Mon Calamarian Lightsaber – A Sub-Aquatic Saber

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber I am pleased with, so we will need to check our Jedi Respirators and your SCUBA diving gear as we visit Mon Cala! This saber I designed a long time back but only just rediscovered it and I envisaged that it belonged to Gial Ackbar. Gial Ackbar was born (hatched?) and raised on the aquatic world of Mon Cala where he became the Captain of the Mon Calamari Guard and chief military advisor to the King, Yos Kolina. However this was during the time of the Clone Wars and nothing stayed peaceful for long, even under water. Sadly King Kolina was assassinated by Separatist Riff Tamson, but the credit for the crime was taken by another faction so as to start a civil war on the planet. As a result a new King couldn’t be crowned which Darth Sidious sensed as an opportunity to take advantage. He sent Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS) to muddy the waters. This prompted the Republic and the Jedi Council to send Senator Amidala and Anakin Skywalker to assist Mon Cala. Anakin had a saber so I thought Gial Ackbar would benefit from owning one so here is my design for him, this is Mon Calamarian…

I attempted to capture the look of the creature that probably inspired the look and design of Gial Ackbar, the Squid! The emitter has a oceanic cyan coloured blade and is reminiscent of the pointed bulbous head of the squid and Ackbar himself. The switch and body have scale like accents and blocks to represent the coarse skin of the calamari. The pommel is once again one of my FTE Emitter Pommels, and looks perfect as the tentacles that help propel the squid through the water and catches it’s prey.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Admiral Ackbar (Tim Rose) Photo Credit: David James ©Lucasfilm 2015

As you can see from the picture above Gial Ackbar is of course Admiral Ackbar famous for leading the Rebel Alliance against the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi, oh and his famous line “IT’S A TRAP!”. With help from Anakin and another Jedi, Kit Fisto, Gial Ackbar was able to win the battle for his home world. A new King was crowned and new allegiances pledged. Ackbar went on to command in the Rebel Alliance and much later was enlisted by General Leia to help the Resistance in their fight against the First Order and Starkiller Base.

So that was Mon Calamarian and we have learned a few facts, firstly, Admiral Gial Ackbar was a formidable military tactician for many years and secondly, Lightsabers can be made to work UNDERWATER! (You can see Anakin’s saber used underwater in the Clone Wars cartoon telling the above story of the battle for Mon Cala, so it is canon!) I hope you liked this offering and will return to see more new designs in upcoming posts. Thank you for looking in today and supporting FTSabersite! Till next time.

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Plagueis Lightsaber – Weapon of the “Wise”

Hello Everybody, this design is a little later than usual but I decided that the Star Wars 40th Anniversary should be celebrated a bit longer. The anniversary celebrated Star Wars being released in theatres around the galaxy and the story of the Skywalker family. Well another “myth” or story we heard in Revenge of the Sith revolved around a mysterious character some people believed was Supreme Leader Snoke in TFA. Whilst in the theatre on Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine retold a tale about Plagueis the Wise, a Sith Lord who had the power to manipulate the Force and Midichlorians to produce life and as a result cheat death. Palpatine also explained that Plagueis was so powerful the only thing he was afraid of was losing that power. Unfortunately for Plagueis, his apprentice killed him in his sleep (having first been plied heavily with alcohol). The Rule of Two dictated that there could only be one Master and one Apprentice at any given time. Plagueis’ apprentice had found a student of his own to teach and felt he could learn no more from his own master so killed Plagueis. Well that was part of the story, but you have been waiting for a saber design so here is Plagueis Lightsaber…

This is my Plagueis inspired design. As Plagueis is part of the Expanded Universe/Legends stories and was only briefly mentioned by Palpatine, we haven’t seen an official canon image of him or his weapon. However there was a novel written by James Luceno and a range of Collectors Figurines based on him. I based this design on the illustrations taken from graphic novels etc. The saber has a very old look to it (akin to something from the Old Republic Era). The hilt is heavily weathered as if it has been lost a long time. I have to point out this saber DOES  NOT have a dedicated pommel. I used a Coupler with a blade plug inserted into the end to recreate the vented pommel seen in the illustration below.

With a little bit of tweaking it should be possible to use the coupler and blade plug as a pommel but I think it looks quite accurate considering  😀 The second picture above shows what the saber may have looked like when new and cared for. (There are also some people who believe Plagueis used a saber pike like the one supplied with the figurine, just for clarity!)

