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I’ve Been Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Hello Everybody….Today is very special as I have been given the honour of calling myself a holder of a Liebster Award! And the people I have to thank for the nomination are the wonderful Mr & Mrs NW of the site NavigatingWorldsBlog. Mr & Mrs NW are avid Sci-Fi and Fantasy book readers and produce great reviews and articles on those books and topic. They felt that I was worthy of this accolade and to accept it I have 10 questions to answer, then I have the opportunity to ask 10 questions of my own to my list of nominees. A much fuller explanation of the rules can be found on the site The Global Aussie. But now I guess I need to answer Mr & Mrs NW’s questions! Here goes….

1) You need a team of 3 people to help you overthrow an emperor. Which fictional characters would you recruit and why?

As a wannabe Jedi (I have to say wannabe or Disney/Lucasfilm might try and take me to court!) I would have to choose Luke Skywalker. He has already helped defeat one Emperor with his Dad’s help and Luke demonstrated his experience and knowledge to great effect in The Last Jedi.

Secondly I would choose Gurney Halleck from Frank Herbert’s galaxy of Dune. Gurney is a respected “Man at Arms” and tactician. And should my band of heroes ever lead an army of peacekeepers afterwards then I would have Skywalker and Halleck to inspire them.

Thirdly I would select Shrek as a team member. I am quite well known for liking green and Shrek is green, has faced evil kings and could provide some comic relief!

2) What is the most surprising twist you have come across in a novel?

I read through one particular book all 300 pages and when I got to the climax I turned the page and found there had been a printing error….the page was blank!! I guess that is one plot twist that would leave you guessing (though I’m not sure it really counts but I thought it was a funny story that happened to me)

3) You are hunting for a house to buy with your family. The only places available are Northern Westeros (north of the wall), Mordor, and Arrakis. At which location will you purchase a home?

I guess in conjunction with my first answer I would have to choose Arrakis as my team of heroes would be at home on a sand dune planet (well maybe not Shrek). Luke grew up around the deserts of Tatooine, whilst Gurney is a Fremen from Arrakis anyway and he could introduce me to the locals!

4) If you had to attend a fictional school of magic, which one would you select?

While not quite a magic school in the traditional style of Gryffindor, I did attend the Almas Jedi Academy in the Cularin System. It was an academy set up by the Jedi to secretly monitor an ancient Sith fortress and I was sent by the Jedi Council as one the Masters to teach there. The school was destroyed sadly during The Clone Wars.

You can read more about it here: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Almas_Academy

5) You are the likable, but slightly useless, best friend to the main character. What one skill keeps you out of trouble?

I have the ability of premonition. I know what I am going to say before I say it! Seriously though I do have a little bit of an ability to predict the future as I posted this image on a lightsaber themed forum TWO weeks before The Force Awakens was released.Windshield Bugs If you have seen the film you will remember a large alien called a Rathtar climbed onto the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit and made a mess on the windows as Han Solo blasted out of the hanger of the cargo vessel the Falcon was docked in. So I would be able to see upcoming dangers!

6) If you had to read every single book by one author, which author would you pick?

Alistair MacLean. I read the novel Sea Witch while I was still a youngling (I was nine years old at the time). To this day I still remember the images I formed in my head reading this book and can see the oil rig and the missile launchers which were installed on it. Then obviously there are his other books like “Guns of Navarone”, “Where Eagles Dare” and “Ice Station Zebra” plus I think another 102 other titles!

7) Which is the best country in the world?

Having been nominated by Mr & Mrs NW who hail from New Zealand I should say NZ but to be honest, there is no one country that is better than another….it is the people that make a part of the world great. However there are good and bad people from all nations.

So can I vote for WordPress-landia, the land of the best bloggers?

8) You are on an epic quest to save the world. You can take either a phoenix, a dragon, or an old bearded man. Which do you choose?

Wow another quest! You like to keep me busy don’t you? Again I would have to opt for experience and knowledge in the form of the bearded old man. This person (probably Luke Skywalker or Obi-Wan Kenobi) would have lived through and survived many situations and with proper guidance could teach me and pass on their knowledge to help me save the world.

