Tyeth Industries Experimentals FTX-MG – A new Tie Fighter

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed last week’s offering the Ahsoka sabers. Luckily I haven’t been contacted by any big companies so I guess they liked my hilt and bit of artwork. Today though I have another spaceship from my sister design bureau and this time it is a fighter which first appeared in the cartoon “Star Wars: Rebels”. In season 2 episode 15 (titled “The Call”) the heroes were searching for fuel supplies and planned a heist to steal valuable fuel from an Imperial cargo ship. But as you can guess it didn’t quite go to plan and the Rebel crew of The Ghost came across a gas mining refinery base built in an asteroid belt….and it had large supplies of fuel on the landing platforms. The Rebels decide to space walk then free-fall onto the facility, prepare the supplies then fly The Ghost down to scoop up their bounty. Things were going well at first, that is until some unknown starfighters appeared, to defend the base and it’s fuel supplies.

Gas Refinery Asteroid Base – Star Wars Rebels ©Disney/Lucasfilm

One Rebel called out “They don’t look like Imperials!” to which his friend replied, “But they act like Imperials!!!” Anyhoo enough talk, you want to see this newly discovered fighter and so I have a few wireframe images to share…here’s Gallery 1….

As you can see this “new” starfighter is very similar to a regular Imperial TIE-Fighter…except for TWO big differences. First up the stabiliser wings have notches cut out of them to give it’s pilot better visibility from the cockpit which is very striking. And second the ship is very distinct in it’s yellow paintjob! Unfortunately though each time I see this ship from the side I can’t help but think of PAC-MAN! Can’t think why! Seriously, the wings design has advantages and disadvantages…the pilot can see more clearly which helps in combat but losing the extra solar collector panels means it has less performance and speed. However the Mining Guild did add a little extra special feature to this ship….artificial atmosphere! This means the Rodian pilots can fly these ships without needing to wear full pressurised flight suits and life support kits.

I managed to acquire one of these fighters in a game of chance so how would you like to join me taking this for a test spin? Animation time….

In among the rocks!

The ship flies surprisingly well considering the modifications the Mining Guild made. I did like the fact I can fly one of these without a flight suit because I can wear my Jedi robes comfortably sat in the cockpit. So after testing the ship in space I needed to do an atmospheric condition test flight so I flew to the planet of Lothal where a lot of TIE Fighters were built. I found some nice canyons and had some fun. Here are the pictures, oh and another video!….

I managed to avoid any “Imperial Entanglements” for Low Flying over Lothal and set about heading home where I could hangar my new ship, then relax and get back to designing…here’s my journey home….

So in conclusion, even if this ship looks like a character from an 80’s arcade game it isn’t one to mess with, it is still deadly flown by the wrong hands. And I think I’m kinda beginning to like PAC-MAN, that yellow is so striking it sort of surprises your enemies seeing such a bright ship! And it does brighten up my hangar bay….

Back home and in my hangar…my little TIE-Fighter FTX-MG!

That just about wraps up this design, I hope you liked it as much as I liked building and flying about in it! Just before I go back to work though I’d like to finish with my regular thank you message. To all my viewers/readers/friends thanks as always for supporting me and my site you are all appreciated and I welcome you to call back for future posts as I have much more to share including a multicoloured double bladed staff, more Clone Wars and Rebels inspired designs and more ships…a new “Rapier” style hilt….too much to list. Till next time…

Tyeth Industries Experimentals FTX-MG” is a For Tyeth Editions 3D model inspired by the TIE-MG Tie Fighter in Star Wars Rebels. The model, renders and videos were produced by For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2016-2020 and are ©Copyright of For Tyeth?FTSabersite 2020. “Star Wars: Rebels”, “Mining Guild TIE Fighter” and all other related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm.

16 thoughts on “Tyeth Industries Experimentals FTX-MG – A new Tie Fighter”

      1. Tyeth, I’ll have u know I’m in the midst of a full blown identity crisis and I’m not sure if I’m a rebel or storm trooper! 😂😩😱🤔🤨 Stay tuned…

    1. Thanks Neil, Frogger was never really my type of game as Darth Vader taught me how to cross a road safely (good ol’ Green Cross Code!). But just for a scary moment I thought you were gonna say you were reminded of the old “Busby” vans 😁 (British Television Licensing Detector vans)

  1. I love it, FT. Love how it’s yellow and love the Pac-Man vibe. Makes sense to cut those wings back to give more visibility.
    Aside from 80s video game characters and ‘Busby’ of BT, another ‘yellow coloured’ ad campaign would be the Griffin from Midland Bank Griffin Savers.

      1. As a driver you certainly wouldn’t want to argue with him, that’s for sure! I recall Mr Prowse doing a tour of Primary and Middle schools (4-12 years) but somehow he managed to avoid the school that I attended.

    1. Wow you certainly know your advertising logos even banking ones. I opened an account with them when I was in Secondary school, it was a special school savers account ready for when I progressed to college. It had as a “free gift” an A4 ring binder and writing pad which had matching covers with your paying in book. It all looked very co-ordinated but then the bank merged with another bank I think.

      1. Hi TVTA, it’s very similar but my pack came in red and gold! And again I still can’t believe how similar we seem to be, I was a Trustee Savings Bank customer once too when I was at school. TSB had much more “adult styled” paying in books and stationary with fake leather covers that made you feel grown up when you used them.

      2. Yes, we do seem to have so many things in common with our childhood and teen years. The force is strong! I also remember the adult styled books and wallets – making you feel somewhat grown up and responsible.
        One of my brothers still has his Lloyds bank black horse money box from when he was about ten. I guess there is a market out there somewhere for ‘bank-related’ collectables and memorabilia?
        Another thing my bank did in more recent years was to sell at their counters collectable charity metal badges – like Rupert Bear and Roald Dahl characters. Still have some of those.

      3. I think you are right, there IS a banking merchandise market out there…I mean remember the Napwest Piggy Banks? People went crazy over those. Today examples of the Piggy banks with boxes sell for over £100 from what I’ve seen. My problem has been lightsaber designing doesn’t pay much and I never had £25 to put into an account to qualify for a free Pig!

      4. Those Natwest piggy banks were made by the Wade company – no wonder they’re collectable. The Wade miniature animals for example are highly collectable.
        And same problem here my friend, I rarely have 5 euros left at the end of the month to qualify for anything lol.

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