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DK44ASP – Debut design from DK44 Designs

Hello Everybody, today I have a surprise new Guest Designer to introduce to you! It will also be a surprise for the designer himself as he thought I was going to post this after my Blogversary post scheduled for the 17th! (I have to admit I mis-read my calendar and I realised I had a gap for another post before then…oops!).

So may I introduce a young man I know from the forum I take part in, his name is DK44. DK had posted a few comments on the forum mentioning that he had ordered parts for a saber but never uploaded any pictures of what he was purchasing. When DK finally received his parts and assembled the saber he posted a great review of it with a ton of pictures….all I could say was WOW! You could see immediately great care and effort had gone into the design, rather than just selecting a random bunch of bits. And I am proud to say that when asked if I could share the design with you all here, he readily agreed. So here is the newest “Designer on the Block” and his saber DK44ASP

His saber begins with a vibrant Sith red blade which extends from one of my favourite emitters. The emitter has a wonderful asymmetrical shroud which shows of the body of the saber through the cutaways highlighting the black anodising. Next is the switch section which is positioned 90 degrees clockwise from the position most folks would set it. This gives the saber an interesting detail and allows the cutaways to line up with the detail on the emitter, creating flow (however I might ask DK if he was inspired by my design for Benicio Del Toro’s “DJ” as I placed the switch for that hilt 90 degrees off centre!). The body section has a fabulous grip with the raised blocks (and again this part is carefully lined up) and has a neat pommel with matching squared detailing to finish the hilt off. Overall a stunning design…”How stunning?”  I hear you ask, well take a look at the pictures kindly supplied by DK44 and see what you think of the REAL THING!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think you’ll agree this is a phenomenal saber that looks so much better than the design pictures! There are a few “minor cosmetic” changes to the hilt, the ribs in the cutaway section near the switch are now silver rather than black, and one of the red Greeblie buttons is black, but that is due to Saberforge (who make and sell  the parts) changing the parts. They didn’t update the Virtual ASP builder to reflect the changes.

I am sadly running out of time here (even with the extra time I got from my scheduling mistake) and will have to end this post. But I have to thank DK44 for allowing me to enjoy and share this amazing saber with you all. I hope DK44 will come up with more designs! Next up is my Blogversary post (honest!) so I will thank you my viewers and followers for looking in and hope you’ll be back for the celebrations. I have to go finish the preparations so….Till next time!

OH and DK44, I realised the “floor tiles” are actually your crafting cutting board LOL!

“DK44ASP” is a Guest Designer design and is ©Copyright of DK44 Designs used here with permission. All works contained within FTSabersite (including the site, images and content material) are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite.

Cancer Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, today I have the pleasure of bringing to you my good friend Borommakot’s next saber in his Zodiac Series. Today we have reached the sign of Cancer – The Crab and this design has a purposeful look inspired by the crustacean! I have again had to recreate the saber in the builder as Boro’ only sent me one image when he created the design (nearly a year ago now, can you believe that?). So I won’t babble on here is Borommakot’s Cancer Lightsaber…

This design I feel straddles the look of the star sign creature and the look of a weapon the Sith would use. The blade is a Sith red colour, that also signifies danger or anger, which is apt as Sith and Crabs can both be a bit aggressive (enter a crab’s rock pool at your own peril!). The emitter has an asymmetrical shaped shroud which gives the impression of the Crab’s claw and from certain points of view looks like the main shell that covers the animal’s body. The switch makes me think of the segmented arm that the claw attaches to. The remainder of the saber is more in line with a normal functional saber with a nice red leather clad handgrip and a pommel with a D-Ring to hang the weapon from your belt.

It must have been difficult for Borommakot to come up with designs for all 12 signs but I reckon he did a fantastic job. Sadly I think we only have one more Star sign  left to show you. But fear not I have been given permission by Boro’ to display his other designs and I have more new hilts to show (even if one has been rejected and is  now a Saber In Storage!). So I would like to once more thank Borommakot for allowing his work to be displayed here and please take a minute or two to check out his daftPirate YouTube Channel which can be found by clicking HERE , I am sure you’ll like it!

