Tyga Lightsaber (Another Thundercats Saber)

Hello Everyone, So far I have posted  new sabers for Cheetara and Panthro, today I am going to bring you a Tiger! Today is the turn of Tygra, the third member of Lion-O’s band of feline warriors to receive his new saber. I understand that Tygra used a modified Bolas whip but please bear with me and I will explain all! But first I will show you the new saber, this is TYGA…

The saber has a very feline look to it starting with the emitter which has pointed ear like spines and the typical stripes of a tiger. The switch section has a weathered finish to make the silver and black stripes of the emitter stand out just like those on the face of the real tiger. The body comprises an orange leather grip onto which is connected a weathered coupler. This coupler helps make the FTE pommel stand out with it’s black and silver stripes. The pommel glows bright orange to reinforce the look of the saber (and to make the saber more powerful!). I think this saber gives the impression of the big cat and should give Tygra an advantage against Mumm-Ra’s mutants!

“But Tygra uses a Bolas Whip!”….Ok, I will explain this saber has a twist in it’s tail! In the Extended Universe of Star Wars (the stories Disney discarded when they bought the franchise) one or two of the more exotic characters used a weapon called a….Lightwhip! This was a specialised lightsaber that had a long flexible blade (or blades). Lightwhips were a rare sight on the battlefield so gave the user an advantage as opponents struggled to defend against it. The most famous user of a lightwhip was Lady/Darth Lumiya who you can see in the picture above. The lightwhip wasn’t perfect and was best used at long range, here Tygra’s new saber has a trick. I imagined that the saber handle could have a twist function to switch between a “solid blade” or the lightwhip “Tygra’s Tail” mode giving Tygra the best of both worlds!

I hope you all like this design and can imagine Tygra using it on Third Earth. Thank you for looking in and please call back again to see more designs including some special ones just for the Younglings out there! Till next time.

Tygra, Thundercats, Lion-O and all other names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Warner Bros. Entertainment.


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