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Moondust – A saber for Annlyel

Hello Everybody, what an amazing and exciting few days it has been! We have seen a new poster for The Last Jedi, in all it’s ominous RED glory. Then if that wasn’t enough we were treated to an even bigger visual feast with the film’s new trailer! I am still shivering with anticipation. But today I am going to “hand over” my latest saber design to a young lady who also blogs and is a big Star Wars fan.

Her name is Annlyel James, and her blog, is crammed with great balanced reviews of film, TV shows, books, sport and beauty products. Annlyel has a bubbly, enthusiastic style of writing yet still points out the important aspects of the topic at hand, which makes you want to read more. For having such a giving style, I wanted to design a saber for her and I am proud to present it here. I call this saber MOONDUST….

This saber is, I hope, classic, sophisticated and just suited for a confident, intelligent young lady blogger (and Jedi). The blade is purple just right for a person with such a positive attitude (regular viewers will remember my hilts named Attitude Lightsabers also had purple blades!) The emitter is based on the classic Luke Skywalker ROTJ saber and connects to a very interesting switch section. The reason it is interesting is that if you look closely at the two black rectangular recesses, there is something written in them. That is Aurabesh and spells out Annlyel’s name so this hilt is personalised! It’s the first time I have tried to add inscriptions on my designs. The body section and pommel are designed to be ergonomic. And the inspiration for the name of this hilt? It was in an article about a particular brand of lipstick Annlyel reviewed and the shade was called….MOONDUST! So I hope you like your “new” saber Annlyel and if you ever dream of having a lightsaber duel then you might like to use this one!

I am quickly approaching the end of this post but first I would like to recommend that you check out, it will brighten your day! And as always I will finish with a few thank you’s to you, my viewers and followers. Your support is much appreciated and I hope you will return to see further new designs AND DK44 Designs’ real life Graflex in my next post! Till next time.

“Moondust – A saber for Annlyel” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This site, including all designs, content and images are © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


Flux Capacitant Saber – Inspired by Back To The Future

Hello Everybody, I am pleased to report that The Silent Ghost Reaper liked the designs I created for him, so much so he was speechless momentarily! Today I am bringing you a design I have needed for a long time. You may have seen that I always run “OUTATIME” while typing my posts out, well my next saber is inspired by a Time Machine and will hopefully help me create hilts and post them before my deadline time arrives much easier. This saber is inspired by the fabulous time travel trilogy, Back To The Future and I call it

Flux Capacitant

This saber hopefully resembles the car used in the films (I’ll talk more about this later) and has the same monochromatic silver and black look to it. The car was built of unpainted stainless steel and had black fibreglass/plastic mouldings, which I tried to capture using the switch and body sections with strakes on. The pommel represents the front radiator grill and headlight assembly. You will have noticed I haven’t mentioned the emitter and that’s because this piece was inspired by an addition to the car seen in the film. To make time travel possible Doc Brown created the “Flux Capacitor” which was positioned between the seats of the car and looked like a three pointed star that lit up when activated. Well I recreated this by using a clawed emitter and painted the claws blue to imitate the illuminations. Saberforge actually make acrylic claws to attach to their sabers but haven’t included them in the ASP builder.Wait a minute For Flux

This hilt is heavily influenced by the vehicle Dr Emmett Brown transformed into his time machine. Most people know that the car was a Delorean DMC-12 model which was a “mixed” classic. The Delorean company was founded by John Delorean, who once worked for GM Motors, but decided he was going to produce cars himself using the engines he had access to. After some business and political wranglings and financial agreements he began building the DMC-12 in Northern Ireland. The car however wasn’t the most well designed vehicle and suffered leaks and rust/corrosion issues. The company had already gone bankrupt before the films were made, but the writers (Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale) recognised the car’s futuristic look realising it would look otherworldy in the film’s 1950’s settings and gave it the part!

Well this post is slightly longer than normal, but this hilt doesn’t really work as a Time Machine…yet! So I will have to end soon but you know I always like to thank all my viewers and followers, new and regular visitors for supporting me and the site. Next week I have a post that is a little bit different as I get to present a fantastic Graflex Lightsaber built by a friend of this site (wait till you see and read about it!). I hope you will join me for that. Till next tiiiiiiime!

