Arbitrator – A tribute to Ultrasabers’ Arbiter

Hello Everybody, after last week’s tribute and offering to Shameem Moshrefzadeh I am about to introduce a design I came up with last year but never posted. It is a “tribute” design of a lightsaber called the Arbiter (and it’s Darkside version) which is designed and built by the company Ultrasabers. Ultrasabers have a wide range of custom hilts and the Arbiter is considered by fans who own one as a great all round saber. So I will keep you waiting no longer, here is my nod to Ultrasabers, this is Arbitrator….

I think this is a nice hilt and would make a fantastic duelling saber due to having many gripping options. I was able to recreate these handgrips by using multiple coupler sections normally used to combine two separate hilts into a staff. The rest of the saber was easier to recreate as the original design which just seems “solid” in my opinion. The reason I never posted this design is that I couldn’t really post this on either Ultrasabers’ or Saberforges’ forums without breaking forum rules. Now I have this site however I can finally let it see the light of day!

And for the sake of balance I will include links to both Ultrasabers’ and Saberforge’s websites and forums at the end of the post so you can check them out. I also have a few more “Inspired by…” designs for upcoming posts but next up are some hilts for a group of galaxy defenders. I hope you’ll join me again to see those. Now, as you can guess I am about to run out of time and I need to say thank you to all of my viewers and followers (and I have noticed a spike in visitor numbers from Germany so hello to you too!) Your support is much appreciated. Till next time.

Ultrasabers links:

Store Website:    Forum Site: 

Saberforge links:

Store Website:     Forum Site: Has now been shut down by owner.

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Ordained Saber – A design for Shameem

Hello Everybody, after the excitement of last week’s new delivery of my new saber, I felt I should post a design to help explain why I want to attempt an install of a lightsaber myself. Well in November 2015 I finally had the funds to buy my first (and so far only) custom saber as a combined birthday and Christmas present to myself. And as an owner of a saber I decided to join the forum of the company that built it and it was here where I discovered talented folks who built their own sabers and installed electronics etc. I was amazed and as part of my “training” I wanted to build my own too. One of the talented individuals I learnt about was a gentleman called (wait for it….) Shameem Moshrefzadeh, or as most saber fans know him Shameem! Shameem had installed many sabers including a fabulous saber based on the Aliens from the self titled movie franchise and he has built a few Qui-Gon Jinn replicas. I liked the Aliens hilt but obviously I was drawn to the Qui-Gons. Shameem posts videos of his creations and I have enjoyed watching them and was inspired. I also realised he had shared his talents to build all these sabers for other people…but no one had designed one for him so I did! So here is my hilt for Shameem, called Ordained…

Now it transpires that Shameem is a follower of the Baha’i Faith and he posted a series of videos to celebrate the Ayyam-i-Ha, a big religious holiday for followers of the faith that emphasises charity and giving to persons more in need than themselves. So I designed this saber and tried to incorporate aspects/elements that would hopefully have a relevance to Shameem and his faith. The first aspects are the rings of the grenade grip and the inserts between the forks of the emitter which I  “powder coated” in green, a colour I believe represents Predetermination and was the colour of the Bab’s turban. Predetermination can also mean Ordained and I believe Shameem was meant to be as successful as he is and so this is how I came up with the saber’s name. The second aspect is the number 9, which I have read is associated with perfection and is the numerical value of the word “Bahá’” This I incorporated by colouring nine rings of the grenade grip section of the hilt. The pommel also has a lit emitter used as a crystal chamber pommel with, of course, a green crystal. The emitter and pommel are meant to represent the beautiful houses of worship (actually the one I have seen is more a cathedral!) and an acknowledgement to the faith itself.