Thank you to you, my viewers and followers (including those from Venezuela and Israel! I saw you!) Your support is greatly appreciated. Please call back to see the new stuff in upcoming posts and spread the word about FTSabersite. Till next time.

Borommakot’s “Cancer Lightsaber” is a Guest Design and is ©Copyright of Borommakot. It is displayed here with Permission. FTSabersite and it’s contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Rorschach Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, Today I bring you the second of Roger Redux’s designs in his Watchmen series of sabers. Following on from Dr Manhatten Lightsaber, Roger designed this saber based on the character Walter Joseph Kovacs. Walter Kovacs was born in the slums of New York and was brought up by his mother, his father missing. Kovacs believed that his father was on some sort of secret mission for US President Truman, as a result of the story his mother told him. This wasn’t true as his father left five years before Truman came to power. This “white lie” began the process of cracking Kovacs’ trust and regards for his mother. The mother worked as a Prostitute and often beat the young Kovacs, which eventually led to him being taken into care after he assaulted two bullies in self defense. These early events began Walter’s descent into becoming the vigilante crimefighter called Rorschach and this is Roger’s saber design for him….

The saber is built using Standard Dual Tone parts, and to good effect. Kovacs later went on to work in a Garment Factory where he befriended a young woman, this woman had a dress made for her but didn’t like it. The dress was made from a unique material of two layers, between which were two chemical liquids. These liquids were such that they never mixed together but swirled around in an ever changing pattern of black and white patches. Kovacs took the discarded dress and when he discovered that the young woman had been brutalised and killed he decided to take action. He crafted a mask from the dress’ material and changed his name to Rorschach! The mask reminiscent of the famous Psychology Inkblot test images. Because of his insecurities Rorschach chose the masked visage over that of his own given face, saying the mask best represented him and his humanity. The Dual Tone black and silver work perfectly to replicate the mask and Inkblot images. The blade is purple which matches the headband that circles Rorschach’s fedora hat, the only exception to his drab and downtrodden appearance. Rorschach became a nightcrawler and a very successful crimefighter.

Do you see it
Can you see what I see?

I think the use of the monochrome look on this saber is perfect for the character that inspired it. I hope you enjoyed this offering from Roger as much as I did. He has more designs based on the Watchmen franchise which will appear in future posts. You can learn more about Walter “Rorschach” Kovacs by watching the movie and reading the graphic novels! I want to thank Roger for sharing this design with FTSabersite.

Well I am afraid time has caught up with me again and I will have to bring this post to an end shortly. But first I want to thank all of my viewers and followers for the continued support. I hope you will all return to see the upcoming designs from my friends and I. Till next time.


“Rorschach Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Walter Joseph Kovacs, Rorschac and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.

Dr Manhatten Lightsaber – A Roger Redux Design

Hello Everybody, I have a surprise for you all today. From the above title you may have guessed I  am about to introduce another Guest Designer! His name is Roger Redux and is also a member of the same forum as I am. Roger has posted a few designs which caught my attention as you could see the thought that had been put into each. He created this design based on DC Comic’s Watchmen character Dr Jonathon Osterman, the physicist who as a result of a freak accident was physically erased from existence. Dr Jonathon Osterman survived however in a scattered form and over time his body “reformed” causing his colleagues to think the laboratory facility was haunted. Not surprisingly, as Dr Osterman’s first appearance consisted of just his dismembered eyes, brain and nervous system! Further re-appearances occurred as more of Osterman’s body parts reconnected. Eventually a fully formed humanoid Jonathon Osterman emerged but he was bald and his skin glowed a shade of blue. I will continue the story after I present to you Roger Redux’s Dr Manhatten Lightsaber…

Dr Osterman was now an ethereal being with superpowers and as always happens, the US Government discovered him and coerced him to work for them. He was given a new outfit and a new name…Dr Manhatten, after the Nuclear Scientist. Dr Manhatten discarded the helmet he was given and instead branded his forehead with a simplified image of a Hydrogen Atom. These little details are captured in this design. The emitter projects a Manhatten Blue blade just like the unearthly glow of the man himself. The body sections have interlinking ovals which represent the “Theory of Relativity” that his father studied. His father then forced Dr Osterman to study physics which in turn lead to the accident and the change into Dr Manhatten.

