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Coming Friday 3rd April – A Thank You to Dr Brian May

Hello Everybody and all music fans….this is an announcement of a post coming this Friday which is dedicated to Dr Brian May. It is something special….. and it is something Star Wars…. so I hope you will all check it out.

Stay safe and well, see you Friday at 8PM GMT (20:00hrs)

For Tyeth.

DISASTER PART 2! Microsoft messes me up AGAIN!

Hello Everybody….before I go any further I need to warn you that I really wanted to post this as a “Rated R” post but I’m just too darn polite and realise that Younglings might read this. But to say I am annoyed is a very large understatement.

Remember I was really happy this past month or so because I got a shiny new refurbished laptop? WELL…it had Windows 10 on it and Micros&%£ in their infinite wisdom decided we all had to have updates rammed down our computer’s throat and as a result my laptop got a messed up update! I was using my laptop when it started to slow noticeably and programs stuttered. I guessed it was an update loading so thought nothing of it as I had had a handful of updates already. Then while offline I was designing and all of a sudden my laptop started to get act up. It became very, very slow but the hard disk was whirring so fast it was making my laptop vibrate and sound like a power drill. I managed to investigate and discovered that the latest update that installed was one that has been identified as a “problem” and caused the exact symptoms my machine was showing. SO I followed the instructions and functions from Micros&%$ to Uninstall the problem update (known as update KB4551762). And it worked….for around 30 minutes then BANG!! A blue screen flashed up on my display saying “This PC has experienced issues and can’t continue, we’re gathering info and will restart”

YEAH Windows gathered info then SHUT DOWN and switched my laptop off fully – NO RESTART. Now I can’t get Windows to work and I only have access to the laptop manufacturer BIOS setting screens. I have tried to Refresh, Reset and Restore the machine as per Windows’ feature set – NOTHING! I have tried to recover the laptop using a Recovery USB programmed with a Virtual copy of Win 10 to reboot my machine – NOTHING! I even downloaded the Window Recover Media Creation Tool and created a second USB tool to attempt a recovery and again that FAILED!

I now have a near £200/$230 paperweight!

I have not given up trying to save my laptop as the hardware is fine it’s the messed up operating system that has P’d me off. MS and Windows messed up my last computer and now it has messed up my new one and I need it to stay connected at this difficult time (for my sanity and just so I can keep connected and able to function – you know so I can order shopping and groceries in as I can’t leave my home at the moment due to a health lockdown).

On top of this it means I have probably lost my designs AGAIN including that Chronolog I posted last week. I know, I know, why didn’t I back up my designs? Well I couldn’t afford to buy TWO new machines and my old laptop is full.

Sorry to be on a downer today but I can’t help it. It is the first REALLY bad venting post I have published in three years  (Ok there was the Asguard Thor lightsaber post but that had a happy outcome) so I haven’t done too badly.

Anyhow, thanks for all the support you have given me these past three years and rest assured I am doing all I can to get this sorted but in the present climate/Covid19 situation I’m not sure when I’ll be up and running at full speed again. BUT I hope you all keep safe and well, in the big picture that is more important. Please keep checking back to FTSabersite for news and I will be back full FORce when I can. Thanks guys and gals.

For Tyeth

P.S. I have had to compile this post by borrowing a family member’s laptop so thanks Mrs T – I love ya!

Master Montoya and Master Z Coming Soon!

Hello Everybody….just a quick sneak peek of some historical styled hilts coming to FTSabersite very soon, Master Montoya and Master Z sabers.Rapiers Coming Soon article MK 1

So if you are into swashbuckling and saber swinging then you’ll not want to miss these!

Thanks for looking in today and I hope you can join me again this weekend for my normally scheduled post!

“Master Montoya” and “Master Z” sabers are upcoming For Tyeth Editions and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020.

Upgrades! For Tyeth tries Blender 3D V2.81a!

Hello Everybody! Today is a BIG day as this is the start of a new era for me….I have upgraded Blender so I am running the new 2.81A version (as I type this I have seen v.2.83 has been released but that isn’t a stable release yet). This means I have access to a new modelling feature called EEVEE which is a “real-time renderer” so I can make a model and apply textures/materials to it as I go along and the new laptop automatically modifies the model and textures as I make changes. This means I can see how the finished version of a saber will look almost as soon as I have started building it! Oh, yes…did I just mention the words “new laptop”? Yes I did….my new toy has arrived! I now have an updated computer which is amazing compared to the computer I used before…x61s_dock

This is a Lenovo X61s 12 inch laptop and it has 1GB of memory and a whopping 64GB hard disk…it even ran on Windows 7 – real high tech! But now I have the big brother of this computer with a 14 inch screen, Core I5 processor, 8GB of memory and 500GB hard disk so I am able to run the latest versions of Blender! I installed Blender yesterday afternoon and within an hour I had built my first version 2.81 saber, would you like to take a look? Of course you would so here you go…

This saber isn’t based on anything specific or any particular hilt it is just a testbed, something that was in my head that I modelled. The new software is even more powerful than the last version I had. Almost 99% of the functions can be accessed from the studio/workspace screen so was able to build this so fast. But even if a needed function isn’t on screen then there will be a dedicated tab and secondary screen layout where it will be visible. For example the screen to model the object would be different than a screen for rendering (creating the images or videos) – but there are “hot keys” to switch between the various screens allowing you to preview your progress as you go along. This software is so slick and fast I think it could do the Kessel run faster than the Millennium Falcon!