9) Wine or Beer?

Depends on the occasion, I do drink both now and then but I do like a nice Sullustrian Gin when I can get one! (Can’t stomach Synth-col though, it has to be proper alcohol not artificial).

10) You have struck it lucky and book blogging is your full-time pursuit but you need a co-author for your blog. Who do you choose and why?

Number ten already? I am not the biggest reader in the world (at least not fiction reading) so I would need a really good Co-Author. I could form a short list which would consist of TheButtonEyedReader who I met when I first started blogging (nearly 18 months ago now – how time flies!). Then there are Nancy and Kathleen of Graphic Novelty2 who are both librarians. All three young ladies would make great Co-Authors but already have fantastic blogsites of their own (click on their names to visit their sites) so may be busy. So could I suggest Jocasta Nu, the Chief Librarian of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant? Jocasta would have a vast knowledge of literature from all corners of the galaxy which would be a tremendous asset to a noobie such as myself!

Phew! I am one third the way through this post and I believe I now have the opportunity to ask 11 questions of my own to my nominee candidates so here goes….

1) If you could re-write the end to any story, which story would it be and why?

2) I am currently watching the heroic (or crazy?) exploits of the Winter Olympic athletes, which of these events (or any sport in general if you are unsure about ice based sports) would you like to try?

3) A man takes his dog for a walk. The dog is on a leash that is 5 meters long, how far into the woods can the dog walk?

Ok, I got slightly distracted with those last two questions ( I am struggling to come up with more 😀 )

4) Back to serious questions, which two genres of books would you like to see used in a crossover or mash-up novel/book?

5) I am slowly working through watching the TV series “Outlander” on the Starz Network, so which show would you recommend I try watching next?

6) What is the best piece of book trivia you know?

7) This last year I have met a few famous people including Bossk from the film The Empire Strikes Back and the Doctor Who assistant Ace (aka Sophie Aldred). Have you met any famous people through blogging?

8) I have played electronic keyboards/synthesizers for over 35 years, what is your longest running hobby/pastime?

9) I am nearly at the end of this journey of questions, but first what was the most interesting journey you have made?

10) As you may know I design custom lightsabers, so which TV/Film/Book character would you suggest I create a design based on? (And I might just take up the challenge and create it for a future post!)

11) I’m not 100% certain if the award rule is ask 10 or 11 questions (it says 11 on the Global Aussie) so here is one final extra question just in case….Have I finished yet and can I end here?

I hope these questions have been a bit different and I have done a good job writing this accenptance post. I am really honoured that I have received this award as my blog covers a really niche topic and for me to have impressed people who aren’t necessarily Star Wars or lightsaber fans means a lot to me. So once more to Mr &Mrs NW thank you so much for the honour and I will do my best to come up with new and interesting designs and posts.

And for part three of this special post I have to nominate some candidates for their own Liebster Award, so in no particular order…

1) I would like to nominate a long standing friend I mentioned above, TheButtonEyedReader (Thank you for your ever present support!)

Numbers 2 and 3) Again I have mentioned these ladies already, Nancy and Kathleen of Graphic Novelty2

4) This is a guy who has a great sense of humour and a big love of toys and the adverts and catalogues for them, The Vintage Toy Advertiser

5) This next lady is a very talented costume and prop maker who cosplays as various Star Wars characters. All her outfits are made from “scavenged” or repurposed materials. Number 5 is Ella at scavengergreycosplay

6) And finally, this young lady has been feeling under the weather recently but still produces a colourful and charming blog focused on Doll collecting and everyday life for them. Her name is Kiki and writes Kiki Throught the Looking Glass

Please go and check out their sites if you haven’t already and hopefully they will take up the offer.

I think this brings me to the end of this acceptance post but as always I have my thanks to give. An even bigger thank you than normal goes out to MR & Mrs NW for my nomination (it certainly got me thinking and feeling a little crazy coming up with my questions!) And an equally big thank you to all the people I have mentioned here and the thousands of viewers who have looked in and commented, liked and followed me, you are all fantastic! I hope you will continue to check in for my future posts and designs. Till next time.

