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For Tyeth’s First Sci-Fi Fest!

Hello Everybody, I have a bit of a bonus post for you all today! After my recent success learning Blender 3D I felt I deserved to treat myself to a day out. Well as it happens there was a Science Fiction Festival over the weekend so I went and had a look! It was another fantastic experience and I had my first moment of media recognition! More on that later… Upon arriving I discovered there was a big lean towards Dr Who and the Time Lord’s franchise as I was greeted by these guys…

These were fully operational Daleks and travelled around the convention floor chasing a very distressed Doctor who was also a very lifelike John Pertwee look-a-like! I couldn’t get a photo of the Doctor as he was too busy rushing here, there and everywhere…plus he was the compere of the on stage events! It’s a good job he has plenty of time.

There were of course some Star Wars stuff as well including the Droids I met earlier in the year at the Comic Con I attended. They were glad to see me

And an interesting bit of information about the last little droid pictured above, his name is R3-N3 and is very heroic. You see this is one of the droids that attempted to repair Queen Amidala’s starship in The Phantom Menace film. Sadly he was hit by enemy fire and blasted into space. The droid you see is a replica built by the gentleman who built the R5-PHT you saw in my post about the earlier Comic Con (and of course featured in it’s own saber design post found HERE ). And in a funny twist of fate, I had pictures of the saber on my phone and I showed the gentleman the hilt. He replied, “Yeah I’ve already seen it”. I was a little confused by the comment and said “How? This is a design I created and posted on my site” to which I got the answer, “I looked up on the Internet to see what people were saying about my droid and this picture showed up in my search results…I then went and saw it on his page!” I couldn’t believe it, I was being recognised (sort of) for my designs by the gentleman whose work I had been inspired by!

EDIT: NEWS FLASH! I have been contacted by Mr G Turner, owner and builder of both R5-PHT and the new little green and white droid. I have mistakenly identified the droid and it’s name is J3-S5 or JESS! I apologise for my mistake, I tried to find the name of his new droid based on model type and colour and I got it wrong 😦  Thank you Mr Turner for letting me know!

But it wasn’t just droids who were present, there were more Sith at the event. At the last con I bumped into Darth Maul….this time it was KYLO REN!…

Yes I had to confront Kylo Ren this time, and his saber has three blades! But no problem for a Jedi Master like myself as you can see from the second image…I had the upper hand saber! Kylo was great actually and I got to examine his saber and found it was really good. Though it would look better in green obviously 😀 . After defeating Darth Maul and Kylo Ren word has been spreading of my exploits and a certain Dark Lord even tried getting me to join his band…DSC_0586 MKDon’t worry, I haven’t turned to the Dark Side of the Force but I have been known to drink Coca-Cola now and then! I forgot I had the bottle in my coat pocket (doh!). However the recruitment attempts didn’t stop there, the Mandalorians wanted to hire my services. Maybe they want me to appear in the new Star Wars television series “The Madalorian” that is due out soon, hmm…whatever the reason Boba Fett was at the con too…

I was beginning to feel outnumbered at these conventions, I think I might be the only Jedi there (in disguise as I don’t have a costume yet 😦  but I’m working on one) Luckily I found some support in the shape of Jedi Master Plo Koon and guess what? He likes green too!…DSC_0581 MK

We easily saw off the Empire and the First Order! But to finish the day, how about some fluffies? Well there was a new face and one you might recall from last time…

As I say in the caption, I’m not sure what the first furry is (never seen it on any planet I’ve been to) so if any of you are fans of Anime and can name it please let me know. The last picture is a slightly better image of the Hoth Wampa I met before. The lighting is much better but it seems Luke Skywalker left in a hurry…I don’t know why the Wampa is armless really!

Sadly it is time for me to leave too, I hope you have had a bit of the fun I had at the con. I want to thank all the folks there for being so accommodating and posing for pictures. They do a great job raising funds for local charities and if you ever get to a convention don’t forget to thank the participants too.

I also need to thank you all, my viewers for dropping by and checking out my little bonus post. Whether you are a regular visitor or this is your first trip to FTSabersite thank you for your support. Till next time…

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The Master Lightsaber – Saber for the Doctor’s devious frenemy.

