap” function that uses a clay model style of presentation so you can see how details stand out and I thought I had seen the “plates” of the handgrip on a certain character – the Praetorian Guards!

This is the Praetorian with the “Electro Chain Whip” which inspired my original 2018 design – but just look at the arm/sleeve of the costume – it looks just like the segmented handgrip of my new saber. I felt the outfit whilst cool did look a little flat at times because it was plain red with no contrast colour (the dark areas where just shadows) so I added a few black accents to my hilt especially the ring of raised ridges just below the emitter. The Praetorian weapons used in The Last Jedi didn’t appear to have any activation switch visible so I omitted to add a switch and instead envisaged that there is a sensor in the handle to activate the blade. The blade is also a standard blade not a whip as I feel the flexible blade has a lot of drawbacks, one being just how difficult it is to use. However, the blade does have a nice electric blue colour to represent the “electro” aspect of the original weapons.

In these detail pictures you can better see the ring of accent plates circling the hilt , providing a convenient “choke point” to grip the saber. You will also see the elongated “Bunny Ear” tabs on top of the emitter to make it easier to know which end is which as both ends have similar pointed shrouds. You might be able to see that the ridges are curved and actually flow /vary as you go down the length of the hilt – this was the result of adding the ridges then I used the “Curve Modifier” to bend the hilt. It makes the handgrip look like the sleeve of the Praetorian Guard outfit and some folks might even think it looks like the shell of a prawn or crustacean. Finally two of my favourite parts of this hilt are the inserts in the emitter and pommel. These inserts were made using a cog wheel shaped part then I rounded all the edges then added a cone on the pommel insert and a tube like piece on the emitter insert to represent the module where the blade emits from (the holes around the edges represent the receptors that absorb the blade’s energy as it cycles around). I think this is a suitable upgrade for the Praetorians.

That just about wraps up this design but I did enjoy getting back into the Star Wars realm. I hope you liked the Praetorian V2 and I want to let you know I have a few more original designs inspired by the recent “The High Republic” material coming out from Disney/Lucasfilm, along with a Halberd design (medieval inspired double weapon) AND a series of hilts with an interchangeable core! So there is plenty to come in future posts. Thank you to each and every viewer/reader for taking time to check this hilt out, you are always welcome and appreciated whether this is your first visit or if you are an FTSabersite regular. Till next time….

“Praetorian Power Version 2” is a For Tyeth Editions design and was modelled/rendered in Blender 3D – it is Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2021. “Elite Praetorian Guard”, “Electro Chain Whip” and all Star Wars names, logos, images and related material are Trademark and Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.