Porg Lightsaber – Inspired by Ach-To’s cutest creatures

Hello Everybody, I am really sorry this post is late but I was called away over the weekend on a mission and couldn’t upload this new design (the telecommunication in some parts of the Outer Rim of the UK isn’t very good 😩 ) But better late than never and this next design is for the little bird creatures of Ach-To, the Porgs! I realised after I posted “Wookie Warrior” and I commented maybe Chewbacca used that saber to hunt Porgs, that these little guys needed a way to defend themselves. It turns out that Chewie and the Porgs became good friends so they wouldn’t really need a saber, however this is the result…

I tried to capture the spirit of our little feathered(?) friends and managed to find parts that helped me do that. First up is the blade which is pure white, and I chose this as the saber is only a symbolic design as I can’t see a Porg using one (well they don’t have any hands…that’s why you may have noticed the little guy in the title image has it in his mouth!) The emitter has the large oblong recesses which reminded me of the big doe eyed look Chewie got when he was about to tuck into his dinner during The Last Jedi. The body of the hilt has ridges to represent layers of fur or feathers and the pommel stands in for the feet of the bird creatures. The hilt is predominantly black but there is a nice splash of colour in the orange used to reflect the look of plumage on their head and shoulders. I hope the design worked, what do you guys think?…

It’s beautiful!….But how do I hold it Tyeth? (Copyright Disney/LucasFilm)

So, as you can see this design has to be symbolic as the Porgs don’t have any way to handle the hilt effectively but they still liked it! I hope you all liked it too and will join me again for more new designs (and hopefully they will be on schedule 😀 ) I am approaching that dreaded time where I have to bring this Porg (sorry I meant post) to an end but first, as always, I want to thank you all for checking out this design and supporting me and this site! Till next time.

“Porg Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. “Porgs”, “Chewbacca” and “The Last Jedi” are Trademarks/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2018.

6 thoughts on “Porg Lightsaber – Inspired by Ach-To’s cutest creatures”

  1. Love it! I’m really digging this hilt For…not only because orange is my favorite color but I think all the parts of this hilt flow well together. Great design! I think this supplants your “Dawg Pound” (Cleveland Browns) hilt as my favorite one of your designs.

    1. Hello my friend, nice to see you again! Thank you very much, it has turned out to be quite popular. I made a joke on the forum we visit about Chewie hunting Porgs with Wookie Warrior, and I felt a bit bad suggesting it. As a result I thought the little guys needed a hilt of their own. Still not sure how they’ll hold it though!

    1. Thank you Experience Film, I must say their eyes widened when they saw it for the first time! And it’s good to see your recent post on the Natalie Portman film, Annihilation.

    1. Wow Neo, that sounds just like a line out of Red Dwarf! I guess someone was going to bring up the chicken shortage issues! Thanks for chicken this design out ….I mean checking this design – Argh, you’ve got me talking about chicken now!

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