Over time Dr Manhatten discarded his outfit only wearing it in public situations and to reflect this Roger discarded the silver body sections and replaced them with two leather wrapped parts that have the same shade of blue as Dr Manhatten glows. I liked this as it showed Roger’s thought process behind his design!

I would like to thank Roger Redux for allowing me to share this design with you all and I am pleased to say he has a few more hilts which I will be showcasing in future posts! So Thank You Roger and thank you to my followers and viewers for checking out this talented designers’ saber! I hope you will all return to see more new sabers from my friends and I. Till next time.

“Dr Manhatten Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer saber and is ©Copyright of Roger Redux used here with permission. Watchmen, Dr Manhatten, Dr Osterman and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C. Comics.


Welcome KelbornX and the Pit Viper

Hello Everybody, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to another Guest Designer. His name is KelbornX and I met this gentleman recently on the forum we frequent and have started chatting. During these chats I discovered that he enjoyed using the Saberforge ASP saber builder just like me. He posted a half dozen or so designs, most of them were single bladed regular hilts but one particular weapon stood out. It had the same concept as a design I have been holding in reserve (in case I ever get Designer’s Block  😀 ) but he took the concept a little further than I did. So today I am honoured to be able to present to you that design, this is KelbornX Kreations…Pit Viper…

This intimidating staff has a double dose of venom in it. At either end is an acid lime green, poisonous looking blade projecting from the suitably named “Viper” clawed emitters. Nice way to keep to a theme! Then there are two switch sections that seamlessly blend between the emitters and hand grips. The switches are decorated with nice black oblong recesses and longitudinal grooves. The hand grips further reinforce the idea of snakes by having a set of grooves which give the impression of overlapping scales. The two halves of the staff are connected with a vented coupler to keep the technology inside cooled (the vents are actually just to let the sounds out in real life!) The last two pictures in the gallery show some variations KelbornX has envisaged and plans to do when funds permit. The single hilt shows how the staff would look when separated and the black version shows the first stage of the final colour scheme KelbornX wants his staff to have. Overall black, but where all the black oblongs and grooves are on the original pictures, KelbornX plans to add a coating of elegance….24k Gold Leaf. I’d like to see that if ever he finishes it!

Scales Staff
This was my Scales Staff I had in reserve!

As you can see KelbornX has a talent for designing (and he kinda thinks like me too) Sadly I am approaching that time where I have to bring the post to an end, even new Guest Designers get cut off like me. But first I would like to give a big thank you to KelbornX for sharing this design with us, I hope there will be more in future. I hope you my viewers and followers enjoyed this post and will return to see more new sabers from myself and my friends. Thanks for the support….Till next time.

“KelbornX Kreations” and “Pit Viper Staff” is ©Copyright of KelbornX and used here with permission. Guest Designs, this website, name and it’s contents are also ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Taurus LWB Lightsaber – A twist on Borommakot’s design

Hello Everybody, today I have a little extra design that came about from Borommakot’s great Taurus design I posted yesterday. I have mentioned before that the graphics used for the preview pictures on the Saberforge builder can be a bit too dark to see details clearly. Because of this I decided to switch the finish used on Taurus from Weathered to Silver and as soon as I did that I heard an old song from a musical in my head. The song inspired my choice for this design’s name, Taurus LWB…

Did any of you guess the name? The logo in the title header image above might have helped…it was “The Little White Bull” sung by the great entertainer Tommy Steele! The song came from a musical entitled “Tommy the Toreador”. It is about a man who gets drawn into the world of bull fighting through mistaken identity. The song tells of a Little Whit Bull that was picked on and had low confidence but overcame all of the troubles he had to be a great bull. A bit like “The Little Engine That Could”.

Some older viewers may also remember Tommy as the person who sang “Flash Bang Wallop (What a picture!)” from the musical “Half a Sixpence”.  I remember him as he shared his birthday with me! No I don’t mean I was born in 1936, just the same day and month 😀 !

