About Me

I am For Tyeth, a Lightsaber and Star Wars fan, who found a talent for creating Lightsaber designs when I discovered an online application to design modular Lightsabers. That application was Saberforge’s Adaptive Saber Parts (ASP) found at Saberparts.com. I was also a contributor to the Saberforgeforum.com, a FAN-RUN forum where I was able to post pictures of my designs and in doing so build a reputation for design.

However, due to the nature and limitations of forums, I needed to find a “new home” for my talents. I therefore decided to create FTSabersite!

Here I can post my designs and a selection of what I feel are great looking sabers from some very talented individuals, along with hopefully, news and chat about ..yes.. Lightsabers.

This is my first site so please forgive any mistakes while I expand it and gain experience.