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Happy Valentine’s Day from For Tyeth

Hello and Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! This is an unplanned post as I didn’t think I would be celebrating today but I have two good reasons to now!

Firstly I have been shown some love from Mr & Mrs NW at Navigating Worlds, as they have nominated me for a “Liebster Award” so thank you very much for that. My acceptance post will be uploaded this weekend (I’m finding it hard to think of ten questions!) I will include links for everyone to go and visit their fantastic site in my post.

Secondly I have had a shout out on YouTube from a friend of this site, The Silent Ghost Reaper! Yes SGR mentioned me in his “Valentine’s Day Love” video. It is so strange but cool hearing my name mentioned on the Internet. You would have thought with all the interplanetary communication I have done I would be used to it but no, it is still special! So again, as SGR may be feeling the effects of the changes made by YouTube recently and needs supporting I will include a link here to his fantastic YT channel where he reviews tech and gadgets, with a healthy dose of humour! Here is the link:

The Silent Ghost Reaper’s YouTube Channel

And I have one final exciting piece of news, someone has shown an interest in obtaining one of my designs and may be buying one of them soon. Hopefully if they do, I will ask for some pictures so I can see what it looks like for real and not just some computer graphics! And I hope I will be able to share the pictures here too.

So I hope you all have a wonderful day with your loved one and even if you haven’t gotten any cards, remember someone out there loves you, me! Thanks for supporting me and this site and please join me for my next post, the Liebster Award Acceptance! Till next time.

FTSabersite and all content (designs and images, including Guest contributions) within are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

The Silent Ghost Reaper’s Request

Hello Everybody, I bet you didn’t think you would be hearing from me today! Well to be honest this is an impromptu posting for a very important message I have been asked to share with you all, especially the Younglings in the galaxy. It is a message from a friend of mine, The Silent Ghost Reaper, who I designed a pair of lightsabers for (click here to see them). SGR has his own YouTube channel and he became aware of a “fad challenge” going around involving Tide Pods. He posted a video about the dangers involved with this stupid challenge and asked if I could help warn folks by posting his video here too. So may I present The Silent Ghost Reaper and his plea to you to stay safe…

As you can see, this is a very dangerous craze that has been started so please don’t put anything like this into your mouths! Washing and laundry chemicals can be deadly and even if you are lucky to survive you could have lasting health effects for the rest of your lives. So please kids, stay safe!

The Silent Ghost Reaper


Now as this is a lightsaber themed site I had best include a little bit of lightsaber entertainment too, so I will show you one of the videos SGR posted on his channel which brought him to my attention. SGR recently purchased some sabers from a company named Ultrasabers, that offer customers the chance to buy a Mystery Saber that come with random colours, hilt models and the possibility of it having sounds. This is his “Unboxing” video of one such Mystery Box Saber….

As you can see he is very excitable! But then getting your first “real” saber with sounds is exciting, as you don’t have to go around swinging your saber making “Shwish! Vroom! Vroom! Shwish!” noises anymore! There are many more videos about SGR’s lightsabers and his very funny informative reviews of technology products on his channel. Due to recent changes made by YouTube SGR needs all the help he can get to keep his channel running, so please go and support him and his efforts there Here is a link to his channel page for your convenience:

The Silent Ghost Reaper YouTube Channel

Back here on FTSabersite, I have good news to share too! It appears that the other big lightsaber manufacturer, Saberforge have announced they will be adding new parts to the ASP System which means there will be even more choice and options to create new saber designs. And as always, I will be creating more designs with these new parts while I get a computer that can run Computer Aided Design software to make my own custom sabers!

Thank you to Silent Ghost Reaper for his public announcement message, I’m glad I could help you in some small way. And I’d like to say thanks to you, my viewers and followers for looking in on this post and for the support you give. It is much appreciated. Please call back in a few days for my next post with a BIG GREEN RAMPAGING MACHINE! Till next time.