Well folks, that was some of the story about Plagueis the Wise. I hope you enjoyed it and the design. I need to take this opportunity to let you all know I may be posting less frequently from now on. There are two reasons, firstly I have posted every day for the past 8 months and in most posts I delivered a new design (some were from my valued Guest Designers) but now I need to slow down. Secondly finding a good strong theme to base a hilt on is getting difficult (be it finding a character or ship or Sports team etc). To make these designs stand out I need to do more work on them which takes time. So please bear with me and keep calling into FTSabersite as I continue working on new stuff. Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you all once more. Till next time.

Darth Plagueis was created by George Lucas and appeared in the James Luceno novel “Darth Plagueis”. All Trademarks/©Copyrights belong to their respective owners.

Happy Birthday Star Wars – Happy For-Tyeth!

Hello Everybody, A long time ago, forty years to the day, in a galaxy far, far away called the United States of America….a star filled screen was the backdrop for a crawling passage of text, followed by a space battle between two ships, and the start of a phenomenon. Yes that phenomenon is Star Wars which debuted in cinemas this very day forty years ago. Little did we know what an impact it would have on us and popular culture since. It was a “Space Opera” with good guys and bad, Princesses, evil villains, mystic hobbits, droids, smugglers and a reluctant hero! Phew! that’s a long list. The film also had cool gadgets and props, including a planet killing space station, starfighter spaceships with lasers, handheld laser pistols and rifles…..oh and probably the greatest weapon ever conceived….the Lightsaber! A glowing energy beam sword that was able to cut through almost anything that extended and retracted when switched on or off. Then there was the sound of the saber courtesy of the genius of Ben Burtt. How many of us, as kids didn’t imitate the humming “Vrrrwwwm….Vrrrwwwm” noises waving various sticks and tubes about! Well as tribute I have a gallery of pictures of the first Lightsaber we ever saw on screen (or at least a custom saber manufacturer’s simile of one!)…here is Graflex Noir 77…

This was the prop in the film that got us all excited. The “Graflex” Lightsaber which Obi-Wan Kenobi passed onto Luke Skywalker, the saber belonging to Luke’s father originally. The saber wasn’t called a Graflex in the film, that refers to the item which was modified to build the prop in real life. The handle was originally a handle from an old 1930/40’s camera flash gun made by Graflex, the sort seen in movies used by newspaper reporters. The flash gun was a silver, tubular handle with a large metal dish attached at the top. The prop builders discovered a collection of these at the back of the studios and realised if they removed that dish which held the flash bulb, they had something that looked like the handle of a futuristic sword!1487778598-0

The blades of these props weren’t as good as they are today on replica hilts and props, instead they were lengths of three sided dowel rod. The rods didn’t glow but a clever camera technician wrapped the dowels in a metallic cloth used for cinema screens (called ScotchLite) and connected it to a small motor so it would rotate. He used a trick which shone light through the lens of the camera. This light would hit the cloth covered dowel and reflect back into the camera causing a flickering glow. Unfortunately if the movement of the camera and the blade weren’t co-ordinated the blade would move out of range and the glow would disappear.

Trust me Luke this stick is lethal without proper training to use it!

If you look closely at Luke’s sleeve you can see the wire that connected the motor in the hilt to it’s battery pack! And one final little fun fact, the actors weren’t allowed to actually clash the sabers together as they were very delicate but if you watch the battle between Darth Vader and Obi-Wan on the Death Star, both warriors swing their sabers and they “clash”…look very closely and you will see a small cloud of dust appear on impact. That dust is some of the metallic particles from the cloth!

None of this mattered to us fans however, a Lightsaber was a cool laser sword that all wannabe heroes wanted. I had one, a flashlight with a 1.5 volt light bulb powered by a couple of batteries, with a big plastic tube on the end. I didn’t get my first until the third film of the saga, so that’s another story. To finish today I will take a risk and post a coule of movie stills to celebrate the film’s anniversary, and if anyone from Disney or LucasFilm want me to remove them let me know, I always give credits etc to all material used here. So here are a few stills some old school black and white for nostalgia and some in colour for the younger newer generation of fans…enjoy and thanks for looking in today. Till next time.

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Graflex Real
The Lightsaber, the dream.

