Youngling Lightsabers (For the next generation)

Hello Everyone, as an old Lightsaber designer I have seen many things on my travels, but one thing I really love to see is the handing on of the Lightsaber to the next generation of fans. This usually happens between a father and son, but more often now it is a thing the female demographic are getting involved with. Fathers and their daughters are sharing Star Wars just as fathers and sons do and that’s great. Now I realise that my designs have been focused on us “Older Kids” and on the forums we discussed the possibility of Lightsabers built for the younger fans. We addressed the safety aspects and the idea of foam blades for safety was mentioned and lower specification electronics etc. Because the phenomenon of Star Wars is growing I decided to revisit the idea of sabers for Younglings and have a few “little” designs to show you here, first up is a Youngling Graflex…

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As you can see this is based on Luke Skywalker’s Lightsaber from Star Wars (the one Rey eventually returns to him) but has been adapted for smaller hands! As mentioned these designs wouldn’t have the full electronics package and would use soft foam blades. However the beauty of the ASP system is that it is modular and as the child grows (and hopefully develops responsibly) then the saber can be modified and parts replaced to make it more like the full size counterparts we adults enjoy! These designs would still “look like Mommy and Daddy’s” saber but would be smaller, lighter and hopefully safer.

Where there are Lightside Younglings there will inevitably be Darkside Younglings, such is the balance of things so I also have a saber for the “Baddies” out there. Here is my second design, Sith Acolyte Youngling…

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This saber has a Darker look to it for the little “Darths” in the family. In this design the switch section has been omitted and the saber could be activated by a twist function (similar to some flashlight designs). It would also have a foam safety blade (in these pictures the sabers are shown with 26″ long blades instead of the regular 32″ or 36″). Again this saber could be upgraded later when the child’s skill and responsibility develops so that it becomes a full specification and sized hilt.

These designs are more of a concept idea and may need some work to actually accomplish building them but there aren’t too many large obstacles.

So this concludes my Younglings instalment for today, I have a few more of these sabers based on iconic designs from the films, which I’ll bring to you in future posts. Thank you for visiting and checking these two designs out, I appreciate all your time and comments. Till next time.

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