Hello Everybody, a few weeks ago I posted Mondas – Saber for a Cybernaut, my Cyberman themed hilt, little did I know that they would be making a spectacular return to the current series of Doctor Who! (Or maybe it was one of my visions that prompted me to post it.. 😀 !) Either way, there was another character who made a “surprise” appearance at the end of the episode “World Enough and Time”, and that was the Doctor’s foe, The Master! The Master first appeared in the Whovian universe way back in 1971, and was originally portrayed by Roger Delgado. But as all Time Lords do (even rogue ones) he/she changed their appearance as the Master regenerated. To complicate the Master’s story he even switched bodies with other characters to prolong his/her existence (in the story The Keeper of Traken). This meant the Master was played by numerous actors and an actress, including…Peter Pratt, Geoffrey Beevers, Anthony Ainley, Eric Roberts (Movie), Derek Jacobi, John Simm and Michelle Gomez. However it is John Simm’s Master that I have based this weapon on, or rather on his “Laser Screwdriver”, so here is The Master Lightsaber….

This saber shares the same colour scheme as The Master’s Laser Screwdriver but I hope it has a bit more of an effective range! (I mean what can you do with a laser screwdriver? Build “laser flat-pack furniture”?) Seriously though, this saber has an amber blade to co-ordinate with the overall colour scheme and it projects from an asymmetrical emitter. The “Screwdriver” had three nozzles of varying length and this emitter best matched the part. The body represents the switch section, with a gold powder coated activation box. This control box doesn’t actually ignite the saber but is used to keep the look. The real switch section is next up and to finish the hilt there is a powder coated pommel which replicates the gold accented end cap of the screwdriver prop (seen below).

The Master and his Laser Screwdriver (copyright BBC TV)

So now the Master has his own saber to compliment his Laser Screwdriver, quite a pair! Oh, and remember I mentioned the actress Michelle Gomez? Well it turns out that her version of The Master, called Missy, will be joined by John Simm’s Master to form a pair in the season Finale! A double dose of distress for the Doctor!

I am running out of time on this post, but I have just enough left to tell you I am working on a “Missy” themed hilt (it only seems right I should) and one for a costuming group who do fantastic charity work. I’d also like to thank you all for looking in on this design and please call back to see upcoming posts, I appreciate your visits! Till next time.

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Ace Assistant Saber – Ace’s new companion

Hello Everybody, here is my new design and as you can see from the title it is for the seventh Doctor’s companion named Dorothy Gale/McShane or simply as Ace. Ace is a teenage human from a suburb of London, who has a love of chemistry but failed the exam in the subject. One day a cosmic and timesplitting incident occured whilst Ace was performing an experiment to separate Nitroglycerin from Gelignite (where on earth did a 16 year old get Gelignite?). This “Time Storm” whisks young  Ace up and transports her to the future and a frozen food retail complex called Iceworld. It is here on the planet Svartos, that she meets the Doctor and his then companion, Mel, who at the end of her adventure decides to part company and so Ace becomes the Doctor’s new Assistant. Ace would turn out to be an Ace Assistant which is apt as that is the name of my saber design for her, here is Ace Assistant…

This saber should be perfect for Ace as I based it on one of her favourite weapons….a Baseball Bat, which she once used to good effect against some Daleks back in 1963! The hilt represents the handgrip of that bat and even has a body section which looks like it is wrapped in non slip sports tape. The grip has a pommel which is called a Rebel pommel by the manufacturer. The colour scheme is black with silver and the white blade stands in for the bat’s shaft but with more of a cutting edge (sorry bad joke!) perfectly matching the bat seen onscreen.


The Doctor helped Ace by letting her learn and work things out for herself rather than just spoon feeding her knowledge. This meant Ace developed over the two earth years in which she appeared in the show and became an independant and confident young woman. Sadly BBC Television decided to end the run of the show at this time.To discover what happened to Ace you will need to read the numerous novels and check out the audio plays that are available.dr who

Ace is portrayed by the wonderful actress Sophie Aldred, who is still instantly recognisable! I am currently on my way to the Comic Convention where Miss Aldred is appearing along with Mr Harris who played Bossk in Empire Strikes Back and I hope to chat with both, and show them their sabers. Hopefully I will get their permission to let you know what they think!