“The Silent Ghost Reaper” and his videos appear here with permission and are ©Copyright of The Silent Ghost Reaper 2018. FTSabersite and all content within is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

The Unique Blogger Award – I’m honoured!

Hello Everybody, today I have had to alter my planned post once again…but this time it is for an extra special reason! Yes, as the title of this post suggests I have been graciously awarded the “Unique Blogger Award”!

The two lovely ladies who nominated me for this accolade are Nancy and Kathleen, who are two librarians and co-authors of a fascinating blog on comic books and literature titled Graphic Novelty2. Their blog has become my “go to site” when I need to learn a bit more about the worlds and characters of DC, Marvel, Dark Horse and other independent comic book publishing houses. And I have a lot to learn, I thought when I posted my Black Panther inspired hilt I was pretty up to date and clued up. Then Nancy posts an article about an alternate set of super anti-heroes called “The New 52” so I have a whole new line of characters to research now! You can find Nancy and Kathleen’s blog by clicking this link: Graphic Novelty2

So thank you to both Nancy and Kathleen for this award!

As part of the ritual to receive this award there are a few tasks I have to carry out which are displayed here:

The Rules (copy pasted)

1.Display Award

2.Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. Try to include a little promotion for the person who nominated you.

3.Answer questions they’ve written for you.

4.In the spirit of sharing love and solidarity with our blogging family, nominate other bloggers and ask them 3 questions.

I think I have covered rules one and two so here we go with question one!

N&K: Do you remember your dreams when you wake up?

FT: Sometimes, if the dream occurs near to when I wake up. But most of the time my dreams just consist of me travelling between different random settings. I could for example start out my dream in my flat, I then exit the front door but instead of being in the hallway I would be stood in the local park. I walk through the park gates but again instead of exiting onto the familiar road I should be stood in I end up in the cantina on Tatooine. Weird huh?

Ok, onto question two!

N&K: Do you listen to the radio? What kind of stations do you like? And what song makes you turn it off immediately?

FT: I used to be a cabaret style entertainer in clubs and bars so had to listen to quite a bit of music ranging from 50’s and 60’s rock all the way through to the current crop of pop, R&B, rap, techno, house. Sorta like beginning with House of the Rising Sun and Daydream Believer all the way through to being a “Belieber”! I am not a “Belieber” but I have met the band The Animals on my travels! So no I don’t think there is any music I would turn off, but maybe some I just wouldn’t give my full attention to.

Goodness me it’s question three!

N&K: Describe your best friend. Why are you friends with him/her?

FT: My best friend is a gentleman I met called Mr X, (not his real name of course, but he’ll know I mean him!) on one of the lightsaber themed forums I frequent. He shares a very similar sense of humour as me, enjoys the same types of shows and films and of course is a big fan of lightsabers and Star Wars. Due to the nature of his job (which I consider to be the most difficult job one could choose) my friend is not afraid to tell me things “straight” and so we can have disagreements or differences but we are still mates at the end of the day. And for this I’m very grateful!

Alrighty then, I believe I now have to ask three questions of my own for my nominees to answer, so it’s my turn to be the Question Master!

Q1) Along with a digital copy of your blog, what item would you put into a Time Capsule that would best help to describe you for future generations to find?

Q2) As I mentioned above I met the 60’s band The Animals, but I have also designed a lightsaber for a Time Lord’s Assistant, Sophie Aldred…so do you have any “Celebrity” claims to fame?

Q3) And if I may be a bit indulgent here, who is your favourite Jedi? (hint,hint!) Just kidding! No the question is, if you could be a character from TV or film who would you be and why?

Now my nominees are:

Princess of Paperback, Joyce from The Button Eyed Reader

This nice lady and book reviewer, has been a supporter of mine for a long time and has recently renamed her blog to be a bit more unique and stand out!

Evil Genius180 from EG180’s Hobby Den

Evil Genius or Chris, creates 3D model images of spaceships and combines them with real life space images to create some unique stunning artwork!


Dave K. Heath from Dave’s Corner of the Universe (DCotU)

Dave is a sci-fi and comic fan but every month he educates me with a great article featuring a “Things I’ve learned this month and when” list! And there’s some really unique facts!