Now back to sabers, I mentioned above about the quality of the pictures from the Saberforge Builder. Well they make editing them a bit difficult and time consuming. Because of this I am working on a little article to give you a look at how I create these designs and paint schemes.

As always I am drawing near the end of this post but I ‘d like to thank Borommakot for his design and hope he doesn’t mind my little tweaking. I hopefully should have a very special guest visit the site as a design tomorrow so I’d like to invite you to call back and see who it is. Thank you for today’s visit. Till next time.

“Tommy the Toreador” and the song “The Little White Bull” are Trademark/©Copyright of Fanfare Productions, distributed by Warner-Pathé. “The Little White Bull” was released on Decca Records.

Taurus Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, while I am finishing off some new saber designs, I will present to you the next in my friend Borommakot’s Zodiac series. This saber is based on the sign of Taurus, which is about to start soon. Now I hear you ask “What happened to Aires, Tyeth?” A little mistake on my part, I got excited when I started this site and posted Aires about 7 months ago, before I had decided to post them in sync with the celestial calander…Ooops! I will leave a link below to Aires and Borommakot’s YouTube channel, but first let me show you his design, TAURUS….

This I feel is still a really strong design (it was created about a year ago) and would compare with any of the models being created by other fans using the ASP system. The main blade is flanked by two large wing-shaped metallic blades, these represent the intimidating horns of the titular Bull. Large and powerful. The switch, body and pommel are all large stocky, rugged parts that just drive the image of Taurus home. The weathered finish reminds me of a Bull covered in dust after a Rutting event (the fights between males for supremacy of the herd for breeding).Taurus 1

This is Borommakot’s original image he posted and you can see that the graphics look different, as Saberforge who provide the online builder updated the textures. However whilst creating the gallery of pictures I tinkered with the design when an old song sprang into my head. I will show you that design tomorrow. Now I promised some links so if you would like to see Boro’s Aires design then click> Aires Lightsaber. Borommakot also produces a YouTube channel under the name of daftPirate and has videos on computer gaming and his growing collection of Lightsabers. To visit his channel you can click here >daftPirate’s YouTube Channel.

I am running out of time on this post and need to finish my next designs and an article giving a little insight into how I create these designs. I’d like to thank you all for visiting today, including those viewers from Norway and Sweden…I noticed you had looked in when checking my site’s control panel! So thanks again…Till next time.

“Taurus Lightsaber” is a Guest Design and is ©Copyright of Borommakot used with permission. Guest Designer’s works and all other content within this site is covered by the ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Citadel Lightsaber – A Savannah95 Design

Hello Everybody, welcome to the future on a planet far off in the distance! I promised that the sabers would be better than my last offering (Mancunian Blue Lightsaber) and while it’s not one of mine it is beautiful. This is the next design from the talented Savannah95 and it has a futuristic, architectural look to it. I love this design, so much so I was inspired to edit the above image (from a site called to use as the header title. I am pleased to have the honour of presenting Savannah95’s….Citadel Lightsaber…

When I first saw this design and was told the name for it I could imagine it nestled in the skyline of a Megacity like Coruscant (btw did you spot the saber in the header picture? 😀 ) A new trend nowadays is to have searchlights situated on the roofs of buildings pointing upwards to the stars and this saber has a gorgeous Cyan coloured blade to replicate such a searchlight. That blade also projects from an emitter that is elegant and simple but ever so effective (I have used it a few times in some of my designs). The three elongated windows allow some more of the Cyan colour to escape and reinforces the image of a building’s penthouse apartment windows….maybe Padme is looking out of one in the hope of seeing Anakin! The switch section is ribbed, reminding me of the grilles and panelling of modern skyscrapers. The body section also has long elongated grooves and in my mind I just saw Turbolifts travelling up and down them.  The Pommel has neat triangular details like arched doorways to the foyer of a building complex.