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Calrissian Lightsaber – A Scoundrel’s Saber

Hello Everybody, today I finally get back to the Star Wars universe and present to you my design for a character that is a fan favourite. So much so there seems to be a campaign to “Bring him back!” for the new film The Last Jedi. That character is of course Lando Calrissian, the former administrator of Bespin City, the the floating mining facility in Empire Strikes Back. Lando was a bit of a rogue and a ladies man, and nearly proved to be an equal to Han in the race for Princess Leia’s affections (I think Leia always wanted to be with Han, but having Lando show her attention didn’t hurt matters, it helped keep Han on his toes!). So it seems Lando lost the Millennium Falcon to Han in a card game, lost Princess Leia to Han and lost Bespin to the Empire…I think he deserves a saber don’t you? Yes, and here is my design for him, this is Calrissian Lightsaber…

There, hopefully this should cheer Lando up! I designed this to have a little bit of flair, with a few nods to Bespin. The blade is white, reminiscent of the whispy clouds that shared the sky with Bespin “Cloud” City (maybe I should nickname this hilt Cloud City..hmm?). The hilt has an overall blue powder coat to reflect his outfit from ESB with it’s cape and gold brocade. I was going to add a few gold accents but felt that might be a bit gaudy (but having seen what Lando did to the Falcon in the Lego Star Wars cartoons I needn’t have worried). The hilt body has markings and recessed areas that remind me of the arches and beams of the floating city as does the pommel. The pommel looks so much like the mushroom shaped accommodation pods on the upper surfaces of the city.

That was Calrissian Lightsaber, I hope you enjoyed it. I don’t know if Lando will resurface in The Last Jedi but at least we got to see him again in ROTJ. (But don’t worry there is another chance to see Lando, albeit in his younger years in the Han Solo anthology film). I guess time will tell.

Yes I mentioned that word again, Time, sadly it is running out on me. I will have to bring this post to an end shortly, but before I go, as always I need to thank you all. Your support keeps me designing and posting these hilts and you have been visiting from all around the globe so thank you so much. I sincerely hope you will return to see upcoming posts where I have a Legends inspired hilt and some more from my friends. Till next time.

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Cleveland Cavs Lightsaber – Another NBA Sports Themed Saber

Hello Everybody, Hopefully you will know me by now as a fair person, I like equal opportunity etc and of course Balance. So when I realised I had created a saber for the Boston Celtics but I hadn’t created one for their opponents in the Eastern Conference Final, I had to rectify the situation! So here I present my design for the Cleveland Cavaliers. This saber took a while to create as it’s one with multiple layers of colour. But I won’t make you wait any longer here is the Cleveland Cavs Lightsaber…

This saber doesn’t have as many geographical inspired design cues as some of my other designs, it is more along the lines of the team colours. On my satellite system the Cav’s uniforms were white with red and orange trim so this saber shares those colours. The Orange bands on the grip refer to Bobby “Bingo” Smith famed for his long range jump shots. He helped the Cavs to an NBA Central Division Title in 1975 and was part of the Miracle of Richfield (game 2 of the Semi-Finals vs Washington Bullets). There are 7 bands to represent his jersey number. The red band near the emitter signifies the single Championship Title in the franchise’s history (2016). The emitter itself has several hoops as a reminder of the scoring power of “The Big Three” of LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.

Hopefully the followers of the Cavaliers will approve of this hilt. These Powder Coated hilts take more time to create (and can sometimes appear in low quality but sadly that is the graphics format the builder uses) however they do lift the design from just a basic silver and black hilt. I am always working on ideas for new hilts for characters and themes.

Unfortunately for this post we are running out of time and I will have to part company with you shortly. But as always I want to thank you for looking in today, it’s great to have your support. Please call back to see what new stuff my friends and I come up with in upcoming posts. Till next time.

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Attitude Lightsaber 2 – A new purpose for an old idea

Hello Everybody, I have a saber today that I considered for my Attitude Lightsaber (A saber for a fallen Council Member-?). Once again this design didn’t quite fit with the theme I was aiming for, it had to replace Mace Windu’s lost lightsaber in case the Jedi Master did survive his fall from the Emperor’s office window. I still thought this saber would prove useful so kept the details. Fast forward to last night and I was scrolling through the list of recommended posts WordPress collected based on my interests and I came across a post by a blogger who had two young sons and were fans of Star Wars. They had visited Hollywood where the younglings got the chance to build their own sabers from the toy parts you can get. They were excited, fuelled by the experience of meeting Chewie and all, and as soon as they got home…started wreaking havoc with their own Lightsaber battle. Now the mother, totally defenceless was caught in the melee (I can’t describe it as crossfire can I!) and needed a saber, so I remembered this design and am posting it here in case she wants it! This is Attitude 2….

Now this saber as you can see is sleek and uncluttered, so wouldn’t suit Mace’s flashy style…however it should suit Shiri’s purposes quite well. Shiri is the lady in question and writes a blog titled, Writing Is Communication and in her post about the lightsaber adventures of her younglings (Click here to read) stated “I would choose a purple saber”. Well the colour depends on your character/temperament and how you meditate on the crystal that forms the blade, but in this case I had a purple hilt spare! The saber is also in a child resistant black and silver design which is very easy to clean (I hear younglings are very messy sometimes) yet it’s still more elegant than a Blaster! I think this hilt would even the odds.

