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Plagueis Lightsaber – Weapon of the “Wise”

Hello Everybody, this design is a little later than usual but I decided that the Star Wars 40th Anniversary should be celebrated a bit longer. The anniversary celebrated Star Wars being released in theatres around the galaxy and the story of the Skywalker family. Well another “myth” or story we heard in Revenge of the Sith revolved around a mysterious character some people believed was Supreme Leader Snoke in TFA. Whilst in the theatre on Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine retold a tale about Plagueis the Wise, a Sith Lord who had the power to manipulate the Force and Midichlorians to produce life and as a result cheat death. Palpatine also explained that Plagueis was so powerful the only thing he was afraid of was losing that power. Unfortunately for Plagueis, his apprentice killed him in his sleep (having first been plied heavily with alcohol). The Rule of Two dictated that there could only be one Master and one Apprentice at any given time. Plagueis’ apprentice had found a student of his own to teach and felt he could learn no more from his own master so killed Plagueis. Well that was part of the story, but you have been waiting for a saber design so here is Plagueis Lightsaber…

This is my Plagueis inspired design. As Plagueis is part of the Expanded Universe/Legends stories and was only briefly mentioned by Palpatine, we haven’t seen an official canon image of him or his weapon. However there was a novel written by James Luceno and a range of Collectors Figurines based on him. I based this design on the illustrations taken from graphic novels etc. The saber has a very old look to it (akin to something from the Old Republic Era). The hilt is heavily weathered as if it has been lost a long time. I have to point out this saber DOES  NOT have a dedicated pommel. I used a Coupler with a blade plug inserted into the end to recreate the vented pommel seen in the illustration below.

With a little bit of tweaking it should be possible to use the coupler and blade plug as a pommel but I think it looks quite accurate considering  😀 The second picture above shows what the saber may have looked like when new and cared for. (There are also some people who believe Plagueis used a saber pike like the one supplied with the figurine, just for clarity!)

Well folks, that was some of the story about Plagueis the Wise. I hope you enjoyed it and the design. I need to take this opportunity to let you all know I may be posting less frequently from now on. There are two reasons, firstly I have posted every day for the past 8 months and in most posts I delivered a new design (some were from my valued Guest Designers) but now I need to slow down. Secondly finding a good strong theme to base a hilt on is getting difficult (be it finding a character or ship or Sports team etc). To make these designs stand out I need to do more work on them which takes time. So please bear with me and keep calling into FTSabersite as I continue working on new stuff. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you all once more. Till next time.

Darth Plagueis was created by George Lucas and appeared in the James Luceno novel “Darth Plagueis”. All Trademarks/©Copyrights belong to their respective owners.


Bastion Legend Lightsaber – Emperor Roan Fel’s weapon

Hello Everybody, I have delved into my archives for this next saber as I am a little busy (I will share the news with you in my next post…Big Secret!). So today we travel back to the Extended Universe (non-canon) material and the conflict involving Darth Krayt and Cade Skywalker. The appointed ruler of the Galaxy at that time was a man called Emperor Roan Fel and he resided from his palace on the planet called Bastion. Bastion used to be called Corellia, the planet from which Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon came from many years before. As ruler of the universe I felt Emperor Fel needed a saber befitting of his position, this is my design…Bastion Legend…

This saber I feel would suit an Emperor, it has a classic emitter, similar to the one on Luke Skywalker’s first saber. The switch gives the saber a sweeping grace as it pinches in then flares out to the grip. This grip features bold parallel grooves to give good non-slip characteristics, useful when ordaining Imperial Knights (you wouldn’t want an accident as you knight them!) The blade is a Cyan colour, which we haven’t seen much in movies or comics etc so stands apart.

The Galleries are nearly ready to Go Go…

This is again the end of my post, hopefully I haven’t rushed it or missed anything out. I hope you liked this nod to the old canon material, I like to make sure that the great works aren’t totally erased from Star Wars history. I have the Father and Son double set and the Galleries are nearly ready ^see above^ so I hope you can join me for those. Thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite today, it is appreciated. Till next time.

Emperor Roan Fel, the planet Bastion and Darth Krayt appear in Dark Horse Comics Legacy series and are Trademark/©Copyright of Dark Horse Comics ltd.