Phew, I hope this acceptance post meets approval, I am out of practice typing these posts (last year I was fortunate enough to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award and was inducted into the Sistahood of Bloggers club….I guess that is unique!)

So thank you Nancy and Kathleen for showing some love and recognition for me and my blog, it is much appreciated. I thought last year was good but this has been an even better start to this year!

And to all my viewers and followers please be sure to check out Graphic Novelty2!

Thanks to everyone who supports me and this site, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be blogging and getting this nice award, so this is for you too. Till next time!

FTSabersite and all it’s content are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018.

Happy New Year from For Tyeth and FTSabersite + SOTY!

Hello Everybody, and may I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Yes it’s that time of year when we close one chapter and venture forth into the next, and here at FTSabersite I am looking forward to the New Year too! What a year it has been, both amazing but also disappointing (but I’ll get onto disappointing later!). Who can remember all the way back to January? Well it was in January I brought you a design for Chirrut Imwe, his Force Staff, my good friend Borommakot showed us his Zodiac inspired Capricorn Lightsaber. Then I returned with Baze Malbus and his FirePower Lightsaber pair of sabers, Savannah95, another good friend of the site, displayed her Berserker Lightsaber hilt and to finish the first week I brought Bodhi Rook’s Rogue Pilot Lightsaber to the show! That was just week one, and in total I have posted approximately 166 of my own saber designs over the year!

This brings me to my next “highlight”, that being my 3-Part Katana hilt collection. I posted a design on the 13th Jan for Kiki called Cherry Blossom Katana, a Katana style saber that had the main hilt and an extension, giving the saber 3 handgrips. cherry-blossom-horizontal-plate

Saberforge, a company that makes and sells custom sabers and developed the ASP Adaptive Saber Parts builder which I utilise to create my base models then released their own “3 Part Katana” called the RONIN on the 15th Jan! I will be honest and say I had heard that the RONIN was going to be released but I hadn’t seen any images of it as Saberforge don’t release pictures of upcoming products – in case someone steals their ideas. This means my Cherry Blossom design was independently arrived at!

FTSabersite SOTY – Saber Of The Year Award!

However, a friend of mine Dauntless7 (whom I introduced to you recently) bought a RONIN but felt it was a little bland, so decided to modify it. This brings me to the FTSabersite SOTY’s! Yes I am having a Saber Of The Year award. Having seen the amount of effort and the results that went into the modifications I felt that this hilt called Agony deserved to be my saber of the year and here are two more pictures of it:

This hilt is nothing short of outstanding, and if you would like to see more and learn why it is so impressive, then you can read the article by clicking HERE. Thank you Dauntless for allowing me to showcase this beauty!

Comic Con and The Sentinel Squad UK

In July yours truly got to go to his first Comic Con! It was only a local convention not one of the big 2-3 day events but it was great fun and provided some highlights. The first being that I got to meet a few stars, including Sophie Aldred who played ACE in Dr Who, plus the gentleman who portrayed BOSSK in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, Mr Alan Harris! I designed hilts for both Sophie and Alan and had the chance to show them off. You can again read about the experience by clicking HERE. I also met a great group of Cosplayers called Sentinel Squad UK (facebook link)  who do appearances and charity fundraising. It turned out that I knew one of the members, he is a member of one of the forums I used. His name was Takamatsu and he dresses up as …yep, BOSSK! So I got to meet Bossk twice sort of! I was so inspired by the Squad that I decided to create a hilt in their honour and it turned out to be my most viewed design, due to the fact the Squad’s founder recommended his troops visit and support my site for my effort! So a massive thank you to The Sentinel Squad UK (Twitter) and everyone please check out the provided links to their Social Media pages or use the links in the sidebar. They are amazing people!

Squad Plate
Sentinel Squad UK Title Plate

Phew! Half way there! Please click the button below to go to Page 2 of this New Year edition!

Happy Holidays To You All!

Hello Everybody and Happy Holidays!

