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Bumblebot – A saber for Bumblebee (FT’s Blender Version)

Hello Everybody, today I have a bit of a buzz going on. I just received a couple of nice presents, a new copy of a Star Wars computer game known as “Knights of the Old Republic” and some fantastic movie posters! Well today’s hilt is inspired by a blockbuster Hollywood movie due out shortly and it is Star Wars inspired as all lightsabers are, But this hilt is for the heroic robot disguised as a car….Bumblebee!

I built this saber as soon as I heard there was a new Bumblebee movie due out and because recent Transformers films showed Bumblebee as a Chevrolet instead of the classic Volkswagen Beetle I based it on the new Chevy version. Then just my luck I find out that this new film depicts Bumblebee as a Beetle! Well I have a saber to show you all and I hope you like it, here is Bumblebot Version 2!

I tried my best to model this on a Chevrolet so much I even added a Chevy flag logo on the speaker grille. The pommel also features faux lens covers to imitate the rear brake lights and the black details represent the rear impact bars. There is also a colour co-ordinated Covertech Knob to attach the saber to your belt clip. Custom sabers usually obtain their power from replaceable batteries or  they have a permanently fixed rechargeable battery. The type that have rechargeable batteries need a socket to plug the wall charger into to charge up the hilt. This socket looks out of place on a saber so to disguise the socket I made a cover for it that looks like a fuel filler cap! A really nice feature are the on/off switches which I modelled to resemble the logos of the two warring factions in the Transformers universe. They are of course the good guy Autobots (this is the activation button) and the bad robot Decepticons (this is the deactivation button). The switch box represents the power bulge found on the bonnet/hood of  muscle cars. The emitter I made to look like the front end of the car and included headlights. And to finish the hilt off I gave it an overall yellow and black colour scheme to match the heroic little robot with the big heart.

The new Bumblebee movie is due out in December 2018 (26th in the UK) and I just happened to go and watch another film yesterday called “Bohemian Rhapsody” about the famous rock group Queen and it’s lead singer Freddie Mercury….but guess who I bumped into as I left? You’ll never guess….DSC_0590 MK

Yep it was the Autobot himself (sort of!) And talking of leaving, I’m afraid it is that time again where I have to bring this post to a close. I hope you enjoyed this saber design, maybe one day the film studio will decide to stick to one version of Bumblebee! Thanks to everyone of you for looking in and supporting my site. Your visits are very much appreciated and one final bit of news…you have all helped me reach 9000 views which is fantastic. Please call back to see future posts as I still have many more hilts to show you including another “Watery Warrior” themed saber linked to another new movie due out in December! Thanks and Till next time…

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Bumblebee is produced by Hasbro Studios, Di Bonaventura Pictures and is distributed by Paramount Pictures.


Shockwave Lightsaber – A new saber for the Military Machine

Hello Everybody, we are taking a trip back into the world of the Transformers today with a hilt for another of the “bad guys”, this time it is for the Decepticon’s military strategist. This Transformer was Shockwave, once described as a computer on legs, due to his high level logic and decision making. However this characteristic was at odds with his superior’s and Shockwave thought he would make a better leader. Megatron’s headstrong approach caused him to eventually “malfunction” and Shockwave did become leader (maybe Shockwave calculated that this might happen!) So for a large imposing robot with a calculating brain, I designed a lightsaber for his term as Decepticon leader, this is Shockwave…

I think I have created an intimidating saber that shares the look of Shockwave.

ShockwaveUltimateDoom3As you can see from the picture here, Shockwave was BIG and purple. Believe it or not, but that little yellow thing at the bottom of the picture is the Autobot Bumblebee’s head! (You can see my design for Bumblebee by clicking the name Bumblebot) Shockwave wasn’t modified by the spaceship called the Ark like the other Transformers and so retained his Cybertron styling and transforms into a laser pistol. As a result I used a body part that could be the handgrip of a laser gun. The emitter has the dark inlaid section that reminds me of Shockwave’s Cyclops-like eye, paint a yellow dot onto it and it would look even more like him. Regarding paint, I was able to give the saber a nice powder coat in Translucent Grape which is as close as you can get to Shockwave’s trademark colour!

I am nearing the time where I have to end this post. I enjoyed creating this design as the colouring process worked so well with the parts I used. I hope you agree and will return to see which other “Robots in Disguise” will receive a For Tyeth saber in future posts. I’d like to thank you all once more for the support you give the site, I appreciate all of your visits. Till next time.

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Megatron Lightsaber (Saber for a Decepticon Leader)

Hello Everyone, today I bring you a new design requested by a long time follower of FTSabersite, Sean Hewer, who suggested a few more Transformer characters I could design a saber for. Well I returned to my workshop and I think I may have had a brainwave! I have managed to create a design for the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron himself! Megatron was originally on The Ark when it crashed to earth and the “living” spaceship modified him just like the Autobots were. However while the Autobots were adapted to take the shape of vehicles, the Decepticons were rebuilt to include everyday objects. Megatron was rebuilt with the ability to transform into a replica of a Walther P-38 pistol! This saber design was difficult as the virtual builder was meant for sabers, but I will let you decide how well I did, here is Megatron…

I hope you can see the saber in the last picture of the actual toy figure! I will admit that the muzzle is actually made of the special connector parts called couplers and these parts won’t hold a blade plug (without modifying it at least). However they do make a nice end for the barrel of Megatron’s cannon. The emitter where the blade comes out from represents the eyepiece lens housing of the sighting scope, which forms the cannon. The switch is the scope mounting block and the two gold bands I imagined to be the rails for attaching the sight to his arm. I think that Megatron could easily conceal this saber as his traditional weapon, but with the added surprise of a plasma blade!