XR Lightsaber – Inspired by Exar Kun

Hello Everbody, I am delving back into Star Wars history to bring you this next saber and yes I know it’s about time! With so many distractions around nowadays and so many inspirations I wander off sometimes. This next saber is inspired by a character from the now “Old Canon” or Legends as it is known. He started out as a Jedi Padawan under the tutelage of Master Vodo-Siosk Baas (remember him? He used the wooden staff empowered with the Force, a bit like Chirrut Imwe!). However the Padawan was impulsive, over-confident and was fascinated by the Dark Side of the Force . So much so that he travelled to the moon of Dxun, where a tomb belonging to the ancient Sith Lord, Freedon Nadd existed. The spirit of Nadd sensed an opportunity to resurrect himself in the Padawan’s body. The Padawan was injured and only healed by the Sith Spirit when the Jedi committed himself to the Dark Side. This turn prompted the corrupted Jedi to build a new saber. Who was the Padawan? He was Exar Kun and this is my design for him…XR Lightsaber…

Exar Kun used this saber to surprise his former Master, Vodo Siosk Baas, whilst attempting to rescue a fellow Sith accused of war crimes. I think it would be a surprise as this was a deceptive weapon. It was so short it appeared to be a normal Lightsaber but as you can see it was technologically advanced and had TWO blades in a compact form. It was also very aggressive looking with double clawed emitters and the signature Blood Red Sith blades. Exar Kun’s weapon was believed to be inspired by Darth Zannah’s Lightsaber staff. My design may not work in real life due to the size of the electronics needed and the limited space inside the hilt handle but I wanted to showcase the idea.


I will apologise that there are only five pictures of this hilt in the gallery but double ended designs are the same at both ends (usually!) so that explains the shortage. However I haven’t been idle in the meantime, as I have been writing up the biographies for the owners of the set of six sabers coming up soon. Lots of characters and colours! I hope you will return to see those but for now I will say thank you for visiting today and supporting the site. Till next time.

Exar Kun is a character from the Expanded Universe of Star Wars created by Kevin J. Anderson and appeared in 17 issues of Dark Horse Comics. Trademark and ©Copyright belong to Kevin J. Anderson and Dark Horse Comics.


Zanna Lightsaber Staff (The First of the Rule of Two)

Hello Everyone, today I am going way back to 980BBY, nearly a thousand years before the events of Star Wars. This is the time of the great Sith War on the planet Rusan, between the warring Sith Tribes and Brotherhoods. The Sith would promote a leader but the remaining members all had aspirations to be the Dark Lord Sith leader and would plot and gang up to overthrow the current head. This lead to a weakening of the Sith Order but one warrior, Darth Bane, saw what was happening and put in place a plan to resolve the problem. The plan was to use a deadly weapon called a “Thought Bomb” which when detonated would wipe out all Force sensitive Sith in the vicinity. As a result he would be the sole Sith left and he would take on an Apprentice. This Apprentice would be a young 10 year old girl called “Rain”. Rain had landed on the planet as her family’s ship was damaged in crossfire and she fell out of the ship as it crashed. The remaining family members thought she had died from the fall but she survived by landing on a soft fluffy creature called a Bouncer. She befriended this creature and recovered from the ordeal, until a Jedi recon squad inadvertently killed her new friend. Enraged, Rain attacked the Jedi. Normally this would be misguided but Rain was unbeknownst to her Force Sensitive and her attacks were fuelled by the Darkside of the force. She killed the Jedi but the disturbance attracted the attention of Darth Bane, who when he found her, took her on as his Apprentice. She reverted to using her birth-name and became known as Darth Zannah! Zannah had to construct a weapon as part of her training and built a double bladed staff, this is my interpretation of that weapon, this is ZANNA…

The staff has emitters that look like Darth Maul’s staff, which is no surprise as it is rumoured Darth Maul based his weapon on Zannah’s original, built around 900 years earlier! The design is functional with a central switch module to control both blades simultaneously. To break up the overall black look I used two dual-toned couplers to add a little decoration. The staff is powered by synthetic crystals, so has “Sith Red” blades but as you may be aware, Disney dismissed the idea of these crystals recently so this design is considered Non-Canon now. The original real world description of the weapon comes from the Bane Trilogy of books by Drew Karpyshyn (a great read btw if you can get copies!) I feel this staff has an important place in the Star Wars history as it was the weapon of the FIRST Apprentice in the famous “Rule of Two” doctrine introduced by her Master, Darth Bane.

Well this concludes my offering today, I had best stop before I go off and start ranting about how Disney should use and integrate the “old” stories! So once more I would like to thank you all for visiting and hope you will return to see more in upcoming posts. And please, if you like what you have seen here then tell your friends! Till next time.

Darth Zannah, Darth Bane and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Drew Karpyshyn.