Nerf Havok-Fire EBF 25: For Tyeth’s Foam Flinging Machine

Hello Everybody and welcome. Today I have something completely different than I normally post and in this one I will be showing you my “fully operational battle blaster” the Nerf Havok-Fire EBF 25 foam dart firing minigun. Now Obi-Wan Kenobi famously disliked blasters and was quoted as saying, “Blasters….(ugh) So uncivilised!” as he used one to finish off General Grievous in the film Revenge of the Sith. But….I recently got into Nerfing and foam dart shooting and it’s great fun. I have always enjoyed doing target practise and as a youngling had an ancient “weapon” called a Bow and Arrow that I used to fire at tin cans and targets hung on trees, then I got projectile firing toys and eventually progressed to firing an air powered gun now and then. And I got pretty good. But as I got older and moved to a high rise tower block I didn’t have anywhere to practise. But now I have gotten into foam dart flinging fun!

Last year I did obtain some Nerf blasters that I intended to modify and turn into Cosplay props but I haven’t gotten round to doing any modifications as I couldn’t get spray paints and supplies etc due to lockdowns….unfortunately in that time I have sort of gotten attached to how the blasters look as they are and kinda want to collect them normally. So back to today I want give you all a full look at my latest acquisition the Nerf Havok-Fire EBF 25. This was a gift from Mrs Tyeth, who found it in a Salvation Army Charity shop (aka a Thrift Store in the US) in the village where her mother lives. Mrs T thought it was complete but it did have it’s ammunition box missing (fortunately I found a reasonably priced replacement one online). It was otherwise in immaculate condition and awesome. SO enough talk here are a few pictures…

This thing is a BEAST of a blaster, based on a chain/belt fed heavy machine gun. The foam darts are stored and loaded via a flexible chain link belt that has 25 cylinders which each hold a dart (hence the abbreviation EBF 25 – which stands for Electronic Belt Feed 25). And once loaded and blaster primed it is FULLY AUTOMATIC. It keeps firing and reloading for as long as you pull the trigger and have ammunition to fire. Here are a few close up pictures and images of the blaster and it’s ammo box…

In the first pics you can see the handgrip section with the trigger and if you look above where the trigger is you will see what looks like a switch – well this is the fire mode selector. In the OFF position the blaster is idle but you can load a dart one at a time by pulling back on a lever bolt then pull the trigger to fire one dart – then repeat the process. This mode doesn’t require batteries (it takes a whopping SIX D-Cell size batteries which weigh a ton)….BUT flick the mode switch and it will….hang on I have something to show you later! The last pictures show the ammunition box and ammo belt that clips onto the side of the blaster, and there are two orange handles (the cone shaped bits) that are the loading/cocking levers. OKAY….OKAY….Enough talk….what happens if you load this blaster with 25 darts, pull the lever back, aim and fire?….THIS IS A FIRING TEST!>>>

That my friends was the Havok-Fire shooting 25 foam darts in 9 secs or at a rate of 3 darts a second! It is an amazing bit of fun and bear in mind this blaster was produced and released in 2008 so it is 14 years old and still functioning! Some Havok-Fire owners modify their blasters by installing more powerful batteries so it fires even faster and connect 2,3,4 and even more ammo belts together to feed more darts. If you were to face this in a Nerf Foam War it would be intimidating! As you can tell I kinda love this blaster, and you can even take the tripod off and attach a sling belt so you can carry the blaster just like Rambo or Dutch in Predator…and spray your opponents with foam darts!

FOR TYETH FUN FACT: NERF is an acronym which stands for Non Expandable Recreational Foam which describes the material that the blaster’s darts are made from! Nerf and Nerfing later became the terms used to identify the hobby as a whole and not just to describe Hasbro Toys products.

So basically I have been bitten by the Nerf Bug (well I suppose it’s better than catching COVID). I still plan on modifying some of the blasters I have because now lockdown restrictions in the UK have been relaxed I can get out and obtain the parts/supplies I need. This particular blaster though I am keeping original…though if I can find another one cheap on Ebay then I might be tempted to give it a “Sci-Fi look” makeover. You will have noticed that just in front of the blaster I had a lightsaber on display too….just so you don’t think I have been turned to the Nerf Side of the Force ok! That lightsaber will feature in a post here very soon as it is extremely precious to me.

That I think just about wraps this post up I have run out of darts of information to share with you about it. I hope you enjoyed the slight change of pace and subject matter, but I wanted to show lightsabers and blasters can exist and live together nicely…Thanks so much for checking this post out and for all of your support. New viewers or regular visitors you are all appreciated. Please call back for more saber designs, Lego creations and now Foam Flinging Frolics in future!….Till next time…..

Blaster and lightsaber happily co-existing!

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Commando Speeder: Quadbus – This one’s a stretch – FT Lego Forge

Hello Everybody, today is a slightly better day for me as I have been having fun with my new saber and blasters I showed you last week. Mrs Tyeth bought the big “Minigun” style blaster from a charity/thrift store and thought it was complete, unfortunately when she managed to bring it home I found that the “Ammo Box” that clips to the side to hold the ammo belt was missing. Luckily I decided to set up an online shopping account and found a cheap replacement Ammo Box and placed a bid….and I won! So now I have a “Fully operational battle blaster”! I will feature it here next week so stay tuned for some “For Tyeth Foam Flinging”. But I need to show you my latest Lego creation and this one is a stretch.

