Machine Lightsaber (For Kane WWE)

Hello Everyone, hopefully you will all be recovered from your shopping frenzies as you are gonna need all your strength as I introduce my next saber. Five days ago I showed you Phenom, the saber inspired by a wrestler, The Undertaker and now I have Machine, the saber for his “in-ring brother”….Kane! If you are not fans of wrestling you may have seen Kane (real name Glenn Thomas Jacobs) in the horror film See No Evil, and will know Kane is equally as imposing as The Undertaker. His career started off performing as a Christmas Tree (true!) and an evil Santa figure before finding success as Isaac Yankem DDS, demented dentist to the stars! But his star status took off when he donned the red and black mask of Kane. So Kane also needs a saber that can match his stats, this is my attempt to provide one, this is Machine…

This saber has the same type of dimensions as Phenom, meaning BIG! The clawed emitter signifying the evil intent of it’s owner to bring about mayhem and chaos to his opponent. The grip and switch sections have been reversed so the switch is placed near the pommel so it doesn’t de-activate during battle. The colour scheme matches “The Big Red Machine” perfectly and the FTE pommel makes sure this weapon has the power to  match. The last picture shows Kane when he was the Hardcore Champion, where matches had “no-rules” showing how tough Kane is. But this wasn’t his only title, he shared one with his “Brother” and the pair were known as “The Brothers of Destruction”, Tag Team Champions of the World! Here they are in action…


And together Phenom and Machine look like this…


As the final bell rings and Kane is declared the winner, this post draws to a close. I hope this saber pleases it’s new owner as I don’t fancy facing up against Kane any time soon! I hope you too enjoyed this offering and will check back again for more sabers, I still have a few to go. Thank you as always for your support. Till next time.

Kane, The Undertaker, “Brothers of Destruction”and all names and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE Entertainment/Titan Sports.

2 thoughts on “Machine Lightsaber (For Kane WWE)”

  1. Guilty! I am a fan of wrestling but the forum members encouraged me to design more. I have around thirty wrestling themed ones including one for a member of The Spirit Squad, Jonny Jeter, who was a member of the forum too (he’s also on YouTube as he is a fan of Ghostbusters!)

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