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Coming Soon Sabers! – For Tyeth Teasers

Hello Everybody, as I had to post my last post on Thursday, my schedule is a little off! But I may as well take this opportunity to say thanks to all the viewers new and old, who checked out my Blogversary Celebration post and as a treat I have a few “Teasers” for upcoming designs which will appear in the coming weeks!

1743 Teaser

You may have guessed this ^^ isn’t a Star Wars themed hilt but it does have a Sci-Fi/Fantasy element to it! The next hilt should be apparent to any Star Wars fan!

coming soon

Each of the above pictures have clues, so see if you can guess the inspiration for each hilt but be sure to call back here and see if you guessed correctly!

Thanks once more for everything, and please call back to see these two hilts (plus a variant so really there’s three hilts!) and some more fantastic designs from my Guest Designers! Till next time.

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Blogversary Celebration!

Hello Everybody and thank you for joining me on this special day. Today FTSabersite celebrates it’s 1 year Blogversary. I cannot believe that I have reached this milestone. I will be honest, as I have said elsewhere I didn’t set any targets when I began. I just wanted a place where I could display my designs how I wanted to and try to inspire other folks to get into the Saber hobby and community. So having reached 4000 hits and over 1000 individual visitors in one year is mind-blowing to me but very much appreciated. It is even more surprising as I am unable to use social media like most people to publicise my site (I have to be careful not to get caught up in any Imperial Entanglements! 😀 ).

Anyway back to more positive subjects, today I am going to look back at the most popular/viewed post, a post where I got out and about to meet some great folks and a quick look back at a few of my favourite highlights.

  • Page 1) Most popular/viewed post
  • Page 2) For Tyeth out and about!
  • Page 3) The Highlights and Shout-Outs

There will also be some shout-outs to folks who have helped me along the way, behind the scenes and as contributors. It’s going to be busy but please stick with me!

The most popular/viewed post

I had the pleasure of meeting some great people at a Comic-Con that I was able to travel to. Imagine my surprise when while at this convention I bumped into a member of the charity fund raising Cosplay group and it turned out to be someone I knew from a forum I am a member of! Well we had a funny moment where we “introduced” ourselves officially and shared a few photo opportunities. I will speak more about this encounter later in my next setion but the Cosplay Group impressed me so much I decided to design a hilt for them based on their antics and fabulous charity work. The group are called the Sentinel Squad UK and this is the saber:

I was honoured by the group as the founder of the Squad posted my design in the members area of the Squad’s Facebook page for everyone to see and a lot of the members visited FTSabersite to view the full gallery. So many Squad members visited I was worried my hit counter would break under the volume of traffic!

The Sentinel Squad UK are a terrific group of people and please take a few moments to check out their sites and give them a bit of well deserved support. I have included links in the original post found here, and in the sidebar>

Ok folks that concludes part one, please click the button below to go to Page 2) For Tyeth Out and About (where I get to meet some Celebs!)

Thank You Everybody! A Milestone Reached.

Hello Everybody, and today I mean each and every person who has visited this site in the past eleven and a half months. Yes I have great news, as I mentioned in my last post FTSabersite was nearing 4000 hits and now the site has passed that barrier. I want to say a great big thank you to you all, as it is you my viewers and followers who keep me coming up with new designs and make producing this site all worthwhile.

I set this site up as a bit of therapy, as I had gone through a rough patch and a nasty uncalled for experience. So I removed myself from the situation and wanted to prove myself, I decided to  set up FTSabersite. I didn’t set any targets, I just wanted to design and display my hilts so other folks might get inspired to try their hand at creating a saber for themselves. Little did I know I would get this far.

And being as I have been publishing this site for eleven and a half months that means my one year “Blogversary” is coming up (on the 17th) so I will probably do a retrospective post of my year and look forward to maybe another twelve months?

If you visited FTSabersite on the 29th of July then you may have been Number 4000 so thank you again. I would ask that all of you keep calling back to see what new stuff I have in store including my “1 Year Looking Back, Now onto the Future” post. I will post my next design, the Darkside version of Pong Krell’s Forearmed saberstaff tomorrow (6th Aug). Till tomorrow…

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Changes – For the Better!

Hello Everybody, today I have a few bits and pieces to address, a bit of bad news, a bit of good news, a few changes I need to make and a bit of expansion!

Firstly I need to address the cautionary post I wrote a few days ago, well it seems that finally my site has drawn the attention of a website that “Harvests” other people’s sites and uses the content to make wallpapers and background images etc for anybody to download. Now it is only one design and two images so far but I don’t know if any more are going to be “stolen”. I admit I made a mistake and didn’t individually mark each image with a watermark or logo but I will on all images from now on, so I hope that doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of my work. I’ll try to make them as discreet as possible but still hopefully effective in scaring off any more harvesting.

