D.P. Pair Lightsabers (Technology for Dance Music Pioneers)

Hello Everyone, I am turning to my musical roots today for my inspiration. I was brought up on the music of the 80’s and 90’s era, while at the same time teaching myself to play piano and keyboards. I have an ear for music and was able to listen to a track then play it after a few minutes’ practice. This was great as I had a Jukebox like repertoire. In the nineties music started to become Technology driven with Sequencers and Samples being used to create a Harder, Faster, Better, Stronger musical style. You may have guessed by that last passage who inspired me and the design for these next TWO sabers. Yes, I am talking about the Electronic Duo of Daft Punk. I was first made aware of this duo on a Saturday morning music video show, the song was called Da Funk and featured a video with a poor unfortunate Bassett Hound dog with a broken leg. But from this unusual beginning a raft of great music followed and a film score too. So here is my tribute to Daft Punk, this is D.P. Pair Amber…

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And D.P. Pair Cyan…

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The duo are a powerhouse of music, who after starting out playing rooftop parties and dance music competitions went on to perform with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams and Niles Rodgers of Chic. On top of all that they performed a spectacular stage show of totally unheard material with an unbelievable interactive lighting show built on a pyramid! I felt these two designs looked industrial, technological and have the colours of the famous duo. Not only that but they wouldn’t look out of place in a scene from TRON LEGACY, oh yes that was the film score they wrote! I hope Daft Punk would approve of these, knowing their love of tech and helmets!

This brings to an end this offering and I want to thank all of you for looking in, the site even received a visitor from New Zealand so hello to them! I have more designs to bring to you in upcoming posts and I hope you will join me again. I will leave you with a double-double act in the form of two final pictures. Till next time.



DAFT PUNK and all related images, titles, names and logos are Trademark/©Copyright  of DAFT TRAX SARL 2016.


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