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“Yondu Saber” Inspired by GOTG’s Yondu Undonta

Hello Everyone once again, thanks for joining me for my second post of today. And as I mentioned in my earlier post regarding Eddie Van Halen’s sad passing this week, in this slightly shorter post I have a design that is out of this world, just like Eddie’s guitar mastery.

This is a saber inspired by the character Yondu Udonta from the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy. I had over the past few years gotten into GOTG but realised recently that I hadn’t built a saber in Blender for any characters from the films. I also read comments on the Ultrasabers forum about a hilt that is called the Aeon V5 which Ultrasabers produce. The Aeon has decorative claws which some people say are “uncomfortable to grip”. Well I studied the rendered product images Ultrasabers posted online and discovered how the claws were attached and suggested that the claw could be carefully prised off, rotated 180degs and then reattached. It turned out to be a very popular idea (and has been claimed by others as their idea or “discovery”) But I noticed that the claw when removed reminded me of the distinctive character of Yondu and his bright red head fin. So I fired up Blender and built a 3D model of the Aeon and I added a “new claw” and a colour scheme that you might recognise. Here is Yondu…

Again I apologise that this post is shorter than normal but my heart hasn’t been in my work and really was in a different place this week. Despite that I hope you liked Yondu and rest assured that next week I will have a fully powered up and battle ready design to share. I am also going to work on an updated Eddie Van Halen tribute saber. Finally as we approach Halloween I am preparing a possible cosplay special to show my progress so far with my costume….so there’ll be a few horror pictures😁. Thank you all so much for visiting and supporting me and FTSabersite today (and in the past if you are a regular) you are very much appreciated. Stay safe and if you don’t know Eddie’s music go and search some out and treat your ears….Till next time….

Yondu” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy character Yondu Udonta and by Ultrasabers’ Aeon range of hilts. All names, images, logos and related materials and likenesses are Trademarked/©Copyright of their respective owners – Marvel Studios and Ultrasabers llc.

Demolition – Inspired by GOTG’s Drax the Destroyer

Hello Everybody, I am pleased to present my latest design in my inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy series. This time we will meet the “BIG GUY” of the team, Drax the Destroyer! Originally Drax was known as Arthur Douglas, a human with a wife and child living on earth. One day the super villain Thanos appeared on earth and fearing he had been seen by Arthur and his family, attacked the car they were travelling in. Arthur was critically injured, his wife was killed but his daughter survived, later to be adopted by Thanos’ father Mentor. Arthur however was rescued by the Titan god Kronos and reincarnated in a new body. So was born Drax the Destroyer, whose only purpose in life was to kill Thanos. Drax was reborn and this is the birth of my design for his saber, this is DEMOLITION…

Drax is an imposing figure with superhuman strength, resilience and at one time had the ability to fire energy bolts from his hands. He later lost this power but maybe this saber will make up for that. The saber has a medium blue blade which projects from a powder coated emitter. The powder coat is almost the exact same colour as Drax, and to reinforce the image I gave the grenade grip blocks a coat of red powder coat to represent the vanes and lines covering his massive physique. The switch section is nicely placed so that Drax can wield two of these sabers in either normal grip or reverse grip just like the daggers he uses at the moment. I hope he likes these and they will help him in future situations.

I have nearly come to the end of this post but I just have time to inform you I’ve received notification my copies of Rogue One are being delivered tomorrow! YAY! I didn’t even know it had been released, I have been that busy I haven’t seen any adverts or promotions announcing that it was available. So I will watch Rogue a few more times over the next couple of days and start work on some new Star wars hilts and maybe a few more Guardians designs for Ronan the Accuser and Nebula!

I hope you will return to see what I can come up with, but I’d like to thank you all for visiting today (including the viewer I had call in from France yesterday – I did see you, Merci!) I’ll get back to work now….Till next time.