“Back to the Future” was written by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale. Directed by Robert Zemeckis. It was produced by Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures. “Back to the Future”, “OUTATIME” and all names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Amblin Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Delorean and DMC-12 are Trademarks/© Copyright of the new Delorean Motor Company owned and run by Stephen Wynne.

Reaper and Boxcutter Sabers – for The Silent Ghost Reaper

Hello Everybody, today I hope to introduce you to a gentleman I have met recently on my travels around the Internet and in particular on YouTube. The Silent Ghost Reaper is the “Caped Consumer” who goes out and tests items of technology and gives us reviews of those products with a great attitude and sense of humour! SGR sorts out the “Good Buys from the Bad Buys” He reviews everything from voice activated remote control cars, to gaming monitors, Fidget Spinners, wireless headphones all the way through to Nano Drone Flying Gadgets! But unfortunately whilst cutting open a package, his beloved “Unboxing Knife” slipped and he carved a chunk out of his “Unboxing Table”! Well, I wondered what SGR’s reviews and unboxings would be like with a Lightsaber (because if trained in their use, they’re much safer believe it or not!.)
Now I have to say SGR already has I believe four Ultrasabers hilts (which he also reviewed and which first caught my attention) but he doesn’t have a “For Tyeth Edition” saber….until now! Yes I have designed a special hilt for this gent as way of saying thanks for his entertaining reviews and for replying to all the comments he receives. Not everyone on YouTube goes out of their way to respond so as I say I have a hilt for him and here it is, I call it Silent Ghost’s “REAPER”

I know SGR is fond of red blades so even though Red is normally associated with the Sith I gave his hilt a crimson blade. The blade itself projects from a triple clawed emitter so SGR can, when in time of need attach a cable to it and use the hilt as a Silent Ghost Grappling Hook! But the features don’t end there, oh no! The hilt also has a low profile switch section and a very versatile Tactical grip body. The Grenade Section body gives unparalleled grip whether you are wearing gloves or not! (Gloves can get snagged on Unboxing Knives!) And to finish the hilt there is another FTE Emitter Pommel with glowing power crystal chamber and bat like claws. Just the instrument to instil fear into product manufacturers who like to cut corners and offer inferior goods!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…”For, isn’t a lightsber a bit big to cut open boxes and packages?” Hmm, maybe, so that is why I have also produced a Silent Ghost “BoxCutter” a short version, perfect for tackling the packing tape and peanuts found in parcels he receives! So here is a bonus gallery featuring Silent Ghost Reaper’s “BoxCutter“….

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I hope you all liked these designs, especially you, Silent Ghost Reaper! I am sorry I can’t afford to get these constructed for you but I want to say thank you for the information and entertainment you share on your channel, which my viewers and followers can find by clicking The Silent Ghost Reaper’s YouTube Channel !

Please go and check it out. I hope one day The Silent Ghost Reaper can review a time machine for me so I can have more hours in the day as sadly I am approaching the time where I have to bring this post to an end. But as always, I want to thank Silent Ghost for allowing me to feature him on the site and to you, my loyal viewers and followers for the continued support you give me. It is appreciated. I hope you will all return to see future posts and designs by me and my good friends. Till next time.

“The Silent Ghost Reaper” is ©Copyright of The Silent Ghost Reaper and can be found on YouTube! The “Reaper” and “Boxcutter” sabers are For Tyeth Editions sabers and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Informant Lightsaber for Bazine Netal

Hello Everybody, if this post is late I apologise but I have just got back from a mission to try and find this elusive character called Bazine Netal! Bazine is the shadowy female who was enjoying herself in Maz Kanata’s bar on Tokadano and radioed to the First Order that she had found the droid BB-8. You will have seen her wearing a very distinctly patterned and hooded costume. She wears the hood as a result of injuries she sustained on her first mission as an assassin where she was burnt with a flamethrower! After this first mission Bazine became a master of disguise and feared Bounty Hunter, using a snub nosed blaster (so uncivilised!), poisons, a mix of deadly Martial Arts and a couple of mini Thermal Detonators hidden in the heels of her shoes. Well I wondered what her lightsaber might look like if she had one, this is what I envisaged, this is INFORMANT

I think this is suitably distinctive for Bazine’s character! I couldn’t quite match the pattern on her costume exactly but it’s pretty similar. How Bazine expects to stay inconspicuous dressed in that outfit I don’t know (but the material does have sensor jamming equipment sewn into it!). Anyway back to the saber and it has a plain simple monochrome scheme and a “Bad Guys” red blade. The emitter looks a little like a silver version of her hood. The main focal point is surely the diamond patterned hand grip section, made to look like Bazine’s costume as much as possible..