I had considered quitting this blog, if people are going to rip off my work and post it on a page that is probably generating cash for the “web company” then I was gonna finish. I make nothing authoring this site, it is a hobby to help me keep my sanity! I also don’t know what companies and sites advertise on the website responsible, so that is why I posted the caution so you didn’t click their links thinking they were mine and then finding yourself in a whole lot of Internet nastiness.

I however decided that I am going to carry on, as I cannot control what happens to my work when I post it so if someone wants to copy it etc then they will find a way to do it. I’ll add the watermarks and see how that goes, as today is a milestone for FTSabersite….this is my 300th post! I said way back in post no.200 that I couldn’t believe I had got so far, and I repeat that sentiment now. But I wouldn’t have made it without the help and support from some good friends and you my viewers and followers so a great big thank you for walking this adventure with me.

Now as a thank you present I have been hard at work learning a new skill, and I have got to a point where I can show you my efforts. I have been learning to build designs in Google’s SketchUp software and after a few struggles here are my first efforts. I “copied” a Kylo Ren style crossguard saber to learn the ropes and work out how Sketchup works, not bad for a first attempt I think…FT Editions REN Marked

This hilt is to scale with itself but isn’t based on real dimensions and measurements and certain details are different. But it does look like a crossguard which is what I wanted. I then practised some more and came up with a second attempt based on my own personal saber. If you’d like to see that then please click the button below and join me on Page 2…

Seabright Saber – Lighthouse inspired Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, while I put finishing touches to my new Comic Con inspired hilts (and a new secret project!) I thought you might like to see a holiday photo from when I took a break last October (I can’t believe I’ve been blogging here for 10 months according to my stats page). It technically isn’t a “holiday snap” as you would have at home but a saber design inspired by an object I saw while on holiday. Now I had a break in a mobile home (I believe Americans call them RV’s) and took a trip along the coast of the Outer Rim of the UK. Dotted along this coastline were structures which looked like the pinnacles of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant (made me a bit homesick) but these tall structures were lit to signal passing boats of danger! They were of course Lighthouses, and I thought I could replicate one in saber form so here is Seabright…

As you can see I tried to recreate a lighthouse and I think I’m pretty close to it. I am fortunate that lighthouses and lightsabers are tubes with lights installed (albeit on different scales!  😀 ) Starting at the bottom for a change, the pommel replicates the foundations for such a tower to stand on, whilst the switch section rests on a coupler to form the outhouse or accommodation for the lighthouse keeper (though many are now automated). I returned to an old trick I used on the saber Barkeeper Lightsaber (a concept saber for Maz Kanata) of using coupler sections to build the body so I could recreate the banded look of the main tower. The emitter is obviously meant to represent the Lantern Room where the powerful searchlight beam mechanism is located. I imagine lighthouse designers such as John Smeaton and Robert Stephenson would face similar problems as a lightsaber designer would face to make sure they get the lighting just right!

As this is a shorter post I have a bonus picture a friend sent me who warned me I was in danger when I was on my holiday – the Empire get everywhere…nearly!I dont care if hes swimming

That just about wraps things up, as you can tell I escaped from the pesky Imperials and continued my holiday. Sadly the holiday came to an end and so too this post will have to. But before I go I want to say a big thank you again for looking in and supporting the site, it’s greatly appreciated. Please call back and see what new stuff I have coming up (and details of my secret project) in upcoming posts. Till next time.

“Seabright Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition saber and the For Tyeth Meme are copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

For Tyeth’s First Comic Con – It was Ace!

Hello Everybody, today I have an update on my visit to my first Comic Convention. And boy what an experience it was! To start with it was the hottest day of the year in the Outer Rim of the UK, and after a long journey dodging the local Imperial blockades and troopers I made it to the venue. I was equally nervous and excited. As I entered there were more Imperials, Stormtroopers and Darth Vader all stood on the entrance steps…I’m not sure but I think Vader sensed my presence as he and his group followed me round for a few minutes!

The place was busy with traders, Cosplayers and visitors, just like Jedha’s market place. As I shuffled along the crowd thinned and a clearing appeared. And believe it or not right in the middle of the clearing was a signing table with one of the special guests of the convention, Miss Sophie Aldred. The force was with me it seemed as Sophie was sat waiting for someone to approach so I took the opportunity to introduce myself and show her the saber I had designed for her. I was shaking like a leaf with nerves but Sophie was unbelievable and calming. Once composed we chatted about Ace and Dr Who then I explained I had the Ace Assistant Saber for her. At first she seemed confused, but when I showed her the pictures she then understood. I am pleased to say Sophie thought it was a great design and I had the pleasure of having my photo taken with her and getting an autograph!DSC_0301

So after exchanging some details about my site and her current project it was time to let other people meet Miss Aldred – who really is ACE! Thank you Sophie for everything.

