Praetor Power Lightwhip -inspired by the Elite Praetorian Guards

Hello Everybody, today I have a change to my planned post but at least this time it was due to me. I was checking out to get the latest news (there’s a new film coming out soon apparently called Solo!) and while I was there I scoped the Databank pages. It was here I saw a new article about Supreme Leader Snoke’s Elite Praetorian Guards and more specifically their weapons! One stood out from the rest and it was called the “Bilari Electro Chain Whip”. This weapon had a hilt like a lightsaber handle and a tubular metal shaft as it’s blade, but at the press of a button the blade separates into segments connected by links of plasma like energy. Thus the weapon’s blade becomes flexible and can be swung around like a whip! I thought to myself…”I gotta design one of these!”….so I have and here is my take on the Lightwhip design. I call this PRAETOR POWER

The hilt has the signature red glossy colour of the now famous Elite Praetorian Guard and some nice contrasting black accents. If you look closely at both the emitter and pommel segments you will see they are the same part, used to give the hilt a symmetrical look. Examine the parts even closer and you will see they have what look like slotted windows on the black stripes, these are similar to the oblong windows and light panes found on Imperial ships and of course Snoke’s flagship where we see the Guards do their thing against….well I better not say just in case you haven’t seen TLJ yet! And YES, I have mastered the technique to make curly bending blades…so now I can make more lightwhip designs. The blade is controlled by the two switches, one to activate and extend the blade out and the second to retract it again, controlling the length. Pressing and holding the second switch ultimately extinguishes the weapon. Here is the picture I used for reference and inspiration…

My design doesn’t have the individual segments but this design is technically possible to build from parts supplied by Saberforge. They sell a fibre optic blade that acts like a whip and lights up. So I hope my version does the Guards weapon justice.

I am closing in on the end of this post, but first I have to say thank you as always. This time I have a bigger thank you than normal as you my friends and viewers have helped me break the 6000 views milestone. So thank you so much for the support it really means a lot that I have managed to keep entertaining you all this time. I still have more designs to come so do please return for those (including that series of FIVE hilts inspired by an 80’s adventure cartoon I have mentioned). Till next time.

“Praetor Power Lightwhip” is a For Tyeth Editions design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2018. “Elite Praetorian Guards”, “Supreme Leader Snoke”. “Bilari Electro Chain Whip” and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2018.

6 thoughts on “Praetor Power Lightwhip -inspired by the Elite Praetorian Guards”

  1. Hi FT. That’s such a cool design hilt for the Praetorian Guards. I thought it was odd in the film how Snoke met his fate so quickly and a bit clumsily for someone supposedly so powerful – I’m a fan of Snoke and rue his dismissal! yet, the battle with the gurads seemed to go on for ages. Was good to see them in action though. Congrats on the hilt. If you could improve the details of the swirling whip blade – maybe allow it more room to ‘flow’ it will look totally badass! And congrats too on passing the 6000 views milestone 🙂

    1. Hi TVTA thank you as always for the kind words. As I have said before I couldn’t reach milestones if I didn’t have loyal friends viewing my site.
      Yes I too feel Snoke was under utilised but Disney are building up Kylo Ren so Snoke was just a vehicle I’m afraid.
      I realised I may have made the blade a little thick on this design, but as I added the blade using photo editing software I’m still learning the nuances of the special effect!

  2. A Bilari Electro Chain Whip, yikes! I admire the symmetry of the hilt, and the two windows – such attention to detail.

    I do wonder how a traditional lightsaber would fair against such a flexible weapon?

    1. Hi E.F. glad you like the design even if you may be a bit wary of it! In the non canon Star Wars comic #96 Luke Skywalker faced a Sith Lady named Lumiya who used a modified lightwhip and his single saber wasn’t a very good match. Lumiya would “tie-up” his single blade by wrapping the whip around it then she used Force attacks. Luke later used TWO hilts when they met next, his regular saber plus a smaller bladed saber (known as a Shoto in Japanese sword styles) The shorter blade was used to block and entangle the whip while his regular blade was free to counter attack. Whips are notoriously difficult to control also (especially when they are formed from plasma energy 😀 ) they could easily kink and recoil but for long range exchanges it was hard to beat. Here is a link to an image of their encounter from Wookiepedia:

      Thanks again.

      1. Luke used a Shoto lightsaber!? That’s cool! I really need to read more. I had a hunch this whip would be hard to beat. It is so awesome to hear how a Jedi can actually pull it off. 💯❗

      2. Hi again, yes but as I mention this battle is non canon at the moment but you never know with the introduction of the Bilari, a regular lightwhip and a shoto lightsaber might be introduced at some point in the future. There are some really good stories and material in the non canon stuff which I am only breaking the surface of myself!

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