Informant Material
I managed to get a sample of the material!

The pommel caps off the hilt to give it a traditional look (similar to my Sasayaki Shi – Whispered Death Lightsaber hilt). The switch section is functional for ease of use and has a nice choke point for spinning techniques.

Bazine had a hard upbringing (she was only fourteen when she carried out her first fateful mission). Netal was an orphan on the planet Chaaktil before a character called Delphi Kloda took her under his wing at his Combat School where she learnt her skills. Those skills must be good as I didn’t find her! That doesn’t mean I have given up but for now I am running out of time again.

So I will have to end here but want to say thank you once more to everyone who follows and supports me and FTSabersite, new and old. I have had visitors from Russia, India and Turkey this past week so thanks for calling in. Please call back and see what new designs I have coming up, including a hilt or two for a YouTube Crime Fighter! Till next time.

“Bazine Netal”, “Maz Kanata”, “Tokadano” and all other names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Tactician Lightsaber – For Thrawn

Hello Everybody, It is my turn to supply a design for you today after =Ottomatix=’s fabulous =HOMAGE= sabers last week. And I take you on a journey to the edges of the known galaxy, the fringes of the Outer Rim and the area called the “Unknown Regions”. There in the uncharted territory is a system which is home to a race of very distinctive individuals. They are the Chiss, and one particular Chiss became very well known in the Imperial Navy, his name? Mitt’raw’nuruodo, or as he was universally known, Grand Admiral Thrawn! Thrawn is a genius level strategist and rose through the ranks of the Imperial Navy after stowing aboard an Imperial ship and “joining up”. So here is my saber for the Grand Admiral, this is TACTICIAN

The Chiss have distinctive blue skin, dark bluish-black hair all framing deep red eyes, and I have tried to capture those features in this design. The sinister red blade projects from the clawed emitter (Thrawn served on a ship called the Blood Claw) and shines through two windows. These windows from certain angles look like the famous red eyes of the Chiss warrior himself. The switch and body sections are utilitarian, nothing fancy but look like the panels and plating found on starships from around the Imperial Navy. To finish the hilt off there is a pommel which also has a “pair of eyes” in the shape of the two painted blocks peering out from the pommel shroud…just in case you didn’t see the eyes in the emitter part  😀 !

Grand Admiral Thrawn (Copyright Timothy Zahn – Disney/LucasFilm

Thrawn and the Chiss are characters that appear in Timothy Zahn’s novel named after it’s main character. The Chiss originally appeared in early Star Wars computer games as one of the alien life-form classes. Their popularity grew and Timothy Zahn wrote a trilogy of books featuring them which were discarded at first by George Lucas etc. But the Chiss and Thrawn have now been made “canon” by appearing in the Disney cartoon, Star Wars Rebels.

Well it seems I am running out of time and will have to make a “Tactical Withdrawal” back to my workshop to create more designs! However as always I want to say thank you to all of my viewers and followers, new and old for checking this saber out. I also have a special shout-out to Andy Pines (Me, Myself and Star Wars / Imperial Wookie), who guessed that this hilt was for an Imperial Naval Officer, you were very close! I hope you will all return for future posts to see new designs from me and my friends. Till next time.

“Grand Admiral Thrawn”, the “Chiss” and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. “Thrawn” was written by Timothy Zahn and is published in hardback by Century Books. Cover image/artwork is © Copyright of Kent Akselen.