I have been working a series of models based on Airspeeders and transports and today I expand the collection. The first speeder I built had one engine, the second had twin engines so doubling up again this week’s build has….FOUR engines. I have been watching the Lego Star Wars cartoons recently and in a few episodes we see the Padawan learners of the Jedi Temple on adventures in their “school bus” and I thought “Hey, I could build a transport vehicle a bit like a bus that holds multiple figures”

Image via Bricklink

so I set to work starting with the engine…..

I began with one engine and a single control vane, then made duplicates as I knew one or two wouldn’t be enough for this slightly more bulky vehicle. I struggled at first wondering how to arrange the pods but then I remembered a ship called the QuadJumper seen in The Force Awakens (the QuadJumper is the ship blown up by Tie Fighters that are attacking Rey and Finn on Jakku before Rey decides to borrow the “piece of garbage” we know as the Millennium Falcon!). So I built a couple of assemblies that positioned four engines in two stacks that fit either side of the vehicle. The last image shows a Starboard (right sided) engine assembly. Next I had to build a fuselage big enough to accommodate a few minifigures. I took the Commando Speeder and stretched it, along with adding a sealed passenger compartment then attached the two engine assemblies to either side….this was the result, the QuadBus!….

I was extremely pleased with this as it had the same sort of look and vibe of the many shuttle transport buses seen darting around the skies of Coruscant during the Prequel movies. I planned to make this a bus, however while putting it together it felt more like a high end personal transport for two or three figures so I had a Chauffeur Pilot in the cockpit section and two “passengers” in the aft compartment.

This gallery shows off the lines of the ship from various angles and a few close ups of the detailing including the opening cockpit canopy and passenger compartment window/doors. With the four high powered engines I don’t think this “bus” would have any problem nipping in and out of traffic and would be quite a comfortable ride….much more comfy than the original BikeSpeeder I built that started this series of models!

So I had fun practicing my “Target Shooting” and swinging my new saber about, plus I came up with a new Lego design but….back in the real world the current situation in the eastern Europe and Ukraine has gotten worse and as I feared the war seems to be becoming an “entrenched” battle. Casualties are mounting and needless suffering is growing with more people leaving the country if they can. And here in the outer rim of the UK I feel frustrated still that there isn’t much I can do in real terms. However I can send out a message to let the people of Ukraine know I am wishing for a swift peaceful end to the suffering they are subjected to and I had an idea how I could show support…by rebuilding the QuadBus…in the colours of their national flag!

I think this works!

And that brings me to the end of this week’s post – thank you so much for checking it out. I am having more and more fun creating these Lego designs and will hopefully have more for upcoming posts. I will also have a full feature on my latest and greatest Nerf blaster, the Havok Fire I showed off last week. So please call back to FTSabersite to see all this and more in the next few weeks. Thanks again and remember you are all very much appreciated, I couldn’t run a blog without you, Till next time….

“Commando Speeder: QuadBus” is a For Tyeth Lego Forge design. It was designed and modelled in the LEGO Digital Designer software and the screenshot renders were produced in Blender 3D. All model designs and artwork are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022, The “Lego DIgital Designer -LDD” belongs to the LEGO corporation and is Trademark/©Copyright of the LEGO Corporation.

Y-Wing Saber – A For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the BTL-A4 Y-Wing Fighter

Hello Everybody, today I have a saber based on a famous starfighter that was a multi-role spacecraft and very durable. This space ship was the equivalent of the famous A-10 Warthog fighter/bomber aircraft of the American military – both could take a beating. Anakin Skywalker had a Y-Wing fighter during the Clone Wars but his was brand new and looked much more streamlined due to the panelling and armour plating – whilst the Y-Wings we usually think of look much more skeletal as most of the bodywork was scavenged or lost. You will have seen Y-Wings during the original trilogy movies, especially during the two Death Star battles.

You can clearly see that this version of the Y-Wing has seen some action…and you can easily see how the ship got it’s name. The fuselage and cockpit forming the stem of a letter “Y” whilst the engines stretch out to form the arms. Now I can’t remember what I was doing that inspired me to model this as a saber but I did and I think it’s about time I revealed my Y-Wing Saber….Gallery Time…..

I started at the front with the cockpit section – seemed a good idea. As this was going to be a saber I didn’t add the two small laser canons in the nose as they would get snagged up as you tried to handle the blade. The rest of the cockpit is there and looks fairly close, including a small laser turret at the rear (the gun barrells being able to be folded down out of the way). There is “Greebling” details on the side to try and replicate bits of mechanical parts where panels are missing. The long thin neck section is the handgrip and is adorned with some pipework and brackets to again represent possibly fuel lines etc (these are a little more flush with the fuselage so don’t get in the way and provide a bit of grip). Following further down the hilt we get to the main structure which acts as the switch section for the hilt. I added a lit activation switch disguised as part of the pipework (the junction fixture). If you zoom in REALLY close you can even see the bolts that I modelled to hold the plumbing in place! The main blade’s emitter is situated at the rear of this fuselage section and is flanked by the engine outriggers that house the secondary blades. There is more Greebling details on the main fuselage and on the outriggers. A close-up of the panels can be seen in the last image,.