Now I promised I would mention the new project Sophie is working on and it is a “free comedy drama podcast for anyone aged 8 to 80” called Strangeness in Space. It is written by British TV comedy legends Trev and Simon, and orbits around the exploits of Sophie (Miss Aldred), the manager of the NASA Space Centre Gift Shop and two idiots (their description not mine!) who claim to be the next big Electronic Synth Pop duo, Pink Custard. Somehow they all get stranded in a spaceship orbiting Planet Mirth. Will they get back to Tillbury? How diid they get there in the first place?! All the answers to these questions and details on how you can support this project can be found by clicking this link Strangeness in Space.

I wonder if they need a wannabe jedi knight lightsaber designer?…hmm maybe not but please go and take a look then you can click to go to page two of this post and hear what Bossk had to say about his saber design….and a bit of a surprise for me!

Flotilla Lightsaber – Tribute to the United States Naval Academy

Hello Everybody, I have found another “old” design to show you today, or rather I have rebuilt an old one. This saber I designed for a friend by the name of SamRoss04 who asked if a tribute saber could be created for the armed forces Memorial Day. In particular he asked for a saber that acknowledged the United States Naval Academy or NAVY. I took up the request and as I always do, did a bit of research to find facts and aspects I could try to incorporate into the hilt. It wasn’t difficult….as soon as I saw the academy’s crest I knew exactly how to proceed! So I will now present my tribute to the Navy Academy….this is….Flotilla….

This is Flotilla and if any of you have seen the crest of the Naval Academy you may recognise where I took this idea from. If you haven’t seen it (it’s in the title image above) here is a close up image of it.

When I saw the standard torches I thought Lightsabers.

I immediately focused in on the two standard Torches either side of the central shield and thought “they look like lightsabers!” so I made my design to resemble them. The saber has an Amber blade to replicate the licks of flame. I used two parts, the switch and body sections, that had diamond cut knurling to replicate the cross bands that circle the torches’ handles. The emitters and pommels give the decorative antique look to the hilt that gives it an air of history, even though this is very much a modern weapon! I hope this is befitting for the Academy, which is the second oldest of the five branches of the military. Just a few facts, the academy is situated in Annapolis, 33 miles south of Baltimore, Maryland and was established on 10th Oct 1845. After being nominated the would be recruits train for four years before obtaining their commissioned status to go on and serve in either the Navy or as a Marine Corps officer. And the Academy motto reads “Through Knowledge Sea Power”.

Well, I wish I had four years to type out these posts but sadly I don’t and time is up! I will have to end here but as always I’d like to thank all the folks who have looked in and supported me and the site. I am working to come up with new concepts and themes so please do call back to see those (and some from my friends) in upcoming offerings. Till next time.

The United States Naval Academy (U.S.N.A.) is part of the US Military/Defense Dept. All insignia and related names and material are properties of the United States Govt. Military/Defense Dept.

Attitude Lightsaber 2 – A new purpose for an old idea

Hello Everybody, I have a saber today that I considered for my Attitude Lightsaber (A saber for a fallen Council Member-?). Once again this design didn’t quite fit with the theme I was aiming for, it had to replace Mace Windu’s lost lightsaber in case the Jedi Master did survive his fall from the Emperor’s office window. I still thought this saber would prove useful so kept the details. Fast forward to last night and I was scrolling through the list of recommended posts WordPress collected based on my interests and I came across a post by a blogger who had two young sons and were fans of Star Wars. They had visited Hollywood where the younglings got the chance to build their own sabers from the toy parts you can get. They were excited, fuelled by the experience of meeting Chewie and all, and as soon as they got home…started wreaking havoc with their own Lightsaber battle. Now the mother, totally defenceless was caught in the melee (I can’t describe it as crossfire can I!) and needed a saber, so I remembered this design and am posting it here in case she wants it! This is Attitude 2….

Now this saber as you can see is sleek and uncluttered, so wouldn’t suit Mace’s flashy style…however it should suit Shiri’s purposes quite well. Shiri is the lady in question and writes a blog titled, Writing Is Communication and in her post about the lightsaber adventures of her younglings (Click here to read) stated “I would choose a purple saber”. Well the colour depends on your character/temperament and how you meditate on the crystal that forms the blade, but in this case I had a purple hilt spare! The saber is also in a child resistant black and silver design which is very easy to clean (I hear younglings are very messy sometimes) yet it’s still more elegant than a Blaster! I think this hilt would even the odds.