Outsider Saber – Inspired by Outlander on Starz Network

Hello Everybody, this saber is for a couple of people I have recently been introduced to, firstly to Jamie of Autumn Aquarius Adventures. Jamie produces a nice “Travelblog” where she documents her trips to some beautiful places (some off the tourist trail) on this planet. Jamie also attended a few Comic Cons that drew my attention and inspired me to create this themed hilt. She met some of the stars of the show Outlander at her most recent Con so please go and check out her Comic Con Post and blog!

The second pair are my friend from the forums, CrimsonJax88 and his wife. CJ88 messaged me to say he liked  my Dutch themed saber, Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard – Orange Courage Lightsaber, and as it turns out his wife is a big fan of the show. When they saw my recent teaser image they immediately guessed what was coming! So let’s begin….

In the historically based fantasy TV series Outlander, Claire Randall a former WW2 army medic gets sent back mystically through time to the year 1743 and placed right in the middle of Scotland’s Jacobite Uprising. She meets a Highland Warrior called Jamie Fraser and a relationship forms between them, however Claire is already married albeit 202 years in the future.

Thrown into the middle of the middle ages war, Claire uses her medical skills to get herself out of a predicament and ends up being “recruited” to be the local Clan’s Healer. Unfortunately such were the times during the war Claire’s skills were misconstrued as Witchcraft and she ends up in prison. Events unfold in the following episodes and we see Claire’s attempts to return to her own time and her husband, Frank. These adventures lead her (in later seasons of the show) to Paris and beyond and as with all time travel based stories the plot twists and turns many times. Will she make it back to present day 1945?…once again I don’t know (though I wouldn’t say anything and spoil things for you even if I did) so you’ll have to watch the series yourself! So may I now present..OUTSIDER

I tried to create a hilt that had a “Clan” feel and look to it but not quite as large and bulky as my Saberial Assassin Lightsaber hilt which also has that Celtic look. The clawed emitter projects an Amber coloured blade, which is a total stroke of luck (or maybe a result of my renowned Force Vision ability 😀 ). This is because the second book of Diana Gabaldon’s series of books on which the show is based, is called “Dragonfly in Amber”! I didn’t know this fact until I did some further research into Outlander for this write-up after I had designed it.

I did consider adding a tartan wrapping on the hand grip but I found that it didn’t look too great and verged on being tacky. So I settled for a nice green leather wrap instead. I will modify this hilt and show you the old weathered version in another post.

It is that time again, where I have to bring the post to an end (I really do wish somebody would create that working time machine!). But first as always I will say thank you to Jamie for bringing this TV show to my attention and for her entertaining blog. Secondly to my friends CJ88 and his wife for their support and encouragement, which brings me once more to you, my viewers and followers! Thanks again for checking out my site and please continue to call back to see what’s new. Till next time.

Header Image background courtesy of

The Outlander story is based on the four book series by Diana Gabaldon.

Outlander is produced by Sony Pictures Television and Left Bank Pictures for the Starz Network. Outlander, Caire Randall and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Sony Picture Television, Left Bank Pictures and Starz Network.

Forearmed Darkside – Pong Krell’s second staff

Hello Everybody, I am back to my normal schedule today and would like to bring you the second saberstaff for the fallen Jedi General, Pong Krell. You will remember from two weeks ago I introduced this character as a Jedi Master and military General who foresaw the outcome of the Clone Wars and tried to better his chances of surviving. This action however would lead to suffering, which lead to misery which lead to the Darkside. Krell sent his troops on suicide missions to carry out stupid plans and tactics, in the hopes that the Imperials/Empire would win the war and he could join their ranks. Sending these men to their demise fuelled Krell’s lust for power until his scheme was discovered. Krell by this time hadn’t fully turned to the Darkside, but if he had he may have updated his weapons and they may have looked like this…Forearmed Darkside

This saberstaff has the trademark black finish associated with Sith and Darkside users. It does however have touches of decoration to make it stand out, with red adjustment knobs and the two silver accent rings. I felt that this staff would have the decorative bits as Krell was arrogant and believed his plan would work, and this decoration reflected his “flashy” attitude. Krell didn’t bargain on his troopers being aware of the strange orders they were being given and becoming suspicious. These troopers confronted Krell and the Jedi General cut down several soldiers before he was shot and stunned. Now a prisoner of the Republic, Krell was found guilty of trying to undermine the effort to defeat the Imperials/Empire and was executed. This weapon still retains the acid green blades of the Lightside version to reflect that Krell failed to join forces with Count Dooku and so the blades’ crystals weren’t corrupted to produce Sith red blades.