Rendering is also something that is vastly improved with 2.81. I knew it would be better but I had no clue just how good it was gonna be. Some of my old renders had lots of speckles of light and looked “grainy” due to how the graphics chip recreated the lighting for the image but you may have noticed the pictures above were very, very focused and pin sharp with no little “Fireflies” – Blender users call the speckles fireflies! You can see them on the gold pieces on the hilts below…Steampunk Aeon 4 MK Blender has a new function similar to one developed by industry leaders in animating (Disney Pixar) that removes the speckles and sharpens the image, but when I installed Blender I wasn’t aware of it. Imagine my amazement when I saw the first picture I created! The difference was like watching a movie on a mobile phone, then seeing the same film on IMAX! So impressed was I, that I rendered a few more so here’s another gallery of some glamour shots, enjoy….

I am just lost for words…and the image I showed with the Fireflies above took 40-50 seconds to render, whereas these new pictures took much less time. I pressed the button to render the image and I counted 1…2…3…and it displayed onscreen. Less than four seconds! This will cut down my workload by about 75%. I don’t know how it will handle animations but if Blender works this fast for single images then videos will take a fraction of the time too. I will work on some animations once I have transferred all my files to my new set-up. I can’t wait. Here is one final “poster” I came up with and it has the Blender “Eye” logo looming over the planet like the Death Star!FTblender2point8 poster 1 MK

Well, that just about wraps up this post, I hope you liked it. I will be looking through my old Blender models and seeing which ones would benefit from being tweaked in this new version of the software while I work on new saber designs so I hope you’ll return to see all of that in future posts. Thank you all for your support of me and this site, whether you are a regular visitor or are new to FTSabersite – you’re all much appreciated. Till next time….

Blender 3D is available for free at Blender.org

“FT’s Blender 2.81 Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design (built and rendered in Blender 3D v2.81!) and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2020. “Blender 3D”, “Blender” and the Blender “Eye” logo are Trademark/©Copyright of the Blender Foundation.

Coming Soon! CW7 and “CW7-AM7 Staff”

Hello Everybody! Well a new trailer for The Clone Wars Season 7 dropped recently (yesterday I think) and in it was an exciting new something! Guess what? I have already built that shiny new red double bladed object!

Ventress Maul MatCap1 MK

A full article with full colour Glamour Shot gallery (and just maybe an animation) will be posted here on FTSabersite very soon!

However this weekend I enter the world of commodities, stock exchanges and ForEx as I have found a few ingots of a very valuable material in the back of my workshop and decided to do something special to my “Mandalawrian” saber….you won’t want to miss it!

Thanks for looking in on this announcement and I hope you’ll return for my “Mandalawrian – Beskar Special Edition”.

“CW7-AM7 Staff” is a For Tyeth Edition model, built in Blender 3D and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. It is inspired by “The Clone Wars” animated series which is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. Background image is ©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

The Rise of Skywalker – For Tyeth Collection…Coming Soon!

Hello Everybody and yes, you have read the title of this post correctly! I am announcing that my “Spoiler Free Zone” is being lifted and we will be able to chat about the movie….but don’t worry I will put WARNINGS at the top of the posts just in case you haven’t yet seen the film and want to avoid finding out details! The reason I am lifting the exclusion zone is that folks on the internet are talking about the film and some certain lightsabers in particular….WELL, I have modeled those sabers already and want to post them as I am quite pleased how they turned out. So here are the teaser posters for the two hilts I have coming up (I already built the Dark Rey folding hilt and Rey’s Graflex last year as they appeared in the trailers!). OK enough talk here are the teasers….

Leia Plate Teaser 1
Coming this weekend!

And if this wasn’t exciting enough, I have the big “secret” saber belonging to Rey everyone is talking about…Rey Plate Teaser 1

I will be bringing you these two hilts this weekend and Rey’s will appear next weekend! You won’t want to miss them….but if you have a good close look around my site you might see Rey’s saber hidden in plain view!