I have just been introduced to Writing Is Communication and Shiri, so will be returning to read a few more posts and introduce myself (I wouldn’t want her to think I was some crazy human pretending to be a Jedi Master Lightsaber designer, now would I?  😀 ) I hope you my regular viewers and followers, as well as Shiri enjoyed this little design. I am putting the finishing touches to the two hilts I mentioned in my previous post, so I hope you can join me for those, thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

“Attitude 2” is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth. This site and it’s contents, designs and material are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Swift Lightsaber – A Quick Sith Design

Hello Everybody, I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Steelers inspired saber, I am still not sure which version I prefer but that’s ok. I have another new hilt which came about while I was building Borderline (RED) Lightsaber and Borderline Lightsaber. I was asked to produce a hilt that looked both Jedi and Sith like by a YouTube Creator and this design was one of the first configurations I considered. It wasn’t quite right, however I felt that it had a little something about it and made a note of the parts used so I could return to it later. (I am getting to be quite good at recycling nowadays! 😀 )The hilt was too Sith looking, even with the silver and black finish but when I went with all black parts it popped! So here is my latest (and possibly quickest) design, this is Swift…

For a design that came together in less than 10 minutes, I’m pretty pleased. I do have an advantage, having built and rejected so many sabers using this software I now have a good idea of the parts that blend together best. I did use an old technique I like of putting the switch near the FTE pommel, which allows the user to have a great grip with their dominant hand while the lower hand can grip the pommel and operate the switches via their thumb without interfering with the main hand. The rest of the hilt is suitably Sith.

So that was Swift Lightsaber, and a funny thing has happened since the YouTuber asked me to create the design for him. He had taken down the video I commented on but has since reposted two similar versions of the original video (?). I don’t know what’s going on there, but I can tell you I am working on a couple of hilts which need Powder Coating colours applied, so I will do my best to get those ready. One is for an NBA team I have mistakenly neglected (they are in the finals playing a team I have already created a hilt for) and a second hilt for a fan favourite character from Empire Strikes Back. There has been an outcry for this person to return in The Last Jedi. He will be appearing here on FTSabersite shortly!

I am “Swiftly” running out of time so I need to say my “thank you”‘s! Thanks to all my regular viewers and followers for the continuous support you give me. And to the “new” visitors I have sensed hailing from Brazil and Australia welcome and please call back again to see what those new designs are! Till next time.

Borderline (RED) Lightsaber – The Blurring Line

Hello Everybody, I am slightly excited today as I may have had a visit from one of the highest regarded SaberSmiths in the business. I commented on one of his YouTube videos and this gentleman replied to my comment. I also left my website address in case he was interested to have a look and having checked my Stats page…I think he has been! So thank you to him (I won’t name drop until I have your permission to mention you by name ok!). I also have the second saber of the two hilts I introduced four days ago. That saber was Borderline Lightsaber – On the Brink of Turning where the owner may be on the verge of turning to the Darkside. But I mentioned that the design was flexible enough to still look Sith-like, so I will just leave a gallery here to show you. This is Borderline (RED)….

I think this makes quite a good Sith looking hilt, it is just on that point of being flashy looking and aggressive but with a blue blade can still pass as a Jedi weapon. Conflicted might have been a better name for this saber (I literally just thought of that as I typed 😀  ). This hilt would still be comfortable to use either conventionally, or if you like showing off your skills, it is good for spinning having that great “choke point” . However depending on whereabouts on the spectrum you are of Light and Dark (Red or Blue) you may end up being a mix of both…or a Gray Jedi. As a result your blade may turn Purple!

Just before I have people sending comments asking “Can you buy the Red,White and Blue blade anywhere?” I’m afraid that is just some Photo Editing done by me to demonstrate how thin the line is between Good and Bad/ Light or Dark. You can actually buy replica sabers with purple blades though!

There are a lot of blurred lines and similarities in life around the Galaxy and as this isn’t a full new design I thought I’d make up for it with a little Meme I created based on my recent Dune inspired hilts. Remember I said Star Wars and Dune seemed similar? Take a look at this….I know that guy!

Been Dune Before
Isn’t this Lor San Tekka?

Well I hope you enjoyed my little mini saga series of hilts. It just goes to show how precarious the balance is in life. Thanks to all the visitors who have checked out my site, whether you are a long time follower or if you have just discovered it thanks for calling in. Your support is much appreciated. I hopefully will have a few more new hilts to share and another Roger Redux hilt so please join me again to see those in upcoming posts. Till next time.

“Borderline (RED) Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition. All designs and content of this site is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.