I am shortly about to enter the Comic Con (depending on when you read this of course!) so will have to bring this post to an end. But please call back and see the outcome of my adventure. Whatever happens I’d like to thank Miss Aldred for bringing to life such a feisty and memorable character…always ACE!

Till next time.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. The Cybermen, Dr Who, Ace, the TARDIS and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.

Mondas – Saber for a Cybernaut

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber that I had mislaid but have rediscovered! It started as I looked up details about the Comic Con I am attending on Sunday. I knew about Mr Harris who played Bossk being there, but I have since discovered details of another special guest. This person appeared in Dr Who and had a run in with the characters that inspired this saber. I will tell you more about this special guest later, but now I need to present my saber for the space warriors known as the Cybermen. They come from a planet of ice and my saber shares the name of that planet, this is…MONDAS…

So, this saber is based on the warriors, the Cybermen. The emitter is representing the boots this time and the switch is the legs of the figure. The body has the diamond cut knurling which reminds me of the Cybermen’s suits…but the crowning glory of this design (at least I think so) is the pommel, which at a glance looks like the famous helmet of the Cybermen life support unit.

Hopefully you can see where I got the inspiration, I think it’s a pretty close similarity! There are ridges on the side which look like the tubes either side of the Cyberman’s head. Plus as I type this, I have just noticed that there is an oblong slot in the pommel that matches the one on the forehead of the helmet!

The Cybermen, The Doctor and Ace (source BBC TV)

As you can see from the picture the Doctor and his companion posed for publicity shots, and hopefully I will get the chance to meet one of the six people in the picture above on Sunday. If all goes to plan I will be able to tell you all about it in an upcoming post with an accompanying saber design. I hope you will join me then to find out who I get to meet and see the new hilt!

I am running out of time here, as I have to make myself look presentable to go out on Sunday (the Jedi do let their beards get untidy sometimes!). But I want to thank everyone who has visited the site recently and those who have supported me long term. Please do spread the word of FTSabersite and call back to see more. Till next time.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. The Cybermen, Dr Who, Ace, the TARDIS and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.

Impossible Lightsaber – Clara Oswald’s Companion

Hello Everybody, before I start this post I will just say it may get confusing, as I will be talking about the future, past and present all at the same time! This saber is for a very special young lady who became the companion of the 11th Doctor in BBC TV”s Doctor Who. The young lady is Clara “Oswin” Oswald, and she first appeared in the episode “Asylum of the Daleks”, where she was the sole survivor of the ship Alaska which crashed onto a prison colony for insane Daleks. However the Doctor discovers that she has been turned into a Dalek and is living in her own little reality to maintain her sanity. Later in the season Clara re-appears as a Victorian barmaid and Governess. The Doctor seems to recognise her but only learns of her true identity when he sees her tombstone and the name Clara Oswald inscribed on it. Clara later appears a THIRD time in present day London England. But that is IMPOSSIBLE! Which segways nicely to my design, Clara was nicknamed the “Impossible Girl” so my design is called, Impossible…

This saber has a few elements inspired by the “Impossible Girl”, the first being the blade. As you can see it  is pink and in later adventures Clara develops romantic feelings for a fellow school teacher called Danny Pink. The blade projects from an emitter which has three windows representing the first three incarnations of Clara we get to see and her trilogy…Past, Present and Future. It transpires that Clara is just an ordinary human, but in one adventure has to save the Doctor by sacrificing herself by throwing herself into a “Time Vortex”. As a result multiple versions of Clara appear throughout the Doctor’s history…explaining why she has existed in so many realities and timelines. The saber is dressed in a beautiful powder coat colour that resembles one of Clara’s now iconic outfits.

I think the colour matches quite nicely! (source BBC TV)

Clara has a few more adventures but eventually faces a fate she cannot escape, or so it seems. In a final attempt to save her, the Doctor uses Time Lord technology to extract her from the last moments of her life so the two of them can “run away in limbo” and cheat death. Things don’t work out so the Doctor attempts to wipe Clara’s memories of him and allow her to die “normally”. In one final(?) twist Clara tampers with the device so it wipes the Doctor’s memories of her! Stealing another TARDIS, Clara and her own companion disappear into Time and Space.