This is my last post before shutting down my workshop for a well earned rest. But before I go I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have supported me and this site over the past year and hope you all have a great time over the festive period!

At this time there is usually plenty of entertainment such as big blockbuster films on TV and lots of music. Well as it is my last post for a few days I thought I would share these little bits and pieces with you!

In The Last Jedi we get to see the latest version of the AT-AT walkers, but those of you who are old enough may remember the first time we saw an AT-AT way back in The Empire Strikes Back. Well here is a great video I found on YouTube by the group Bad Lip Reading that features the AT-AT’s snowy debut…but with a musical twist. This is “Hostiles on the Hill” by Bad Lip Reading…

If you liked this video then you can find more of them (including more great Star Wars parodies) by clicking this link: Bad Lip Reading YouTube Channel

Which brings me to this little joke…

Q) Why can’t AT-AT’s walk in a straight line?

A) Cos their General Veers!

And here’s one especially for Kiri who I met this year on her blog Star Wars Anonymous….

An Ewok walks into a bar, approaches the bartender and asks, “Can I have a double shot of Sullustrian Gin and……….a packet of Porg flavoured potato chips!”

The bartender goes, fetches the order and upon returning replies, “Here’s your gin and Porg chips but can I ask you why the little pause?”

To which the Ewok replies “I dunno, I was born with them!!”

Ok! Enough with the Christmas cracker jokes, if you have any better ones then please share them with us.

So I am nearing the end of this quick Christmassy post, but I’ll just let you know I still have more designs to bring you that I couldn’t fit into 2017 including one for The Flash as part of my blockbuster hero series of hilts. And I may post a New Year’s retrospective and look forward to the future article so please keep an eye out for these. Till then take care and have a fantastic time over the holiday season (hopefully some of you might get sabers!) and thank you so much for the great support you have shown this past year…

For Tyeth – MTFBWY

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Coming Soon Sabers! – For Tyeth Teasers

Hello Everybody, as I had to post my last post on Thursday, my schedule is a little off! But I may as well take this opportunity to say thanks to all the viewers new and old, who checked out my Blogversary Celebration post and as a treat I have a few “Teasers” for upcoming designs which will appear in the coming weeks!

1743 Teaser

You may have guessed this ^^ isn’t a Star Wars themed hilt but it does have a Sci-Fi/Fantasy element to it! The next hilt should be apparent to any Star Wars fan!

coming soon

Each of the above pictures have clues, so see if you can guess the inspiration for each hilt but be sure to call back here and see if you guessed correctly!

Thanks once more for everything, and please call back to see these two hilts (plus a variant so really there’s three hilts!) and some more fantastic designs from my Guest Designers! Till next time.

“For Tyeth” and “FTSabersite” names and the website (including all it’s content) is © Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Blogversary Celebration!

Hello Everybody and thank you for joining me on this special day. Today FTSabersite celebrates it’s 1 year Blogversary. I cannot believe that I have reached this milestone. I will be honest, as I have said elsewhere I didn’t set any targets when I began. I just wanted a place where I could display my designs how I wanted to and try to inspire other folks to get into the Saber hobby and community. So having reached 4000 hits and over 1000 individual visitors in one year is mind-blowing to me but very much appreciated. It is even more surprising as I am unable to use social media like most people to publicise my site (I have to be careful not to get caught up in any Imperial Entanglements! 😀 ).

Anyway back to more positive subjects, today I am going to look back at the most popular/viewed post, a post where I got out and about to meet some great folks and a quick look back at a few of my favourite highlights.

  • Page 1) Most popular/viewed post
  • Page 2) For Tyeth out and about!
  • Page 3) The Highlights and Shout-Outs

There will also be some shout-outs to folks who have helped me along the way, behind the scenes and as contributors. It’s going to be busy but please stick with me!