I came up with this design on March 3rd 2017 and tried a couple of times to contact Shameem and send him a copy of the pictures but I had communication problems (I don’t have Facebook or Twitter so the Imperials/Empire/First Order can’t track me ;D ) Since then Shameem has posted a saber video on his YouTube channel which is called “Remembrance” Custom Lightsaber – Celebrating the Bicentenary of the Birth of Baha’u’llah Baha’i Faith” This saber echoes my design in using aspects of the faith and embodying them in saber form. Obviously his saber is much nicer than mine and you can view his channel by clicking the link HERE where you will see his video playlist (including his Aliens and Qui-Gon sabers!)

I hope Shameem approves of this design and I want to thank him for the inspiration to make me want to try and install my Qui-Gon hilt. I also want to thank you, my viewers and followers once again for your support it is never taken for granted and means a lot to me. I am running out of time so I hope you will visit again for my upcoming posts. Till next time.

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First look at my new hilt!

Hello Everybody, so I have had a day to admire and mess around pretending I am a Jedi with my new saber – but I imagine you will want to see it too! So I have a couple of pictures for you today. I apologise they aren’t the best quality but I only have access to a mobile phone camera at the moment, my “Android” tablet bricked up last year and I haven’t been able to replace it yet….the Jawas haven’t been in my neighbourhood to sell me a new ‘droid 😀 !!

As you can see it already is a BEAUTY (the saber not me!) It is a Qui-gon Jinn inspired model called the “SSQY Super Stunt” made by a company named One Replicas. The company is well known for making great (and much sought after) hilts but sadly I couldn’t afford their early released products but I managed to snag a hold of this one! It is not quite “screen accurate” as the grooves on the hand grip aren’t as deep as they are on the real life prop Liam Neeson used in The Phantom Menace but I don’t care I love this hilt anyway! It is 28.5cm long (11.3 inches) but is sooo slim  – it measures in at 3.8cm at it’s widest, that’s 1.5 inches! As a result the chamber down the middle where all the electronics have to fit is only 25mm or 1 inch in diameter….that’s going to make it a VERY TIGHT fit. Luckily I have plans and there are some parts which will make installing this saber a little easier. But for now I am back to saving up funds to buy those.

Keep your focus on the here and now and save your pennies Tyeth! (Copyright Disney/LucasFilm)


I hope you like the hilt, I know I love it. It was the saber design I originally wanted to own over two years ago but couldn’t afford the models that were offered by other manufacturers. But thanks to One Replicas they have brought my dream of owning this classic lightsaber a little closer to reality. Thank you for checking out this post and please keep an eye open for future updates, they won’t be as regular as my scheduled designing posts but should still be fun!

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There has been an arrival!..did you hear it?

Hello Everybody, just a sneak peek into my cave/workshop. I have received a package today did you hear it arrive? What’s in the box? Oooh it’s a Mystery! What could it be? Well this guy delivered it!…

F.T.) Aren’t you a little short to be a Postal Worker?  S.T.) Very funny Tyeth!

As you can see my little postal worker has brought me the first pieces of my build and if you want to know what’s in the box then I will have a few pictures to share with you in my next scheduled post (and hopefully the pics will be better quality – I only have a mobile phone camera 😦 but you should be able to make things out!)

My adventure and journey has begun…I hope you will stick around to see how I get on. Thank you for looking in today. Till next time.

p.s. And if anyone knows where I can get a second hand for my Stormtrooper friend I would be very grateful if you could let me know! I saved this trooper after he was discarded because he suffered an injury and lost one 😀

Chopper Lightsaber – Inspired by C1-10P

Hello Everybody. Today I have to take us back to the Star Wars universe in a BIG way as the whole Star Wars franchise has been shaken to it’s foundations. It was the series finale for the popular animation Star Wars: Rebels and in that final episode it has been established that “Time Manipulation” is a thing! Yes Disney must have seen my Flux Capacitant Back to The Future(Back to the Future) hilt and now Star Wars characters can interact and alter timelines with the Force! This is big enough news as it is but it also drew my attention to the fact that I hadn’t created any hilts based on this section of Star Wars. So I have to rectify that and what better way than to create a hilt for the most popular droid in Rebels…C1-10P or as you may know him….CHOPPER! Now Chopper is the heroic, if somewhat ageing and cantankerous droid who acts as the maintenance team for the Ghost, the ship belonging to Hera Syndulla, Kanan Jarrus and of course Ezra Bridger. Chopper may be older and irritable but he has many tools and gadgets to help him get any job done…but again this droid has no lightsaber…until now. May I present my saber for Chopper…