I have just been introduced to Writing Is Communication and Shiri, so will be returning to read a few more posts and introduce myself (I wouldn’t want her to think I was some crazy human pretending to be a Jedi Master Lightsaber designer, now would I?  😀 ) I hope you my regular viewers and followers, as well as Shiri enjoyed this little design. I am putting the finishing touches to the two hilts I mentioned in my previous post, so I hope you can join me for those, thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

“Attitude 2” is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth. This site and it’s contents, designs and material are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Swift Lightsaber – A Quick Sith Design

Hello Everybody, I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Steelers inspired saber, I am still not sure which version I prefer but that’s ok. I have another new hilt which came about while I was building Borderline (RED) Lightsaber and Borderline Lightsaber. I was asked to produce a hilt that looked both Jedi and Sith like by a YouTube Creator and this design was one of the first configurations I considered. It wasn’t quite right, however I felt that it had a little something about it and made a note of the parts used so I could return to it later. (I am getting to be quite good at recycling nowadays! 😀 )The hilt was too Sith looking, even with the silver and black finish but when I went with all black parts it popped! So here is my latest (and possibly quickest) design, this is Swift…

For a design that came together in less than 10 minutes, I’m pretty pleased. I do have an advantage, having built and rejected so many sabers using this software I now have a good idea of the parts that blend together best. I did use an old technique I like of putting the switch near the FTE pommel, which allows the user to have a great grip with their dominant hand while the lower hand can grip the pommel and operate the switches via their thumb without interfering with the main hand. The rest of the hilt is suitably Sith.

So that was Swift Lightsaber, and a funny thing has happened since the YouTuber asked me to create the design for him. He had taken down the video I commented on but has since reposted two similar versions of the original video (?). I don’t know what’s going on there, but I can tell you I am working on a couple of hilts which need Powder Coating colours applied, so I will do my best to get those ready. One is for an NBA team I have mistakenly neglected (they are in the finals playing a team I have already created a hilt for) and a second hilt for a fan favourite character from Empire Strikes Back. There has been an outcry for this person to return in The Last Jedi. He will be appearing here on FTSabersite shortly!

I am “Swiftly” running out of time so I need to say my “thank you”‘s! Thanks to all my regular viewers and followers for the continuous support you give me. And to the “new” visitors I have sensed hailing from Brazil and Australia welcome and please call back again to see what those new designs are! Till next time.

Pittsburgh Steeler Saber – Tribute to the “Steeler Nation”

Hello Everybody, I hope you all liked Roger Redux’s second contribution to FTSabersite, his Rorschach Lightsaber design. So strikingly simple it made it complex! Thanks again to Roger. Today however I bring you a complex saber of my own, and one in my Sports Themed hilts series. It is slightly overdue as the colour scheme was complex (and at first I wasn’t sure of the look so had to tweak it meaning more work!) but it has finally reached it’s intended home. The saber is a tribute to the team that call their home “Heinz Field”, they play in the AFC North at present and have a following called the “Steeler Nation” Yes this saber is for the Pittsburgh Pirates…sorry Pittsburgh Steelers! They were originally nicknamed the Pirates when they were founded way back in 1933 by Art Rooney. Surprisingly the team is still owned by Art Rooney’s descendants to this day, with his grandson Art Rooney II. Well enough talk Tyeth, it’s time to reveal the saber so here is Pittsburgh Steelers Saber….

I hope this hilt finds approval with the Steeler Nation! To begin there is a Steelers “gold” blade to match the colour found on their uniforms. And that blade projects from an emitter with three spines, representing three rivers, The Allegheny, the Monongahela and the Ohio…but more importantly it represents the Steeler’s old stadium that was named the Three Rivers Stadium. Around the emitter are three bands of Powder coat colour, Steeler Gold, Red and Blue, a nod to the diamond accents on the team logo. The rest of the hilt is a mix of black and gold the primary colours of the uniform.

Now I mentioned I wasn’t sure of the original look I came up with, well to begin I had to make two sets of images as shown above (pics 1 &2) then combine them together so that I had silver parts on a black hilt, these silver parts I could then paint on. But my original saber looked like image three with just the three bands of colour. So I decided to add a Steeler Gold hand grip. However I had to start the Powder Coat paint process all over again!