The most popular/viewed post

I had the pleasure of meeting some great people at a Comic-Con that I was able to travel to. Imagine my surprise when while at this convention I bumped into a member of the charity fund raising Cosplay group and it turned out to be someone I knew from a forum I am a member of! Well we had a funny moment where we “introduced” ourselves officially and shared a few photo opportunities. I will speak more about this encounter later in my next setion but the Cosplay Group impressed me so much I decided to design a hilt for them based on their antics and fabulous charity work. The group are called the Sentinel Squad UK and this is the saber:

I was honoured by the group as the founder of the Squad posted my design in the members area of the Squad’s Facebook page for everyone to see and a lot of the members visited FTSabersite to view the full gallery. So many Squad members visited I was worried my hit counter would break under the volume of traffic!

The Sentinel Squad UK are a terrific group of people and please take a few moments to check out their sites and give them a bit of well deserved support. I have included links in the original post found here, and in the sidebar>

Ok folks that concludes part one, please click the button below to go to Page 2) For Tyeth Out and About (where I get to meet some Celebs!)

Thank You Everybody! A Milestone Reached.

Hello Everybody, and today I mean each and every person who has visited this site in the past eleven and a half months. Yes I have great news, as I mentioned in my last post FTSabersite was nearing 4000 hits and now the site has passed that barrier. I want to say a great big thank you to you all, as it is you my viewers and followers who keep me coming up with new designs and make producing this site all worthwhile.

I set this site up as a bit of therapy, as I had gone through a rough patch and a nasty uncalled for experience. So I removed myself from the situation and wanted to prove myself, I decided to  set up FTSabersite. I didn’t set any targets, I just wanted to design and display my hilts so other folks might get inspired to try their hand at creating a saber for themselves. Little did I know I would get this far.

And being as I have been publishing this site for eleven and a half months that means my one year “Blogversary” is coming up (on the 17th) so I will probably do a retrospective post of my year and look forward to maybe another twelve months?

If you visited FTSabersite on the 29th of July then you may have been Number 4000 so thank you again. I would ask that all of you keep calling back to see what new stuff I have in store including my “1 Year Looking Back, Now onto the Future” post. I will post my next design, the Darkside version of Pong Krell’s Forearmed saberstaff tomorrow (6th Aug). Till tomorrow…

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Changes – For the Better!

Hello Everybody, today I have a few bits and pieces to address, a bit of bad news, a bit of good news, a few changes I need to make and a bit of expansion!

Firstly I need to address the cautionary post I wrote a few days ago, well it seems that finally my site has drawn the attention of a website that “Harvests” other people’s sites and uses the content to make wallpapers and background images etc for anybody to download. Now it is only one design and two images so far but I don’t know if any more are going to be “stolen”. I admit I made a mistake and didn’t individually mark each image with a watermark or logo but I will on all images from now on, so I hope that doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of my work. I’ll try to make them as discreet as possible but still hopefully effective in scaring off any more harvesting.

I had considered quitting this blog, if people are going to rip off my work and post it on a page that is probably generating cash for the “web company” then I was gonna finish. I make nothing authoring this site, it is a hobby to help me keep my sanity! I also don’t know what companies and sites advertise on the website responsible, so that is why I posted the caution so you didn’t click their links thinking they were mine and then finding yourself in a whole lot of Internet nastiness.

I however decided that I am going to carry on, as I cannot control what happens to my work when I post it so if someone wants to copy it etc then they will find a way to do it. I’ll add the watermarks and see how that goes, as today is a milestone for FTSabersite….this is my 300th post! I said way back in post no.200 that I couldn’t believe I had got so far, and I repeat that sentiment now. But I wouldn’t have made it without the help and support from some good friends and you my viewers and followers so a great big thank you for walking this adventure with me.

Now as a thank you present I have been hard at work learning a new skill, and I have got to a point where I can show you my efforts. I have been learning to build designs in Google’s SketchUp software and after a few struggles here are my first efforts. I “copied” a Kylo Ren style crossguard saber to learn the ropes and work out how Sketchup works, not bad for a first attempt I think…FT Editions REN Marked

This hilt is to scale with itself but isn’t based on real dimensions and measurements and certain details are different. But it does look like a crossguard which is what I wanted. I then practised some more and came up with a second attempt based on my own personal saber. If you’d like to see that then please click the button below and join me on Page 2…