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Citadel Lightsaber – A Savannah95 Design

Hello Everybody, welcome to the future on a planet far off in the distance! I promised that the sabers would be better than my last offering (Mancunian Blue Lightsaber) and while it’s not one of mine it is beautiful. This is the next design from the talented Savannah95 and it has a futuristic, architectural look to it. I love this design, so much so I was inspired to edit the above image (from a site called walldevil.com) to use as the header title. I am pleased to have the honour of presenting Savannah95’s….Citadel Lightsaber…

When I first saw this design and was told the name for it I could imagine it nestled in the skyline of a Megacity like Coruscant (btw did you spot the saber in the header picture? 😀 ) A new trend nowadays is to have searchlights situated on the roofs of buildings pointing upwards to the stars and this saber has a gorgeous Cyan coloured blade to replicate such a searchlight. That blade also projects from an emitter that is elegant and simple but ever so effective (I have used it a few times in some of my designs). The three elongated windows allow some more of the Cyan colour to escape and reinforces the image of a building’s penthouse apartment windows….maybe Padme is looking out of one in the hope of seeing Anakin! The switch section is ribbed, reminding me of the grilles and panelling of modern skyscrapers. The body section also has long elongated grooves and in my mind I just saw Turbolifts travelling up and down them.  The Pommel has neat triangular details like arched doorways to the foyer of a building complex.

I think I might enjoy living in one of these tower blocks! And I hope you liked this beautiful piece of engineering. I’d like to thank Savannah95 for allowing me to share her sabers with you, and I’ll let you in on a little secret…this was one of her first designs IIRC! I also want to thank all of my viewers and followers (including the Anonymouswriter ones!) I have seen on my statistics dashboard I have had visits from folks as far away as Malaysia and the Philippenes, and you are all welcome! Please call back to see more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

“Citadel Lightsaber” is ©Copyright of Savannah95 and is used here with permission. The post header image was obtained from walldevil.com. This site, designs and contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

Unity and Dark Unity Saberstaff – Savannah95

Hello Everybody, wow what a way to finish the Power Ranger series! I do hope Rita approved of my staff design. If she didn’t maybe she might like one of these two saber staffs from my friend Savannah95. I haven’t posted a design from Savannah in a while and this seemed a good time to do so. As with the Power Rangers and Star Wars the underlying story tells of struggle between good and bad, Light and Dark. I have said before that sabers can have similar characteristics depending on colour and finish etc. Savannah proves my point with this offering, here is Unity…

This is a nicely laid out staff, not too fussy but with enough little details to catch the eye. It came to my attention recently that no Jedi or  Lightside character had used a staff in the films or cartoons etc but this would be a suitable candidate. On the other hand there has been Sith and Darkside characters such as Darth Maul who have used a staff, so Savannah has a Darkside version, just to show the balance, so here is Dark Unity…

This has  been the Darkside staff Dark Unity, and sleek and deadly it looks too. The weapon has Blood Orange blades which I would love to see clashing against the Deep Blue blades of Unity. There is a fan theme called Fire and Ice, referring to the colours of different character’s weapons and when two opposing colours are seen together it is usually called a Fire and Ice moment. These two weapons fit that description.

Sadly though I am reaching that point in the post again! I will have to end soon but I would like to thank my friend Savannah for allowing me to display her works here. I also want to thank all of you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. I hope you will return for future post where I will be presenting a saber for a member of a Crime Gang  and many more new designs. Till next time.

“Unity” and “Dark Unity” are ©Copyright of Savannah95 and used here with permission. All designs, content and material within FTSabersite is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/Ftsabersite 2017.

Berserker Lightsaber – A Savannah95 Design

Today, I have another design from my good friend Savannah95, and I think I might have influenced the design a little! Of course all credit goes to Savannah, this is her gem, beautifully thought through and polished. I hope you enjoy the saber called, Berserker…

Dark, brooding and deadly probably sums up Berserker nicely. The blue blade hints at this being a Jedi weapon, who knows a Jedi may have found (or defeated a Sith warrior to get it) this handle and put a Jedi Blue crystal into it. The emitter has deadly axe blades should the saber malfunction so it can continue to be used as a melee weapon! Look closely and you can see how Savannah has linked the parts cleverly. The emitter has round accents which compliment the oblong accents of the switch section, which in turn connects to the elongated grooves of the hilt body. A beautiful little detail that ties the saber parts into a whole. To finish the hilt off Savannah has employed the FTE trick of using an emitter as a pommel! And it works so well with this design.

I think I’d like to get this saber and have a pair with a design of mine you can see here called Onslaught Lighsaber FTE!

I love Savannah’s hilt and I hope you  do too. I want to thank Savannah for allowing me to share her designs here with you all. I’d like to thank you all for visiting once more (and if this is your first visit, then welcome!) and I hope you will return for more designs in upcoming posts. Don’t forget to leave comments or likes if you wish and please tell your friends about FTSabersite if you like what you’ve seen, Thanks. Till next time.

Berserker Lightsaber design is Copyright© of Savannah95 and is used here with permission. This Guest Designer saber design is also covered by the Copyright© of FTSabersite 2017.