This saber I think would suit the eponymous droid nicely. I tried hard to match his distinctive colour scheme with the powder coating. The basis for this hilt is my Astromech hilt I used for R2-D2 and R2-KT (but don’t worry I know Chopper is a C-Series droid – just in case you thought I made a mistake!). So the saber has the same functionality and parts as my Sensorscope Saber and should compliment Chopper’s built in tools. He used his tools and gadgets on many missions including one to infiltrate the Imperial Naval Academy on the planet Lothal. He powder coated himself black to look like an Imperial droid – how ingenious was that?! And speaking of tools and ingenuity I have some personal news that is very exciting for me and I hope you think so too. I will tell you about it below…

Wow! I can’t believe my optics, that saber looks like me! (Copyright Disney/Lucasfilm)

The big news I have to share is I am about to begin building my first saber! No, not one on a computer screen, but a real nuts, bolts and metal lightsaber with electronics and everything! I can’t afford all the parts in one purchase but I will be placing an order to buy the hilt itself on Monday. The other parts including the lights and sound making electronics will be bought every few months or so and when I have everything I will begin a  new section on the site charting my attempt to become a real lightsaber builder. It’s going to be a heck of an adventure! (And you may just recognise the lightsaber when it’s finished ; ) )

Well after that little bit of news I am afraid I am out of time. I wish to thank everyone for looking in on this design and for all your support of me and the site. I appreciate your company and I hope you will all return for future posts where I finally get to post the 80’s action cartoon inspired hilts I promised and maybe I ‘ll be able to post a few details about any saber part deliveries I receive in my mailbox! Till next time.

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Praetor Power Lightwhip -inspired by the Elite Praetorian Guards

Hello Everybody, today I have a change to my planned post but at least this time it was due to me. I was checking out to get the latest news (there’s a new film coming out soon apparently called Solo!) and while I was there I scoped the Databank pages. It was here I saw a new article about Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guards and more specifically their weapons! One stood out from the rest and it was called the “Bilari Electro Chain Whip”. This weapon had a hilt like a lightsaber handle and a tubular metal shaft as it’s blade, but at the press of a button the blade separates into segments connected by links of plasma like energy. Thus the weapon’s blade becomes flexible and can be swung around like a whip! I thought to myself…”I gotta design one of these!”….so I have and here is my take on the Lightwhip design. I call this PRAETOR POWER

The hilt has the signature red glossy colour of the now famous Elite Praetorian Guard and some nice contrasting black accents. If you look closely at both the emitter and pommel segments you will see they are the same part, used to give the hilt a symmetrical look. Examine the parts even closer and you will see they have what look like slotted windows on the black stripes, these are similar to the oblong windows and light panes found on Imperial ships and of course Snoke’s flagship where we see the Guards do their thing against….well I better not say just in case you haven’t seen TLJ yet! And YES, I have mastered the technique to make curly bending blades…so now I can make more lightwhip designs. The blade is controlled by the two switches, one to activate and extend the blade out and the second to retract it again, controlling the length. Pressing and holding the second switch ultimately extinguishes the weapon. Here is the picture I used for reference and inspiration…

My design doesn’t have the individual segments but this design is technically possible to build from parts supplied by Saberforge. They sell a fibre optic blade that acts like a whip and lights up. So I hope my version does the Guards weapon justice.

I am closing in on the end of this post, but first I have to say thank you as always. This time I have a bigger thank you than normal as you my friends and viewers have helped me break the 6000 views milestone. So thank you so much for the support it really means a lot that I have managed to keep entertaining you all this time. I still have more designs to come so do please return for those (including that series of FIVE hilts inspired by an 80’s adventure cartoon I have mentioned). Till next time.

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