I think I might enjoy living in one of these tower blocks! And I hope you liked this beautiful piece of engineering. I’d like to thank Savannah95 for allowing me to share her sabers with you, and I’ll let you in on a little secret…this was one of her first designs IIRC! I also want to thank all of my viewers and followers (including the Anonymouswriter ones!) I have seen on my statistics dashboard I have had visits from folks as far away as Malaysia and the Philippenes, and you are all welcome! Please call back to see more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

“Citadel Lightsaber” is ©Copyright of Savannah95 and is used here with permission. The post header image was obtained from This site, designs and contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Unity and Dark Unity Saberstaff – Savannah95

Hello Everybody, wow what a way to finish the Power Ranger series! I do hope Rita approved of my staff design. If she didn’t maybe she might like one of these two saber staffs from my friend Savannah95. I haven’t posted a design from Savannah in a while and this seemed a good time to do so. As with the Power Rangers and Star Wars the underlying story tells of struggle between good and bad, Light and Dark. I have said before that sabers can have similar characteristics depending on colour and finish etc. Savannah proves my point with this offering, here is Unity…

This is a nicely laid out staff, not too fussy but with enough little details to catch the eye. It came to my attention recently that no Jedi or  Lightside character had used a staff in the films or cartoons etc but this would be a suitable candidate. On the other hand there has been Sith and Darkside characters such as Darth Maul who have used a staff, so Savannah has a Darkside version, just to show the balance, so here is Dark Unity…

This has  been the Darkside staff Dark Unity, and sleek and deadly it looks too. The weapon has Blood Orange blades which I would love to see clashing against the Deep Blue blades of Unity. There is a fan theme called Fire and Ice, referring to the colours of different character’s weapons and when two opposing colours are seen together it is usually called a Fire and Ice moment. These two weapons fit that description.

Sadly though I am reaching that point in the post again! I will have to end soon but I would like to thank my friend Savannah for allowing me to display her works here. I also want to thank all of you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. I hope you will return for future post where I will be presenting a saber for a member of a Crime Gang  and many more new designs. Till next time.

“Unity” and “Dark Unity” are ©Copyright of Savannah95 and used here with permission. All designs, content and material within FTSabersite is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/Ftsabersite 2017.

=Ottomatix=’s Slainte – A Saint Patrick’s Day Saberstaff

Hello Everybody, today I have the great privilege of introducing a new Guest Designer! This gentleman welcomed me into the crazy hobby that is Lightsaber ownership and my descent into designing! His name is =Ottomatix= and was the first person to interact with me on the forum we are both members of. That was 16 months ago and for fun here is a screenshot of our “meeting”The Meeting

Yes I used to be called Stan, or at least that was my nickname back then. Not only was =Otto= the first to speak to me when I joined that forum but he also has a Disciple saber! I reckon this means we both have good taste, and to prove my point =Otto= is also a talented and prolific designer himself. And it is his design I am proud to present to you now, on Saint Patrick’s Day here is…


I will be honest (and I have told =Otto= this already) at first I was a bit puzzled at what he was attempting. I looked at the design and just saw alternating colours on various parts as I scrolled through each segment. Then the eureka moment happened when I zoomed out and could see all the colours lined up next to each other. The flag of Ireland was there staring me in the face and I just thought it was an amazing concept!

=Otto= is a much respected member on the forum and I am glad to be able to call him a friend. Even through some rough times on the forum he is still there and we chat whenever we get the chance. I would have posted some of his designs here sooner but I have to be careful as not to recruit any viewers or followers etc from the forum as it’s against the rules. They don’t like people “borrowing” their members!

But as it is Saint Patrick’s Day (or weekend depending on how long you celebrate 😀 ) I couldn’t think of a better day or design to showcase his talent! I hope you enjoyed this design and maybe =Otto= will be willing to share more of his work on this site. I’d like to thank =Otto= for being my friend, thank you the viewers and followers of FTSabersite for your support and invite you back to see more new designs including Rita Repulsa’s new weapon tomorrow! Till next time.

“Slainte” Saberstaff is ©Copyright of =Ottomatix= and is used here with permission. This Guest Design and all other designs, material and related content within this website are covered by ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.