I said it was a complicated story and this version is edited! Sadly as Clara came to the end of her time, so too have I and I will have to end this post. I have enjoyed meeting up with my friend Clara again and I hope you liked the design. I will return with more new designs and I invite you to call back and see what I have coming up. Oh, here’s a final picture from when I met Clara…see she knows who I am!


That’s it for now, Till next time.

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Vador’s Lightsaber – (A Saber from Skaro)

Hello Everybody, today I am going to post my last design before Christmas (I hope you don’t mind but I am taking a break for a couple of days, I have been busy!) I will return after Boxing Day and resume my usual duties!

But onto today, and I bring you the second saber inspired by the time travelling series Dr Who and this time it belongs to one of his enemies! This race of armour plated aliens hail from the planet Skaro and are the result of the experiments into genetics that their leader conducted. This Leader attempted to create a super species with unbowing loyalty. These genetic organisms would become a formidable army in the civil war taking place on Skaro. Unfortunately the experiments didn’t work out as expected and the creatures mutated and needed the metallic life support pods to survive. This made them nearly invulnerable…nearly, as the Doctor encountered and battled these creatures many times. They are of course the Daleks, which is the name of their species reversed (they were originally humanoid and called Kaleds) and one Dalek in particular may own a saber like this…I call it Vador’s Lightsaber…

Here I tried to capture the look of the Dalek casing in the saber’s design, so an all metallic look worked best. The emitter reminded me of the vertical metal plates and rings that circulate round the Dalek body near to the dreaded sink plunge…er, sorry disintegrator ray! The hilt grip also has vertical plates that look a little like the skirt like section of the lower half of the Dalek machine. There are even rivets on the grip which mimic the sphere like structures though not quite as many!  The pommel represents the bumper ring that circles the bottom of the Dalek casing which means they can’t climb up stairs (until much later when they upgraded themselves with anti-gravity devices – ELEVATE!). Now the name of the saber some people may think is a typing error by myself (no I didn’t mean to type Vader), but is a cunningly clever anagram of the name of the Dalek Creator and Leader..this guy…


I think you may be able to rearrange the letters to spell his name out! I hope you enjoyed this design but my enemy has struck again, I have run out of time and will need to end this post shortly. But before I go I want to thank you all for visiting and supporting FTSabersite and wish you all a HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I will be back in a few days time…

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. Dr Who, Dalek and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.


Lord Tempus Lightsaber – Inspired by a Doctor

Hello Everybody, today I have a design inspired by a special traveller! He has visited the ends of the known Galaxies, explored non-space, alternate realities and even witnessed the beginning and end of time. He has two hearts and has one name, yes, I am talking about The Doctor! This alien hails from Gallifrey and is a Time Lord. His mode of transport is a special time machine which can camouflage itself to blend in with it’s surroundings (so the Doctor can explore without causing a disturbance!). However the spaceship he “borrowed” has a slight fault, the Chameleon Circuit which camouflages the vehicle is damaged and the ship appears as an old English Police Box! The spaceship is also more commonly known as The TARDIS, which inspired this saber…Lord Tempus…

I tried to create a look similar to the TARDIS (which is a Type 40 by the way) and began by choosing the blue colour for the grip section. This colour is pretty close to the blue used to paint the exterior (did you know the TARDIS is BIGGER on the inside than it is outside?  🙂 ) The emitter is meant to replicate the flashing lantern on the roof. The switch section and pommel represent the windows and wood panelling respectively. The colour scheme is also similar to the current logos used on the show. Do you think the Doctor might use this saber along with his Sonic Screwdriver?.. I reckon they would make a nice pair of gadgets.

Time…sadly I am running out of it and will have to bring this post to an end. Before I go I would like to thank you for visiting my site and hope you will return in the future for more new saber designs.

Dr Who was created by Sydney Newman, C.E. Webber and Donald Wilson. Dr Who, TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of BBC Television.