Drax the Destroyer was created by Jim Starlin and appeared in numerous Marvel publications. Drax the Destroyer, Ronan the Accuser and all other Guardians of the Galaxy names, images, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

Gamora – Inspired by GOTG’s Gamora

Hello Everybody, I have the privilege of bringing to you a design for the “Deadliest woman in the whole Galaxy”. This woman is the last of her species (the Zen-Whoberis) and has been through tremendous ordeals in her life. In the movie version, Gamora’s  family were wiped out by a man named Thanos, but was then “adopted” by Thanos. Thanos had plans for Gamora and trained her to be an assassin, proficient in many Martial Arts from around the Galaxy. Gamora particularly liked using daggers and swords. Soon Gamora rebelled against her adopted father when she learned of Thanos’ plan concocted with Ronan the Accuser, to wipe out a planet named Xandar in return for a mystic orb (which contained one of the most powerful relics in the Galaxy, an Infinity Stone). Gamora stole that orb and tried to sell it, planning on using the proceeds to get as far away as possible from Thanos. This is where she came into contact with her future shipmates and things got…interesting! And I’m sure you’re all interested to see my saber for her so may I present ….Gamora….

I attempted to create the weapon of an elegant assassin. Gamora has a graceful athletic style of fighting due to the genetic and cybernetic enhancements Thanos gave her during her training. She now has super human strength, reflexes, healing abilities and has been known to defeat a platoon of trained military men in one fight! So this saber I hope is both elegant and aggressive. The green blade is framed by the six claws of the emitter with a purple cap to represent her flowing hair. The overall black scheme mimics her outfit but is also a tactical colour (not bright and flashy but stealthy). The purple grip vanes again are just to match her colour scheme without being too outstanding, yet provide a solid combat grip. The pommel tapers away to provide some sleek elegant lines.gamora 1

I mentioned that Gamora stole the Orb containing an Infinity Stone and as a result she and Star Lord, Groot and Rocket were arrested and imprisoned by Nova Corps. She decided to join forces with these misfits and another large individual (we’ll meet him tomorrow!) and broke out of jail. This group then attempted to defeat Ronan the Accuser and reclaim the Infinity Stone, but you’ll have to watch the movie to see who won.

I am approaching the end of today’s post, but once again I’d like to say thank you for visiting today and checking out Gamora’s new saber. I will hopefully have the last of the Guardians hilts tomorrow so I’d like to invite you back and see that one. Till next time.

Gamora was created by Jim Starlin and appeared in Marvel Comics. Gamora, Star Lord, Groot and Rocket along with all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

Rocket Lightsaber – Inspired by GOTG’s Rocket Raccoon

Hello Everybody, we now have a furry friend visiting the site in the form of a rebellious raccoon! No, General Leia hasn’t started recruiting woodland animals, I am referring to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon. He hails from the planet Halfworld and was originally created to be a genetically engineered care assistant for elderly and ailing folks of Halfworld. He was given implants and upgrades so he had human like intelligence and walked upright. Rocket was also considered the law officer of Halfworld. In later appearances in comics, games, TV and films, Rocket developed and became a Military Strategist and weapons expert eventually joining up with Star Lord, Groot and the gang . Well I wonder if he has ever come across a Lightsaber before, if not I have one here just for him, this is Rocket Lightsaber…

This is Rocket’s new saber, and I kinda like it. First up is a pure white blade to match his fur, followed by a two tone black and silver emitter. The switch is a no nonsense gets the job done type, a bit like Rocket himself. He designed the gadget that helped the Guardians oppose Ronan the Accuser in the original movie. Rocket is also an accomplished pilot (like yours truly 😀 ) so I gave his saber a nice bright Orange “flight jacket”, much like his utility vest he wears. The Pommel reminds me of a Raccoon’s paws and claws with the ring of blocks looking like little toes and fingers. I think this would be a really good saber and it would come in handy. Rocket sometimes bends the law in the film version of Guardians and is reported to have escaped from 22 prisons so maybe this saber will help him remain a law-abiding Raccoon! I feel he is just conflicted and needs some guidance…

See! He’s conflicted, but I’m glad he appears to like my designs and is endorsing them…though he needs to leave the Jedi Mind Tricks to the professionals.

I am afraid time is running out for this post but I’d like to let you know I have a few more Guardians hilts to present to you and I may have a NEW GUEST DESIGNER making a contribution to the site soon! Before I go I want to thank all of you for your contributions to FTSabersite, all of your comments, likes or even if you just visit, is much appreciated. Till next time.