The process took time but I hope you think it was worth the effort. And speaking of time, it has crept up on me once more and I will have to end shortly. Before I go however I’d like to thank the viewer from Italy who checked out Savannah95’s Berserker and Resonant lightsaber designs, your support is greatly welcomed. And to all my viewers and followers thank you too and please call back for more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

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Rorschach Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, Today I bring you the second of Roger Redux’s designs in his Watchmen series of sabers. Following on from Dr Manhatten Lightsaber, Roger designed this saber based on the character Walter Joseph Kovacs. Walter Kovacs was born in the slums of New York and was brought up by his mother, his father missing. Kovacs believed that his father was on some sort of secret mission for US President Truman, as a result of the story his mother told him. This wasn’t true as his father left five years before Truman came to power. This “white lie” began the process of cracking Kovacs’ trust and regards for his mother. The mother worked as a Prostitute and often beat the young Kovacs, which eventually led to him being taken into care after he assaulted two bullies in self defense. These early events began Walter’s descent into becoming the vigilante crimefighter called Rorschach and this is Roger’s saber design for him….

The saber is built using Standard Dual Tone parts, and to good effect. Kovacs later went on to work in a Garment Factory where he befriended a young woman, this woman had a dress made for her but didn’t like it. The dress was made from a unique material of two layers, between which were two chemical liquids. These liquids were such that they never mixed together but swirled around in an ever changing pattern of black and white patches. Kovacs took the discarded dress and when he discovered that the young woman had been brutalised and killed he decided to take action. He crafted a mask from the dress’ material and changed his name to Rorschach! The mask reminiscent of the famous Psychology Inkblot test images. Because of his insecurities Rorschach chose the masked visage over that of his own given face, saying the mask best represented him and his humanity. The Dual Tone black and silver work perfectly to replicate the mask and Inkblot images. The blade is purple which matches the headband that circles Rorschach’s fedora hat, the only exception to his drab and downtrodden appearance. Rorschach became a nightcrawler and a very successful crimefighter.

Do you see it
Can you see what I see?

I think the use of the monochrome look on this saber is perfect for the character that inspired it. I hope you enjoyed this offering from Roger as much as I did. He has more designs based on the Watchmen franchise which will appear in future posts. You can learn more about Walter “Rorschach” Kovacs by watching the movie and reading the graphic novels! I want to thank Roger for sharing this design with FTSabersite.

Well I am afraid time has caught up with me again and I will have to bring this post to an end shortly. But first I want to thank all of my viewers and followers for the continued support. I hope you will all return to see the upcoming designs from my friends and I. Till next time.


“Rorschach Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Walter Joseph Kovacs, Rorschac and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.

Borderline (RED) Lightsaber – The Blurring Line

Hello Everybody, I am slightly excited today as I may have had a visit from one of the highest regarded SaberSmiths in the business. I commented on one of his YouTube videos and this gentleman replied to my comment. I also left my website address in case he was interested to have a look and having checked my Stats page…I think he has been! So thank you to him (I won’t name drop until I have your permission to mention you by name ok!). I also have the second saber of the two hilts I introduced four days ago. That saber was Borderline Lightsaber – On the Brink of Turning where the owner may be on the verge of turning to the Darkside. But I mentioned that the design was flexible enough to still look Sith-like, so I will just leave a gallery here to show you. This is Borderline (RED)….

I think this makes quite a good Sith looking hilt, it is just on that point of being flashy looking and aggressive but with a blue blade can still pass as a Jedi weapon. Conflicted might have been a better name for this saber (I literally just thought of that as I typed 😀  ). This hilt would still be comfortable to use either conventionally, or if you like showing off your skills, it is good for spinning having that great “choke point” . However depending on whereabouts on the spectrum you are of Light and Dark (Red or Blue) you may end up being a mix of both…or a Gray Jedi. As a result your blade may turn Purple!

Just before I have people sending comments asking “Can you buy the Red,White and Blue blade anywhere?” I’m afraid that is just some Photo Editing done by me to demonstrate how thin the line is between Good and Bad/ Light or Dark. You can actually buy replica sabers with purple blades though!

There are a lot of blurred lines and similarities in life around the Galaxy and as this isn’t a full new design I thought I’d make up for it with a little Meme I created based on my recent Dune inspired hilts. Remember I said Star Wars and Dune seemed similar? Take a look at this….I know that guy!

Been Dune Before
Isn’t this Lor San Tekka?

Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini saga series of hilts. It just goes to show how precarious the balance is in life. Thanks to all the visitors who have checked out my site, whether you are a long time follower or if you have just discovered it thanks for calling in. Your support is much appreciated. I hopefully will have a few more new hilts to share and another Roger Redux hilt so please join me again to see those in upcoming posts. Till next time.

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