That was the “What if..?” design for Pong Krell, I hope you liked it. Sadly I have nearly run of time this year and will need to bring my post to an end. Yes, I did say the year has nearly ended as next week is the “Blogversary” of this site! FTSabersite will be one year old and I will have a post to look back at the best bits, the popular hilts, some shout outs and lots of “thank yous”. There will also be a look forward to the next twelve months of FTSabersite, and who knows I may try and send some invites to the big names in the saber community and see if they would like to be associated with me now I have completed my first year. So thank you for looking in today, it is much appreciated and I hope you return for the “Blogversary”! Till next time.

Pong Krell, The Clone Wars and all names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilms.

Onyx Saber – For “DJ” the Man In Black

Hello Everybody, I am slightly excited today as I am approaching my 1 year Blogversary (I think that’s a word, if not I have just invented it!) and I may break the barrier of 4000 hits soon! Hopefully I will reach the milestone in time for my anniversary, but in the meantime to keep you entertained I have a new design. Recently there has been quite a bit of chatter around the galaxy regarding Benicio Del Toro’s character in The Last Jedi. Who is he? What’s his name? Who is he related to, where does he come from? Well, we still don’t know much more than we did before but Vanity Fair produced an article showing backstage images and a photoshoot, which included the Man In Black, or DJ as he is now known. We see that he has quite a large ship (possibly a cargo vessel?) and a distinctive jacket. I thought maybe he was a smuggler, like Han Solo or some type of mercenary. If so, he would need a suitable weapon, so here is my saber design for the Man In Black…I call it the Onyx Saber…

With so little information to go on, I decided to create a hilt that might suit DJ based on his looks in the Vanity Fair photos. A mercenary would have a distinctive weapon to make a statement and I think this hilt looks good. It has a Graflex style emitter (similar to Anakin’s, Luke’s and now Rey’s saber) which always looks stylish and gives a nod to the history of lightsabers. The blade is purple (I know it looks a little pinkish but it is the graphics used in the saber builder package causing that!) which indicates DJ so far has no allegiance to the Dark or Light side of the Force. The switch, body and pommel are functional with a nice brown leather grip on the body, and a loop to hang the saber attached to the pommel. The parts used are a nice gloss black making them appear much cleaner and new, showing the saber is cared for.

So this has been my design for the mysterious Man In Black, DJ. It is hard to design for somebody with so little information to base it on…oh! the name….yes I nearly forgot to mention that. The name is taken from the black gemstones found on planet Earth, the Onyx!

I am now approaching the end of this post and will have to bring it to a close, but as always before I go I want to say thank you to all my followers and viewers (including a nice young lady called Jamie, who has recently started following…thank you!) Your support has carried me to 304 posts and (nearly) 4000 hits. Please spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends and do call back soon to see what I have coming up in future posts. Till next time.

“DJ”, The Last Jedi and all other names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. The Benicio Del Toro publicity photo is owned by Vanity Fair magazines and was edited by me to include the lightsaber.

Forearmed – A Saberstaff for Pong Krell

Hello Everybody, and a big hello and thank you to ALL of the Sentinel Squad UK cosplay troop who came and checked out my design for them. You Guys and Gals are truly amazing and I think you may have broken the hit counter on my stats page! I was honoured by the post displayed in the Squad’s “Briefing Room” on their Facebook page and want to thank their founder for doing that. I again ask you, my viewers and followers, that if you haven’t already please go and check this group out at their Facebook and Twitter pages…I have placed links in the sidebar on the right to take you there!

And today’s business involves a Saberstaff for a Besalisk Jedi General. This character was for a while a revered Jedi warrior and master tactician but after he foresaw the demise of the Jedi Order and the Republic, he decided to better his chances of surviving and turned allegiance. He began to sabotage the campaigns against the Empire and sent troops on suicide no-win missions, while he became more immersed in the Darkside. This character is Pong Krell from the Clone Wars era. He was a reptilian humanoid who had FOUR arms! And during battle he wielded two lightsaber staffs. This is my interpretation of a weapon General Krell may have considered using….this is called Forearmed….