Rocket Raccoon, Ronan the Accuser and all other Guardians of the Galaxy related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

Treecutter Saber – Inspired by GOTG’s Groot

Hello Everybody, yesterday we had a visit from Star Lord and today we have his floral friend….He is Groot! Groot is a living tree creature (scientific name Flora Colossi – yes I studied botany) from the Planet X. Groot is from a Noble Sap-Line but he became disillusioned with the way his race treated the small mammals that worked to sustain the planet’s environment. Whilst coming to the aid of one these mammals (similar to a squirrel) that was being attacked Groot got into a fight with the attacker. The attacker died and Groot was exiled where decades later he met a genetically modified raccoon and his adventure brought him to our screens. Ok now to present my design, here is Treecutter Saber…

This saber has a translucent brown powder coat and it worked slightly better than I thought it would. Maybe the green blade to represent Groot’s leaves and foliage helps. When I saw the shape of Groot’s head I knew exactly which emitter I wanted to use. It has a fluted and notched rim that, from certain angles looks like the top of his head and it even has “eyes”! The body has a bronze Stingray skin patterned grip to give the impression of bark. The pommel reminds me of the base of a tree, the way you can see the roots split and enter the earth.

Sorry folks, that Spartacus quote joke just sprang to mind! This design, like a lot of my other designs has a version for Saplings, the younger tree creatures out there and here it is and the inspiration for it…

I thought I might call this youngling version HedgeTrimmer….maybe not!

I am slowly a drawing to the end of this post, but I still have time to let you know I have a few more of these Guardians inspired hilts including one for that genetically modified Raccoon I mentioned earlier and one for the big guy watching Baby Groot in the picture above! I hope you have enjoyed this saber and will return to see what is coming next. Thank you for your support as always….Till next time.

Groot, Baby Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.


Galaxy Lord Lightsaber – Inspired by Peter Quill

Hello Everybody, yes this post is coming in wearing rocket powered boots! The reason is two-fold, firstly I have a new series of designs inspired by a potential blockbuster sequel movie opening on the 5th May, and I’ll tell you the second reason later on. So the big film is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, and I just happened to watch the original film two days ago (I know my satellite entertainment provider is very slow!) which fired my imagination. The film was larger than life, with some great special FX, really funny characters…especially this guy, Star Lord! You may know him as Peter Quill, a human(?) who was abducted by aliens when he was a child. Twenty-something years later he had become a bit of a scoundrel, stealing and selling, ducking and diving. His exploits resulted in him becoming shipmates with four other misfits who we will meet in future posts, but you want to see a new saber now don’t you? Ok may I present…Galaxy Lord…

I based this hilt on Star Lord when he has his rocket propelled boots on and flies about in space. He also needs a special helmet to provide him life support when he is outside the safety of his ship, Marino, and I tried to recreate that look. The blade is coloured Blood Orange (because it looks good against a starry background!) and projects from the emitter. That emitter has two strategically placed thumbscrews which I painted red. They look exactly like the red lenses of Peter’s helmet and I painted the lip of the emitter a translucent brown to represent his hair sticking out from the mask. The other ribs and grooves look like the grille and tubing on the mask. I coloured the accent rings on the switch section in the same translucent brown, to look like his jacket. It also helps prevent the saber just being plain black! The body section has a wasp waist type section that narrows and flares giving an impression of speed.

I think this saber would compliment his twin double barrelled laser pistols quite nicely, and he could have used this to defeat Kree Ronan, an alien intent on obtaining an artefact Peter had stolen, which contained a planet killing source of power called an Infinity Stone. Well I mentioned that Peter met four misfits and yes we’ll meet them in upcoming posts. I hope you will return to see these new GOTG themed hilts.

Now the second reason this is a special post, is that thanks to you my site has achieved 3000 VIEWS! This means a lot to me, thank you each and every one of you. I never imagined I would reach this figure so soon.

I am afraid I that time has come when I have to end, I need to put some fertilizer and finishing touches to one of my designs. Thank you again for your support and please continue to call back and tell your friends about FTSabersite! Till next time.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter “Star Lord” Quill” and any other names, logos or related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.