I am approaching that dreaded time of the post where I have to bring things to a close. I hope you think I did well with this design. My next post may be a little later than normal as I am going to see ROGUE ONE as an early birthday treat (I have a VIP seat too so I hope I don’t fall asleep..those chairs are comfy 😀 ). Thank you for visiting today and be sure to return as I may have an opinion on the new film and a new saber!

Megatron, Decepticons, Autobots and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys.

Inferno Lightsaber (for a Rescue Robot)

Hello Everyone, as I brought to you the Law Enforcer of the Transformers, it only seemed fair that I bring to you a saber that belongs to the fire fighter of the Autobots, Inferno! Now Inferno was one half of a pair of robots who represented the fire department, the other being Red Alert, but Inferno was the fire engine! Inferno loved to fight fires and would be the first on scene should a conflagration (Wow, that’s a big word Tyeth!) break out, however if a FIRE FIGHT broke out he would be even quicker to respond to it! Inferno had a fire proof armoured body and fire retardant equipped blaster, but he didn’t have a saber….until now! I have come up with a weapon that may help save a few lives as well as defend a few, this is simply titled INFERNO…

Again with this design I tried to tie it into the look of the character. Did you guess what I based it on? If not don’t worry, I tried to recreate the fire fighting hose and nozzle that all fire trucks carry. The emitter and switch represent the nozzle of the hose itself, reinforced by the white blade that looks like the torrent of water gushing out from it. Another little detail is the ridges on the switch section which look like the rungs of a ladder. The body of the saber is meant to represent the old style canvas hoses, in the way the leather grip is wrapped around the hilt. A coupler connects the two body parts to give the saber some length and leverage. To complete the look, the saber is finished with a pommel that resembles the locking mechanism for connecting the lengths of hose together. This weapon should be more than capable of defending Inferno against the Decepticons and be able to cut through the rubble and debris of a building engulfed in fire!

Now the fire has been extinguished, the humans are safe, Inferno can call it a day. Sadly this brings to an end this post too, but I hope you enjoyed this design and will return to see more in upcoming posts. I have the return of the Borommakot Zodiac series, in case you thought I had forgotten it but for now let me say thank you for supporting this site. Till next time.

Inferno, Transformers and all names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys.

Prowler Lightsaber (Law Enforcer Transformer)

Hello Everyone, I hope you enjoyed the trip to Mystic Falls as today we are returning to the world of the Autobots and Decipticons. I am about to introduce you to the Law Enforcer of the Autobots, Prowl. This Autobot was rebuilt by their spaceship, The Ark, into the form of a highway patrol vehicle. With the Decepticons not following rules, I thought Prowl could benefit from a Lightsaber, I mean he doesn’t have a Nightstick, so here is my design for him. Here is Prowl(er)  1701…

This saber I hope gives off a Law Enforcer type vibe. I used parts to resemble the lighting bar found on the roof of police patrol cars and gave the saber red and blue lighting to match the lights. There are two switch units as I had the idea that this saber could be used as a single bladed weapon, but should the need arise Prowl could ignite a second blade (which would eject the plug in the pommel). This would surprise the Decepticons! I think I should add a siren to this saber as well, or at least program the electronics to recreate the noise. Now some people may wonder what the numbers mean in the saber’s title. Well that is to acknowledge a friend of mine who I know from the Ultrasabers company’s forum. I am also a member of this forum and there is a member who suggested I join, and he is a Transformers fan with the forum name of Prowl1701. This saber is my thank you to him.

This brings to an end this post, I hope you liked my homage to Prowl. Believe it or not, I still have more designs to post so I hope you will return to see those. Thanks to all of you for looking in and supporting this site and don’t forget you can leave comments below. There are also widgets in the menu bars to request email notifications when I update the site! Till next time.

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Bumblebot Lightsaber (for the robot with the biggest heart)

Hello Everyone, today I am going to go back to my childhood and a comic book and cartoon that was popular then. As the title suggests the comic was about a certain group of robots. These robots were travelling through space but their ship, The Ark, crash lands into a volcano on the planet Earth. After laying dormant for centuries The Ark was awoken by an eruption and the on-board computers modify the robots so they can change shape to blend in with their surroundings. This led to the creation of,  the Transformers! There were the good guy Autobots and the evil Decepticons. This saber is a tribute to the smallest but bravest of the Autobots, Bumblebee. Here is Bumblebot…

Bumblebee was the smallest of the Autobots but what he lacked in stature he more than made up for in loyalty and bravery. As such I thought he should have a distinctive saber. I used the same colour scheme as he wore in the cartoons and comics. The clawed emitter represented the small horns on his head and the alternating black and silver body section gives a hint to the insect he is named after. The saber has an FTE pommel to give it a bit more power and the crystal chamber and blade are his trademark yellow colour.

Bumblebee was very fond of the humans that he met, such as Buster Witwicky and I hope he would be as fond of this saber too. This saber isn’t an isolated design as I have a few other Transformers themed hilts which of course I will bring to you in future posts. As always thank you all for looking in on my site, it means a lot.Till next time.

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