I wanted a tough durable design for this staff and I think it works well. The emitters have protrusions (nicknamed Bunny Ears in real life) which I thought looked like the horns on Krell’s forehead. The emitters screw into a pair of Couplers which have Grenade Grip style ridges, which give the staff a non-slip grip..useful if you have large hands. The mid grip or shaft has twin activation buttons, so should the staff be damaged as Darth Maul’s was in The Phantom Menace, then it can still function as two separate hilts (which would mean four sabers, if Krell had two staffs!). The blades are a reptilian Lime Green colour, neither Jedi or Sith but shows Krell’s journey to the Darkside has begun.

Fortunately Pong Krell’s deception and plans were discovered by the famous 501st Legion of troopers and he was defeated when, whilst trying to slay a group of soldiers who confronted him, was shot and stunned by a Clone Trooper called Tup. Krell was later executed for his crimes…which kind of makes my design defunct, oh well someone else may like one of these staffs!

EDIT: I would like to thank Experience Film for reminding me I had forgotten to mention Besalisks hail from the planet Ojom, and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s friend in the diner called Dexter Jettster, is of the same species as Pong Krell!

I am running short of time and will have to end soon, but I have a few quick notes on what’s coming soon. I do have a “Darkside” version of this weapon for an upcoming post and a new weapon for a “War Orphan”, along with an update of my first attempt at 3d modelling! So I hope you will all return to see these posts, I appreciate each and every one of you for supporting me and this site. Till next time.

Pong Krell, The Clone Wars and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Sentinel Squad UK Lightsaber – Tribute for a special Cosplay Troop

Hello Everybody, and first before I go any further I offer my sincere apologies this post is WAY overdue. However it is not overdue because I got distracted, but rather my health has taken a bit of a turn for the worse. I have been hit by some form of infection which left me in excruciating agony and almost delirious. I have since been referred to specialists at my local medical center for batches of tests. I am still not 100% but am trooping on, which is apt as I want to push on and present this design I came up with for a fantastic group of folks I met at For Tyeth’s First Comic Con I attended recently. The group are called the SENTINEL SQUAD UK, a non profit organisation who create the most fabulous Star Wars themed costumes and make public appearances for charitable causes. You have already “met” one of their members, my friend Takamatsu, or as he is known in the Squad, BOSSK BH-5700. So in honour of their great efforts to support deserving local charities all over the UK here is my gift to them the SENTINEL SQUAD LIGHTSABER….

This design is not based on any particular member or character but rather on one the props they have built and use for publicity photos with members of the public at events. That prop is the Imperial Tripod Turbolaser Cannon used by the SnowTroopers on Hoth to shoot the Millennium Falcon. I don’t think the Squad’s cannon actually fires but it was impressive looking. This hilt is meant to look a little like the upper part of the cannon (barrel, breach, stock etc) The only thing missing is the little Tie-Fighter style winglets mounted either side to cool the weapon.Squad Cannon

These Guys and Girls do a phenomenal job and have a total love of what they do. Nothing ever seems too much trouble for them, whether it is a local children’s nursery they are visiting, or a big city convention they are always approachable. So please use the links I will provide below to go and check out what great work they do, and if you are based in the UK you may either want to book them for an event or just go and support them and the charities they are trooping for….please do.

Sentinel Squad UK Facebook page can be found HERE 

Sentinel Squad UK Twiiter page can be found HERE

To finish today’s post I want to thank the Sentinel Squad UK for all they do (and hello Takamatsu!) and will post a few images I have of the group from around the net and from my encounter. I hope you my followers and viewers enjoyed this post and I do have at least one more post left in me (don’t worry I’m working on more but I do have to be mindful of  my health now so they may be late). Please call back to see these upcoming posts.

Thank You from For Tyeth.

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Sentinel Squad UK is a non-profit organisation raising funds for charity in and around the UK. The name SENTINEL SQUAD UK is copyrighted as are all the images and related logos and other material. All other Trademarks/© Copyrights belong to their respective owners.