Maui’s Kakau Lightsaber (Present for a Polynesian)

Hello Everyone, in a little change to my scheduled posting I have a BRAND new design I came up with today! One follower of the site may have noticed a few wrestling themed hilts and I think she may be worried I am loosing focus. So I decided to be as up to date and “trending” as possible. I learnt that a new Disney cartoon has been released (23rd Nov) about a young girl who goes on an adventure to lift a curse on her island and help her friends. The film is Moana, and I read about it on A Blog of a Fangirl’s Life, written by my new friend Abby. Moana, the teen heroine of the film is the heir to the throne but prefers sailing. The island has some bad luck as a curse kills the crops…actually Abby describes the film better than me so check out her blog for more on the movie. One character in the film however is called Maui and attempts to imprison Moana when she tries to return a talisman to her island, lift the curse etc. This BIG Polynesian looking man has a large tribal looking fish hook which is nearly destroyed by a Lava God. What would have happened if it had been smashed? He’d need a proper weapon, he’d need a saber of course! Good job I have designed one for him, here is Maui’s Kakau…

This saber looks the part, imposing, powerful and pink…er yes, a pink blade to represent the state colour of the island of Maui (they make the famous Lei garlands from pink flowers!). The emitter looks like the top of a flaming torch found in tropical caves and movies. The two tone colour of the entire hilt hopefully resembles the tattoos (or Kakau) on this big guy. The switch is positioned out of the way near the pommel which also has a pink glow to it. Capping the pommel off is a plug that resembles an open flower, which the tropical islands are famous for. I hope the big guy approves of his new updated arsenal, it would stand out at tribal meetings!

So there you have it the latest design from…(what I’ve made a mistake?…How?…AWW! C’mon Man you have got to be joking!) I’m sorry I’ve just been informed I may have a little problem. You know this character is called Maui, well unfortunately he is voiced by this guy on the left…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Maui on the right!

NOOOooo! That’s impossible! The one character I choose to make a saber for and he is voiced by a THIRD generation WWE wrestling superstar! I’m sorry Abby I tried to change the subject. Don’t worry I will have another design tomorrow and it will have nothing to do with wrestling so I hope you will all call back and check it out. Thanks to everyone for looking in on this site and for all the comments you leave, I do read, react and appreciate them! Till next time.

Moana, Maui(character name) are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney.

3 thoughts on “Maui’s Kakau Lightsaber (Present for a Polynesian)”

  1. You’re welcome. I am a fan of wrestling but don’t get to see as much as I used to. I actually didn’t know The Rock voiced Maui, I just saw your review and went for it and designed the saber. I looked the film up afterwards and that double picture showed up in the results!

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