Phenom Lightsaber (Wrestler Inspired Saber)

Hello Everyone, In all the buzz of the news about my nomination I didn’t realise I had reached a milestone. Panthro Pair was my 100th post and the nice folks at WordPress sent a notification to my account. I think 100 posts is a bit of a record for me and speaking of records the person that inspired this next hilt has/had a bit of a record of his own…

The man is Mark William Calaway but most folk will know him by his professional name…The Undertaker! Now the Undertaker began his career in 1984 but when the then WWF (World Wrestling Federation) exported their brand in a worldwide push, the “Deadman” became a household name. Well probably as far as the kids were concerned. The Undertaker was 7 foot 1 inches tall and weighed in at 320lbs but moved like an Olympic gymnast in the ring. His most entertaining move was his “Walking the Ropes” trick. He would twist the arm of his opponent, then climb up the corner post like a ladder and then TIGHTROPE WALK ALONG THE TOP ROPE before jumping down to deliver a blow to the twisted arm of his foe. This guy is 7 foot tall and he balances along the top rope! Anyone who can do that must be special and he needs a special saber, this is PHENOM…

The Undertaker is by any measure an imposing figure and I tried to recreate that with this design. In his early career The Undertaker wore a costume of a black suit and purple boots and gauntlets hence the colour scheme I chose. Even today he makes his entrance in an eerie purple/blue light with smoke and lightning. The saber has a three clawed emitter to represent his unrelenting quest to make his opponents Rest In Peace! To achieve this The Undertaker’s finishing manoeuvre is the “Tombstone Piledriver” where he grips his enemy around their waist and hoists them upside down before dropping down to his knees – driving the head of his victim into the canvas floor. The FTE in this case stands for, Finisher Tombstone Ending!

And The Undertaker’s record? Well he participated in WWe’s flagship Pay Per View called WrestleMania and for 21 straight appearances went unbeaten!. For two decades he ruled as the force of the WWe and in a future post we will meet his “Brother”. I hope you will join me again for that saber. I wonder if I’ll still be here in two decade’s time, we’ll have to see! Till next time.

The Undertaker, WWF/WWe, WrestleMania and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.

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