A can’t wait to post these and again I hope you will join me to see them. I need to say a big thank you to you, my friends because I am on the verge of breaking 16000 views! Word is spreading about FTSabersite and little old me so thanks for sharing links and telling your friends. Till this weekend….

“Rey’s Crown Saber” and “Leia’s Knightsaber” are “For Tyeth Edition” models and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020. These models are inspired by the movie “The Rise of Skywalker”. Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

Happy New Year! FT’s review of 2019

Hello Everybody and HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yes we have entered a new year and a new decade…we are in 2020! But before we dive into the new adventures ahead I thought I’d take a 20/20 hindsight review of 2019 (< See what I did there? 2020 hindsight? 😀 ) And boy was I busy during the past 12 months!

I counted my posts and the designs I had shared and I have posted over 45 sabers plus variations in the space of 52 weeks …so lets jump back to January and take a look at what I posted….

January started with a saber inspired from a Star Wars computer game known as Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic (SW KOTOR) and the first saber you build in the game. I also posted the first in a series of hilts inspired by Ralph McQuarrie’s Stormtrooper concept art, even a saber based on the 80’s TV show Charlie’s Angels. Finally I posted a lightsaber staff for Satele Shan, another character from SWTOR the sequel to SW KOTOR.

February featured designs from Resident Evil, Lord of the Rings, a saber for Superman and a hilt for Padme Amidala. I particularly liked the Superman hilt I built for my friend TheVintageToyAdvertiser as part of a series of challenges, and the Lord of the Rings hilt because I had to make sure I did a good job and pleased both Star Wars fans and LOTR fans – Not Easy!

Again I really liked the LOTR hilt as I got creative, making the pommel resemble the Eye of Sauron! However, even Padme’s hilt had custom etching and an activation swith made to look like her pendant given to her by little Ani!

Marching on in March,I presented my crossover hilt designs for another Sci-Fi franchise – Star Trek (yes I said it!). I created a hilt for the Klingon warriors and one particular half Klingon named B’Elanna Torres from the show Voyager. A new character appeared in the movie SOLO called Enfys Nest so I posted a design in her honour and back on earth I had another challenge from TVTA. He wanted a saber based on Starsky and Hutch and the famous red car, the Gran Torino!….

The Swoop Saber had a hidden Crystal Chamber built into it, while the Starsky and Hutch hilt had a blue police light as the on/off switch and even had working headlights buried in all the chrome bodywork!

OK folks, that covers the first three months! To continue our journey through 2019 please click the link to go to page two where we will discover what April brought!…see you on page two…..

Nothin’ Nerdy honoured me on her YouTube channel! A big thank you!

Hello Everybody, today I have had to make a very quick change of plans! I was relaxing in my Coruscant apartment enjoying the holiday spirits when I decided to check out some videos on YouTube (there isn’t much entertainment on my cable package). Well I had a very pleasant surprise, my friend Frankie – aka Nothin’ Nerdy has posted a video to honour the saber I designed for her and I am speechless. It is a little unreal to hear your name being spoken in a video and for the person to be saying such nice things about you. I’d like to thank Frankie and to let her know it was my pleasure to design her saber and produce the accompanying artwork/animations. So to my loyal visitors, followers and friends, if you could spare a few minutes and check out Frankie’s YouTube, Twitch and Facebook pages I’d be very grateful. Here are the links:

Nothin’ Nerdy YouTube: Nothin’ Nerdy YouTube

Nothin’ Nerdy Facebook: Nothin’ Nerdy Facebook

Nothin’ Nerdy Twitch: Nothin’ Nerdy Twitch

And I decided to revisit Frankie’s sabers and gave it a new colour scheme…

Just a little modification to keep me entertained, and speaking of entertainment I also continued my work on a collection of sabers I gave you a sneak peek of last week. Those items that may or may not appear in The Rise of Skywalker. Well I refined some details and I thought a nice group picture would look cool so here is another quick sneak peek of my new collection…(Only in gold…as full galleries of these new designs will feature in future posts!)….Rise of Skywalker Collection MatCap 2 MK

Two of the hilts you have seen already but they look good all together. I will end this post here as I had to type this off the top of my head, but I will have an end of year review of a few of my favourite designs I have showcased these past twelve months, there’ll be a bit of a mix!

So thanks once more to Frankie, I am really proud to have a friend like you and to my visitors, followers and friends that support me tirelessly here thank you too. Please call back to see future posts with more sabers and fun. Till next time….

“Nothin’ Nerdy Saber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019.

He’s coming for you this Saturday!

He has broken cover and debuted on Disney+ and this Saturday he will make an appearance (of sorts!) here on FTSabersite! So if you are a lawbreaker, or you’re on the run or have a death mark on your head beware…this saber will bring you in alive or cold!Coming For You Soon 3 MK

Hopefully all you law abiding viewers will join me this Saturday….Till then…..

Image ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2019.