Wookie Warrior Lightsaber – A Saber for Chewbacca

Hello Everybody, today I have a design for a BFF, or Big Furry Friend! And as you can see it is for the heroic Wookie, Chewbacca. Chewie was born 200 years before the Battle of Yavin, which he took part in, but that wasn’t his first encounter with the war or the Empire and Republic. During the Clone Wars he served in the Wookie military and fought in the battle on his homeworld of Kashyyyk where he met and served under Master Yoda. Chewie favoured his beloved Bowcaster laser rifle but got to see Yoda wield a lightsaber occaisionally. So I wondered what a hilt for a Wookie would look like, and again I came up with a design for Chewie. Here is Wookie Warrior Lightsaber….

I think this might just suit Chewie nicely. I based the hilt on earthy colours, made it big and imposing and added my FTE Emitter Pommel for increased power. The blade is green to reflect the image of Chewbacca’s home planet Kashyyyk and it’s forests and jungles. The lightsaber blade is augmented by two large axe-like blades either side for cutting through vines and foliage. The grip section uses the same Coupler parts as I used in my Han Solo design to give it good handling characteristics. The switch is positioned at the bottom of the handgrip to accommodate the size of a Wookie paw and to finish the hilt off I included an FTE pommel which I imagined could have a power crystal infused with the spirits of the forest (This is why the crystal and blade are different colours). The saber is painted in a nice shade of Chewbacca Brown (It’s actually called Mocha Metallic by it’s manufacturer but I like Chewbacca Brown better 😀 ) and is accented with black. I hope Chewie likes his new saber…I’d like to keep my arms in their sockets!

Rooawrrawa ru! (I like it For, don’t worry your arms are safe!)

I am approaching the end of this post but as always I’d like to say thank you to all my viewers and followers, I am very close to 5000 views now so thank you once more. I hope you will all return to see more designs in upcoming posts. Till next time.

Chewbacca, Kashyyyk and all other Star Wars related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm 2017. “Wookie Warrior Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

10 thoughts on “Wookie Warrior Lightsaber – A Saber for Chewbacca”

  1. Great work FT. Really like the axe-blade combination. Also I didn’t realise how old chewie was until you said! Over 200 wow haha, but then I guess he features in most of the films

    1. Thanks Dec, I thought the axe blades reflected his size and power but they also serve a purpose for chopping if the blade is extinguished. And yes I believe Chewie qualifies for a free bus pass in the UK!

  2. I suppose the heat of the sabre core could also be used to heat the axe blade so it glows red. Haha yeah that’s true, or an ATAT pass!

    1. That’s a good idea Dec, but I’m afraid there is a small problem in that a lightsaber blade doesn’t radiate heat. If you watch The Force Awakens Kylo holds his lightsaber blade next to Rey’s cheek but it doesn’t burn her, however if the blade touches something and breaks the force field around it then the plasma inside burns and cuts through the item. AT-AT pass….I like that!

      1. Ahhh I see, that makes sense actually, the blades on all sabers would probably just melt the hilt if it wasn’t contained. Thanks for the trivia!

      2. You’re welcome, I try and educate as well as entertain. This is the reason Qui-Gon was able to penetrate the blast doors in the Phantom Menace. The blade touched the doors and the containment field was broken allowing the plasma core to then heat the door. Until the field is broken no heat is given off.

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