Determination DS Lightsaber – Savannah95

Hello Everyone, welcome to the first of today’s posts…yes two posts today! I promised my friend LR, I would post a Darkside version of Savannah95’s fantastic Determination saber. I will add that these changes I made are just colour scheme, all the parts are as the original showing how good the original design is. So I won’t keep you waiting any longer here is Determination DS…

I would like to think a Sith with good taste and a sense of style might consider using this saber. It has good looks and a bit of attitude (apparently things the Sith like) yet it stems from the original design. But the options don’t stop there I have also included a second gallery below to show one or two other colour combos!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This just shows the versatility of a great basic saber! My thanks once again go out to Savannah95 and I hope she doesn’t mind my little tweaks! Now onto the second post for later today. I mentioned a new viewer of the site decided to subscribe and follow my progress here and after a short chat and quick look at her blog, I designed a saber for her. I think it may make a nice pair with the original Determination, but to find out you will need to check out my next post here in a few hours time!

For now though thanks for joining me and I hope to see you again later today.

This Guest Designer design belongs to Savannah95 is used here with permission.©Copyright FTSabersite 2016. All rights reserved.

Determination Lightsaber – Savannah95

Hello Everyone, today I welcome back my friend Savannah95 and her design Determination. Savannah has a large reserve of this quality and by showcasing this saber I hope some of that determination and drive rubs off on me. I am finding this blogging to be fun and time consuming! But back to the saber, through my exchanges with LR who suggested I design Ethereal, I decided to post this elegant saber as it has a nice look that is neutral, lending itself to both a Lightside Force user or a member of the Sith (depending on which finish you choose). So here is the Lightside version of Savannah95’s Determination…

A reliable and trusty weapon, ready to serve. It does have a bit of luxury to it with the black leather grip, accent parts and scalloped emitter but this saber’s purpose is solid service to it’s owner. There is the potential to change the blade and grip colours to suit the user’s allegiance – good or evil, and as such in a future post I will display the Darkside version. I will thank Savannah once more for letting me share this design with you all, it is much appreciated as is your continued support of this site.

I think this saber has had an effect on me, I am now ready to work on my next post which I hope you will join me for. Till next time.

Determination was designed by Savannah95 and used here with her permission. ©Copyright of FTSabersite 2016.

Nightfall Lightsaber – Savannah95

In this post we have a bit of a purple theme going as I have seen a video recently debating whether Mace Windu is Supreme Leader Snoke. I am not going to chat about that theory, but I am going to present a fantastic design by my friend Savannah95 which has a purple (indigo) blade. How this young lady manages to come up with these designs with her schedule I don’t know, but I am so glad she does and allows me to bring them to you all. Now onto the pictures, this saber Savannah95 calls Nightfall…

I really love this design, I can picture a Grey Jedi waiting to attack an enemy just as the sun is setting. Then, when the final ray of sunlight falls below the horizon, darkness descends and the Jedi ignites this weapon…truly Nightfall.

The use of the purple with the weathered finish balances beautifully and the shape of the saber also shines with the pommel balancing out the clawed emitter. Add to that a nice black leather grip and the saber is complete. Again you can see the thought put into this design.

In my next post I have a design that was inspired by a graphic novel character from G.I.Joe (aka Action Force in the UK), which also has a purple blade. As a side note after posting Incomming D.E. I had another spark of inspiration and tweaked another saber for Poe Dameron, but I will save that one for a future post!

So I would like to thank Savannah95 once more for her fabulous contribution to my site, and say thank you all for supporting the website (I checked my stats page and discovered I had visitors from Romania, Norway and Ireland so the word is spreading about FTSabersite!). Till next time.

Savannah95’s Resonant Lightsaber Pike

Here I present the next design from Savannah95’s portfolio. Savannah95 has an interest in historical weaponry such as Pole-arms and Pikes and it shows with this interesting creation. When I first saw it I actually missed one detail until I zoomed in. The central handgrip differed from the other grips which were leather wrapped. This central grip, matched with the forked emitter reminds me of a serpent or of the weapons of the Goa’uld in Stargate (Egyptian inspired). I will let you see what you think. Here is Resonant.

The pattern of groves on the central grip were camouflaged by the weathered effect so I initially missed that detail but I’m glad I eventually saw it. I’m not sure Savannah95 intended it but I just thought snake scales, and with the choice of emitter it looked serpent like. This design taught me a useful lesson and that is always look for small or hard to see details….you may be surprised!

I know Savannah95 is hard at work with real life commitments at the moment but thankfully has supplied me the details for the rest of her collection and I will showcase more of them in the future.

If you see any designs that catch your attention then please leave a like for it or comment, that way I will know what interests you and I can pass on your thanks to these great designers!

Savannah95’s Blinding Light Lightsaber

This is the next design from Savannah95’s collection. I particularly like this saber as there is a nice balance between the black and aluminium parts. My favourite thing about this saber is the grooves on the switch section appear to run “through” the hilt and can be seen in the grip of the handle (as seen in the Reverse Detail picture). This is reminiscent of the grooves in Qui-gon Jinn’s saber.

Once more thank you to Savannah95 for allowing me to post this design. I hope everyone has enjoyed these designs so far and there will be more from this talented lady in the future.

Savannah95’s The Tempest

I would like to welcome Savannah95 as my first “Guest Designer”!

I met this young lady on Saberforge’s forum and after a week or so posting, Savannah95 designed this fabulous design. It was sleek, the colour scheme worked well and there was a flow to its lines. The staff looked comfortable and balanced, and you could see the thought put into it.

The members loved it and I hope you will too…this is The Tempest.

There will be more designs from Savannah95 in future posts but I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her for sharing this with us.