Now this saber is based on a spaceship so I should really show you how it looks in space, so here are a handful of “in flight” images!

Well, it sorta looks like a Y-Wing and I like the engines and the side blades. With the elongated neck section the Y-Wing takes on a sort of Trident shape but I feel it is still recognisable.

Now that just about wraps up this homage to a workhorse spaceship that helped save the galaxy more than once. But it isn’t quite the end of this post…I have some news of new arrivals! This week I received a present or two, first I got a few new NERF blasters so I can keep practising my sharpshooting (Safely)….and if you look closely at the picture….you might see a saber…

Yes I have succumbed and got some blasters or two, the Nerf Havok Fire EBF-25 and the Volt SD-1. The Volt is a single shot pistol that you load a dart, pull the orange drawbar to cock it then pull the trigger to fire, Simple. The Havok Fire…well that’s a beast! It is loaded by using a belt of cartridges – each with a dart in – and when in full automatic mode it fires all 25 darts in about 3-4 seconds! The rest of the blasters you may have seen in my previous posts. And the lightsaber? That is absolutely amazing… a gift from a member of the saber forum I use who liked my designs so much and thought I contributed to the community that he wanted to give me the saber. He read comments that I hoped to pick one up and he had a spare so gave me it . It is a Qui-Gon Jinn replica made by Ultrasabers but the member upgraded it a bit. I will do a full article showing the new blasters and saber very soon.

But I am now nearing the end of this post and I’d like to say a big thank you for checking this Y-Wing inspired saber out. I have much more coming up in future posts (as you can see^) so I hope you will return to see those posts too. Whether this is your first visit to FTSabersite or you are a regular thanks so much. I am now going to practice my target shooting at some cardboard cutouts! Till next time….

“Y-Wing Saber” is a For Tyeth Editions design inspired by the BTL A4 Y-Wing Starfighter seen in Star Wars Clone Wars and movies. The saber is designed and modelled by For Tyeth in Blender 3D and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2022. “Y-Wing”, Star Wars and all other names, logos, images and related materials are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

Commando Twinspeeder – Another FT Lego Forge build

Hello Everybody, now I normally don’t comment too much on my private life but I have been helping to care for an elderly relative and that relative had to go into a residential care home as she needed way more assistance than Mrs Tyeth and I could cope with. So this past week has been hectic with the “big move” and everything else I have been dealing with. BUT this is a Star Wars lightsaber and stuff website so I best show you something from a galaxy far away. As I have been busy I’m afraid I just have a modified version of my recent Commando Speeder model I posted a fortnight ago….but it is in a new paintscheme! So here is a reminder of the base model…

Commando Speeder original

I felt this speeder was a bit lop-sided and asymmetrical so decided to balance it out by adding another engine and wingplate section. This would make it twice as powerful and twice as fast (theoretically) and so I had to find a nice open space to test it out so how about a trip to Bespin and the famous Tibanna Gas Clouds? OK, here’s the Glamour Gallery in the Gas Clouds….

As you can see this one is a real flyer! I had to “de-tune” the engines a little or else it would have achieved orbital flight….remember that the engines I borrowed are from a Naboo N-1 Starfighter (the famous yellow and chrome fighter seen in The Phantom Menace). But I think the new speeder looks more stable and balanced now. These engines do allow me to experiment and in a future post I have a four engined model that does go orbital.

In other news, hopefully I should be getting my new (sort of new) Nerf blaster tomorrow and in the new week my new saber will be here. What? I didn’t mention anything about a new saber? Oh, yes…well it turns out that a very generous member of a forum I use was so impressed by my talent and contribution to the lightsaber community that he wanted to do something nice for me. He saw comments I had posted stating I liked a particular lightsaber and he had a spare one that he wanted to gift to me! So hopefully I will have a new hilt to add to my collection.

However, as good as this news is, things are not great everywhere. I normally restrict myself to commenting on things I can have an impact on or on subjects such as the passing of inspirational people like Peter Mayhew, Eddie Van Halen or Freddie Mercury…but a lot of extraordinary people have lost their lives this past week in an event of madness. I won’t drag myself into the politics of who’s in the right or wrong of the situation…I will just say that there is NO NEED FOR THE ACTIONS THAT ARE TAKING PLACE IF WE ARE LIVING IN A CIVILISED WORLD. Unfortunately….it seems that some people aren’t in the same world.

I just hope the madness and suffering ends swiftly and peacefully….I will say that needless deaths have been suffered on both sides of the argument but I have to post this image in solidarity for the brave oppressed people of Ukraine.

Thanks for reading, till next time….please be kind to each other and find a peaceful solution….